Zoë Saldana Welcomes Twin Sons Cy Aridio and Bowie Ezio

01/02/2015 at 12:15 PM ET

Zoe Saldana Welcomes Twin Sons Cy Aridio and Bowie Ezio
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Zoë Saldana‘s baby bliss is out of this world.

The Guardians of the Galaxy star welcomed twin sons with her husband, artist Marco Perego, on Thanksgiving, PEOPLE confirms.

Cy Aridio and Bowie Ezio Perego-Saldana were born Thursday, Nov. 27 in Los Angeles,” Saldana’s rep tells PEOPLE. “Mother and sons are happy and healthy.”

“Our boys Cy and Bowie are finally here. Marco and I wanted to thank you for your beautiful wishes and for your patience,” the actress Tweeted Friday. “Happy #2015! Starting our New Year with a full house.”

Despite rumors that she was expecting, Saldana, 36, stayed mum throughout the beginning of her pregnancy — until she was photographed bumping bellies with costar Chris Pratt during their July press tour.

But showing off her burgeoning belly in a white dress while posing next to Pratt was only the start to her stunning series of bump-friendly frocks.

“Whatever it is you’re feeling internally, doesn’t mean that you have to look it,” Saldana, who refused to let pregnancy symptoms put a damper on her style, told PEOPLE. “Make an effort and look beautiful because it’s a beautiful time.”

In October, a source confirmed to PEOPLE that Saldana and Perego — who wed in summer 2013 — would be welcoming twin boys.

“She is beside herself happy over it all,” the source said.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Jennifer Garcia

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Lilah on


Mom Of Twinz on


charlotte on

Great names, and I just bet they are gorgeous boys!! Congratulations on the blessings.

guest000 on

Breathtakingly out of touch from reality. Most pregnant women have to get up early in the morning and go to work, whether or not they have morning sickness. Sorry if our drugstore makeup (if we are lucky enough to put it on) and clothes that we paid for and were not gifted offend your privileged eyes.

Dawn on

Here come the baby name bashers! She was such a beautiful woman during her pregnancy!! I’ll bet the sweet angels are going to be gorgeous!
Good advice to follow too–it always makes me feel a little better if I don’t dress how I feel lol

nibsy on

Horribly out of touch with reality…

nibsy on

Those names aren’t very nice. They sound like 2 brothers in the Appalachian mountains drinking homemade alcohol from a tin cup, complete with missing teeth.

jlo27916 on

Congrats~! I have Identical (Mono-Di) boys that are now two. They are a lot of work, but there is nothing like it.

Tiffany on

Many congrats! I hope I’m blessed to have twins someday

Christine on

I love how she thinks a “full house” is having 2 kids. Try 4 kids with a full time job, a husband with Epilepsy who is constantly in and out of the hospital who can not drive and a house to maintain myself. Somehow I am still sane 🙂 Us regular folk don’t have the perks of full time help, nannies and housekeepers. I am happy for her though. Being a mom is the best!!!!

L on

I was hoping for some beautiful Italian names….but i’m sure they are gorgeous little boys!

kgbaker40 on

It is nice to see a woman dress in maternity clothes instead of shirts and yoga pants. It takes just as much time to slip on a dress and brush you hair as it does to put on the shirt and pants. Or dress up the yoga pants with a maternity top. And you can purchase the maternity clothes at Good Will or consignment shops for little money.

Angel on

I think nibsy and guest000 are horribly out of touch with reality based on the comments made. I don’t have the money that she does but I agree with her. Its a beautiful time and maintaining a sense of beauty during both of my pregnancies made it quite easier. And no I am not self absorbed, I have debt and bills and challenges but I don’t sit like you people below and hurl hideous comments because I cannot compare my life to a star. BTW @guest000. I use drugstore makeup but here’s a tip – makeup is not a genie in a bottle. Congrats Zoe! Beautiful names!

lack on

I like those names but why do people post photos of FOOD? I don’t get it.

Notevenworthcreatingascreenname on

Women are so hugely nasty to other women……..and then they’ll probably call themselves Christian.

guest on

Wow, her first meal of 2015…couldn’t even pronounce half of it.

Valeria on

Wow, que ridiculez. She seems so classy, I was expecting her to go with traditional, simple, and classy Spanish and/or Italian names, preferably from their family trees. Eww.

Becky on

While I don;t care for those names, I have heard worse..Congrats on your twins. I have twin grandchildren that are 12 now and wouldn’t trade a moment of the past years..

Valeria on

“Wow, her first meal of 2015…couldn’t even pronounce half of it.”

She’s a very cultured woman, pretty sure she can pronounce and knows at least basic French as she studied it in high school, and her first language is Spanish, which has many similarities. She also speaks so-so Italian now that she’s married to one, and there are some similarities there as well.

Valeria on

Woah, I was too quick to judge, Aridio and Ezio ARE family names, sorry, I just read Cy and Bowie and I was like WTF, oh, not you too, Zoe.

Marky on

“guest”, you can’t pronounce bread and cheese, or caviar, or pate? Really?

and to the poster (who used more than one name to post her insults) slamming this new mom as not being in touch with reality…I don’t get it! When I was a pregnant mom, I put on makeup every day, dressed as nicely as I could and as tastefully as I could, and after I had my babies I did the same thing. I wasn’t rich and I had no help other than my husband, but it was good for me and for my family for me to take care of myself, thoroughly enjoy my children, and still be a wife to my husband.

Why is it any of you think it’s great to slam these women when they suggest it’s a good idea to put on your makeup (she didn’t say you had to buy it from a world famous dermatologist in France, for goodness’ sake!), or to dress nicely instead of stretching some old t-shirt over your abdomen and look like a sack full of sheep dip?

Some of you have way too much bitterness and fury against some person just because they have more money than you do. How sad for you, because their life didn’t change a bit because of your vitriol, but you just fed the dragon inside yourself by hating on a person you don’t even know….SMH

nibsy on

Those of you who are knocking other people’s opinions need to stop. Who cares if some hate the names or her comments. That’s their choice. Stop being self righteous and pushing YOUR views on others. Just because you agree doesn’t make your view superior or better than others. It’s an gossip mag!

starbbycat on

people commentors are the snarkiest!

Ana on

Christine, you’re a fucking idiot.

Melissa on


Ellie on

Awful names, but bet those boys are adorable.

guest on

They must be preemies, if they were born November 27th and just coming home. Glad they are doing okay, Congrats!

Lindsay on

Is “Cy” pronounced “sigh” or “see?”

I’m not at all surprised by the name choices taking into consideration their family tree and their artistry. I’m also not surprised at the ignorant people who can’t help themselves and comment negatively on their name choices – did someone publicly call you out on your baby name choices? Doubt it. Is it really so hard to be nice? But I digress. I wish this beautiful family a lifetime of health and happiness.

AR on

Such awesome names, I dig it! I can’t wait to see these babies photos, I bet they are beyond beautiful. Congrats to them and the new joys in their life!!

Jessie M. on

Those names are SOOoooo cool!!!

nikki on

whys saldana the last name and not the same like the dad

marie on

Congrats! I had twin girls the same day 2 years ago!

Anonymous on

nikki- Her family is Spanish and, from what I understand, that’s how last names are traditionally done there.

Anyway, congrats to them! And the boys DO appear to have been premature as another poster said- which would appear to explain why they didn’t announce the birth right away! 🙂

Anonymous on

All of you saying stuff like “yeah well she doesn’t have 4 kids like I do!” or “she’s out of touch with reality” need to SHUT UP. Stop comparing your experiences to hers. If she feels like it’s a full house, it’s a full house. Raising ANY number of children is never easy, especially when they are newborns.

Lindsay on

Nikki – the boys’ last names are hyphenated as you can see in the article above: Perego-Saldana. That’s not uncommon at all, especially in Hispanic/Latino families.

Lulu on

Congrats on the boys.

And I hope it was vegetable pate that you enjoyed since foie gras is very cruel to the ducks. Should be banned everywhere.

Ellie on

Her man looks way too into himself…this marriage will be over very soon.

Jessy on

Not beautiful names.

OZ on

Nothing wrong with the names, they’re cute names.