Baby on the Way for Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson

12/18/2014 at 05:30 PM ET

Ashlee Simpson Pregnant Evan Ross First Child
Barry King/FilmMagic

First comes marriage — and soon a baby carriage!

Ashlee Simpson is expecting her first child with her husband, singer/actor Evan Ross, a source confirms to PEOPLE.

Simpson, 30, is already mom to 6-year-old Bronx Mowgli, her son with ex-husband Pete Wentz.

The couple, who dated for over a year, tied the knot in August during a family-focused ceremony in Connecticut, where Simpson’s big sister, Jessica, served as matron of honor.

After their bohemian-style nuptials, they were spotted soaking up the sun on their honeymoon in Bali.

“I’m so in love and we’ve got amazing things going on. We inspire each other,” The Hunger Games:Mockingjay star told PEOPLE of Simpson in 2013.

Ross, 26, the son of legendary singer Diana Ross, recently released the music video for his single, “How to Live Alone” — starring his newlywed wife! — but it’s clear he’ll soon be singing a different tune.

E! News was the first to report the pregnancy.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Jennifer Garcia

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Katuana on

I mean this in a nice way- but honestly, HOW is this guy not gay? Uh uh, no way. I’m not buying it.

Judy on

Congrats to them!

lisa on

She’s got to lock up some of that guy’s inheritance and a baby will do the trick.

Callie on

I wish people would wait a while before having children. What’s the rush? Be married for a while. Be a couple without the responsibilities of children.

Congrats on

He is a super rich , trust fund kid so Ashlee is set for life. Her big sister Jessica earned her money on her own.

Gina-Nicole on

Twenty bucks say she will be a single mom nice again in four years.

Gabrielle on

I’m proud of her for having a baby after marriage honestly, unlike her sis. I do like them both though.

Steph on

He looks like MJ

KellyGreen on

Yay! Congrats to them 🙂

Cathy Smith on

Dude looks like a lady…

Lauren on

She’s set for life now.

joules on

I wonder who the father is?

wow on

wow, she is 30, been married twice and has kids from different people……..oh yeah thats called a WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Guest1709 on

Cha Ching $$$

Peyton Paisley on

Will be a single mom in two years.

Andrea on

This woman gets knocked up right away! Jackrabbit Simpsons!

Derby68 on

Obviously she was knocked up before the wedding — again!

Anonymous on

Congratulations to Ashley and Evan 🙂

S2 on

I was hoping for this! Now, all Bronx has to do is marry River Rose Blackstock (Kelly Clarkson’s daughter) or North West (Kimye’s baybay), and we’ll have some BIG Hollywood royalty on our hands! BTW, hoping for a baby G!RL; though, “just” a healthy, happy baby would be great!

Frank Garrett on

I thought he was gay?

Jen on

I thought this was Joe Simpson’s boytoy?

Oh Gosh on

It should read baby on the way, Relationship OVER!

cindyann on

Hey Wow, how about you just pretty much plain and simply, shut your yap? You are bitter because at least she is getting it, you have to pay for who’s the whore, I would say you, yah?

Mrs. X on

Congrats to the happy couple. They seem genuinely in love. Good for them.
As far as $$$$$$$$, Diana is worth quite a bit but Evan’s father was a billionaire Oil tycoon. So he has money, it’s not associated with his mother’s cash.

bitter bitches on

y’all sure are some bitter hags. congrats to them and healthy baby!!!

Anonymous on

She does not look happy at all

TC on

very exciting news for Ashlee . . . and all 18 of her fans !

Anonymous on

Derby68- Not necessarily! The wedding was at the end of August, almost four months ago, so this could very easily be a honeymoon baby! 🙂

Anyway, congrats to them! And why doesn’t anybody have any faith in their marriage?

Anonymous on

Kari- She already has a child, though, so being a couple without the responsibilites of children for any length of time was never going to be an option for them. Just saying. 😉

Sara K on

That’s great news! They are one of my favorite couples. They’re super cute together and seem so in love! This will be a beautiful baby.

Moby on

Jena, you’re proud of her for having a baby after marrying first, unlike her sister … Well, IMHO, I’d rather see Jessica in a committed relationship for a couple of years, having 2 kids and then marrying the father of her children. Ashlee already had her son in wedlocks and see what happened ! She is dating a few months, then gets married and pregnant at the same time. It sure seems like the perfect start for a stable, healthy family life. And then start over. Date, marriage, baby, divorce. Let’s do it again. Date, marriage, baby, divorce. She is 30, married twice, is soon going to have children from different fathers. Let’s face the truth, she did far worst than her sister who did not rush into another relationship and married 10 years after getting a divorce ! For this child’s sake, I wish I am wrong and things turn out fine, but all I can see (in bright lights) is DIVORCE within a few years …

Anyway, the baby is here so I guess the right thing to say is congrats !

And to Sara K, she also seemed really in love when she had Bronx with her then-husband Pete Wentz …

Moby on

Everybody is free to do whatever he or she wants. Seems like it is what Ashlee did.

But everybody has the right to his or her opinions, and is free to express it, as long as it is respectful.

As much as I disagree with Ashlee’s values, it don’t think I called her a ho or anything close to this. And disagreeing doesn’t make me or anybody here bitter …

MollyF on

Okay, what did Ashlee do to anyone here who is spreading so much HATE. Did she steal your boyfreinds? Are you guys jealous? Why don’t you haters just shut up.

Iman on

Wow! Why all the nastiness?

Moby on

Expressing a disagreement as nothing to do with being bitter or nasty. It’s just disagreeing.

Anonymous on

Moby- It says right in the article that they dated for over a year before marrying. How exactly does that equal “a few months”? I’ll give you that they moved quickly- but let’s stick to the facts, please! 😉

Moby on

They got engaged after 6 months of dating and married 7 months later. 6+7=13. So yes, mathematically, they dated for over a year before marrying.
But, at least for me, when it comes to relationships and marriages, thirteen months of dating is only -and I’ll stick to it- a few months.
And don’t start with the “I married my soulmate within a couple of months of dating and it’s been (10, 20, 30, …) years”. Let’s be realistic, most of those in-a-rush marriages don’t work. Ashlee’s already gone this way, you would assume she learned her lesson … or not !

Hea on

A question for a lot of you: So when people have kids outside of your precious wedlock you call them whores and when they are married and have kids with their spouse you call them whores..? How do people do things right according to you?

Amber on

I don’t care how long they have been married. I don’t care that they are married at all. I just get the impression that he is gay. There is nothing wrong with that, I just don’t see him being bisexual, even.

Regardless, congrats on the baby!

jesse on

Oeps I did it again!

Anonymous on

Amber- For the baby’s sake, I hope not. How awful to be born into a home that never had a chance of staying intact!

lilly pond on

Thinking the same, Katuana……as everyone else.

Page on

Didn’t know they were dating or married. Happy for them!

Yulia on

Gina-nikile, agree with you! How she is is so stupid to have a baby with someone who is never been photoed with her ferst kid. Does he eve spend time with her 6 year old one?

Yulia on

Why are they never photoed with her first son? Why does she think that this second husband will be in love with a new baby if he never catched up with her first son???

Anonymous on

I agree with you