Padma Lakshmi Turns Daughter’s Cast Into Bedazzled Masterpiece

01/07/2015 at 10:00 AM ET

Padma Lakshmi is turning her daughter’s tough break into a shining style moment.

After 4½-year-old Krishna Thea injured her elbow, the Top Chef host did what any fashionable mama would do. She busted out the glue gun, a few sparkly accessories and got to work on a mini masterpiece.

The result: A black cast that even the queen of all things bedazzled, Beyoncé, would approve of.

“#Littlefeet broke her little elbow. But we shall not sacrifice our glamour,” Lakshmi, 44, joked on Twitter, sharing a snapshot of herself placing the finishing touches on her jeweled creation.


Padma Lakshmi Daughter Krishna Cast
Courtesy Padma Lakshmi; Inset:Cindy Ord/Getty

Although the celebrity chef told PEOPLE that she’s not a fan of her daughter dress up as princesses, Lakshmi is more than happy to let Krishna’s imagination — and creativity! — run wild.

“I want her to have toys that are going to help her build something or create something,” she said.

Mission accomplished.

— Anya Leon

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Guest on

Ummm, cute?

Kitty on

Her quote from the article where she said her daughter isn’t allowed to wear Princess Dresses:
“I’m not big on merch,” Lakshmi, 44, explains.”I’m just not into her being a walking billboard for anything.”

Yet here she is forcing her kid to sit still for hours while she turns her into a personal billboard for mommy’s talents?

Elaine on

What makes you think it took hours? I could imagine finishing up this project quickly – certainly less than 20 minutes or so – the background is the cast so it is only a matter of gluing on the jewels. I think it’s a great example of making something not especially attractive looking, into something better. No need for negative comments.

Mark & Carmilla's Excellent Adventures on

If I break a bone I’m bedazzling my cast. 😉 Having raised 3 girls, I know they would have loved to do something to the boring cast to make it unique and pretty. I’m sure her daughter loved the attention and having a special time with Mom.

bkable on

I think it’s cute! I remember when I was a kid and had to have my foot in a cast, I was miserable! I couldn’t run and play like I wanted to, my foot itched like crazy and that thing was ugly!! Sprucing it up a bit probably lifted her daughter’s spirits a bit 🙂

Kate on

Love it!!

h0pe on

Neat. I need a glue gun!

sue on

That’s way too harsh Kitty. Geez…it’s simply FUN.

Hea on

Kitty – Yes, I am sure there was forcing going on for hours and hours. Lots and lots of forcing.


WOW Kitty!! MEOW!! Draw you claws back in… need to be so tough. I’m pretty sure she isn’t forcing her daughter to do anything and the finished product hardly looks as if it took “HOURS”

K.W. on

@Kitty..My daughter broke her ankle twice…having her casts bedazzled cheered her up and it was an activity we did on earth do you find something negative with this? And if Lakshmi happens to be good at it – bonus for her daughter.

VanessaGA81 on

My 4 year old broke her arm last spring and the lady who put her hard cast on made a bunch of hearts that she stuck all over it. It was so cute and it made her happy and kind of turned the idea of having to have a cast into something positive for her. I think it’s awesome.

Tazmin on

Casts are not very attractive. This is a great way to make it better and brighten up the situation. Relax, Kitty. You sound like you’re having a bad day.

ImALadyToo on

Give me a break. I was a princess for most of my Halloweens, and I had no illusions that I would grow up to be one. It was just fun playing dress up and having an imagination. Those were the days when you made a costume out of junk in the attic.. I also played football with my brothers. Geesh……PC run amok.

charlotte on

Cute idea!

mommytoane on

Cute idea. When my daughter broke her arm at the age of 8, I just made her a bunch of cute slings, and left the cast alone so her friends could sign it. But this is a cute idea to dress up a cast, tho prehaps not for every day as I can see those beads and such popping off easily. Hot glue is great, but its not the worlds best binder.

jcb on

What does she plan on doing when the doc wants to x-ray that arm again? Those glass sparkles usually have metal on the bottom side.

aimers828 on

Cute! I know its silly now, but when I was a child I used to want to have a broken bone (preferably an arm or wrist) so I could have all my friends sign my cast. Remember when we did that? It was so awesome walking around with all your friends funny messages on your arm. Fortunately/Unfortunately I never did break a bone and have the “luxury” of having my friends autograph me.

Vm on

That is cute masterpiece.