David Arquette: How My Son Has Made Me a Better Father

12/04/2014 at 01:00 PM ET

David Arquette Art Basel
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David Arquette is all about second chances.

Since welcoming son Charlie West in April, the actor-director and fiancée Christina McLarty are over the moon as new parents.

“Fatherhood the second time around is so great because I have learned from my past mistakes,” Arquette, 43, who is also dad to daughter Coco, 10, with ex-wife Courteney Cox, told PEOPLE during an Art Basel party Wednesday night in South Beach.

“Since Charlie has come into my life, I love Coco more than ever,” he adds. “Having a son has brought back memories and made me realize how much I miss enjoying her as a baby.”

Arquette, who is a fan of IWC Schaffhausen’s Portofino Midsize watch collection campaign, looked dapper in a dark suit during the dinner and party at W South Beach.

The busy actor — who believes he is better equipped to be a father now than he was in the earlier years — has tackled daddy duties with experience and renewed affection.

“I am older and more mature and can return to raising a baby more aware of the wonderful daily experiences,” Arquette explains. “Watching Charlie crawl is a milestone in my life.”

Smiling and happy, he tells PEOPLE there are so many memorable moments to being a dad that it is hard to pick just one.

“Having Charlie fall asleep on my chest is the best part of my day,” he says, “I love it. This whole experience has been amazing.”

— Linda Marx

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Mom Of Twinz on

Good for him! We all need second chances sometime.

KTZ on

I’m sure his daughter is thrilled to hear that he’s finally growing up. Too bad he couldn’t have done it sooner.

Sacré on

He probably didn’t mean it the way it sounds but yikes! I feel bad for his daughter.

BeeHappy on

It took having a son with another woman for him to love his daughter with Courtney, his first wife, better??!!! What an immature jerk! Never ever liked him.

Chris on

I wonder how Courteney Cox feels about another woman being able to provide the son she couldn’t. They’d still be married if she’d been able to produce a baby who would carry on the Arquette name.

Guest on

He would have been a better everything if he’d sobered up years ago. Nothing good comes from drug and alcohol abuse

bkable on

@Chris… do you not realize how genetics work?? It’s the sperm (aka the father’s chromosomes) that determine gender. Courteney had NOTHING to do with the fact they had a girl.
Further, considering all the trouble they had conceiving, I hardly think the gender was important to them. I really don’t think anyone is that low – to leave their wife because they had a girl rather than a boy.

Anonymous on

Can we retire ‘over the moon’? Every single article, I swear. Gah.

Tina on

So, in other words, he was an asshole for the first kid. Because 10 years ago would make him 33, which is not too young to understand parenthood. Well, I’m glad he’s improved.

Lauren on

Poor Coco. This guy is such a doocher.

And if his frequent calls into Howard Stern are any indication, he’s still not sober.

exit82 on

I think most parents would like a do over- in some areas anyway- I’m glad he has the opportunity to enjoy both his kids

Suzi on

Pathetic….so he basically wasn’t too into his daughter before the second kid was born….that’s nice.

Terri on

David, I’ve always been a fan but as a daughter of “second parents” I can tell you there is nothing more painful to hear than how GREAT things are now that you’ve “practiced” on your first kid. Comments like “Now that I’m older” or “Fatherhood the second time around is so great because I have learned from my past mistakes” are great if you want to say them in PRIVATE to someone. BUT please don’t use that for public consumption….it’s hurtful stuff.

Basically as a child what you hear is “I was a mistake” YIKES…not good David…you need to clean this one up and quick!

klockett on

How tasteless. He has learned from his “past mistakes” — is he also learning from future mistakes and present mistakes? What a loser. He’s no more mature than either of his kids, and he really DOES insult his daughter here. Bad enough his son has a “normal” name and his daughter shares her name with a gorilla and a cosmetics doyenne…..and a legion of clowns. It’s appalling that he reproduced again. He shouldn’t be talking about “fatherhood has made me a better father” — mobius strip, anyone? “Drinking has made me a better drinker”? Good lord. In the Bing Crosby documentary that’s airing this week, we learn how much “Better” Bing was with his second family than his first. Basically his initial four sons got sc***ed and the latter three had charmed lives and a “present” daddy. Arquette says he learned from his mistakes with Coco; what will he do with what he is learning right now with Charlie, eh? Sigh.


I hate hearing people say that their second child made them a “better” parent. It’s as if saying, without saying that they admit to being a $hity parent and are going to make up for it with the next. What a shame. He obviously must have missed out on a lot with his first. It’s no ones fault but your own, dude.

Gina on

Too bad he didn’t have those feelings for his 1st child.

Jessica on

Wait…what about his daughter? Did he say that because he’s angry at Courtney? Wtf?

GG on

He is still not sober yet, kinda jerk!

Anonymous on

klockett- Coco also happens to be named after her MOTHER (Courtney is named after HER mother and so wanted Coco to also be named Courtney- but David said no. So they compromised and went with Coco- which was Courtney’s childhood nickname).

bkable- I couldn’t agree more. This isn’t the middle ages, thankfully! Also, Courtney has spoken very lovingly about David and his fiancee and has even said that all six of them (Courtney, her fiancee, David, his fiancee, Coco, and baby Charlie) get together frequently and are basically one big, happy family. So I think it’s a pretty safe bet that she isn’t harboring any ill feelings about Charlie!

Anonymous on

I’ll agree that David definitely could have worded things better, but at least he DID learn from his mistakes and is at least trying to be a better daddy the second time around!

Vas on

Oh David finally got his thought right!

Maria on

He probably was high during the interview. You would think that with the birth of his second child he would check himself into a rehab. Nope, he’s partying at art basil. “Seeing his son crawl” was a big milestone for him. “please” Probably because that’s the only thing he has seen the little guy do. If he had learned from his past mistakes he would know that babies develop fast. I really feel sorry for his son. David if you read this. Live your life for your children. All your other friends only care about you because of your status. Your children love you, because of you. And yes I think your an a-hole =-)

Anonymous on

Courteney is going to so proud of him.

freya on

So what does that made him as a Dad to Coco a crappy drunk father? Sure we all deserve a second chance but as an adult child of an alcoholic. there are things in life that a drunk dad has given his child that he can’t take it back. And I hope Coco will not read this because that will hurt her self esteem more than the divorce of her parents did. If David has his head on he should try being fair to both his children regardless who their mother are.

angie on

Good for him he learned something.

admin on