Melissa Joan Hart Jokes: Why My Boys Are Leaving Me ‘Broke’

12/04/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

With three growing boys — and a lot of loose teeth — Melissa Joan Hart jokes her wallet is taking a big hit.

“[My sons are] losing a lot of teeth right now. The Tooth Fairy has come a whole bunch,” the actress, 38, told PEOPLE at the Los Angeles premiere of her movie, The Santa Con, which she both directed and stars in.

“I’m going broke — she’s going broke!”

Fortunately, the mom-of-three braved the crowds and saved a few bucks during the Black Friday shopping sales. “I spent three hours at Walmart on Thursday. On Thanksgiving evening,” Hart, who stars in the company’s holiday commercial, shares.

Melissa Joan Hart Family The Santa Con premiere
John Salangsang/Sipa

And while Mason Walter, 9 next month, and Brady Hart, 6½, are giving Hart a run for her money, lately it’s been her youngest, 2-year-old Tucker McFadden, who’s constantly keeping his mama on her toes.

“Tucker is starting to get very spunky,” she says. “He’s got a lot of sass to him right now. A lot of talking back. A lot of his own opinions.”

She adds, “That’s fun and interesting, but it’s hard not to laugh and make it a habit.”

Despite all the hustle and bustle of her three boys, Hart admits the family’s holiday plans — which include a traditional trip to Tahoe for Christmas — will likely be low-key.

“We always have lots of family around so this will be the first time it will really just be about [husband, Mark Wilkerson] and our kids,” she says.

While Hart welcomes the change, it will take some getting used to.

“It’ll be [an] exciting, calm, quiet, peaceful Christmas … which is weird because that doesn’t really seem like Christmas to me,” she adds. “Christmas is chaos and family and lots of food and lots of people.”

But Christmas has come early for Hart: her directorial debut feature film, The Santa Con, starring Hart and actor Barry Watson, premieres Dec. 13 on Lifetime.

“I was terrified and thrilled. I wanted to showcase more storytelling,” Hart told PEOPLE while enjoying the premiere party, sponsored by Nutrisystem. “I really think we pulled off a great Christmas movie in the middle of summer in Connecticut.”

— Anya Leon and Abby Stern

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just saying on

that’s one good looking family

Pam on

Her boys are so cute! My husband’s had a crush on her since he was a kid.

Sally on

You can tell your kids no sometimes, You know?

Genevieve on

She’s part of the reason my dad had to leave our family thanksgiving meal and go to work on Thanksgiving. What a shame.

Nicole on

She has three very good looking boys. I always liked Melissa. She’s really funny.

Anonymous on

Sally- Lighten up. She was clearly making a joke!

hessin on

WOW! Having 3 kids has REALLY taken a toll on Melissa!

charlotte on

@Genevieve – Yes, I am sure her silly little commercial is to blame for your father having to leave mid meal on Thanksgiving to go to work for Walmart. As the spouse of a person in Retail Management, I know all about ruined nights, weekends, and holidays. Comes with the job. Let it go. Maybe plan the meal around his schedule next time. I am sure he knew ahead of time that he had to work!

Great looking family Melissa! You are blessed.

MollyF on

@Genevieve, maybe your husband should find another job if you’re so worried about having time for the holidays. People who work in the hospitality industry, retail and medical don’t get holidays off. Next time work around his schedule instead about bitching about it.
I love Melissa Joan hart, and her family looks so sweet. 🙂 I follow her on Twitter and have written to her a couple of times. She’s really sweet. 🙂

West on

Omg!!!!!!! What a good looking family . Her sons are gorgeous !!!!!! They are gonna be major hearts toppers when they grow up .

Anonymous on

MollyF- But people who work in retail SHOULD get Thanksgiving off, just as they usually get Christmas and some other holidays off. I’m sorry, stores being open on Thanksgiving just isn’t right. Save the Black Friday stuff for when it’s actually Friday!

That being said, I think Genevieve should be grateful that her father knew ahead of time that he had to work on Thanskgiving. Not everyone has that luxury (for instance, clergymen and women and emergency service workers never know when they might get called in to work!).

mary lombardi on

Try living on $8.81 an hour like the average Walmart employee !

lovely123 on

I am surprised she only has three kids with a man that looks that good!

Liz on

God Bless her, she has a beautiful family. However, per usual there always has to be nasty comments. So I will put my two cents in. I don’t agree with Black Friday shopping. It’s not right that stores demand employees to come in early just so you can buy gifts. It’s not necessary and it’s not what Christmas is truly about. Do you even know how Black Friday started?. Look it up, this is why we’ve been in a recession for the past 7 yrs. To those of you who say “get another job”, THERE ARE NO OTHER JOBS. Minimum wage in my state is $8.70/hr. If you actually have good job, you need to be grateful for it and stop criticizing those of us who are busting our butt trying to keep our head above water. Thank you.

Anonymous on

She has a lovely family, so happy for her!

Robman on

I grew up watching her on the Nickelodeon network back in the 90’s. I wasn’t a big fan of the show since this was for little kids but I still liked her as a teen idol and a talented actress. Ya, I’m sure Melissa Joan Hart is a nice lady however, everyone that says “oh, I spoke to her on Facebook or Twitter, she’s really nice”, well duhh! Of course she’s going to be nice to her fans, none of us really know what kind of person she is to work for or be associated with. For ignorant people like Charlotte and Molly f and the rest of the Brady Bunch that feel the same way, these people have the same cold hearted attitudes that the CEOs, Execs and Management people have that run retail corporations. People only take these jobs because they have to because maybe theirs nothing else out their, they have bills and rent to pay, college tuition, whatever. But now, one idiot like the two mentioned above decides to open their doors on Thanks Giving day and Christmas day to rake in more money and other CEOs follow from too much competition. And the solution is to sacrifice the employee’s family time? This is the only break they get from putting up with more ignorant people who could care less about what these workers have to go through. Just because your miserable and your life sucks doesn’t make it ok to make other people’s lives difficult. I’m sure everyone in the corporate offices enjoyed their holidays with their families along with their generous bonus checks.