Mila Kunis: ‘Breastfeeding Is a Great Workout’

12/11/2014 at 12:15 PM ET

Mila Kunis Breastfeeding

Mila Kunis is sharing the secret to her incredible bounce back.

The actress — who welcomed daughter Wyatt Isabelle in October — dropped by the Late, Late Show on Wednesday for her first interview since giving birth.

And host Craig Ferguson couldn’t help but compliment the new mama on her post-baby body.

“Breastfeeding is a great workout,” said Kunis, 31, showing off her svelte shape in a sleeveless black dress.

To keep her energy up, Kunis admitted that she just “eats a lot — that’s what keeps me going through the day.”

Despite being only two months into motherhood, Kunis is already noticing the difference between her daughter and her newborn nephew, sister-in-law Tausha Kutcher‘s son.

“It is completely different. Everything,” she said.

But, once Wyatt hits her teens, Kunis joked she’ll be handing off the responsibilities to fiancé Ashton Kutcher. “Not my problem. That’s Daddy’s problem,” she shared.

Since welcoming her first child, Kunis — who’s currently out promoting her upcoming movie, Jupiter Ascending — has been spending the majority of her time at home, making memories with her new family of three,  a “luxury” she’s grateful to experience.

“Nowadays, people can’t do that. Everyone [in the household] has to have a job,” she explained, adding Wyatt will always be with her once she returns to work.

— Amanda Michelle Steiner

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Ellsworth on

Why is breastfeeding only a good “workout” for celebrities? It didn’t help me any.

Lisa on

So glad Breastfeeding is working for her! Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way for all:/ My Doctor said about 30% of women experience the opposite and their body holds on to their fat and slows metabolism to keep up with the 500-800 calorie loss breast feeding uses up. It does this in kind of a famine mode protection. When your body starts losing the initial weight, it wants to protect you by going into starvation mode so you can keep using the fat your body needs to make breast milk. So this last part of the weight just isn’t budging. I will just keep eating healthy and exercising, so when I am ready to be done with the nursing, it will hopefully fly off!

Megan on

I lost all my baby weight plus 5 pounds when I breastfed. Once she started eating solids at 6 months, I gained some back. It definitely depends on the person but it did help me lose all the baby weight and then some.

Jessiea on

For the record, one does not become your in-law until you are married. It sure would be nice to see these celebrities get married before having children….but that’s another story.

Gh on

Let the mom bashing about breastfeeding versus formula feeding in 3…2….1….

Ellsworth on

You are telling her to never have kids because she doesn’t want to breastfeed? You are ridiculous.

Lauren on

I was 5lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight a month after I had my daughter…I feel very lucky and grateful that breastfeeding helped me get back into shape so well!

Anna on

I was the same. Ended up 10 pounds less than prescribed pregnancy weight… And I breastfed 100% of the time and my baby never took a bottle… And I had plenty of time to run errands without my child! I currently have a 2 week old and went out for an hour without her.

Summer on

Lisa, I was the same way! Gained a healthy amount of weight and stayed active before and after pregnancy. My body just would not lose those last pounds. He self weaned at 15 months and the pounds melted off. I didn’t care too much because my family is my priority, but it was frustrating at times!

Just saying... on

Does she really think she’s still going to be with Ashton by the time Wyatt becomes a teen? It’s Hollywood’ve got a few good years left with him.

Lisa on

I don’t see people here choosing to breastfeed based on weight loss. The article was on Mila and her postpartum body being attributed to breastfeeding, so that is what the comments are about. Why shouldn’t someone talk about the added secondary bonus breastfeeding can bring. I was excited that I was “supposed” drop weight easily by nursing, it didn’t work for me, I’m still nursing… Some people just have to see negative even in good things:/

Damaris on

I lost all my baby weight plus a few more pounds about 3 weeks after having my c-section, and I’m naturally a fuller figure girl (which I always thought would make things more difficult). It is very much possible to lose the weight, but it just depends on the person.

Tammy on

I’m glad to see her say she’s lucky to be able to keep her with her and that she is enjoying the luxury. Shows she understands what most people have to go through. A lot of celebrates act like they do it all and middle class parents are lazy for not being able to do so. Makes me like her more.

Also, you can run errands without your kid. Your baby isn’t attached to your boob 24 hours a day. They DO sleep sometimes and you can pump and feed. Most of the pepole I work with that nursed had to pump so they could have the baby eat breastmilk while they worked. Don’t judge

Victoria on

Mila is a jewel. Love seeing such a talented, beautiful woman enjoying motherhood and appreciating her life.

yummyfaerie on

I breastfed my son for 2 years and didn’t experience any of this magical celebrity weight loss…I am currently 7 months pregnant, so I am eager to do some research and see if I can make it work for myself this time…but I am not holding my breath…these celebs may claim they eat a lot, but its healthy low carb food and they also work out with professionals, so I am sure breastfeeding is playing only a minor role in their remarkable weight loss.

GG on

Breasting is a workout and make you lose weight? Maybe for celebrities, but not for day to day regular working people.

Olga on

Mila does seem bounce back quickly, kudo to her!