Why Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard Plan to Focus on Their Firstborn

11/25/2014 at 09:00 AM ET

With a second baby on the way, Kristen Bell‘s growing belly is naturally the center of attention.

“We goof off and make a lot of jokes about it in our household and I think that’s what keeps it fun and light,” Bell tells PEOPLE about her baby bump. “Pregnancy is certainly a weird and strange metamorphosis.”

And with a work schedule that hasn’t stopped, the mom-to-be and her husband, Dax Shepard, couldn’t resist highlighting Bell’s burgeoning belly in their Samsung holiday ad.

“Why is yours twice as big as mine?” asks the Parenthood actor about his wife’s festive stocking in the commercial. “I’m stocking for two,” the House of Lies actress quips.

Kristen Bell Dax Shepard Samsung
Daniel Goldwasser for Samsung

“It would feel like a lie to pretend she doesn’t have an extra foot-and-a-half protruding from her abdomen,” teases Shepard, 39.

But, once their bundle of joy arrives, the couple — already parents to daughter Lincoln, 20 months — will take some well-deserved time off.

“The baby’s going to arrive right when we wrap our shows and we are both taking off tons of time to just canoodle as a family,” shares Shepard.

As for how they are preparing to handle the demands of a newborn and toddler?

“I think we’ll probably get through it just like everybody else does, which is we’ll put it together day by day,” says Bell, 34, with a laugh.

Kristen Bell Dax Shepard Samsung
Daniel Goldwasser for Samsung

But the expectant parents admit they have already received good advice on how to juggle two babies.

“We were told to pick up the oldest first if both are crying,” explains Shepard.

“It seems like a smart piece of advice,” adds Bell. “Since no one is imprinting memories of how you’re treating [Lincoln] already and the newborn doesn’t really know who’s holding them.”

“We know the first one is great so we don’t want to ruin the first one,” jokes Shepard. “We’d rather roll the dice on the second one.”

Kristen Bell Dax Shepard Samsung
Daniel Goldwasser for Samsung

— Mariah Haas


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Showing 33 comments

robinepowell on

They do the funniest commercials for Samsung.

Jenny on

It’s extremely hypocritical to take such a firm stance about pictures of their kids, but yet make money off the pregnancy.

Kimberly on

I love their commercials and they’re so damn cute!

Noneya on

Why, Jenny? They are simply doing things THEIR way and not the way of the paparazzi………. I think they’re adorable.

Ashley on

I agree with Jenny. I used to like them but changed my mind when they went all crazy about their kids pictures in the public. You. Are. A. Celebrity. That’s your job. Be an accountant if you want to be left alone.

Nah on

It’s clear they draw a firm line when it comes to the privacy of their children. Why do some of you feel that the children of celebrities are automatically obligated to be celebrities themselves? If your father is a police officer, does that mean you are also a police officer (from birth, no less)? Or more specifically, because your father is a police officer in dangerous situations that you, his child, is also obligated to share such a burden? No. They’re a cute couple and I commend them for protecting their children until they’re of an age to make such a life-altering decision for themselves.

lester on

I disagree Ashley, Please attempt to have compassion for other people.

Karolina on

These two are so adorable! Love them together.

Michelle on

I want their sofa! Correction, I want that whole house, but I really do want that sofa.

K on

Ashley & Jenny — remember THEY are the celebrities, not their kid. What are you, some kind of creeper that has to see celebrity kid photos? I advise getting help.

Bobbi on

If family is private keep it that way. I was shocked to see this article considering how outspoken they are about their child’s privacy and an advocate for other celebritie’s children. So privacy or paycheck?

Donna on

They’re a cute couple… Hopefully he’s helped her in the “being nice” arena. Ran into her a few years ago – randomly – in the entry way of a department store in NYC. I was leaving, she was entering. Let’s just say she went out of her way to be rude and entitled…. Totally changed my opinion of her.

Taylor on

Ashley – you said it yourself. They are the celebrities. They decided to act on their passion to become actors, knowing that they’d have to accept people stalking them, but their children? No. Kids shouldn’t be fair game.

Haems on

they are so stinkin cute! I never thought much of Dax Shepard until I started watching Parenthood. He seems adorable with Kristen.

Saiph on

Jenny, they’re making money off of advertising for Samsung, not off her pregnancy. She happens to be pregnant while their contract for the holiday season advertisement is underway. Should she not be allowed to work while she is pregnant? Should she only be allowed to show her shoulders and head because she is pregnant? Yeesh.

charlotte on

Lots of ignorant comments on here, as usual. I adore these two and say kudos to them for taking a stand against the intrusive paparazzi. I would imagine most of you would not want cameras shoved in your kids faces all the time either, only to be sold to the highest bidder. Yet some of you still feel the need to criticize these two. What fools you are!

Sandra on

These two crack me up and the commercials are always good.

Suzi on

I love these two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest on

Cute ad. Love these 2 together

Dayle on

I totally disagree with anyone dissing this couple. First of all Kristen has the best taste in men! Dax is the perfect guy! I love their Samsung commercials!!!! They make me laugh every time I watch them! They have the right to protect their children from the paparazzi. Being in a commercial while pregnant isn’t the same thing.

Callie on

Can’t stand this couple but the commercials they do are hilarious.

Kathy on

Congrats to Kristen and Dax!

Anonymous on

Lovely couple LOL.

mommytoane on

Wow Jenny, take a chill pill. They aren’t necessarily making money off the pregnancy, its more a nod to the pregnancy as they are making money off being a super adorable couple.

Either way, I love the commercials. Too adorable. They sound like great parents. Can’t wait to hear about baby #2.

NV on

They made funny commercials as they’re good actor and actress.

MollyF on

To Donna: Maybe you caught her on a bad day, she’s human, ya know.

And to those dissing them, STFU, that’s all I’m going to say.

She and Dax are great together and make me smile everytime I see them. 🙂

Anytime I see sloths, I think of Kristen. 😛

Anonymous on

I think their commercials are adorable!!!

Mandy on

Their commercial is lovely!

Anonymous on

Saiph, Dayle, and Mommytoane- I couldn’t agree more. If they truly wanted to use the commerical to make money off their children, Lincoln would have been it, and she’s nowhere to be seen (nor is she in any of their other samsung ads).

Hea on

I love them! They seem to have so much fun together.

Anonymous on

Wow, such haters on here. Glad you all are so damn perfect. Dax and Kristen are the actors, not their kids. And last time I checked, if Samsung wanted this adorable couple for their holiday commercial, apparently they don’t have a problem with her being pregnant. Grow up and quit hating.

Bonnie on

Do you know who makes the sofa shown in the add ?

Diane on

Get this couple off. The air – they are so annoying and I refuse to watch their commercials!