Molly Sims Not Looking Forward to ‘Dark Days’ of Pregnancy

12/08/2014 at 04:00 PM ET

Molly Sims has a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks besides the holidays.

The actress, model, and author — already mom to son Brooks Alan, 2 1/2 — will be learning the sex of her second baby.

“We’re going to find out soon, like in two weeks, three weeks. We’re excited,” she told PEOPLE at Old Navy + Novogratz This Is Family event at Fig & Olive in West Hollywood.

Although Sims, 41, has a lot to be excited about, she knows that she has difficult pregnancy days waiting for her just around the corner.

“I’m feeling good. I’m six months so I’m in the honeymoon [phase], which is slowly going to end soon,” she shares. “I call it the dark days.”

Molly Sims This is Famiily Old Navy

Even though Sims knows what to expect, her two pregnancies could not be more different. “It’s like night and day. It goes by faster the second time,” she says of expecting her second child with husband Scott Stuber.

“I’m less tired this time around, which is odd because I was so tired with him. I have heartburn [again] so that’s [the same].”

Another pregnancy side effect? Her insatiable sweet tooth. “I have massive sugar cravings,” she confesses, adding she and Brooks have been on a baking binge recently.

“Oh my God, we baked banana bread this morning! We did Christmas cookies yesterday. The day before we did cupcakes.”

To balance out all the delicious desserts, Sims is doing pilates and trying to maintain a healthy approach to her diet.

“[I’m] just trying to eat really whole, really natural, really organic and just eat lots of it,” she says.

When Sims and Brooks aren’t busy baking in the kitchen, he’s reaching the typical 2 year-old milestones. “Tantrums,” she admits.

But with the bad comes the good. “He’s talking a lot more and getting full sentences,” the proud mama shares.

Molly Sims This is Family Old Navy

— Abby Stern

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Phylicia on

Her dark days are being tired and some heartburn??!! She needs to get over herself…..there are women who have to endure life threatening complications from pregnancy!

sandy on

she sounds normal and nice, being 41 and preg can be scary, sounds like shes pretty average and shes a pretty gal

sandy on

maybe she just didnt feel comfortable telling the world about the hemorrhoids and all the other stuff she could possibly be facing, its just an article where they pull a few answers to questions theyve asked

seabot on

Third trimester was my bright days, I loved being hugely pregnant and waddling around. But everyone’s different. My sister didn’t like any of pregnancy, but is one of the best mothers I know.

Phyicia, she didn’t say the dark days are being tired and some heartburn. She said that’s what she’s experiencing so far. The “dark days” she refers to are yet to come, she probably had a difficult third trimester the first time around.

Tammy on

I was pregnant with my one and only child at 38/39 so I enjoyed every minute of it. It was an experience I never thought I’d have. Nine months is nothing compared to a lifetime of unconditional love.

Tamara on

Can’t you read? Yes, she has heartburn and is tired. That’s what she has NOW. Later on will come the dark days of pregnancy and I know exactly what she is talking about. A lot of those unpleasant symptoms come in the last couple of months. Some can be painful, the sharp pains in the groin area, not being able to breathe properly, lower back pain, sciatica because the baby is sitting on a nerve, etc.

K on

Why do women have to break down other women? So what? Other women endure worse pregnancies. Sorry to hear that (mine was horrible), but that in no way should diminish what other women go through. It’s like saying, oh you broke your leg, well I broke two so you have nothing to complain about. Why can’t women help build each other up instead of tearing us down? She’s talking about HER experience being pregnant. It’s an article about her. Why should she make it about anyone else?

hellnoidontwanna on

“Dark Days”… Phht.

I lost eight of my nine babies before they were born. THOSE were “Dark Days” of pregnancy. When I finally did get to successfully carry my now 17 year-old son to term, every day was amazing and a miracle – even the uncomfortable days of a very high-risk pregnancy.

Unless Molly Sims has had a child die before it’s born, she hasn’t the slightest idea what a Dark Day of pregnancy even is.