Ryan Reynolds Is Ready for Diaper Duty

11/23/2014 at 02:35 PM ET

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

Ryan Reynolds has no fears about becoming a first-time dad with wife Blake Lively, who’s expecting the A-list couple’s first baby in early 2015 — especially when it comes to the messier side of parenting.

“I don’t have a weak stomach,” the actor, 38, told PEOPLE on Saturday at The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research Benefit in New York. “I’m good with diapers and diarrhea and all that kind of stuff because I have lots of nieces and nephews, so I’ve done it all before.”

So what part of fatherhood is he looking forward to most?

“I’m just excited about having a buddy,” he said. “We don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl yet, but whatever it is, you have this tether to reality that never goes away.”

His enthusiasm should come as no surprise to Lively, 27, who recently told PEOPLE that her hunky hubby “takes pretty good care of me.”

And though the picture-perfect parents-t0-be have been anything but shy about their shared desire to have a big brood in the future, for now, Reynolds is just trying to take on this newest role one step at a time.

“For a lot of new dads, you tend to dwell on the mistakes you don’t want to make,” he said. “I’m at that stage still where I’m focused primarily on being open and understanding and leaving a lot of room for error.”

— Haiwen Lu

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Showing 54 comments

aJ on

This is a beautiful, sweet couple. I’m so happy that they found the right time to have a baby! Congrats!

Gigi on

I kinda feel sorry for how clueless he is …. Thinking he got Susie homemaker

Betty on


Same! he’ll soon realize he was so wrong!

Elyse on

Maybe you should focus on how clueless you are about people you don’t even know, Gigi.

Thank goddess we live in a day and age where more women can do more than one thing, if they choose. Only wish more of us had the same choices that a woman of means like Blake has.

Congrats to the parents to be.

Danielle on

Wow some of you are so negative.

Michelle on

Congratulations to them! They seem so happy together. I am saddened at the comments below trying so hard to find the negative in a story about two people sharing excitement about a baby. I try to imagine living my life that way, always seeing the negative and not seeking positivity, and it just seems like a miserable life. You only live once, make it the best you can. Help people,find nice things to say, and smile. Your life is what you make it.

Elyse on

Same to you, “Betty.” You choose to assume the worst about people you don’t know. I doubt you would you it if someone did that to you.

lexi on

congrats to the beautiful couple 🙂 they will be amazing and fun parents 🙂

Betty on

I express my opinion as anyone else here “Elyse”.
I choose to assume the worst about people I don’t know and you assume the best, but you don’t know them too, so…if you don’t agree with me, move forward and don’t even waste time to comment my ideas.

Silverpudding on

My Dad is the same way. I love men that aren’t afraid to take that stuff on. Nothing like a child and their Daddy hanging out. I was always the child that told my Dad too much LOL but he listened and never judged. This baby is so lucky to have a Dad like Ryan!! Like Paul Walker said.. “The more you listen the more (they) will talk.” So true!!!! LOL

Elyse on

You’wasting your time, Elyse. People like Betty and Gigi sound like the types who never consider that they could be wrong, and refuse to admit it or apologize when they are.

Betty on

Sorry but what should I apologize for? for not believing Blake Lively craves to be a housewife and baker as she claims? Or for having a different opinion from yours? Apoligize are in order when someone get offended and this is obviously not the case. If you get offended by people who don’t like Lively then it’s your problem, not mine. Bye!

Elyse on

Waste of time or not, I get to voice my opinion, too.

A quick scan of the articles here on People reveal a couple who have both made comments about wanting a family. Yet the judgement is passed only on the woman who dares to want a family and *gasp* still maintain her career and other interests.

It’s sad to me that in this day and age there are still people who want to put women in the ‘Susie Homemaker’ box because they admit to wanting a family and enjoying making a home. Men who do the same are often lauded for their commitment to their family.

And when women try to balance family with careers that bring them fulfillment and contribute to their family, they’re judged for that, too. Meanwhile the poor “clueless” man gets only sympathy, in this case from strangers who think they know his wife better than he does.

If you choose to assume the worst that’s your prerogative, but consider that it might say more about you than her.

Jay on

That is exactly how I felt. It’s like always having a friend with you. To look in the backseat of my car and see my son sitting there with me is the best feeling. They seem like they will make great parents and a beautiful baby!!

Betty on

” in this case from strangers who think they know his wife better than he does.”

So u’re a close relative of them instead, right? LMAO

Tess Martin on

Best wishes for both and enjoy the process.

Gigi on

@elyse you have missed the point immensely. I didn’t say it was wrong for her to want to be Susie homemaker, but that she is portraying herself that way when she really isn’t, and that he is clueless about it. Do I know this for a fact, no, it’s called an opinion and we are all here voicing it. You don’t know it’s not true, either, so please get off the high horse already, it’s unbecoming. I bet you are genuinely shocked at every celebrity divorce. You call it “negative” well some of us actually understand what most of Hollywood is all about. If I’m wrong about them I will gladly eat my words in 50 years. Can you say the same?

Betty on


Agreed Gigi. And for the record, I think it was clear what you meant in your very first comment.

Karen on

He forgot to mentioon “Sleep” will not be in his vocabulary!! Of course their will be a “24/7 Nanny” to take care of the lack of sleep for him! Congrats to the happy couple!

Dayle on

Congratulations to the beautiful parents to be! I love how positive Ryan is. I think they will make great parents!

cindyann on

Wow, Gigi and Betty have ESP and know Blake personally, with her and Ryan every day you know?! They have first hand knowledge of Blake’s ideals and desires on being a parent. We should listen to them and agree but wait, we aren’t nutjobs who ASSume we know everything..Sorry Betty and Gigi, you LOSE! You are just lunatics ranting and raving about a complete stranger, smh at stupid.

Di on

Well said Elyse.

Guest on

In this picture they look so much alike . The baby will be beautiful!!

Zann on

So happy for them. Congrats!

TheTruth on

The truth is….she’s Veronica Bee-Stings. Google it.

MariC on

Gigi and Betty must be such a pleasure to be around. Their families must be so proud.

felinegroovey on

And this little one will have two cute redheaded dogs as siblings. 🙂

Takeabreak on

Why do there always have to be so many fights in the comments? All I know is that these two seem excited to have their first child together. Congratulations. Enough said.

Tonja on

Awe! I bet he will be a fun and loving daddy 🙂

MFB on

Congrats to all couples expecting. I wish Ryan and Blake a healthy baby and safe labor.
Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz already.

Ayisha From Brooklyn on

Very nice looking couple.

krista on

Congrats to the happy couple😊.

Elyse on

Not assuming the worst or giving the benefit of the doubt is considered being on “a high horse” now? While assuming the worst is considerd “becoming”? We’ll just have to agree to disagree there.

You’re missing the point if you think my comments are some kind of strident declarations on either of them as people, or the state of their union.

I’m well aware thatat least half of all marriages end in divorce, as I’m sure everyone else is. I simply wish them and the best, like I would anyone else just starting on their journey.

If they get divorced, I’ll feel sorry for their kids like I would with anyone else. At the end of the day, hey’re just human beings, like you and I. They’re not casting negative aspersions on my marriage or life choices.

I hope were all here in 50 years, and stereotypes like ‘Susie Homemaker’ are no longer part of the vernacular.

KingKing on

Congrats! Ryan seems to have a good head on his shoulders.

Gigi on

I have no doubt in 50 yrs we will still be listening to Elise on her high horse, lecturing everyone on how they should think and behave. Oh, to be so perfect must be exhausting (sarcasm intended)

not a fan on

Please, sir, do not aspire to be your child’s ‘buddy.’. Please, oh please, be your child’s FATHER. May God bless us, every one.

Ellie on

He is adorable and excited about his new baby. He adores his wife. All the haters on here are just jealous and wish they had the same. Most, (if not all) of them are likely single mothers with absentee baby daddies. Playing my violin for you all. Pathetic.

B on

There’s something about a man who seems like a good Daddy that makes them so much more attractive. Love a man who loves his wife and children! Makes them even more attractive in my eyes!

casmia on

LOL at the the special few who keep returning to this thread to keep adding more snarky feedback to what was nothing more than a “feel good” article.

Anonymous on

Excited about having a buddy? Get a friend. Kids should not be your friend until they (or you) grow up.

Cad5902 on

Excited to have a buddy? Get a friend. Kids should not be your friends until they (or you) grow up.

Elyse on

…is no one is in possession of the complete truth when it comes to the personal lives of other people.

Everyone has their own agenda. The more desperate they are, the more likely they are to push big lies, or believe anything they read.

The gossip bloggers are more desperate to make a buck than many of the celebrities they write about. Look at all of the ads on their sites. Some even routinely write copy and shill for credit cards, feminine protection products and the like. These are the type of pseudo journalists who will kiss up to celebrities who have real clout, and a rabid fan base, while picking on the less powerful who nonetheless have a dedicated base of haters they can count on for clicks when they throw out their latest troll bait. It’s quite ironic to watch them get on their high horses and rail against “famewhores” while they try to cultivate their own fans and make $$$$ by pandering to peoples’ baser instincts, or desire to feel better about themselves by ridiculing the rich and famous.

On the other end of the spectrum are mags like People. Most of the time they’re a publicist’s dream for celebrities, unless said celeb gets caught up in a scandal. The puff pieces are obvious, but the way I see it, they’re not really hurting anyone. Of course there are people who like to live vicariously through celebrities, but there are worse ways to get an escape now and then from this thing called life.

Ryan Reynolds has made me laugh on a number of occasions and is one of the more entertaining and articulate celebs out there, and for that I thank him. I hope he enjoys fatherhood, and a long happy marriage.

Elyse on

Lol at people obsessing on the word “buddy” when all of his other comments are abut the kind of FATHER he wants to be. Congrats Ryan. It sounds like you’ll make a good Papa.

newmexicogirl422 on

A child is your “buddy” a lot of the time, especially in the newborn/infant stage. They hang out with you while you go about your daily life, rather than drive, do laundry, or grocery shop on your own you do it with them alongside. It is very special and very fun.

Ellie on

People can call me a “Suzie Homemaker” all day long! I am quite comfortable in my skin and would welcome the compliment. Some people are not insulted by innocent labels. Homemaking is a skill and not all women or men do it well. Some women and men use their time at home to cook, bake, decorate, craft, entertain, sew, organize, etc…..and they do it with a smile on their face, and with love in their heart!

Elyse on

Reading these comment, I get the feeling some ppl like to pick on the rich and famous. My mom was my mother and my best buddy. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. She loved being a homemaker and her job as a teacher.

Gina on

Yeah, right! Wait until your baby throws up on you and you have to endure horrible poop stench..

Judy on

They look so happy!!

Anonymous on

MJ- Obviously you didn’t read the article. He knows what that stuff is like, because he’s been through it before with his nieces and nephews! 🙂

GM on

These two are look alike LOL.

lilly pond on

Love them. Beautiful couple.

dellaaurora on

I’m so happy for Ryan and Blake. They’ll be very cute parents. They seem on could 9. Yes, being a parent is an enormous responsibility and job but, please, don’t be that negative. He has some experience with his nieces and nephews. So, clearly, he won’t be that bad. Sure, he’ll be surprised and challenged as a father since his experience with his own child will be completely different from his experience with his brother’s children yet, this experience will come in handy in some times of his life as a father as well as helping his wife. Good bless them and their unborn child ❤ 🙂

West on

They look a lot alike . Could pass for brother and sister.

Anonymous on

Wow is that going to be a beautiful baby!!