Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian Welcome Son Reign Aston

12/21/2014 at 11:45 AM ET

Kourtney Kardashian Scott Disick Welcome Son Reign Aston

Update: Scott and Kourtney have chosen the name Reign Aston Disick for their newborn. “Madly in love,” the reality star posted on Instagram Sunday, along with a photo of her son’s hand.

Originally posted Dec. 14: Kourtney Kardashian just gave her son a pretty great birthday gift: a little brother!

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star and Scott Disick welcomed their third child, a boy, on Sunday, Dec. 14, PEOPLE confirms — the same day their son Mason Dash turned 5.

The new baby also joins big sister Penelope Scotland, 2.

Kardashian, 35, revealed she was having a boy on last week’s episode of Kourtney and Khloé Take the Hamptons on E!

“It’s going to be perfect for our family,” she said.

As for Mason, he still got a special birthday celebration. His famous family, including aunts Khloé Kardashian and Kendall Jenner, threw him an early Nightmare Before Christmas-themed bash in November.

— Michele Corriston with reporting by Jennifer Garcia

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Alissa on

Congratulations Kourtney! A new baby is always a blessing and she seems like a great mom.

Anonymous on


Tammy on

Why does that woman keep having children with a man who’s not good enough to marry?

paisley on

Congratulations to them!

Guest on

Haha, I almost guarantee that having your sibling born on your birthday isn’t a “great gift”, at least not at Mason’s age. Obviously, it is what it is and nothing to do about it, but come on, as a kid having to share your birthday sucks.

Nichole on


Michelle on

Congrats! Lol 2 of my sister in laws are born on the same day, also 5 years apart and they hate it, even as adults.

kianna7777 on

Awwwww that is too cute:) Mason got the best birthday present!!!

blessedwithboys on

Isn’t mason 6?

Cindy on

Anonymous you are so rude how are boys more overrated than girls? It does not matter if a child is a boy or a girl they are both beautiful gifts of god. I hope you do not feel the same way if you were to have a son.

Marilyn on

Did they intentionally induce labor to have him born today or was it by chance?

Tracy on

Congrats Kourtney, Scott, Mason and Penelope. Having a birthday on the same day or near your sibling is actually a ton of fun. Our family celebrates mine and my sister’s bday together every year as we are two days apart, and we love it. I have the most special memories with her because of it 🙂

Ashlynn on

Tammy, I have 5 kids with my partner and we aren’t married! We are happy & that’s all that matters! We don’t need a piece of paper to tell is that, or to tell is that we have more rights than same sex couples (I live in Australia where gay marriage is illegal everywhere).

I’m not getting married until everyone has equal Rights!

sem on

And no one gives a CRAP!

paisley on

Congrats! Sucks for Mason to share his bday though 😦

Viva Las Vegas on

Hopefully Scott, aka the sperm donor will pull his head out of his ass, and actually be a Dad!

Malissa on

So happy for you, Scott, and the entire family. It is a blessing. You both are great parents and have beautiful children. They are your happiness.

natonthewall on

I would be very surprised if Kourtney induced labor. I don’t avidly follow her but from what I’ve seen, she seems very natural.

kellie on

If u r a twin you share a birthday, really not a big deal

Cherylp on

Kourtney takes a natural approach to childbirth so I highly doubt that she was induced so her sons would share a birthday. My older brother and sister were born two years apart to the day. He was one week late and she was three weeks late. Sometimes, it just happens.

Jo on

A man who refuses to marry the woman who has borne him 3 children is not a father. And he’s delusional to think he is anything but a sperm donor! And any woman who would keep having children with this man is an idiot!!

xenia zara on

I’m happy for her and hope Scott will see that children
are the best thing he ever did in life.
Scott stop being a teenager, be happy with your family.

Shara on

She has such an unpleasant personality. Yuck.

Carolyn on

The whole bunch of them are sleazy.

Jazz on

when are you going to stop having babies? your man is so unconcerned and you are pathetic.

ogates on

Congrats to the family!

Congrats Anyway on

She keeps having children by this alcoholic to force him to the altar. Why would she want children by this selfish drunk is beyond understanding.

Me on

I knew it would be today!!!! Now I want to know the name!

Sue d on

I’m so excited I about crapped myself.

joules on

For those of you saying she may have induced labor, like she would need too. At this point I bet she could squat and cough and get the job done without any medical help.

Fatima on

I’m glad that it’s a boy, that way Mason can have someone to relate to and do boy things with. and plus he is not the only little boy in the family anymore. I just hope they give him a good decent baby name and not some weird hollywood baby name.

freya on

Okay since it’s Christmas I will give some little attention to people who made famous by riding the coat tail of their sibling’s porn tape success.

“So Kourtney spawned the next season’s of Keeping the Kardashian’s TV rating bait hah.”

Sofie on

My sister and I have the same birthday and it is lots of fun 🙂

kay on

I highly doubt Kourtney would have her labor induced for one sentence in an article about how Mason and the new baby have the same birthday. The birth would be “reported” on already. Some people want to hate them so much they’re stretching for things.

Ginger on

I have watched their show here and there. She seems pretty reasonable. He is an alcoholic. I guess she is hoping he will give up the booze and be a real father/mate. I hope for her sake he wakes up before his liver quits on him.

Brittany on

It’s so obvious that some of the people commenting dont follow them. They would know that Kourtney is extremely health conscious and takes a natural approach to life in general and so unless her doctor advised it, she wouldn’t induce labour.

Scott has also asked her to get married several times and she has NO desire to so it’s not like she’s continuing to have children to get him to the alter.

Also… people realize their show is scripted, right?? Scott and Kourtney aren’t actually like that… and no, I don’t have to know them to know that.

valeskas on

Like rabbits.

Cricket2.0 on

I don’t get the whole big mushy birthday wish to your kid on social media when they don’t even read or know it’s there.

vera pianto on

Well, I guess the Kardashian family keeps moving on. Too bad they all have no talent, but keep growing and getting richer by the minute. So nice to have that much luck! Too bad we all cannot follow their footsteps in their footsteps.

Seriously? on

LOL Anonymous. Congratulations, you win the award for the stupidest comment EVER.

CruellaTruthTella on

Hope this one is cuter than Mason!

Amanda on

This baby could have been induced, naturally.

ljm on

Congrats to Kourtney. She seems like a good mommy and her message to Mason was lovely.

I think she understands what it is to be a parent which is a rare quality in that family.

DKC on

Another child out of wedlock and they wonder why they have problems. So stupid!

Louise Sawyer on

As a twin, I always had to share my birthday with my sister [and she with me]. Due to medical problems, I was always one year behind her in school. Sharing a birthday sometimes sucked–especially when we got the same present & had to share the object/present because my parents were too cheap to buy two of the same thing [a dress, sweater, etc.] Thankfully my parents stopped dressing us alike around the age of six or so because we had different wardrobe preferences & rarely agreed on anything at the same time.

I think it will be difficult for Mason once he realizes he has to share his birthday with his brother, therefore splitting his birthday loot in half–although since he is a Kardashian, money will slip through his fingers like an Armenian sieve so he most likely has very little to worry about.

LOL on

35 years old and still getting herself knocked up by her alcohol, mooch of a boyfriend. Keeping it classy, as always!

Addie on

Poor Mason, it’s definitely not fun having a sibling with the same birthday so I don’t know what everyone is talking about. Even having a birthday fairly close kind of stinks because it’s all “double birthday parties!!” and no individual parties. And having a twin isn’t the same thing- twins know right from the beginning that they share a birthday with their sibling. Mason has had 5 years of having his own time.

Becca on

Put up a story of importance. The whole Kartrashian thing is so boring !!

Sally on

“metal – Knowing them, they induced labor so she can have him on the same day as Mason’s. Anything for attention.”

That’s the thing though – you DONT know them

Kat on

I wouldn’t put it past a Kardashian to schedule a c-section on Mason’s b/day. They feed off of drama and of course they need new material for ther show!

clee on

I’m willing to bet good money the camera crew was there for the whole thing.

casmia on

Gee. Wonder if she yanked this one out herself too.

palmlady on

I still think they should have given Penelope the middle name of “Scotlynn”.

Anonymous on

What do you want to bet she’s going to be knocked up in 8 months from now. And still in a miserable relationship..:/

gymluv on

Of course the baby is born on the night their show airs! Congrats to the family and I hope she softens up and Scott finds strength and peace because he needs help,

lola on

Awww….congrats Kourt and Scott!!! What wonderful news. Can’t wait to hear the name. I have 4 daughters, all in the same month, not planned that way, all have their birthdays within days of eachother.. 18, 20, 22, 28th. Just turned out that way. My eldest married and his birthday…yep, same month and on the 12th, their anniversary…yep, same month and on the 4th

Cricket2.0 on

That’s an expensive month @Lola!

Nanu21 on

Now maybe she will give Scott a break…….

Valerie T on

Way to go! Bring another innocent baby into a mess of a relationship. Would you want Scott D as your father? Whatevs.

other people's kid's on

There’s starving kids in the world and soldiers never coming home and this is people’s idea of breaking news? Wow congrats on having yet another child with your awesome role model baby daddy. Kartrashians drop kids out of their cooters and it’s breaking news.

Sal on

Big deal, she needs birth control

Sandy Kay on

The world doesn’t need more Kardashian/ Disick trash….some people should not reproduce….

Suzi on

She seems like such a great Mom. Congrats! Their kids are absolutely beautiful.

TD on

Oh wow!!! What a blessing!!! Sharing a birthday will be fun, my dad and his brother have the same birthday and they always had a good time with it 🙂 Something they’ll always share 🙂

Anonymous on

Congrats to Kourtney and Scott

Congrats Kourtney and Scott on your new baby boy.

Ilona on

Congratulation, but I think , the same day of Mason birthday is SAD !!!

anon on

she should dump the douche.

KatieAnn on

Only third child? Seems like she’s been having kids forever. Too bad the guy is such a loser POS who is only around for the $$$$ and probably the fear that Kris would pay to have him killed if he decided to leave. Apparently the men don’t leave without her permission.

Heidi Quayle on

Whats the bet on the name? I’m thinking Leo but I don’t know why.

madelyn on

I dont get why she keeps having children with him. He is not going to change, he is who he is. She needs more of a family type man and they are out there. Unfortunately Scott is not one of them.. It’s sad to me that she doesn’t face the facts and let him live his life and she can find happiness with someone more suitable for her.. oh and having a brother born on the same day as your birthday sucks to me.. The best thing about your birthday is that its YOUR day, not anymore for Mason…lol..With that said, I do really wish them lots of luck .

Anonymous on

Awww, congrats to them! And why are PEOPLE so bent on taking what Scott is like on a clearly SCRIPTED show to be what he’s really like?!

Anonymous on

Okay, I’m not sure why I put people in all caps. I did not mean to refer to the magazine! 😉

guest on

Lil Kim used it first with her daughter “Royal Reign”.

Sam on

I don’t think Reign goes well with her other kids names but I’ve heard worse.

Stephanie on

dumb name but I guess it could be worse.

Christine on

Family has sold their soul for the almighty dollar. Wonder if its been worth it.

Moby on

Guest, Lil Kim was no original, Timbaland named his daughter Reign back in 2007. Anyway, your post was a bit stupid, because no one can claim to be the first to use a name.

I don’t like the name, I don’t dislike the name. I just think it doesn’t go along with Mason and Penelope. They should have come with something more usual. But to each is own.

Mamagirl31 on

It doesn’t really flow but to each their own right?

Chris on

Reign doesn’t flow with Mason and Penelope. They should have used Aston as the first name.

JWS on

Congratulations to Kourtney and Scott!! Love the name Reign!! I have a twin sister, and she and I don’t mind sharing our birthday!! But I guess there’s a difference between having a twin sibling, and a sibling born on the same day as their older sibling.



Tee on

Actually Kourtney is the one that doesn’t want to get married. And has a lot to do with her parents marriage. She was old enough to see all the petty crap was doing to her dad.

lola on

Love the name Aston! Reign…. not so much. Oh well. Congratulations on your new son. Life is good!

Carly on

That stupid family is the reason why I avoid magazine stands. I will never buy a subscription to ANYTHING. Not ever.

Kay on

This is the first time I have ever truly hated a celebrity baby name, I think it is only because I expected something completely different from her. If Kim had named her second child Reign, I would be like eh it’s Kim, at least it’s not a bad pun this time.

But seriously? Mason, Penelope… and Reign?

Laughable on


guestreader on

Why didn’t they name him after Scott’s dad? They could have used the same letter, at least. Selfish woman!

Jake R on

Reign Aston? Haha. To each their own. Reigan would have been better. You can tell Scott had no say. That’s a total gay name. No man would have chosen that for their son. Sounds like some bad attempt at a trendy cutesy name.

Jake R on

The name sucks and I get that but why is everyone hating on the kids birthday. It’s not like she chose that day. She could have induced but unless it’s medically necissary good mom’s don’t expose their baby to unnecessary chemicals and medication just to insure his birthday falls on a different day. Your born when your born and not much you can do about it.

Moby on

Guestreader, why naming the baby after Scott’s dad ? Why not naming him after Kourtney’s dad ? And why naming him after a (dead) relative at all ?? She (actually they, because I think it took the two of them to settle on a name) has every right to name him whatever she wants to. It has nothing to do with her being selfish !

Moby on

Jake R, I couldn’t agree with you more ! I don’t think Ian Ziering’s wife suffered such a backlash when she gave birth to her second daughter on her first daughter’s second birthday !

Ashlynn on


I am actually embarrassed as human being and a mother to read some of the comments about a child’s name. You people are horrible.


Marilyn on

Aston Reign would have been better. Mason and Aston would be good boy names as brothers.

carolyn on

Dopey name

Louise on

To all those saying how it must suck to share a birthday with a sibling, well I share a birthday with my brother, and it never sucked. We always got separate presents, and never had to “share the loot” as one commentator put it. Our parents always made us both feel special, we both got a say in what we wanted for the party, and I love that I shared a special day with my older brother.

Sue d on

Thank goodness they have revealed the baby’s name. I was waiting on the edge of my seat.

Dayle on

Congrats! Kourtney and Scott!!!! So happy for your family!

Sara K on

What a bunch of judgmental FREAKS you guys are! I’m sure with those foul attitudes, you’re showering your own families with lots of positivity and love in this season which is supposed to be focused on peace and goodwill. *eye roll*

linda on

Can’t stand the pics that so many celebs post of the babies. Either show the baby or don’t – completely your call – but the hand-only, foot-only, back of the head-only photos are just stupid.

donotlikethat on

Lose Scott and lose the name Reign. It’s a girl’s name. Use Aston instead. It sounds better in general; a lot more masculine.

gymluv on

How RAD!

anonymous on

What a stupid name. I was hoping she would name him the normal name she was thinking about Jeffrey Robert Disick but its so disappointing that she named him something dumb like reign Aston. Disappointed with this family’s choice of names for kids.

Anonymous on

linda- Sorry they didn’t abide by your rules on how to share baby pictures!

Anyway, the name surprised me a bit. I was expecting something more common. But I’m sure it has some special meaning to them. 🙂

sharon Little on

I guess they’re big fans of the C.W., the teen channel ….

Katie on

maybe every time he looks at his son its a trigger word for Scott to reign himself in and be a decent human being/father

Judi on

A better name–mama-putana

CJ on

I don’t think she is having children to get him to marry her but I do question her choice in the type of guy she continues to procreate with..I do think since she comes from a large family so it’s not too far removed for her to want a lot of kids..Her choice in their father is the bigger question.He always seems to never have his stuff together when it comes to her needing him to be a real MAN instead of child #4 that she needs to take care of..Also I don’t like the new baby name..Just my opinion.Am happy that her baby is healthy though..

mary on

wowwwwwwwwww, and I thought Jeffery Robert was bad. Reign Aston is just beyond terrible. It doesn’t go with Mason or Penelope at all. She must have taken a page out of the “Kim and Kanye Baby-Naming Book”

tre on

Either show the picture of the new baby or not at all. Showing us hand only is dumb. It could be anyone’s baby’s hand.

Nikki on

Reign ???? Odd name, but what do you expect from this family..looking for attention?

Fai on

Being born on his big brother’s birthday just to steal his thunder. SUCH a Kardashian! :p

(kidding, by the way)

Anonymous on

Love the name, Reign is going to be as cute as his brother Mason.

Jessy on

Aston is a beautiful name. But Reign???? OMG!