Stacy Keibler: How I’ve Completely Bounced Back After Baby in 4 Months

12/18/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

Stacy Keibler Body After Baby Workout
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It’s been less than four months since Stacy Keibler gave birth to daughter Ava Grace, but she’s already bounced back to her pre-baby body thanks to a healthy diet and a regular workout routine.

“I feel strong, flexible, and very high energy,” Keibler, 35, posted on her website. “In fact, my abs are in better shape now than before I got pregnant!”

The actress and TV host says she was able to drop the pregnancy pounds thanks to staying active and maintaining healthy eating habits.

“What I put into my body was the biggest single thing that helped me get back in shape,” she shares.

Keibler also credits breastfeeding — which she notes burns 300 to 500 calories a day — and exercise to her postpartum weight loss.

After having Ava, I took my midwife’s advice and waited four weeks to let my body heal before working out again,” she explains. “The day I was cleared to exercise, I started walking and working with my trainer Nonna [Gleyzer] to properly re-attach my ab muscles.”

The new mom shares her low-impact, total-body workout routine on her site, which she recommends doing three to five times per week.

So what are the moves that helped Keibler get lean? The ballet-inspired ronde de jambe to work the legs and hips; side-ups to tone obliques and lats; teasers for the lower stomach; trapeze pull-ups to shape the arms, back, glutes and hamstrings; and ballet arms for the triceps, lats and obliques.

“Pregnant or not, fitness doesn’t have to be daunting,” she adds. “Simply incorporating a walk into your day, whether short or long, can help your body feel a connection to your mind, which is a powerful thing.”

— Gabrielle Olya

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valeskas on

Stacy, you have more money then most women do and your body type is different. Real good and healthy food is expensive and not everybody can afford it.

Traci on

We go from Drew taking her time to this one bragging about the weight loss. I’m so sick of the titles “bouncing back right after baby”. Who freaking cares? Enjoy your kids and stop making others feel like they have to rush or they’re a failure. I’m still trying to loose my baby weight – she’s 19 now!

mer on

@Traci, I came to write the same comment and you said exactly what I’d wanted. Enough with the bouncing back bodies!

Kacie on

She’s bounced back in 4 mos. b/c she doesn’t have a real job… Her job is working on her looks. This isn’t advice that the rest of the real world needs.


I wish Id’ done more of what Stacy did….instead, I ate the cookies and the donuts and the lattes etc. I enjoyed every minute of it at the time, but Im still working on that 30lbs 3 years later!

sfmom on

Most of her workout routine requires special equipment. And she appears to have a helper/spotter in several of the moves. So…not super practical for your garden variety normal mom. She is right that what she puts into her body counts for a lot…it’s hard when you’re nursing a newborn and sleep deprived to reach for the healthy choices, which usually require cooking, planning, etc…instead of the pre-made or pre-packaged stuff.
Would love to hear more perspectives like Drew Barrymore and less like this…

Kal on

Stacy looks great. She has more money than regular people to spend money on her work out staff.

Marky on

Seriously, I am so tired of reading posts about how you can’t lose the weight or do the exercising when you aren’t rich, or don’t have a maid, or whatever. It is ridiculous to think a woman has to gain 60-70 lbs to have a baby in the first place, and anyone can exercise at home while their baby naps, or plays on a blanket, for goodness’ sake! If you are cooking, it is just as easy to cook healthy as to cook crap food.

When I had baby #3 in 4 years, I gained 25 lbs, lost the weight in a month, and exercised during naptime, took walks with the kids in a stroller, and the 4 year old walked beside me. I played with the children, and my baby was totally breastfed, no bottles ever. No, I was not the most amazing mom ever and I wasn’t Supermom, I was just like many of the moms I knew in my neighborhood, in my mom and baby group and in my church. Having a baby was a natural part of life, and we took care of ourselves just as we took care of our family, because they deserved a healthy mom.

This wasn’t so long ago, and I don’t understand why a mom who chooses healthy food for herself and her family, takes care of her child AND herself, and doesn’t just go to pieces because she had a baby, is considered a jerk by most of you. And no, I didn’t even have a mom around to help; my husband and I did it all ourselves, and we traded babysitting with our friends sometimes. Sheesh…..

Sara K on

I agree with her about fitness being simple and just a walk a day doing the trick. It doesn’t surprised me that she has bounced right back because she stayed fit during her pregnancy, which is a significant component.

Sandy on

HA I have to laugh at some of these comments laden with excuses- like “life goes on” above!

You don’t need money to get out and exercise or do the ones she posted on he site. Stop stuffing your face- you can buy healthy fruit/veggies just like you can with the money you spend on mac/cheese, fast food, pizza!! I say keep a FOOD JOURNAL and you will find out very quickly why you can’t lose weight (aside from a medical condition or underlying health problem!).

maryhelenc on

You know what? Good for Stacy. I got my figure back right after my first child but it was much harder after the other two. I’m still working to lose the weight & my youngest is five. But you’ve gotta want it, make time, even DVD’s at home or a wii fit board. There’s no excuse.

Elle on

Yawn!!! Over these ” how I got my body back 2 weeks.. 1 month.. 2 months etc after baby. It’s like there is some race to see who can get back to weighing 96 lbs. Not our reality.

Buttons on

Ladies, you don’t need money to get back in shape. That’s a cop out. Eat healthy, exercise (yes, you can do this at home) take walks, etc. Breastfeeding also helps. And don’t use your pregnancy as an excuse to indulge in unhealthy fattening foods. Period.

nancy on

I would also add that eating after 6pm or eating out all the time makes a huge difference.

Gigi on

@marky, get over yourself please. Your situation sounds like , yes, while you don’t have millions you had the means and time to work out and eat right. There are lots of people working two jobs, taking care of kids, taking care of sick family members, etc, and it’s not possible, all people are saying is, when you don’t have to work and have access to the best trainers and nutrition, it’s easy to spew off advice.

Andrea on

I just wanted to spend time with my babies for the first few months. I couldn’t even think of working out. I immediately went into mom mode. I realize everyone is different, but that’s just where my mindset was.

Bazaar on

Narcissist, thy name is Stacy Keibler.

Jello Pudding on

I’m glad she is rid of George Clooney and happily married with a new baby…..but……this subject of how fast one returns to fitness after baby is cotton candy fluff nonsense. Women against women in a competition of appearance. The world has so many problems and suffering, it is an embarrassment to even mention this petty stuff.

It's your job on

You have to get that trainer in to get you back into shape or you won’t get back to work. Most others do not have the opportunity to have a trainer come in. Most moms are busy with their other kids and husband and realizing they need money so they are stressing to get back to work.

Pop girls like Keebler we a dime a dozen, the interesting thing is they have nothing interesting to say…just off their figure. This is why she is not with George any longer…..

Lunabell on

It’s simple. Eat 3 square meals, half your plate at least vegetables, and walk. In regards to SK, it is her job to look good fast. I must say though, you do feel better and have more energy at your ideal weight.

Anonymous on

Healthy food is not expensive, gym fees are not expensive, and you don’t need a personal trainer to get in shape. Stop blaming her for losing it fast! Maybe she lost it quicker because she was already in great condition and didn’t just sit on her butt eating junk during Her pregnancy! Lazy chicks make too many excuses for being overweight.

New mom on

What is it with this obsession over “bouncing back”?? Eating nutritiously is important for everyone, but hopefully mothers focus more on their new baby than getting back in shape. When did this become news?! Enough with focusing on women’s bodies…good or bad! There really are more important things in life, PEOPLE. And to echo previous comments, it would be easy to get back in shape with chefs, nannies, house cleaners, and assistants. For most of the population, that isn’t an option.

heather on

Well, she has to do something to stay relevant. Otherwise, no one would be talking about her.

Livy on

@ Marky; “I came to say exactly” what you just wrote. I gained 50 lbs with my second child (now 17) and I lost all that weigh in half the time Stacey did. I’ve never had trainer nor exercise regularly in my life. Point being, it IS my body type that I am lean (family genes). I eat but I don’t over indulge myself with anything. I think that IF you are conscious about your body type and don’t over eat, over drink, walk or move around once in a while maybe you don’t really need all that help the wealthy are paying for. You can eat clean for cheap also, that if you can cook.

My point is we are all different but all the same in that you gotta take care of yourself with whatever tools available to you.

Tonja on

Exercising too much can sour your breast milk.

Judy on

That’s good she got back into shape, but it doesn’t happen for all women. I haven had four children; I’m happy with the way I look.. As ‘life goes on’ says, not all can afford the foods one should eat..

Summer on

Your ab muscles don’t detach during pregnancy. What is Stacy talking about? They can separate to make room for the baby, definitely, but they don’t detach. You’d need surgery to re-attach your muscles. I don’t care for this woman, never have. What is she even famous for? Dating Clooney?

Ivixen on

Traci… A-freakin’-men!!!!

aprilindo on

Posting articles like this is ridiculous and harmful to women.

nanam on

ahh Mrs. Stacey, new mama! you must have I have a 4 month old brain! we moms are not in completion to get back to our pre pregnancy wt. we eat healthy after a baby because we are breast feeding and have to care for them as well as a job, house etc. Most of us don’t have trainers in the real world either to help us lose the baby wt!

Please on

I am so sick of celebrities talking about how they lose baby weight so quickly….I’ll tell you how they do it. Personal chef, nanny, housekeeper, personal trainer, plastic surgeon, spa treatments, etc. Stop acting like you’ve accomplished something great.

wumpyppancakes on

Either she said it and the writer excluded it or didn’t ask it, if ten women did the same workout and breatfed like she did, they still might not slim down within four months. All women’s bodies are different.

Preferential wise, I don’t like how many of these articles make it seems so effortlessly for moms who have had their babies to suddenly bounce back. I feel like the message that is given is that mothers should be expected to bounce back and look great or better than ever. I am sure as all mothers know, it takes the body to heal a bit…and for some women, more than four weeks, even there were complications in the pregnancy.

Texas Gal on

Some of these comments are so catty and down right mean! I don’t see it as bragging. She was asked a series of questions, she answered them and they printed what they felt would get some attention AND they succeeded. Good for her! Personally, I don’t know her but she seems down to earth and likable!

Healthy food isn’t always expensive so this nonsense about her being able to afford healthier food then you and me is ridiculous. There are plenty of ways to eat healthy AND on a budget. People choose NOT to! Stop picking on her because of the way she makes her money. If she is to continue living the lifestyle she has worked so hard for, then perhaps that was an incentive into eating healthy while pregnant, keeping that up post partum because she knew that after the baby arrived, she would not have as much time to spend hours at the gym or with her trainer. Good for Stacey!

Did she start med school? on

“…working with my trainer… to properly re-attach my abdominal muscles.” Dumbest celebrity quote ever.

Bee on

Some of these celebrities are just shameless. You couldn’t pay me enough to work out instead of sleep in my free time those first few months after giving birth. I got my abs back within a year but that was just not a priority.

ImALadyToo on

Nanam – Please write in English, the first language for most of us. The rest of you complaining that you’re not wealthy; thus, you are out of shape – excuses, excuses. If you really want to spend the time and make the effort to lose weight, you will. Instead, you insult Keibler, because she worked her butt off to get back in shape. Don’t be jealous. Just follow her example at your own pace.

Smithy on

Who actually allows themselves to be quoted saying such stupid things…..”my abs are actually better….” Shut up Stacy. You were relevant for a hot minute solely because of George Clooney.

Smithy on

I think the only thing that needs to be re-attached is her brain.

George Clooney marries an international lawyer and Staci is waxing poetic about re-attaching her ab muscles. Go away honey.

Georgia on

@ImALadyToo what an ignorant comment. people from all around the world read this website. And honestly not all people are that concerned about ‘bouncing back’ to their high school weight. This is the problem with America. Regardless of weight, as long as you are healthy you shouldn’t have to feel bad about not being a size 2 and having rock hard abs – ESPECIALLY after having a baby.

NK on

Ooh all she talks about is how she looks great herself.

Dayle on

She looks wonderful! Love the dress she’s wearing in the picture! I don’t think she is bragging. She was asked. I am not a hater!

Tamara on

If you can, have a good, brisk walk every day. Watch the refined carbs and don’t eat at night. That should help a lot. Jealous comments directed against Stacy because you’re still carrying the baby weight are unwarranted. Everyone is different. You don’t need fitness trainers and special equipment to look good like she does.

guest on

@Marky, you’re lucky you get to stay home plan your exercise regime around your baby’s schedule. Many moms these days have to work full-time and find the time to exercise while their baby SLEEPS! It can be hard for some of us – the choice to sleep or exercise.

Jen on


Not true. Healthy clean food is plenty affordable. You want to go all organic and local? Sure, it’s going to cost you. But you want to eat clean, with minimal processing in your food, lean protein, and lots of veggies? Completely doable on a budget, but you have to want to be healthier, and you have to make the commitment.

Angelica on

She looks good.

casmia on

Yeah, yeah… whatever Stacey. Not everyone bounces back like spandex. All bodies are different. Nine months to put it on…nine months to take it off.

ella l scott on

don’t be jealous, fast food. Over time is a lot more expensive, than health food

Sarah on

I am poor as F and still manage to eat clean. It starts at the grocery store, and like Stacy says, what you put in makes all the difference. Just don’t buy chips, don’t bake cookies, don’t eat pizza every week. No money? Me neither, that’s why I don’t eat takeout crap. I cook and make big salads. I have no gym membership but I bike and walk instead of taking the bus. I am the same age as Stacy (almost to the day), same height, and only five lbs heavier. I’ve lost almost 30 lbs in the last 18 months mainly by eating better. There’s no need for hate, ladies. Sure, stories like Drew’s are nice, but some people want to know how they can do what Stacy did, and here it is on a platter.

angie on

Love the dress! She looks great.

Lee on

Well, la dee da.

Anonymous on

The real problem is this is unrealistic. This woman was in shape before her pregnancy and stayed that way during pregnancy. She has a trainer and probably a nutritionist. Moreover, it’s her job to stay thin. Working Hollywood Mom have the ability to schedule their lives to fit hour/hours long exercise programs in. No excuses, but reality for most working mother’s is that it an exhausting struggle to fit in a workout. I struggle to find 30 minutes 3 times a week. In those times Iam stressed becaude my toddler is jumping all over me.Thank goodness healthy food can be cheap, but exercise is key. You can get these result, but it could take a year or more. I wantmore articles ghat discuss that and less of this bull.