So Cute! Kelly Clarkson’s Daughter Visits Santa Claus

12/23/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

Talk about a holly jolly Christmas!

Kelly Clarkson‘s 6-month-old baby girl got all dressed up in her holiday-themed apparel — a reindeer hat and a onesie that read, “I drink until I pass out” — to celebrate her first photo with St. Nick.

River Rose hangin’ with Santa Claus for the first time! She LOVED him ha!” Clarkson, 32, captioned the snapshot of the two smiling.

Before the big meet up, the new mama was busy spreading her own good cheer.

Kelly Clarkson River Santa Claus
Courtesy kellyclarkson; Gary Gershoff/WireImage

Despite an early trip to the emergency room, Clarkson hosted her first annual charity holiday concert, Miracle on Broadway, in Nashville on Saturday.

“Y’all, I spent all morning in the ER,” the singer told the crowd. “But don’t worry, they gave me a shot of B12 and I’m feeling great and so excited to be here!”

But she wasn’t the only one who was feeling giddy about all the festivities.

“This is how River and I feel about our first annual Miracle On Broadway show! It was beyond incredible thanks to all of you!” Clarkson wrote alongside a photo of the mother-daughter duo swapping smiles.

— Alexandra Zaslow

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Emily on

She Is One Ugly Child Like Her Mom

Truthfinder on

Soooooo adorable! Nothing cuter than a happy baby.

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Merry Christmas and God bless…

Carrie W on

That is one uber-adorable and chubby baby! LOVE!

Kristin on

She looks like her daddy.

Elle on

This baby is always smiling! She is so freakin’ adorable!!!

Samantha on

Wowza!! Talk about a happy go lucky baby ….. look at mama!!! Kelly is absolutely in love ….. just loving being a mommy to River. Wonderful smiles ….. all year long. Now that’s a holiday gift for all of us. ; ))

Andrea on

Look closely…that kid has something wrong. Her face looks like Down syndrome.

Callie on

I wish someone would tell her her hair is awful blonde and she really needs to go back to being brunette, that’s number 1. Secondly, the shirt is so tacky and classless that she looks and acts like she lives in a trailer park! Oh and Kelly, you are fat!

robinepowell on

Love River’s t-shirt! 🙂

dysturbed on

Meanwhile she gets to live a presumably happy life while you apparently are miserable bitch.

lilly pond on

Not a fan of Kelly. She broke up a marriage. Don’t start that he was separated. He was not. She knew what she was doing. I agree with Callie’s opinion.

rubyovertherainbow* on

How refreshing to see a mother genuinely enjoy her child, unlike Kim Kardashian who uses her poor baby as an accessory to whatever she’s wearing that day.

Guest on

That baby is ugly just like her mom

Guest on

River is so adorable. Now to rant to jerks.

@Callie, nothing is wrong with River’s onesie and its not tacky or classless. It doesn’t make her look and act like she lives in a trailer. Have a sense of humor once and awhile. Kelly can pull off any hair color. Lastly she isn’t fat, she just has some of pregnancy weight. I have seen people who are fat and Kelly isn’t one them.

@Lily, you girl are also wrong. Kelly didn’t break up a marriage. Brandon and his first wife divorced sometime in 2011, Kelly and Brandon started dating in 2012 well after he was divorced. I’m paraphrasing here but when Kelly was dating Brandon she said that she would never be involved with a married man since her father left her mother for another woman or something like. Since Brandon’s ex likes Kelly and even visited Kelly at the hospital when River was born, that right there is perfect proof that Kelly didn’t break up Brandon’s first marriage.

Guest on

@Emily, River is not ugly nor is Kelly. Kelly has tweeted some pictures of River that show how really cute she is for example the one Kelly posted last week of her and River. The only thing that is ugly here, is your, Kari, and Lily’s attitude.

Andrea on

Emily, I agree and her face doesn’t look normal. I see downs 100%

Michelle on

Sad pathetic internet trolls comment about a child’s appearance. I hope you are struck down with the pox!

Calikai on

As a nurse, I don’t see Down’s Syndrome at all. And to the poster that said 100% DS, I hope you were joking. DS is a chromosomal abnormality with very distinct features (none of which this baby has) and yo are either DS or not (not a %).

Daria on

It is disturbing to see how many people leave ugly, rude comments based on absolutely nothing at all. I guess the privacy that internet offers gives classless, angry, miserable people license to spew hatred. However, calling a baby ‘ugly, just like her mom’ is a new low. I guess imploring such people to imagine someone saying that about their kid would be pointless, but I wish these individuals stopped and gave a moment’s thought to what they write or say.

Marine on

wow some one you women are bitter as hell ( Callie, Lily, Emily). I’d try explaining how wrong you are for those comments but I’m not the jackass whisperer, I can only do so much. Kelly and River look great. Happy baby and happy mama!

Paula on

River is so adorable! Looks like her mom.

Sarah on

Callie, Lily and Emily are probably all the same person, and Andrea is not only nasty but also ignorant. The baby is cute and obviously well-loved and Kelly seems like a lovely person. I’m guessing she doesn’t hang out on the internet hating on complete strangers…….unlike some people. Look in a mirror, haters.

angie on

River’s hat and shirt is just lovely.