Gaby Hoffmann: Why I Ate My Placenta

01/06/2015 at 03:15 PM ET

Gaby Hoffmann Girls premiere
Marion Curtis/Startraks

She gave birth six short weeks ago, but Gaby Hoffmann was ready for a Girls night.

The actress showed off her slender post-baby body at the HBO show’s season four premiere in N.Y.C. on Monday — and shared her secret to bouncing back.

“Placenta, placenta, placenta. Just eat that s— up, and it does a girl good!” Hoffmann, who guest-stars as Adam’s out-there sister in the hit series, told PEOPLE, noting it boosted her energy and milk supply.

The actress, 32,  and longtime boyfriend, cinematographer Chris Dapkins, welcomed daughter Rosemary on Nov. 19 at home and says getting those nutrients from the birth organ was easy. “You don’t taste [it],” she explains.

“I made smoothies out of it for three weeks. I had a home birth, so my midwife and my doula took it and cut it up into 20 pieces and froze it, and every day, I put it in a blender with strawberries and blueberries and guava juice and a banana, and I drank that s— up.”

With her healthy snack all gone, the actress was saying “bottoms up” with another beverage during her evening out.

“I’ve been home with my baby. It’s my first night out. Coming out to a party at the Museum of Natural History where you get to watch Girls and have a drink with your friends?” the Transparent star says. “What better night out [is there]?”

— Jeff Nelson

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Katie on

Is this woman for real? Seriously? This is so disgusting!!!! Homily thing to boot!

Lindy on

I don’t think I could ever actually eat it, but I do plan on encapsulating it and taking it in pill form. Amazing health benefits!

Maiva on

@Katie: To each his own, why the harsh judgement? And to finish your post with a mistyped insult isn’t exactly in your favor. 😉

Personally, I want to try the placenta smoothie with my future second pregnancy. I heard from numerous people that it really doesn’t have a taste!

Anonymous on

Disgering as sh333t

Sarah on

I encapsulated mine and ate it. I know some people claim it is placebo but I will say after having near a year of severe PPD with my first and very low milk supply. I have had no PPD with this one and am making enough milk to nurse both my baby, my toddler and pump for two other babies!

Good for her on

I’ve heard it has amazing benefits. I would opt for the pill form but whatever works.

lisa on

There is no proof it’s good for you. That’s just plain disgusting.

Calgarygirl on

I just threw up in my mouth a little. Seriously??? What is it with D-list actresses making outrageous statements to get attention. Whether it is throwing up regurgitated food into your kid’s mouth that you just happened to name Bear, or talking about cutting up your placenta into 20 meal sized portions….. Just gross.

Guest1 on

I can’t believe I brought myself to actually read this. Excuse me while I go throw up!

Boston93 on


Zeze on

That hurt my uterus to read 😦

Carrie on

Not judging but I can’t imagine eating my placenta, and I’ve heard of a lot of women doing it.

Aussie cathie on

Oh my! I would be heaving for eternity….

Cheri on

Women do this every day it’s nothing new, most dry it and have it put into capsules. It helps to get your hormones back up and help you from PPD, there is nothing wrong with it other then it sounds gross. It’s like thinking breastmilk is gross for adults to drink but we are ok drinking animals breastmilk.

Mary on

Women have been doing this for hundreds of years and it’s common practice in other countries. Personally, I’ve done it twice and the health benefits are absolutely amazing. Don’t knock it til you try it!

CJ on

So on top of being a disgustingly overrated actress, she’s a nutter as well. She and Mayim Bialik should go live on a commune and leave us all in peace.

Karen on

Seriously? That is disgusting and out of her mind!!

leangroundbeef on

I didn’t go the smoothie route but I did encapsulate after two of my births. It really helped my energy level and milk production.

I had a breast reduction and didn’t think I would be able to breastfeed. I was able to get enough supply to feed my child. I even keep a few in my fridge to have when I am feeling blue or when myself or my child is feeling run down or sick.

I do find that it has a bit of an aftertaste after taking… Coppery. I would highly recommend looking into the benefits of it.

Tracy on

Thanks for that image. Now I don’t have to worry about having the munchies while I watch TV tonight.

Mindy on

I didn’t eat mine, just buried it under an azalea shrub in the front yard after my son was born.

Guest on

super gross. why would anyone admit to this?

Liz on

So confused….I thought she came out? Guess that doesn’t matter though.

Anonymous on

As someone else mentioned, there is no scientific evidence supporting the claim that eating your placenta has any health benefits. Silly how celebrities’ often uninformed choices have such power to influence others.

Ceecee on

With my first baby I was going to go the capsule route but decided against it. I was a bit weirded out by it at the time. With my second baby it was buried in my Uncles garden. For the 3rd I did go with the capsules.

I’m still taking them and I definitely think it helped with my hormones to be more even keel. I had a lot going on and did not get the baby blues. I had a health professor years ago who touted the benefits of eating the placenta like this lady. I don’t know if I could do it. But I found the people who had issue with it went to town on factory farm meat which is about as gross as it gets in my opinion.

Guest on

I can’t believe this has caught on. It’s disgusting.

m.b. on

I was going to go for a snack, but suddenly I’m not so hungry.

guest on

How is eating human placenta different from cannibalism?

Suze on

People are strange….

Shawna on

I dried and encapsulated my placenta with my 3rd child and the difference was night and day. I have three children and the 3rd one (the one I took the placenta tablets) I had no postpartum depression (I had bad PPD with my previous children), my energy was so much better, my milk supply was markedly better. Scoff if you want but it truly does help.

Amaryllis on

That is positively gross. Who does that?

kaelyn on

ridiculous and disgusting.

DesertRose on

eww TMI

Cheekylady on

This is one very odd, very ugly girl. I feel for her infortunate baby having been born to this freak-show.

Beth on

Grow up ladies! Don’t do it if it grosses you out but don’t judge the smart ladies who have done it! It’s actually quite natural!

Sure on

Somewhere some man is laughing. He got women to eat their bodily excretion because they think it’s healthy…

Paula on


She is only 32?

Hea on

Sooo many levels of weird right now. Did she season it with her own snot, toe nail clippings and does she take her morning coffee with a splash of self made milk..?

westlakedawg on

During College I worked at one of the Cleveland Clinic Hospitals in Ohio. Maternity Surgery Departments often keep all of the afterbirth (placenta) and sell it to the cosmetic industry. It is very rich in nutrients and is used in a variety of products. They used to keep a large freezer and when it was filled the unknown company would come and empty it. I am pretty darned sure that I could not design a recipe for consuming the slop that I used to see at 7 AM in those stainless bowls fresh from the delivery room.

Dee on

There are sooooo many studies available out there that have scientific proof of the benefits of placentophagia, whether it be in pill form, raw form, slipping a piece of the cord in the side of your cheek to stop hemorrhaging immediately after birth, or cooking it up.

All each to their own, but it’s ignorant to say that there is no proof to the health benefits if you haven’t tried to find any proof.

Makes me laugh.

125bst on

Hippy nutjob

chelza on

um, so why not just opt for a steak? Cuz its iron & protein the body needs after a baby. Freak-a-zoids! Looking for attention is all. Next weird story please! And this old lady looks like my old, boring ecology teacher with a turd stuck in her butt or face, either, you pick.

Qz on

Some people eat placenta or human placenta cuz study shows it helps to produce milk.

Just Me on

If anyone bothered to actually read up on stuff like this, instead of just listening to celebrities like they’re doctors… there have been MANY, MANY studies done over the last 20 years and to this date, not a single one proves that eating your own placenta does ANYTHING. It shows that there is NO difference in hormone production, milk supply or any other (insert benefit here). “Animals in the wild eat it… so it must be for a reason.” Yeah, that reason is so other bigger, wild animals aren’t attracted to the smell of blood and don’t come looking to eat defenseless newborn animals. Seriously, people… get a friggin grip. It’s always something… and it’ always stupid. People will literally believe anything!! If it comes from a celebrities mouth, they’ll believe it even more. SMDH.

finnmarino on

you all understand that that is what the placenta is for, right? so that women (and most mammals) would have access to nutrient dense food immediately after childbirth. we just happen to be lucky enough to live in a time and place where instead of worrying about foraging food, we are free to talk shit in a comments section about a woman doing what is natural. jesus, guys.

Marie on

Wow ,she is strange in real life as she is in the show “Girls”