David Arquette Buys Stunning Diamond Ring for Daughter Coco

12/15/2014 at 05:00 PM ET

No last-minute holiday shopping for David Arquette: He has already made a big buy for the little lady in his life.

While in Miami earlier this month, Arquette stopped by the U.S. launch of jewelry line YVEL at MC Kitchen, where he purchased the line’s Dazzling Black & White Ring ($11, 500) for daughter Coco Riley.

According to a source, Arquette, 43, “went crazy over the jewelry — even re-merchandising some of the cases.”

Eventually, the actor settled on the stacked jewel-encrusted sparklers for his 10-year-old daughter with ex-wife Courteney Cox because of their “very dainty and delicate feel.”

David Arquette Coco YVEL rings
Courtesy Yvel; Getty

But it’s no surprise the doting dad went all out for his firstborn. “Every time she calls me, my heart melts,” Arquette said while shopping, a source tells PEOPLE.

Arquette was in town to support the Art Basel pop-up of his Bootsy Bellows club at the Shore Club Miami, where stars including Miley Cyrus and Leonardo DiCaprio were spotted partying.

— Becky Randel

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Guest on

Ridiculous amount, even for a child of means. How is he going to top that when she turns 13, or 16, or has a graduation?

pinkrockstar on

He’s wealthy enough to probably buy her a car & more as she gets older! Children who come from wealthy families are used to getting expensive gifts. He loves his daughter & now he has a baby boy. The most important thing is for him to love his children & he does 😊

mommytoane on

Wowza. David can be my daddy!! 😛 In all honesty, I wouldn’t give my 10 yr old a ring like that, unless its to be put away for when she’s an adult. 10 yr olds lose things, but when I guess you have money to throw away its no biggie. Not to mention a 10 yr old’s fingers aren’t fully grown. By the time she’s an adult the ring will more than likely only fit on her pinky…if that. A necklace, or earrings would have been a better choice…or heck what every 10 yr old girl (and even those 10 at heart) would dream of a pony…that would be a better gift.

Guest on

Very over priced for what it is. Although most jewelry is. All little bitty diamonds no way it should cost thatch, but if he’s got it and wants to spend it that way more power to him !!

Guest on

That much lol

Beth on

A beautiful ring! I can see it being put away till she’s older aside from very special occasions! Daddy’s little girl is very lucky and much loved! All that counts!!

CJ on

This is one of the reasons why kids have nothing to look forward to or earn..That is a ridiculous amount of money to spend for a child of this age when she is clearly to young to appreciate it. I can understand graduation from school..for me it would be college but at any rate why make such a purchase of this amount right now at her age.Regardless of whether you are rich she needs to learn the value of the dollar and that should be taught in my opinion early..Just plain ridiculous..


My Dad hasn’t remembered my birthday in 20 + years, what I would give for even a little bit of the love that David has for Cocoa, I think it’s sweet that he is thete for his little girl.

Kristin on

If you have the money and can afford it then it’s not ridiculous. Most likely won’t be worsen everyday. Why shouldn’t he start a jewelry collection for his daughter? Not like he was buying it for some tart, it’s his child. Get over yourself grumpy jealous guests.

sue's on

Why would a child need that extravagant of a gift? What if she loses it? or someone steals it from her? Love and time shouldn’t be compensated with extravagant.. What Coco need is love, security and two parents she can count on, an 11k ring is not going to compensate the things she’s missing. If anything a trip to Laser Tag, Bowling movies or even Disney Land would have been a better choice and would have given her the one on one interaction. In my opinion this gift is very grown up and no appropriate for a child.

Guest on

Maybe if he’d just stay sober that would be gift enough. Buying your way out of abominable behavior does not make you a good parent

rothiam on

Why do some commenters think he is a good father just because he spent money on his daughter? Having money does not equal good parenting and it will never make up for the fact that poor girl comes from a broken home.

Zeze on

I’m sure Coco would rather have a sober father than a diamond ring!

Sarah on

@rothiam, David and Courteney have a famously solid relationship as exes. Broken home or not, they are friendly and vocally supportive of each other, and I’m sure they do a great job of making Coco feel loved, with or without splashing out money. Now she has two families! Lucky little girl.

yunasolon on

I had some ruby jewelry when I was kid because it’s my birth stone. He can afford expensive gifts. That’s nice.

Also, you can’t reply to comments or flag comments with this comment software. People.com needs to go back to disqus or some other comment software like facebook, with better features, I think.

Jane on

Not an age appropo ring for a 10 year old, in my humble opinion.

Diana on

I usually don’t write but I am amazed that nobody mentioned that if he has so much money why not give it to kids in need…for instance, he could have bought a 500$ring which still a LOT for a girl and the remaining 14500$!!! to kids who have not food, clothes, education or are in medical need: it would be a better gift to his daughter to show her example and the importance of sharing (even more if you have so much) and to make her conscious of the need of others and how great and important is to help.

Lu on

I came from a very well off family. Not superstar, mega-millions wealthy, but I was handed anything I wanted, whenever I asked. Unfortunately, I never appreciated any of it until my parents cut me off after college. What a shock learning how expensive supporting that lifestyle truly is! Lol. Nothing wrong with occasional pricey gifts, but it does stunt your child. I know first hand.

menotyou on

A ten year old with a diamond ring. How soon will that thing end up with melted Reese’s peanut butter cups all over it or accidentally flushed down the toilet. When I was that age, I could have gotten one of those $3 fake rings out of a bubble gum machine and I would have loved it, if it was given to me out of love. Stupid celebrities trying to buy their kids love and make themselves look like saints in the news, just like Nick Cannon with a $100 sundae. Great investment on that one – it’s already gone and his kids are one step closer to diabetes now.

Arabrabbra on

Gorgeous. I remember getting my first piece of special jewelry. Granted it wasn’t $11,000 but I guess when you have that kind of money those are the gifts you give. IT seems like this isn’t an everyday thing so Coco will find it special. I am completely speculating…but the tone of the article makes it seem like it isn’t an everyday thing

Bravo on

Great job, People. You just spoiled a 10 year old’s christmas surprise. I really hope she doesn’t read this… age appropriate gift or not she still deserves to be surprised.

Sherrin on

The best gift he could have gave her, was to stay sober and keep the family together.l

Lilly on

She’s too young to appreciate that kind of extravagance.

kery on

Does Coco ask where and how those diamonds are mined?

Guest on

@Kristin- Disagreeing with this man’s choice in purchase doesn’t have to mean that someone is jealous. I am not jealous that he has purchased his child a diamond ring. I simply don’t think its the best idea because children tend to lose things. When I was her age I lost an emerald ring in the middle of a soccer field and never found it. Not saying it happens to everyone but its definitely common.

Emily on

Diana- while giving back is great, he is certainly not obligated and he is allowed to do whatever he chooses with his own money. He could use it as toilet paper if he so chooses! If you’d like, tell me your financial situation and I’ll give you unsolicited advice on how you could better spend your money! Yeah..didn’t think so.

Paul on

That’s a really nice gesture

Anonymous on

That ring doesn’t suit for a 10 years old.

Anna on

Why would you buy an $11k ring for someone whose going to outgrow it in 2 years? She’s a growing child. Her fingers aren’t going to stay the same size, so it would have to be resized every couple of years. If you’re going to unnecessarily spend that much money on a piece of jewelry for your elementary school aged kid, at least make it a necklace that she can continue to wear (and won’t lose as easily).

Paula on

$11,500 is just too much to pamper a little kid.

Loretta Dabs on

This always happens when you have a rich dad 🙂

who cares on

that’s a $400 ring tops. wow, they get raked. $11k? LOL. it just doesn’t look all that substantial. a store sees him walk in, quick! swap out the price tag!