Emily Blunt Says Motherhood Is the ‘Best Thing Ever’

12/09/2014 at 01:00 PM ET

Emily Blunt Into the Woods

Emily Blunt‘s Into the Woods character’s biggest wish in life is to become a mom — and the actress happens to have some insight on the matter.

Speaking as a new parent herself, is motherhood all it’s cracked up to be?

“It is that and more,” Blunt told PEOPLE at the musical’s N.Y.C. premiere Monday night. “I know that everybody says that. Everybody says, ‘Oh it’s the best — it’s the best thing ever!’ ”

Blunt, who welcomed daughter Hazel with husband John Krasinski in February, says she’s still getting accustomed to what being a mom to her 10-month-old means.

“You don’t know what to expect because it’s just completely, existentially out of anything that you’ve ever experienced before, and it’s quite indescribable,” Blunt, 31, says.

But she can sum up her new role as a mom in two words: “It’s heaven.”

Although the proud mama has admitted to singing sweet classics to her daughterInto the Woods marks the first time Blunt has had to belt it out onscreen.

“I was really, really nervous — reluctant, even, to the point of not wanting to audition for it,” she says, noting she almost didn’t try out for the role.

But working with director Rob Marshall won her over … and so did reuniting with a former costar!

“To work with Meryl [Streep] again: It was an alluring idea,” Blunt says of her The Devil Wears Prada costar, before adding, with a laugh, “It was great! Not really a different dynamic; she’s torturing me yet again. I feel like I’m just forever destined to grovel at her feet on camera, ya know. It’s fine by me!”

—Jeff Nelson

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Judy on

I really like her.

Cricket2.0 on

Moms of one young child who can’t walk yet proclaiming the ease and awesomeness of motherhood kind of makes me chuckle in a just you wait kind of way.

Cricket2.0 on

Not that being a mom isn’t awesome. But once they’re all in school, activities, full of attitude and independent thoughts, they’re hard! 🙂

Megan on

It’s heaven… I guess saying it’s really hard and exhausting but still rewarding isn’t good PR.

xenia zara on

I like her and her wedding dress was the best – spaghetti straps,
empire waist, timeless simplicity. I’m happy for her, that she is
now to the next level, she’s a mother.

Anonymous on

I thought the same. Having a 10 month old isn’t just heaven, I know because I have a 10 month old boy 😉 .
Does her baby never cry or complain? Mine does , an frequently so….

Tracey on

Typical vacuous actress. It’s heaven for her being a millionaire and having FULL TIME nannies and housekeepers and cleaners. Motherhood is tough for the average woman. This woman lives in a bubble.

Fancy on

I just don’t get why celebrities having nannies is that big of a deal. I’m not a celebrity but my daughter is in daycare when she’s not in school because I have to work. Nannies are pretty much the same thing for celebrities except more flexible since they have to travel where the parent is filming or needed. I hardly doubt it means the nanny is raising them as daycare isn’t raising my child.

guest on

Wow, we have some crankies on here. My kids were both heaven, and I’m just an average no-nanny momma. Maybe it actually IS heaven for her.

Guest on

I’d like to know how some people are so certain that every single celebrity alive uses a nanny?! Even if they did, so what!!! Like Fancy said, its no different than using a daycare, except you have more intimate one-on-one care. I know as I am a nanny for 2 little boys and I by no means whatsoever take the place of their mother!

lulu on

Tracey- Jealous are we? Ever think that maybe she did get lucky and her baby isn’t too much trouble at this stage in the game? My daughter didn’t give me many problems at this age. Any proof that she is using her millions for a full time nanny? I’ve seen many photos of her and John out with Hazel and there is not a nanny in sight. And to think that problems with motherhood are only limited to “regular” women? I think you’re the one who is living in a bubble.