Haylie Duff: We’ve Put Our Wedding Plans on Hold

12/08/2014 at 02:00 PM ET

Haylie Duff‘s pregnancy is truly icing on her wedding cake.

“It’s pretty cool to think our daughter is going to be at our wedding,” the mom-to-be’s fiancé Matt Rosenberg told reporters at the 4th Annual Santa’s Secret Workshop in West Hollywood on Saturday.

But the Real Girls Kitchen host — who’s in her second trimester — admits that since she and Rosenberg discovered they had a bun in the oven, their wedding plans have been put on the back burner for a bit.

“We still talk about things we want to do, but it’s a big change with the baby coming,” Duff, 29, explains. “We’re just trying to focus on one thing first and then we’ll do it.”

Aside from playing the name game and dreaming up her ideal nursery, Duff’s focus has been staying fit. Fortunately, her healthy pregnancy cravings are making it easy.

“I drink a lot of green smoothies,” she says. “I think I’ve craved health food, which is weird, and then the occasional mac and cheese.”

Haylie Duff
Tiffany Rose/WireImage

But it’s Duff’s workout routine that is making the dad-to-be a “little nervous,” she admits.

“He’s like, ‘Don’t push yourself too hard.’ I’m like, ‘I got it! I’m fine.’ I’m just trying to move. Go on walks. I’m not trying to put too much pressure on myself either way,” she shares.

“I feel better when I’m active. I try to do something every day, even if it’s just a little walk or whatever, but there’s some days I don’t do anything!”

And while all that work means an earlier bedtime for the expectant actress, it’s Rosenberg who’s showing signs he’s ready for all-nighters with a newborn. “He’s in dad mode already,” Duff says. “He’s up at six in the morning doing chores around the house. I’m like, ‘Who is this person?'”

After weeks of exhaustion and daily naps during her first trimester, Duff is excited to be experiencing a sudden surge of energy. “The majority of pictures he’s taken of me are me passed out during the middle of the day,” she jokes.

“But everyone talks about this burst of energy you get in the second trimester and it’s very true. I feel like I’m back at it.”

But what she’s most looking forward to: lots of love and plenty of darling dresses.

“I feel like I’m the most excited to learn what love is on a whole different level,” she explains.

Adds Rosenberg: “She’s really excited to dress the baby up in cute clothes.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Christina Dugan

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charlotte on

by all means, put the wedding on the back burner. you wouldn’t want to have a baby” in wedlock” that is soooooooooo common.

Ava on

Her hubby is really cute!

Rebecca on

@charlotte – Yeah. I know it’s shocking, but some people actually want to prepare for the baby rather than worrying about planning a wedding just to appease judgmental people. They’ll get married when they’re ready, and it won’t be rushed or pressured just because they got pregnant early.

Mary on

I understand wanting to wait on the wedding, but why wait on the marriage? If you’re planning on spending the rest of your lives together, why not go down to the JP and make it official before the baby arrives? Then you can have the wedding whenever you want…

Anonymous on

Congrats to Haylie and the family!

Ivy. on

Matt has beautiful eyes!

Marky on

I was pretty impressed with the fact that being married when their baby was born was important to Cash Warren and Jessica Alba. They just went to the Justice of the Peace, had a private wedding, and if they want some big whahoo some day, they will do it when they want to. There is too much concern about planing a big fancy wedding and reception–why not just get married, and have a big renewal party a year later? Or just get married ad have a party to celebrate with your friends and family?

If these people could talk to my grandchild whose parents just did their own thing, and thought it wasn’t that big a deal to their child, they would get married, and make that relationship work, and if they don’t love each other enough to do that, then don’t make a baby together. That would be exactly what s/he would say. I’ve know one couple who had the big wedding when their child was about 2, and they are still married and even have grandchildren now. Most, however, have moved on to other relationships, and it is really hard for the children. That’s our family’s personal experience several times over. The kids I know who are happy, have parents who committed first to each other, then the children are a result of a good relationship with each other.

Anonymous on

Mary and Marky- Not everyone wants to get married at the courthouse, though. I know I wouldn’t. I’d want to get married either in a church or outdoors somewhere, with my family and friends around me and a pastor officiating.

Also, having the wedding after the child/children can end up making for a very beautiful, meaningful experience for the whole family. We need look no further than the Jolie-Pitts for evidence of that. 😉

ZZ on

They look like a lovely couple!

RxGirl on

Rebecca , how is thinking it’s best to be married before welcoming a baby being judgemental? So, a baby isn’t as serious as a life commitment? I’m 31, yes 31 and I hate what this world has become. Now all you see is sex everywhere and please don’t forgot the rise in STDs and other not so great statistics. It’s perfectly acceptable to go out and have babies, but God forbid someone wonders why people aren’t married. You’re good enough to be tied with me for life with a child, but let’s wait to get married because that’s a serious step, seriously!?!???

Anna on

The judgemental people on this board need to go back to the 50s. Getting married with child in tow is pretty common nowadays (and I’ve seen many lovely ceremonies where the child has been included) . Besides that, why would anyone want to get married when they’re pregnant and feeling sick/large/etc? Not me!

Mamagirl31 on

@Charlotte, “wedlock” is such a dated word… It isn’t 1955. Yeah it would be nice if people could be married before they had a baby but it’s not anyone’s business if they choose not to and it certainly doesn’t take away from what is most important an that is the love they have for the child. They still intend to get married so lighten up an do not judge people. Especially ones that you do not know…

Anonymous on

Yes, it’s so “dated” to make sure a man is committed to you and your children before you have a baby with him. A major amount of the issues facing this country right now are due to the fact that there are so many single parents out there. Children need two parents, and whether women want to admit it or not, it’s in your best interest to have a partner to help. It’s not an ideal situation to be a single parent, and I hate that it’s becoming the norm.

To all the ladies out there, please, please, please be very choosy about whom you choose to sleep with/procreate with. Don’t listen to the lies the media feeds you about how sex is just sex and you should just sleep with whomever and that having multiple babies with different dads is “normal.” This sounds like bullshit being force fed to you mostly by men who are trying to manipulate you. Off soapbox.

charlotte on

@Charlotte, I could not agree with you more. Sad that so many can commit to bringing another life into this world without first making a commitment to each other. This clearly was not a planned pregnancy. Very irresponsible.

Anon on

So it’s better to get married, have the kid and then get divorced than having the kid and being together because you want to. Makes complete sense to those who push the idea of church weddings and then get divorced.

Life happens and there’s no one path to take.

happy on

Baby shower before bridal showers these days. How special!

S on

Just an FYI to Marky ………..in case you weren’t aware, there are a TON of married couples who are now divorced………which my friend is just as hard on children. A relationship works or it doesn’t, it depends on those in it and if they are willing to work at it not whether a piece of paper is involved. Children are happy based on how they are raised regardless of their parents marital status. To say that all children who were born out of wedlock or of divorced parents are not happy is a disgusting generalization.

bkable on

I couldn’t care less about whether I’m married when I have a child. But, as someone who’s planning a wedding, I’m taking extreme caution to NOT have to push my wedding back! I’m way too excited to spend the rest of my life with my man 🙂

jas1082 on

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell never got married and they’ve been together for 33 years. Marriage isn’t for everyone. It doesn’t guarantee that you will be together forever. It doesn’t mean that they don’t love each other enough or that they aren’t a real family. Who the heck gave you the right to judge their decision?

If they are happy, healthy, and are just making sure that they are prepared for baby then that’s their right. Not your relationship, not your choice, not your business. I think it’s nice that they have decided to concentrate more on the baby getting ready to join them than stress over planning a wedding. Get over it people, they don’t have your beliefs and that doesn’t make them wrong or bad people.

Arrow 12 on

In Hollywood you are either pregnant at 40+ or pregnant and not married. Just so strange

Claire on

@Charlotte – I had two friends who decided to get married after getting pregnant because it was “the right thing to do.” They had a miserable insufferable marriage for three years until they got out of it for their son’s sake. Now they’re terrific co-parents. Marriage isn’t for everyone.

Kat on

It’ll never happen. That is that.

The guy looks like a doofus and the woman a goofball who is messing up her face with bad plastic surgery.

facelessbandit on

People put far too much pressure on the wedding day. Its just ONE day and a distant memory after a few months. The marriage lasts forever so if its what you want why wait?

Trace on

Looking at these two, I’m very curious as to what color that baby’s eyes will be. Her’s are very brown (which are usually dominate) but his are very very blue. I’m sure that baby will be beautiful.