Tyler Perry Welcomes Son Aman Tyler

12/04/2014 at 04:11 PM ET

Tyler Perry Girlfriend Welcomes Son
Ryan McCune/Patrick McMullan/AP

Tyler Perry is a new dad!

The actor and director, 45, and his longtime girlfriend, model and activist Gelila Bekele, welcomed their first child, son Aman Tyler, on Sunday, Nov. 30, PEOPLE has learned.

“Mom and baby are happy and healthy. Tyler is so excited,” a source tells PEOPLE.

Aman means peace and represents “the true meaning of Thanksgiving and then, of course, the holiday season.”

Although Perry and Bekele found out the sex of their firstborn prior to the delivery, the new dad is ecstatic over the arrival of their son.

“He’s over the moon,” adds the source, referencing Perry’s rocky relationship with his own father.

After welcoming their baby boy, the proud parents sent out a birth announcement to family and close friends, asking that in lieu of gifts, donations be made to Charity Water, an organization dedicated to providing clean water to developing countries.

“Tyler is thrilled. He and Gelila are so excited,” a source told PEOPLE in September. “They’ve got the nursery ready and he’s ready to change diapers.”

“He will make a wonderful father,” a second source added at the time. “You will never find a more loving, patient, honorable or decent man than Tyler Perry. Any child would be blessed to have him as a father.”

Perry’s rep declined to comment on the happy news.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Steve Helling and Mary Green


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Ginger on

Agree he will make a great dad…congrats!!

Sunny on

I thought he came out as a gay man?

His girlfriend is pretty.

Marie on

I thought he was ghey. Congrats on the baby. The girlfriend is pretty.

Chi on

JT he is. Congratulations to Tyler and beard.

Guest on

Wait…What? For some reason I thought he was gay…

JLM on

You mean Tyler and his surrogate

Anonymous on

Surrogate for Oprah.

Brooke on

Tyler and his BEARD welcomed Aman….But anyway. Congrats

Karys on

Congrats to Gelila and Tyler on the birth of their son. I know Tyler will be a great dad! I just wish he would come out of the closet already. In this day and age, it’s perfectly okay for a gay man to be a father and raise a child.

itsallgood on

God Bless you Mr. Perry. I didn’t sleep with you like the others did. They know more about you then YOU DO. lol Congrats!

desiree on

wow, she’s pretty!

scarlett604 on

Now, if he would just marry her. He should have done that first. In any case, you can’t blame the baby for that, so congrats!

Jenn on

I honestly thought T.P. was gay.

Me on

With a woman?

Nichole on

Congrats to Tyler.

I’m sure he’ll make a wonderful father, as Perry’s own father was no role model for Tyler at all and was very physically abusive.

Kat on

I lost all respect for the guy when he trademarked WWJD (what would Jesus do). However I have nothing against a baby so Congratulations on the new arrival!

Lady D on

Hating on or saying negative things about Tyler, his lady and their family puts exactly $0.00 in your bank account yet it seems there is a stream of ignorant individuals taking it up as a full time job.

Dont even trip about the foul people being ignorant. Continue to do you. Congrats on your new family life. Enjoy the baby they grow up so fast.

Gina on

I thought he played for the other side..

Tess on

Gay , straight, whatever, he comes off as a really decent guy. Congrats on the birth of his son! Enjoy the journey !

Chase on

Congrats on your son whom you named after a Legend of Korra villain!

Anonymous on

Wonderful news, we could use some good news these days. Protect your son with all your might.

Marky on

You know, if Tyler Perry is straight, happy with his girlfriend, Gelila, then what’s wrong with being happy for them? Tired to pieces of the idea that it’s okay to freak out on people, try to use your imaginary “gaydar”, and see how many people you can “out”. If TP is gay, it’s his right to share that or not, and if TP is straight, it’s his right to have his life without others who despise his faith, don’t like his movies, or don’t like his looks having a meltdown seeing if they can take the joy of every thing in his life. He and his girlfriend just had a baby boy, they are happy, and that should be enough! Congratulations to the happy couple, and hopefully we will see a picture of their precious baby!

Anonymous on

Congratulations to them!

Anonymous on

Congrats to them! And as for all of the ignorant, hateful comments…a healthy baby was born. That’s really all that matters!

Gail, OKC on

Wonderful! I’m so happy for you Tyler, may God bless you and your family.

Jules on

He is an amaxing and generous man! The Atlanta community is lucky to have him! Congrats Tyler Perry – you will be a great father!

Sherry on

Wow–I wasn’t sure that he was into women. Congrats to them both!

Brianne on

Congrats, Tyler and Gelila on the birth of baby Aman! Peace, love, and countless blessings headed your way!!!

sarah on

In the words of Austin Powers, ” It’s a man baby!”

Anonymous on

Congrats to the happy family!

mrsdivyam on

Are we sure he’s not named “Tyler Perry’s Aman Tyler” LOL

Yvonne Lewis on

Congratulations Tyler Perry and Gelila Bekele on your new arrival. May God be with you all.

Rosemelle Mutoka on

Congratulations Mr. Perry. I’m one of yourgreat admirers. May God continuously watch over your family as you endeavour to give your audience comic relief using life’s lessons.

Kathy-Ann on

Congratulations to the prouds parents Tyler I”am realy glad for you.

M. Gibson on

Yes, a great Dad he will be! What about them wedding bells. It seems the cart came before the horse. A little humor, “of course.”
I commend you both on your choices in choosing a partner. You both are smart, sauvy, intelligent and rich but most of all of
African descent who are influential moguls in Fashion and the
Arts. Go Tyler and Bikele, go.

Lula Bell on

Marry her before knocking her up and then he would make a super duper dad …maybe!

Selena P. Santiago on

Tyler you will make a fine father for you have a loving heart God Bless You Your Friend and fan!

Rev. George Brooks on

Why doesn’t this phony Tyler Perry tell the people the truth about this child? For everyone this side of the moon knows that he is GAY, so why is he lying and pretending that it is his REAL, or biological, child. And is the mother, Gelila, also a dishonest person? Is certainly appears that she is. (sic sic) And what about the “cover up media?” When are they going to come out of the closet and tell the truth also? — Rev. George Brooks

Rev. George Brooks on

Okay, time out for the acting, because this is not a movie, Tyler. So try to be TRUTHFUL, and tell us who the REAL, biological, father of this kid. YOU SEEM TO BE DOING THE SAME THING THAT YOU ACCUSED YOUR MOTHER OF DOING — LYING ABOUT WHO THE REAL FATHER IS. Because the whole world knows that you are a FON. (freak of nature) — Rev. George Brooks

carl on

the problem with this world and people is …. people have a problem with TP standinding out instead of fitting in . whatever he decide to be its his life .analyze your own life .The man came from nothing and built an empire. be happy for him instead of trying to tear him apart. ….but its typical for people have to put down others to help themselves shine congrats TYLER and keep up the good work and God bless….


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