Meet Hayden Panettiere’s Daughter Kaya Evdokia

12/23/2014 at 06:00 PM ET

Hayden Panettiere just enjoyed her first night of uninterrupted sleep since the Dec. 9 birth of her daughter, Kaya Evdokia, with her fiancéWladimir Klitschko — courtesy of her future mother-in-law.

“Wlad’s mom was desperate to take the baby for a night,” the Nashville star, 25, tells PEOPLE. “She looks like she didn’t get much sleep, but I feel well-rested!”

Adjusting to life as a parent has been “such a surreal experience and so out of body,” for Panettiere and her heavyweight professional boxer beau, 38. “You’re suddenly looking at this little thing like, ‘Oh, that was you in my belly this whole time,'” she says. “[We’re] just getting to know her.”

Hayden Panettiere Daughter Kaya Evdokia First Photo Michael Sterling Eaton

Recovering from the labor and delivery has also been a bit of a challenge.

“I’m limping around. I’m still trying to figure out what [pregnancy] has done to my body, how it’s changed it. What’s temporary and what’s permanent,” Panettiere tells PEOPLE with a laugh, adding that she was “grateful” for her epidural.

“I feel like an 80-year-old woman trying to go down the stairs, you know — please tell me this is temporary! But I know some things will never be the same again.”

So far, little Kaya has been an easy baby despite a few restless nights and what the nursing mom describes as an “insatiable appetite.”

“She’s really so sweet,” Panettiere says. “I’m sure that’s the way it’s meant to be, because when they are putting you through the wringer you’re like, ‘You are so lucky you’re cute!'”

For more photos of the family, pick up the Jan. 12 issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Jan. 2

— Julie Jordan 

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Leah on

She’s adorable and even though I’m no fan of hers, I have to say, she’s viewing this whole experience with a sense of understanding and thoughtfulness. I don’t sense any vanity or anything.

That’s my two cents

BeeHappy on

Awww, Kaya! What a beautiful sweet name! Hayden looks so pretty and happy. Congrats to them both! 🙂

Anonymous on

Adorable family! What a great Christmas gift!

Mollie on


Karlene Lyons on

Beautiful Family!

Dawn on

Hahaha so true! Welcome to mommyhood, strap in and enjoy the sweet moments!

Jade on

Wait, did I read that right?! Her baby is only 2 weeks old and she’s already pawning her off on relatives for an ENTIRE night?? SMH :-/

Anonymous on

He is insanely hot. So jelly! Congrats on the cute procreation!

Roz on

She is a cutie.

yahoo on

OMG that child got his nose and upper lip.

Whyohwhy on

She looks just like her dad. Congrats!

Angela on

I love the first commenter had to freak out about her fiance’s mother taking Kaya for a night. Sounds like the doting grandmother wanted to and one night isn’t going to ruin anything. Congrats to them!

Callie on

That is one gorgeous family! LOVE the name too. So sweet, pretty, feminine and girly. Congratulations to the beautiful, happy family; what a lovely Christmas gift 🙂

kgrinkov on

Jade she probably didn’t in Russia it is very common that the Grandparents do a lot of the raising of children. They don’t take 6/8 weeks off like Americans and the grandparents raise the kids so parents return to work even though this is not the case for work it is still tradition. I am sure that his mother is in their home since that is very common also. I grew up like this and loved my Grandmother being with me almost all the time.

Callie on

Hey Jade – It’s the grandmother idiot, not a babysitter!!!!!! Just how stupid are you?

cindyann on

Really Jade?! I would have LOVED to have someone help me with my kids when they were babies, what an idiot you are TRYING so desperately to make a sweet story into some dramatic event, go take your meds Drama Queen!

Congrats on your beautiful baby Hayden and hubby! Ignore twits like Jade, take the help when you can, sleep when you can and enjoy the ride they call children.

rebecca on

Her baby is 2 weeks old and she’s letting someone else take her and complaining about no sleep? Welcome to motherhood.

jenniferyterry on

so what if the grandma took the baby for a night – many grandparents stay and help out with a new grandchild, so judgmental.

congratulations to hayden

cocoayo on

Jade, I didn’t get the idea that she “pawned” Kaya off. Kaya’s grandmother graciously volunteered to take her for the night. No need to call Child Protective Services.

Anonymous on

Hayden looks beautiful. What a precious family. I hope they will be very happy.

Brandi on

Omg relax…it wasn’t like she pushed her baby off on some random and strange babysitter. It sounds like Wlad’s MOTHER (and Kaya’s grandmother) was very eager to keep Kaya so Hayden let her take the baby and used the opportunity to get a good night’s rest. You make it sound like she left her newborn baby for a month to go clubbing or jetsetting off to a different country and vacation in a bikini or something.

It’s sad that women are always looking for opportunities to find faults and flaws in each other instead of trying to be sympathetic, understanding and encouraging…ESPECIALLY women that are mothers.

JM on

Maybe grandma came over and took care of the baby for the night, doesn’t necessarily mean that she took her out of the home. Either way, from the article, it sounds like Hayden had a C-section in which case the recovery can sometimes be brutal.

So whether or not Grandma came over or the baby went to Grandma’s for one night, I would have been totally fine with it if it meant me getting a full night’s sleep…the more rest she can get will only help speed up her recovery process!

Sarah S. on

Everyone relax about Grandma taking care of baby for the night. Maybe she’s staying with them in the house and cooking meals too? I’m assuming Hayden is nursing, so Grandma brings the baby in just for nursings and she takes care of diaper change, etc. while Hayden and Wlad go back to sleep?? Then Grandma sleeps during the day.

I never had it easy with my 2 children (no relatives ever helped), but I’m optimistic this is what Hayden meant. Plus it really helps if she’s recovering from a C-section. Best of luck to them! 🙂

yasmine on

Ugh! Disgusting that this poor little innocent baby is being given away to others already! She just spent 9 months knowing nothing but her mother’s heartbeat and voice. Now she’s being given away to a complete stranger, as far as Baby is concerned. If sleep is desired, don’t have a baby!

lovely123 on

Now, if that kid ever says, “My daddy can kick your daddy’s bu.t.t.”, you might want to believe her!

KW on

Gorgeous! Dear Jesus please let that baby resemble momma when she grows up!;-)

lovely123 on

Also, from what I hear, grandmas WANT to take care of their newborns. Just imagine if your 38 year old son FINALLY had a kid. I was one of 5 girls in my family. All my sisters had their kids early while I waited. I was the oldest and the last to have kids. My mother and my MIL could NOT wait for me to a our kids. Matter of fact, my MIL had FOUR boys. When we had our first girl, she went NUTS!

KW on

Yasmine – did you know that a grandmother is NOT a stranger? You must have no family, or at least no family that love you. Sad.

Bettie on

Wow what a gorgeous family! She’s 25 watch how quick she bounces back!

Mon on

What a natural lovely pic of the three of them! Sooooo beautiful! What a gorgeous little girl!

Lindsey on

That baby is so adorable. What an AMAZING Christmas gift 🎄🎁😍🙌💏💑🎅💜

Nicole on

What a beauty! Congrats!

Katie on

Beautiful girl and mom looks tired and blissful at the same time in such a wonderful way. Congrats to them both.

Nikki on

Evdokia? odd middle name..its greek..hope she grows up to look like her mother

Janet on

Congratulations to the happy couple on the birth of their beautiful baby Kaya. I love her name!

joanne on

Uninterrupted sleep? How is that possible? Even with baby in another room or house, my breasts kept me awake. Well, that and all the residua from pregnancy…..uninterrupted sleep? Didn’t she have to get up to express milk? I always woke up every couple of hours, well into his second year.

and what, a grandmother who is “desperate” to keep a newborn all night? A baby just two weeks old? Why? Baby needs mommy….I like how her finger is on baby’s toe.

And Hayden, they are “cute” for a reason, yeah…and they have those APBs (attachment promoting behaviors) for the same reason. So at least one parent will keep them alive!

joanne on

to one commenter: Ukraine is not Russia (shudder).

I notice the fake fingernails — well, good for her!

Trish on

Beautiful family!! So happy for them!

Andrea on

Beautiful mom and baby. The father needs to chisel down that honker.

Meg on

Oh my! Kaya is beautiful!!! All that pain but it is so worth it!! Congrats to the new parents!! 🙂

Elizabeth Rupe on

Congratulation Hayden she’s so cute and has such a beautiful name. Take care and I love your character Juliette Barnes she’s cool.

CT on

Wow. Some of you people amaze me. Not-picking what this baby looks like? Judging the parents for wanting a night of sleep? You should be ashamed of yourself for being so judgmental. Why is it any of your concern that the grandmother keep the baby overnight? Good for them!

My in-laws took our three-week-old daughter for the night once so my hubby and I could get some much-needed sleep. We were so grateful to have grandparents who are loving and so involved! How is that a bad thing??

And please remember that nursing does not work for everyone. We moms should encourage and help one another–not put each other down. Let’s stop the negative comments. Congrats to this couple!

Katie on

If my children let me I hope to stay with them for a week or so after they have children and do housework, laundry, cook and get up with the baby when the need doesn’t require nursing so they catch up on their sleep. It’s exhausting as you get used to a new and vocal routine at night. I had c-sections and was unable to nurse and my mom gave my husband and I the night off so we could really sleep once my body wasn’t in major pain. One of the greatest gifts she gave me that I hope to someday pass on.

Hayden is lucky to have been given this gift and it sounds like she truly appreciates it. You can’t lose a bond with a baby in one night. You are no good for a child if you are walking into walls.

jacque on

Beautiful family.

Diana on

Anyone that comments negatively on this baby’s looks is a freaking moron. The baby is beautiful, it’s a lovely story, and old sayings are sometimes the best sayings ‘ if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all’

Summer on

Wow, a lot of bitter women on here (shocking).

First of all, her future mother-in-law is probably staying with them, which is totally normal in a lot of families with new babies. By “taking her for the night,” she probably meant tending to her while they caught up on sleep. And if not – who cares? It’s nice to see a close knit family helping each other out. Only in recent history has it become the norm for new parents to go it alone. It used to be the norm to have older relatives help out while mom recovers and they all settle in.

Beautiful baby and beautiful couple!

paisley on

Another one who dumps her child off…

auds on

the minute my niece was born,my mom took the train to washington Dc where my brother met her.she stayed for a whole week @thier home in va with their 2 yr old and cooked and cleaned ironed and laundered.everything.yes she fed baby to once it came home.but not all the time.

what a relief she was for her daughter in law and son.After 7 or 8 days she came back home.wasn’t that wonderful?My mother wasn’t young and she was exhausted at end of the week.

Nicole on

She is such an adorable baby!!! I’m so happy for the beautiful family. I hope they cherish every moment with Kaya because babies definitely grow up so fast 🙂

Vic on

Beautiful family, i still remember her as that spunky loud mouth lid in that football movie. She has grown into a lovely woman

Jester on

Congrats to Mom, Dad and new addition!

Ariel on

Don’t worry, most of your body goes back to normal after a while. It’s just really hard to believe that for a couple months. 🙂

Guest on

The baby is beautiful. Nothing wrong with the baby’s grandmother helping out. My sister-in-law is a post partum doula and watches newborns all night for people usually rich and celebrity types that are spoiled or don’t have to work but don’t want to wake up to a crying baby either.

MayBaby on

They look like a beautiful and happy family. Congrats to them on their precious baby girl Kaya!

Chris on

What a great couple. And Wladimir is such a HUNK. No pretty boy Hollywood type here… Hayden I am jealous!

Wish you both long happiness and joy. Enjoy your beautiful baby!

samantha on

Hayden Panettiere is a mother.

Who else feels old? 😦

Congrats on the babygirl!

Haters to the Left.

Kat on

She is still so beautiful as always. He kinda scares me, lol. The baby is beautiful and has such a pretty name.

I have always said they should make a Cinderella Movie off the Cartoon and Hayden as Cinderella. She would be so perfect for it.

Congratulations to both mommy & daddy!

Yasmine on

What is the obsession with having help after the arrival of a new baby? My parents and in-laws live less than 5 miles away. We didn’t ask for anyone to come over and help. We didn’t ask for anyone to take the baby so we could get a night of uninterrupted sleep. When people came over to visit, I sat holding my baby the entire time – he’s mine, why would I want anyone else to hold him?

We stayed in our home, for three weeks, to bond as a new family. When he slept, we slept. We took turns eating. I could handle my newborn for an hour while my husband ran to the store for fresh groceries, or vice versa, when cleared to drive. I had a c-section and trouble nursing and had to nurse my guy every two hours because of weight gain issues.

My fondest memories of maternity leave was laying in bed and napping with my little guy, not running around and doing things. It’s called being a parent – people should try it.

valeskas on

Her daddy’s little girl, Kaya. What a beautiful happy family. So happy for them.

NK on

So happy for her. Congrats!

tracie on

Even in the position the pic was taken and the baby is laying I can see the dad’s features. Around the nose and below the eyes.

Cris on

@Yasmine, you want a gold star, super mom? I am so thankful that my mom came to stay with me with for every one of my children. It was nice that my attention was on my baby and she took care of my house and family.

My mom is a very hands on grandparent. She wanted time to bond with this new little family member too. It is unfortunate for you and your children that you haven’t experienced that. She is my mom and wanted to help me and I am sure, you would want to help your own child in anyway that you could. That isn’t a bad thing at all.

mary on

Oh good for you Yasmine! There’s more to being a parent then coddling your child all the time. Shame on you for not letting others bond with the baby. It wouldn’t hurt your child to socialize with others. You think you’re dong a good job but when it comes time for the kid to go to school or whatever you’re going to be in heaps of trouble.

kgrinkov on

Since there is not a reply the Ukraine does the same share a lot of tradition and way of life. My friends from there were raised very close to the way I was. Maybe if you instead of pretending to be so smart and shaking your fingers at others you should go out in the world and see the way others live!!

I am glad she is not one of you moms who try to prove they can do it all and asked for help if mom gets sick from no sleep it will cause her and the baby problems. For centuries woman helped each other and then some of you went nuts and think a mom should breast feed and hold the kid until it is a teenager.

Sue on

Oh take it easy. Grandma was probably at the house and many new parents are tired.

Stormie on

I’m not a mom but I’m really rolling my eyes at the judgement. Just because you parented one way doesn’t make everyone who doesn’t do it that way bad. If you holed up with just your kid and the father good for you.

Some grandmothers move in for weeks to help with the baby and household things. As long as the baby is loved,healthy and taken care of who gives a crap how it happens.

mer on

Beautiful name, beautiful family.

Carolyn on

I love these two. Now these three, and have been waiting for a picture, as i was for them to have this little girl 🙂 I knew how lovely the picture would be, if there was to be one, because these two are very private. Yet, i am still moved by how lovely this picture is.

These are two wonderful people and if you followed them you would know that. Hayden and Wlad planned this bundle of joy, so said they, and they would have been married first if it was not for Ukraines, Wlads homeland, problems.

Hayden has always wanted to be a Mom, so said she, and i cannot imagine how excited Wlad is at 38 to finally be a Dad. He has put his career and his bio Family first to get to be where is is, and now he can put his very own Family there.

They are both beyond talented and charitable that is why i started liking them so much in the first place. Than imagine my suprise when they became a couple first in 2009.

Wlad’s Mother is in the same home as them, and will be until the Spring. I can not imagine how hard it would be for her to go back to the Ukraine unless they follow 🙂 But her other Son, former heavyweight Champ and now Mayor of Kiev, and other Grandkids/DaughterInLaw are there.

So they should take a little advantage of her. Back in the day, Mother’s stayed in the Hospital for over a week and had nurses helping and better sleep. Nothing wrong with Hayden doing it. To bad the world thinks so differently now.

Any who, not going to let people on here bring me down. Thanks to the other’s for there kind words. They are deserved.

Bless this Family xo

Carolyn on

Baby is beautiful, like her parents, and love the sweet name!!!

Carolyn on

Thank you Wlad and Hayden for sharing this lovely picture of your beautiful baby girl ❤ And People Mag : ) Thank you xx

nicole on

beautiful baby, beautiful couple and sometimes a mommy needs a little break. a good nights rest can really recharge the batteries..

PhoenixMom3 on

Yasmin, you’re utterly ridiculous!!!! Seriously you are!!!

I have 3 children and after all 3 births my inlaws traveled to be with us…it’s called family, Google it! I appreciated the extra hands so much. They’re my children, yes! They are also grandchildren, nieces, nephews and cousins. The more love, the better!!!!

My inlaws offered to keep the baby a few hours, in my home, so I could get a good nap, thank God!!! Those little naps helped me be a better mom!!! Looking to belittle or make something out of nothing only reflects on your deep rooted issues! How dare you!!!

Take a look at yourself lady…how blessed is she to have a mother in law so excited about the arrival of her grandaughter! Maybe you don’t have that? Very sad! What a sweet woman she has as a mother in law!!! Bonds are being created with not only Mom and Dad, those are only beneficial to baby!!! Your judgment should boomerang right back to you!!!!

Kestrel on

Aaaannnddddd here come the “SHE IS PAWNING HER NEWBOEN OFF” Chicken Littles.

Get over yourselves.

We lived far away from either of our families and therefore stayed with our kids 24/7. No sitters. No nights off. No afternoons with Grammy (my mother died 2 months after my eldest was born).I’m a SAHM and he works from home so my kids have 2 parents home with them all day. It would’ve been wonderful to have a break from a colicky newborn for a few hours!

Everyone has their own plan. I would never put my kids in day care or feed them formula but it’s the option others choose. If you can understand that people make different choices based on individual scenarios then you have serious psychological problems to deal with.

valeskas on

What a perfect little one.

Heather on

What a beautiful family! That little girl is absolutely adorable and I love that they chose a name that would be easy to pronounce for both sides of the family. It sounds as if Hayden (and Wladimir) have good heads on their shoulders and I wish them a lot of love and happiness.

And I think it’s awesome that they have family willing and able to help out. Little Kaya needs to bond with her grandparents too and her Grandma sounds more than happy to help – I honestly don’t get all the criticism.

Ashley on

She looks like Hayden to me. Congrats!

daniesq on

She is an adorable baby. At this age, who they take after can change by the hour. What is consistent, though, is their cuteness, and she is precious.

bkable on

On his own, he scares the bejeezies out of me but, whenever I see him with Hayden (and now the baby), they all just melt my heart.

What a beautiful family. I wish people would stop hating on everyone. Makes me very scared to have a baby if people can’t even be nice for a sweet story like this.

Anonymous on

Beautiful baby. Hayden

Brooke on

Beautiful baby and Hayden looks GORGEOUS.

Alicia on

Very cute baby, even though she looks like dad already lol That was nice of the grandmother I guess, but I didn’t want my newborn out of my care for months.

Alicia on

Yasmine- you’re the type of mom I can’t stand. Your friends and family took the time to visit,( and buy gifts I’m guessing) you could at least let them hold the baby.

Saundra on

Lord. If being with that 6’5″ husband doesn’t do something to your 5 ‘body I dont know what will.

Nancy on

Jeez you people are HARSH! Grandma is a perfect helper. She raised one if the parents so she must know how to take care of a baby, right? It’s not like they handed the baby off to a stranger!

Moni on

Some people can be so narrow minded. I’m Latina and in our culture, it’s completely expected to get help from your family (especially the women in your family, although that’s slowly changing. I’ve been seeing more men in the family become more involved, which is awesome!). Having family around immediately after birth actually contributes to lower postpartum depression cases in countries that follow these traditions.

There’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with getting help from family. I love seeing my son spend time with his grandparents. I want him to have a close relationship with them. I have no qualms about letting him spend the day or night with them. I also get a much needed break, which leads to a more level-headed, loving, and fun mommy.

The pressure of having to do it all on your own, and be super mom is causing American women more harm than good. And judgmental women bashing on other women doesn’t help either. So those few making comments about the baby spending the night with grandma, you can go kick rocks!

I think they are a beautiful family, and I wish them all the best!

mer on

How come some people can find something negative on anything! What’s wrong with happy grandma taking care of the little one while the parents take a few hours off?

mer on

@Moni, so nicely said. I’ve just read your comment and it’s perfect 🙂

christina on

Soooo cute and adorable! My mom and sister both helped me out after my first by taking him for a night. They love it and it gives them a chance to bond with the baby. Props to her because with her money should could have a night nurse, but is doing it herself. Why are people so dramatic?!

ashley on

She is beautiful! Looks just like her daddy.

Page on

Adorable! So happy for them.

Anonymous on

I’m surprised. Not one post about their material status. Funny which celebs those comments are reserved for.

meadowoman on

Beautiful child. Happy for them.

Niko on

Grandma gleefully volunteers to care for newborn baby for one night, ONE night: “Oh Ma GAD! Armageddon is upon us!!”

*Neon sign flashing*Jade is dumb.

Anonymous on

They look like a lovely family.

Lorraine on

As a mother of 4 and a grandmother of 2 with another on the way I can say that everybody recovers from childbirth differently and everyone takes to parenting differently. I was the superwoman, doing it on my own and very rarely asking for any help (even from my husband). As a grandmother and auntie my biggest joy comes from giving my daughter/sisters/sisters-in-law a well needed rest.

I am proud of Hayden for being able to share her daughter with her mother-in-law, to give up some control and take some time to recuperate. As a grandmother I can say I love my grandbabies like my own and my daughter feels completely comfortable having me in charge while she recuperates.

Ladies, please don’t be judgey. Be supportive of a new mother finding her own path. As long as the baby is safe and loved that’s what matters. And like someone else said, she didn’t leave the baby to go party, her MIL babysat while she SLEPT.

Best of luck to Hayden and Wlad cause the teen years are going to be here before they know it and nothing is more important during that time than a supporting grandma !!!

Ari on

Congratulations, what a beautiful family.

redd on

Gosh all these jerks scolding her for letting the grandma watch the baby… give me a freaking break! That’s what FAMILY is for. I feel sorry for any of you out there don’t understand the warmth and support your family can bring you. Get off your high horses!

Stella on

My husband was a reporter/writer for The Ring (boxing magazine) and covered Vlad’s career. We met him numerous times, and he is a perfect gentleman. A really lovely person, and I wish him and his family all the best.

Marine on

Relax Jasmine. when my sister had all 3 of her kids I stayed with her for a week helping her out. Her mother in law lived with them too and was always there to help her out whenever she needed it. There is nothing wrong with helping out, hell my sister loved it. She got to take a shower in peace and rest up. When i was younger my aunt would take me so my mom could rest up.

Hea on

Beautiful family.

martina on

So Klitchko is worth what, about $50 M? They can hire round-the clock caretakers. And people give them grief for letting a grandma (!!) watch the baby one night. Crazy…

Stef on

So cute! I wonder how big she was at birth. Hayden is so small and the dad is a large man so I wonder who she will take after 🙂

Anonymous on

Stef, she was seven pounds, fourteen ounces and twenty inches long per her birth announcement post. 🙂

Molly on

Love the name Kaya! She looks gorgeous.

lyoness on

@Moni – Completely agree. I am not Latina but come from a large extended family. My cousin (like a little sister) just had a baby a few months ago. Her husband is deployed. Everyone pitches in and gets their hands dirty. Her mother, sisters, our grandmother, great-uncles, and various cousins (male and female) all don’t mind doing little things or take her for a few hours. I took a few night shifts in the beginning so she could have some rest. It’s a joy and no big deal to help. Not having any help or people to lean on can be isolating and lead to post-partum. Plus, it’s nice that the baby is exposed to more people that love him/her. Don’t knock extended families. The idea of nuclear families in isolation and shouldering all of the work is new.

charlotte on

Beautiful family! Congratulations.

Bee on

He’s scary looking!

stef on

Well, good for her. Hopefully the experience of being a mom will help drastically improve her personality. I met her at a private fundraiser once. I was actually excited to meet her until i actually did meet her…Her personality left a lot to be desired. Hopefully being a mom will help soften her disposition.


For a Newborn this baby is pretty adorable. Congrats to them.

Robin Ketter on

Aww, Kaya is stunning and the family picture is beautiful. I get a good feeling from reading this article. I watched Hayden as a little girl on the Guiding Light. It’s been fun watching her grow up on film and then become a mom. Hayden is a sweetie. I can’t say the same for many actresses coming up in the business all of their life. She seems well grounded. I’m glad she settled without scars from the business. Congrats and good blessings to the happy family.

Ari on

Love her daughter’s name. It is very nice to hear the grandmother is spending time with her. Such a beautiful family!

Deborah Dooley on

I am from united state. I have been married for about 3 years and a half. My husband kicked me and my daughter out after 2 years of marriage. We were separated for about a year with not contact. I have prayed so hard for my husband to seek to love me again like he always do, for him to resist temptation and to love me like he is called to do. he left me for another woman i even saw there post on social median how they are loving each other, i cry all day and night i love my husband and i want him back in my life, i search the internet until i meet with a spell caster call doctor ebolo, he assure me that if i can do what he will instruct me that in 48 hours my husband will come back begging me to forgive him, wish i did what he said i should, i am glad to let every body know that my husband and i are living like never before i show love and respect to me i love you he say all day. thanks to doctor ebolo, if you think you need his help contact him on email ebolospelltemple @ gmail .com

Jilly Bean on

I am a huge fan of Ms Panettiere, have been for years. I love that she and Wlad are getting a bit of a break from baby, but you know they were so thankful to have her back home.. They make such a lovely family.