Third Child on the Way for Alec Baldwin

01/01/2015 at 12:35 PM ET

It’s already an amazing new year for Alec Baldwin

The actor and wife Hilaria are expecting their second child together, she announced Thursday on Instagram. On Friday, she coyly shared that the new baby is a boy, posting blue heart emojis along with a photo of the family’s shoes – navy infant loafers included.

“The sun has set on 2014,” the yoga instructor, 30, captioned a precious photo of the couple and their little girl. “2015 is going to be very exciting as we are thrilled to announce we are expecting another little addition to our family!”

Added her husband via Twitter, “2015 equals Mommy, Daddy, Carmen and a special guest star…”

Alec Baldwin Hilaria Baldwin expecting second child together
Courtesy Hilaria Baldwin

In the picture, Alec, 56, holds Carmen Gabriela, 16 months, as she touches her mom’s tiny baby bump.

“I knew I was going to love her a lot, but it’s incredible how deeply,” Hilaria told PEOPLE in 2013.

The actor is also dad to daughter Ireland, 19, with ex-wife Kim Basinger.

— Michele Corriston

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Judy on

Happy for them, but he will be so old when their kids get bigger.

susan on

What great news! They’re such a beautiful couple (Hilaria needs to have a yoga website!)-congrats!

Rachael on

Bump? Where?? Congrats to them both, sort of an odd picture – that could’ve been kept between them. Good luck to her in the future!

Kris on

Omg WHO THE HECK CARES about these two publicity whores! Go get a life without desperately seeking headlines EWW such losers

Raffaele Zuccaro on

Is Alec still around??? What a pity this guy gets even a little attention- A complete Bird-Brain-

peyton on

A amazing man. So glad he found happiness. As per Judy’s comment.

Age is a number not a reality…. Giving a nice/nasty comment just puts negative in your heart.

Tazmin on

They’re a lovely family. What exciting news they are adding to their family.

Guest on

I actually think the photo is sweet. I’m not that fond of either of them, but I’m imagining Alec with three daughters. Oh my!!!

josie on

I can spell “ew.”

I wish the term “baby bump” could be jettisoned out of the ionosphere.

Kristina on

Way to secure her child/spousal support for the rest of her life. Happy 2015!!

Uh...DUH! on

I don’t know, ‘Guest’. …he made it VERY clear prior to finding out the gender of Carmen that he wanted a son. Actually, they BOTH did. I hate to see this racist, prejudice slug get anything he wants but if having a son keeps him from taking his issues out on his girls then its worth it for him to get his way.

susan on

Oh goodie. Another Baldwin.

Stackwrapandroll on

Why the negativity? If you aren’t interested in them, then don’t read the article and take the time to post. If you don’t like them, then keep it to yourself.

Charlotte on

She is the most annoying “celebrity” baby-breeder ever.

Judy on

To Peyton: saying my comment is nasty about him being old when his kids get grown is a fact and a reality. I said, I was happy for them but just stating the obvious. Get a grip.

duh on

Peyton, age is not “just a number.” I am guessing you are one of these women who is fifty plus and gets offended when you’re called “ma’am” and when someone refers to you as middle-aged, when, in actuality, you are beyond that – you are a senior.

Age isn’t just a number. Cell metabolism, body functions, lean body mass…all slow down or start to be reduced. And that is OK. There is no shame in getting older. But to pretend aging is just a number and in no way affects oneself and the probability he most likely won’t be around to meet his Grand-kids is simply delusional.

Cassie on

Poor Alec. Now he’ll have to pay double the child support.

duh on


Age isn’t “just a number.”

The probability he will be around for his wife, and to see his Grandchildren is possible, but not highly probable. He will most likely be dead.

Aging is OK. There is no shame in it. To write it is merely a number is delusional. You are part of the problem, not the solution.

Are you one of these 50+ women that gets offended when you’re called “Ma’am” and people refer to you as middle-aged (when, in actually, you aren’t that young, you are actually a Senior)? I am guessing you are!

Carol on

“Age is a number not a reality…”

That’s got to be the dumbest thing ever posted on the Internet. There’s this thing called “life expectancy” (a reality, Peyton), not to mention that a growing number of studies show children of older fathers have a higher risk of all sorts of lovely things, such as autism, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), schizophrenia, psychosis, bipolar disorder and suicide attempts.

That’s a reality.

Katie on

Maybe if she wanted children she should have considered someone that will be around when the kids are growing up. I always remember Michael Landon having so many children – especially young children – left hen he passed. Kelsey Grammer, Alec Baldwin, men of their age are too narcissistic to think about the children growing up with an ill or deceased father.

Janie on

Congrats to both! She’s such a great mom, she must be thrilled. So happy for all three!!

mer on

Wanted to say the exact same things. Some people just can’t help themselves. Declaring they don’t care at all when they clearly care so much.

MLB on

Good for them, they should have as many kids as they want! Hopefully this will put an end to her daily need for attention

Saralee on

Some nasty, sorry people commenting here indeed! I wonder if their hate of two people they don’t know makes them feel good about their sorryselves.

Saralee on

Yes, Carol, life expectancy is a reality. For some people it is 30 and for other 100. If you’re talking statistics and averages that is one thing. If you’re talking individual variables that’s another thing. Young people have children with health flaws all the time and that doesn’t stop them. All kinds of people have all kinds of limitations (whether it is maturity, finances, time, health, fertility, education or age) and still procreate. Do you have a criteria in mind to impose on procreation?

Shawna on

You all realize there are no guarantees in life right? Someone could be 25 when their child is born and die from cancer or in a car accident when they are 28, leaving a 3 year old to never know their father. Or someone could be 60 when their child is born and live another 30 years and their child could grow up with a wonderful father.

icky on

My youngest daughter was born when I was 37 and her dad was 53. We are both is excellent health and stay active. Who cares how old the parents are? My daughter sure doesn’t. Good luck to them in the New Year.

Jo55 on

Hey Soap Boxers, instead of telling everyone what to do, what to say and how to say it, why don’t YOU leave your oh-so-nice comments, depart the comments section and go about your day. If YOU don’t like what someone has to say, don’t read it and take the time to comment. Back atcha.

Gina on

Alec has aged badly since his second daughter was born. He is too old to raise one, let alone two..

Smithy on

Alec Baldwin is an angry egoist.

Good luck to all associated with his hot mess.

Anonymous on

He wants a boy.

NotAFan on

Who cares?

kelly on

Beautiful photo, but why is this breaking news??? People have been getting pregnant for thousands of years now. There’s nothing remarkable about this story. Yawn…

Emily on

Michael Landon had his last child when he was 49 which is not really old. He died young of cancer- only 54. I don’t really think his scenario is the same or that he was too old to be having kids. He could have lived another 30 years!

Jess on

How wonderful. They seem to make a great couple. I think she has made people see past Alex’s tough exterior Hilaria is inspirational and just seems to be a great person. I follow her on twitter and instagram, always such positive ancedotes , fun pictures and great food ideas. BTW she is a Master Yogi.

Sophie on

Why did she not mention or include his other daughter? She should be counted among the family members!

Lexie on

That man is a lunatic. I would not have another baby with him.

almxx on

No details. How did it happen?

lovely123 on

“2015 equals Mommy, Daddy, Carmen and a special guest star….” . Ouch, that has got to hurt his first daughter.

jessica on

Who cares????????? He is crazy and all she wants is attention with her freaky poses. Go away

losa on

Is she really just 30 years old? I doubt it. She looks like so much older.

NoDoubt! on

@Kris, thank you. Sorry if i could care less about Alec Baldwin, he is not a good person. I hope he stays with her and is supportive.

valeskas on

Really don’t care for Hilaria, such a media hoe.

Janine on

And it’s a boy!

Jaylynn on

Can you imagine what kind of damage Alec is going to do to this boy?

ELC on

They could have just announced it yesterday when they had the same article. Whoopee!

Edie S on

This woman is creepy. What is wrong with Alec?

lack on

That shoe photo is so sexist but I love love love the men’s loafers….hubba!

what happened to the hair on the dog on the right in that photo?

Carrie on

I highly, highly doubt she’s 30, she looks older than that. It is somewhat irksome that she doesn’t include his older daughter but that could be how Ireland wants it, it wouldn’t surprise me if she didn’t like her stepmother.

Susan on

I’m happy for them. They’re a nice couple. My grandfather was much older than my grandmother and they had a happy marriage. He appears to be good to Hilaria and that’s all that matters. I adore her yoga pictures and comments. She’s a very positive person. I’ve read the various negative stories about Alec over the years but am unconvinced he’s a bad man. He has a loving relationship with his oldest daughter Ireland and that’s all you can hope for in life.

Heidi on

I thought he intended for them to take a huge step away from social media, interviews, and the acting scene in general after Hilaria was texting at a funeral (Or said to be… they refuted that). He’s a ‘go away’….’come here’ kinda guy.

Tazmin on

If Alec takes good care of himself he could live another 25 years easily enough, barring some kind of terminal illness. It does look like he’s slipped up a bit on fitness and diet. Perhaps knowing he has two little ones who will need their dad as well as a wife who loves him, will give him some incentive to look after himself better.

Cris on

@Jo55- practice what you preach, you mighty hand slapper. Does it make you feel good to boss around strangers on a tabloid website? I am sorry that your life makes you feel so powerless that you have to make ultimatums that you do not practice at all.

Tammy on

Yeah, a boy! I don’t really follow Hilaria but she is a very beautiful woman.

racoon61 on

Congrats Hilaria! In the prime of your life having a kid with a senior! You must be sooo happy. SMH.

Callie on

I still can’t believe any woman in her right mind would be with this idiot! He has an explosive personality and is quite mean. Waiting for the day he calls one of these kids PIG like he did Ireland.

Uh...DUH! on

How sad…no shoe to represent Ireland. I guess the ‘thoughtless pig’ doesn’t matter any longer.

Willow on

I usually don’t comment on these articles, but she continues to grate on my nerves. Her comment, “I”m going to document for you…” Oh, gee, thank you so much for teaching all of us how to care for ourselves while pregnant; we wouldn’t have a clue if you didn’t document it for us! She is such a patronizing, attention-seeking woman and he has anger issues.. I really hope they make better parents than how they present themselves as “celebrities”.

Yawn on


Yawn on

I guess there will be plenty of half naked yoga poses from her in the months to come again…

angelika on

She seems to be drawn to social media and needy of attention. If she wants to document her pregnancy, so what. If someone doesn’t like it, he or she doesn’t have to follow her posts. We still have our own will, haven’t we? So why brag about it…

Ginger on

I hope he lives long enough to see his children to adulthood. My son was deeply traumatized when his dad died when he was five.

Anonymous on

I am an older mom and I can’t help but wonder what the reactions would have been if their ages were reversed, much different I expect.