Kourtney Kardashian: Why I Won’t Have a Home Birth

11/19/2014 at 03:30 PM ET

Keeping up with a newborn isn’t easy, but Kourtney Kardashian is happy to take on the challenge by herself.

When the reality star welcomes her third child in December, the mom-to-be already has plans in place to take a serious time out.

“I love doing everything myself at the beginning,” Kardashian, 35, says in the December/January issue of Fit Pregnancy.

“I’m not getting a baby nurse. I take two months off and no one is allowed to bother me or talk to me about anything work-related — or maybe three months this time.”

Kourtney Kardashian Fit Pregnancy cover
Courtesy Fit Pregnancy

The fashion designer — who is also mom to daughter Penelope Scotland, 2, and son Mason Dash, 5 next month — will spend those first few months building the bond with her baby through breastfeeding.

“I nursed Mason for 14 months and Penelope for 16, and I loved it,” she shares. “It was built-in time that the two of us could share alone every day. I didn’t have any goals or expectations.”

Fortunately for Kardashian — who’s been craving New York bagels with cream cheese and jelly — she expects to bounce back quickly from the delivery, as the recoveries from her past pregnancies have been seemingly smooth.

“Both were really easy. I actually pulled both babies out of me!” she says. “I was out of the hospital so fast both times because I just wanted to get home. I stayed in my pajamas for 30 days and kept the house really quiet.”

She continues, “It’s the only time I feel I have that excuse to shut everyone out and shut everything off. That time is a gift.”

One thing she is planning on: having the baby at the hospital.

“I think it’s smarter and safer,” Kardashian explains. “I witnessed a home birth with my sister Khloé and, after seeing it, I felt it wasn’t for me. There was too much risk involved and it wasn’t as sanitary as a hospital.”

But not everything will mimic the first two times she became a mother. Although Kardashian was surrounded by her family for Mason’s birth, she hopes to keep the hospital room a little less crowded with her third child.

“I really want a calm environment, and with too many people in the room, it’s hard to focus on what’s going on,” Kardashian explains.

“This time I think I’ll have some calming music. Just no candles — I don’t want any fire situations.”

Kourtney Kardashian Fit Pregnancy Cover
Courtesy Fit Pregnancy

Over the past few months, a lot has been happening to prepare for the family’s new addition. Kardashian and her longtime love, Scott Disick, recently moved into a new home — they wanted to give their kids more space to play — and are still working on renovations.

And although they have found out the baby’s sex, the couple have yet to decide on a name — or even a nursery.

“The room is neutral now,” Kardashian says. “It has lots of grays, which I think is pretty. We’ll probably just keep it the way it is.”

Once the baby is born and the family of five have had their time together, Kardashian will return to work. And between her responsibilities with Keeping Up with the Kardashians and their expanding empires, often times, her professional obligations blend with her personal life — something Kardashian used to struggle with.

“After Mason was born, I’d feel guilty doing anything that wasn’t related to work,” she recalls. “If it was a good friend’s birthday and I had to go to dinner, I’d think, ‘I don’t want to be here. I want to be at home.’ ”

But the birth of her baby girl shifted her views on maintaining a social life. “After my daughter was born, I made a promise to myself to live in the moment,” Kardashian says.

“Now, if I have to go to New York for work for one night, I’ll meet my friends for dinner and really enjoy it… Also, Mason and Penelope have each other now, so I don’t feel as guilty about leaving them occasionally.”

Kourtney Kardashian Pregnant Fit Pregnancy cover
Courtesy Fit Pregnancy

— Anya Leon

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nrych on

Oh boy, I can’t wait for all the backlash on her saying she doesn’t think a home-birth is a good idea lol! Annnnnnd…. go!

Essie on

Hah, nrych! I agree with her- in fact, I thought I’d never agree with anything a Kardashian said, but she makes a lot of sense to me, in this article 🙂

Emily on

I really hope there are not negative comments- homebirth is not for everyone! And that is okay. Everyone has different preferences. I personally prefer a hospital birth for the help they provide after baby is born (I really enjoyed having nurses tend to me and having food sent to my room, etc.) but I understand the appeal of a homebirth as well.

grandma on

she really is the most level-headed one of this whole family. and i can completely relate to that feeling of not enjoying time out with friends or my husband and feeling anxious because I ‘just wanted to be home’ with my first baby. i think it was a part of my ppd.

Boobymama on

She is 100% right wbout homebirth, my son died at a planned homebirth that went wrong. I was healthy, non eventfull pregnancy, but he turned out to be breech and he died of head entrapment on the way to the hospital. My midwife swore up and down the whole pregnancy that he was head down, but she was wrong, and he died. I held him in my arms as he took his last breaths and my life has never been the same. If we had been at a hospital he would have lived.

blessedwithboys on

@Boobymama Yes, if you were in a hospital am emergency csec may have saved your baby. I’m very sorry for your loss. xoxo

Re: HB in general…Several years ago a family of kids at my son’s school lost their mother during an *elective* csec. My sister was born at home, unplanned, after a precipitous labor. The birth was uneventful and she is now grown and had three kids ofher own.

Women can certainly birth wherever they choose to, and for women like Kourtney who have easy births it’s not to terribly risky to be in hospital. But for almost half of all American women who birth in hospital, the result is an iatrogenic surgical birth.

Hospital births can be extremely dangerous.

While I respect Kourteny’s right to her opinion, I do argue that hospital birth is not more sanitary. It is more clinical, but hospitals are full of germs. As long as the house is reasonably clean, it is no less sanitary than a hospital.

Can’t wait to see the baby, Kourtney makes super cute kids!

Cricket2.0 on

She seems like a really good mom.

I agree that, for me, hospital births were the right choice. I’m a worst case scenario planner. I’d rather place my baby’s safety over my comfort.

julie on

There is so much judgment when it comes to pregnancy and birth. It really is a personal choice women and their partners should make together. Do your research, be informed. Kourtney explored her options and decided on what was best for her.

Personally, the risk involved with at home births don’t seem to be worth it to me. However, if you have the money to really invest in the process (like Gisele), go for it.

annie on

khloe was born in the 70’s or 80’s? home birth HAS come a long way. no reason why it cant be safe/sanitary, especially since she has alot of space and moolah to make it happen.

stefani duke on

WOW! she is amazing, aside from the moaning at Scott, I think she is by FAR the best K-Dash. I love that she is all mommy, MOST of the time. I agree on the hospital birth, and she is entitled to her opinion, no matter what! You go GIRL!!!! and congrats on the new impending expansion…can’t wait to see your beautiful baby

Lp on

Annie, Kourtney meant that she and Khloe witnessed a home birth together, not that Khloe was born at home.

Macie on

I actually have a lot more respect for her. Very often, you are made to feel guilty for not having a home birth, but I agree; sometimes it’s not a good idea. If I had been born at home, I would have died, because of unexpected complications. I think there may be an intelligent Kardadhian after all!

Sarah on

I have my babies at home BUT agree that it isn’t for everyone and it is great we have the choice to birth wherever and however we like.

I don’t agree with the unsanitary remark though. Hospitals carry far more germs than our own homes!

Katie on

I loved the idea of a home birth but I had to have an unexpected 37th week ultrasound and I swore it looked like the umbilical cord was around his neck. The tech. said no and it was just a shadow. Flash forward two weeks and my son’s heart rate dropped so fast it scared every medical professional in my room. Being only 4 cm my dr. did a c-section. The cord was wound tightly around his neck twice and my dr. said a vaginal birth likely would have strangled him or left him severely brain damaged. So glad I went with my gut and chose a hospital. My pregnancy was without any complications until that last moment. For me it just wasn’t worth the risk of trying a home birth.

lynette on

I agree with Emily. I know of a woman that had an at home birth and she was a hot mess because she did not prepare for life afterwards. If you don’t have a strong support system and a plan that covers everything including taking care of your family after you give birth, then an at-home birth is probably not the best idea.

Guest on

It’s funny how life is so different for wealthy people. I’m referring to the comment in the story how they moved to a new house so their kids could have more room to play. How much room do they need? They have a yard the size of an elementary school. Well I think Kourtney is a good mom but has poor taste in baby daddy. If Scott is a good dad you wouldn’t know it by the show. Not saying he doesn’t love his kids, I’m sure he does, but this man would rather go out and party than stay home and be a dad. From the show it seems he would be better suited for Khloe than Kourtney.

Stacy on

She is certainly the most sane, level headed and intelligent female in that whole family of wretched fame mongers and trash.

Barb on

I give Muss Kardashian credit for being all consumed with her children but as a way her of the show my concern is her inability to have intimacy with her children’s father and using the children as an excuse. They don’t sleep together because she sleeps with the kids. They don’t go out as a court because of the kids.
Point is…if you’re willing to have children with someone that person need just as much attention. Anyone who uses their children as an excuse to repel intimacy needs to stop having children until the issues are resolved. The kids will sadly pick up on the cold front between mommy and daddy and that’s sad. She would have been better off using a sperm donor.

csudh1486 on

not only does she seem like the most sane kardashian, she’s also the most gorgeous…good luck, kourtney

CJ on

She is entitled to have that choice of how and where she would like to have her baby delivered..At least she gets to take time (2to3 months) off to bond with her baby unlike the rest of working America.. She seems very sensible in knowing what’s best for her kids..Good Luck to her and Scott.

KuntrashiAn on

Oh please it sounds like she has it all and a perfect life but news flash she probably doesn’t. Scott didn’t even want this one and he’s falling apart due to this stress and his parents death. Kourtney is selfish and just thinks about herself. No kardashian should procreate

Tracy on

She’s very beautiful and normal, unlike her sisters. Even Khloe is much more high maintenance now. Kourtney may have her issues with Scott, but she seems like an amazing mom.

Jim on

What a great article. Love her approach – she’s treasures the time she gets to bond with her children. Good for her! Why though does she keep bringing children into the world with an alcoholic father she has to mommy & discipline like one of her kids?? She must like that.

barnaby on

I am really impressed with her outlook. She is so chill. Except bagels with cream cheese and jelly sounds yuck!

Ginger on

Kourtney looks great, the most down to earth of Kardashians!

Laura on

I have NO investment where a mother births, but to say your home is less sanitary than a hospital is ludacris. People die at the hospital. Your body is used to your germs.

Sandy Kay on

Wish these idiots would stop reproducing….they contribute absolutely nothing to this planet and are just taking up space. They are idiotic, trashy, narcissistic, ignorant, immoral and vulgar. Who gives a flying #%*+# what they think about anything…….? I mean really…?

stacey on

She seems like a great mom, and I love that she sleeps with her kids!

Ashley on

@barnaby bagels and jelly or jam as I prefer, is the bomb! You should try it!

Charli on

She seems so sensible. I wish her well

Alia on

I hope she realizes what a lucky woman she is. It seems like a big wish of hers in life was to be a mother, and now she will have 3 beautiful kids. Not to mention beautiful house, clothes, money, job, etc.. And managed to do all that without even getting married (no disrespect there, just impressed). She should be thanking whoever she thanks every day.

Tonja on

At least she spends time with her children. Unlike her self centered pig of a sister.

Sara K on

I love her. She’s so level-headed!

Molly on

Kourtney looks great on that dress!

veronica on

Great Article Kourtney!

Anonymous on

This is one Kardashien that seems to have her head on straight! And as far as Scott goes, I don’t think it’s fair to judge him by what he’s like on the show, since most (if not all) of that is almost certainly for ratings (i.e., not real). Kourtney doesn’t seem like the type who would put up with a man who acts the way Scott does on the show, and out of the K sisters, she is the only who has maintained a stable, long-term relationship. That, IMO, speaks volumes!

Anonymous on

Barb- Given the fact that she’s about to have his third child, somehow I don’t think we need to worry about Scott getting intimacy from Kourtney! 😉

nanu21 on

GEEEZZ! this is her THIRD child not her first…….is she ever going to marry Scott?

LaVonda on

I know whatever decision she make will be a good one. Congratulations Kourtney.

MN on

Women can give birth wherever they choose, but to say there’s too much risk at home and it is not as sanitary? So not true. I’m pretty sure your home is ten times more sanitary than a hospital, at least I don’t have people with infections and diseases chilling out and breathing air in my home. And to a woman with a healthy pregnancy, at least she won’t be forced into having unnecessary procedures that puts her and her baby at risk at her home! My first labor and birth at the hospital was an absolute nightmare. My second at home with a caring and compassionate midwife was far less risky and sanitary as Kourtney likes to put it, not to mention more peaceful and satisifying. Hopefully women on the fence won’t take advice from a Kardashian.

Sue d on

Excuse me but….work? Exactly what type of “work”? Relaxing at the Hamptoms or Fiji??

Mindy on

I had a home birth and loved it, there was a higher safety level for me that I appreciated, much better prenatal care than with my first baby (hospital birth) but it is not for everybody and I don’t think that anyone should feel pressured into a home birth if they are not comfortable with that or if appropriate care is not available. Each mother should make an informed choice and pick the birth place that”s best for her.

Cricket2.0 on


I am so tired of hearing how hospitals forced things on birthing women. Advocate for yourself! Say no. Educate yourself on the effects and risks of all meds, different birthing positions, and pain management. I blame an epidural for things going downhill more than I am willing to believe that every American doctor is out to force you into a c-section or a birth you aren’t comfortable with. The Business of Being Born has taken off with popularity and it’s slightly ridiculous. Advocate for yourself!

LeSigh on

This is the smartest thing any Kardashian has ever said in the history of the world.

angelamarieknight on

If I had opted for a home birth, my second son and I would be dead. I encountered a rare complication called an Amniotic Fluid Embolism. Only being within a hospital with an excellent trauma center can help someone who is unfortunate enough to experience it. I know that everyone wants to make their “birth plan” unique and special, but sometimes things happen that you hadn’t planned on…I am glad she is playing it smart.

Ashley on

Kourtney has always been my favorite in this family, and the best looking one, in my opinion…my bet is the baby is a girl 🙂

I am entitled to my opinion on

Hospitals are no way safer than home in terms of germs, but at least she can reach out to the doctors easily in case of an emergency. I hope she doesn’t air on TV hr childbirth as it happened with Mason. Highly doubt it but we’ll see…If Kim is in the labor room, there will be cameras for sure.

guesty on

My brother’s wife had a home birth and the baby died. She had a healthy pregnancy. There were unseen complications and the ambulance got there fast but it was too late. They were told that had she been at a hospital and had a C-Section that baby would be here today. So – this is the smartest thing I’ve ever heard from a Kardashian mouth.

Jessica on

I agree with Kourtney 100% on hospital births. My first son was 3 1/2 weeks early, and a footling breech that I delivered under 2 hours labor. He was a emergency delivery without time for a C-section since his leg was out by the time I got to the hospital. For my 2nd son, I was told to get to the hospital ASAP when labor started. It was a 4 hour labor, he was over 10 lbs and broke his collarbone during delivery. When I hear of home deliveries, it scares me for these women and their babies, because for me, I don’t think my boys would have survived home births.

fer on

Like Essie said, this Kardashian does make a lot of sense. Good for her! I just don’t understand her choice of baby-daddy…..

lmack69 on

she seems like a really great, focused mom. she makes beautiful kids!

Elizabeth on

@annie She is not referring to Khloe’s actual birth, but rather a home birth a couple years ago that her and Khloe were present at.

Suzi on

I love her. Kourtney really does seem like a totally fantastic Mom, very involved from day one. Best of Lucky Kourtney and Scott! Much love!!!!

Alia on

Agh, I am having many issues with posters on here praising Kourtney for being a good mother while at the same time insulting and attacking Kim by saying things like, at least she spends time with her kids unlike her sister, etc., etc., Hello, the only reason Kourtney is able to live in the kind of luxury she has is because of KIM and because KIM works and yes, has to leave her child while she works. That is Kim’s job. I’m sure there are plenty of ladies on here who have kids in daycare WHILE THEY WORK. But it’s so easy to be judgemental of Kim, she is such an easy target. The reason Kourtney and Scott are living in luxury, Kourtney gets to make her own schedule, gets to take months off at time to be with her kids, is BECAUSE OF KIM and because Kim works.

Katie on

I work in a hospital, I have four kids, I’d never have them at home knowing what I do. Minutes can mean the difference between a normal life, to a brain damaged baby, to the death of that young Mom….. The one thing I know, is there is never a “routine” anything. To each his or her own, but just remember, if that midwife needs to call the Dr in an emergency, he or she is not God, they get caught in traffic, too. The stories I could tell you would make your head spin! For once, this Kardashian seems like she has her head on straight.

Anonymous on

The only smart one in that family

L on

Say what you want about her nasty family but she seems like a great mom & down to earth person. I like that she has been distancing herself from those vapid people. Best of luck Kourtney.

messiejessy on

I cannot disagree with her here. This is actually a pretty good article and it does seem like she is pretty level headed compared to the rest of the clan and their shenanigans. While I can understand the appeal of intimacy and privacy with a home birth, for me personally it would just be too risky. I’m such a planner, a worst-case scenario “what if” worrier that I’d be too afraid of the potential mishaps. I understand all of that can happen any day in the hospital as well but I guess the peace of mind of having emergency access and personnel makes me feel more at ease. I even planned to deliver at a hospital that had a NICU over one without so in the event that the unforeseen occurred, my baby wouldn’t be transported to another hospital while I was stuck at another recovering. These are all things expectant mothers should be concerned with I assume but in the end it all comes down to your personal comfort level.

sandy on

I agree about being in the hospital! I wanted a natural delivery & stayed home as long as possible. Then I got into the hospital and continued on my very long labor- to find out later I needed an emergency C-section. Thank goodness I wasn’t at home! I also liked being taken care of- and leaving the mess behind!! Not all of it is perfect- but I feel it’s totally a personal decision and NO ONE say one is more right than the other. Just like breast feeding- it’s a personal choice that should be respected.

lilly pond on


kb on

I totally agree that how women give birth is completely up to them- to each her own. With that said, and this is coming from an RN, a hospital is in no way more “sanitary” than a home (unless of course you live in a sewer- in which case please proceed to the nearest hosptial asap, regardless of whether or not you are with child lol)

Anonymous on

The most level headed of Kardashian sisters!

Joy on

Whatever! Why does this make news. Some celebrities never announce where they plan giving birth. As long as the baby is that’s all that matters. Who cares Kourtney.

pharmy on

Yeah there is little more risk when u do homebirth. I was considering it up until i found out i was having twins. If I had a homebirth I would of lost both my girls because I had to have an emergency c-section but because we were in hospital and because of all germs my daughters caught staph infection and one of them died. She just wasnt quite strong enough to fight the infection yet while my other daughter caught it 3 days later. Those 3 days though gave her just enough strength to fight it. There are both positives and negatives to both.

Srishti on

As a citizen of a country in which till recently there was no option but to give birth at home I really don’t know why americans balk at hospital births. My dad’s older sister had no other option but to give birth with just the female relatives. I wouldn’t exist if I had not been born in a hospital-i was born premature.

Author Alys B. Cohen on

Oh, Kourtney, homebirths aren’t unsafe. Look into how many people a year die from infections they got IN the hospital (hospital-acquired infection). If your home is less sanitary than a hospital, you’ve got problems. Also doctors are notorious for coercing unneeded interventions, and the maternal death rate is now on the rise–in hospitals.

Frankly, it’s really bitchy to insinuate that homebirths are unsafe and stupidest because you don’t want one. How does Khloé feel about what you have to say?

I had a homebirth because the doctors made sure I knew I was not going to be allowed a say in how I gave birth. They were mandating a c-section based on their own unfamiliarity with a medical condition I dealt with as a kid, that has no bearing whatsoever on vaginal births. Unfortunately, a c-section carries a 50% chance of death for me because of my remaining half-set of intestine being adhered to the front go my uterus. A c-section would require cutting it up, and you an’t exactly live a decent life without any intestine left. I had a homebirth. Daughter came our chin-first and sunny-side up. She’s almost five, and we were both completely fine. So much for the claim that it would be impossible for me to birth vaginally because of an intestinal issue.

So sometime try telling me how hospitals are so safe and home isn’t, when you relinquish your rights (you may not realize it, but because a baby is involved, court orders to force compliance are easy). The maternal death rate in hospitals is going up. That’s a problem, but yet homebirths are being called dangerous.

If you want a hospital birth and acknowledge the risks (everyone who chooses homebirth acknowledges the risks), fine. But don’t start talking about how it is THE safe and THE smart choice. Respect other people making a different decision about location, and if you feel it’s the better choice for you, just say that you feel it’s better for you, instead of working in a way to slam people who do different.

Author Alys B. Cohen on


You don’t always have a chance to say no. Your consent doesn’t HAVE to be obtained for things like Pitocin. The forms you sign give the hospital a lot of leeway to allow the doctor to make decisions for you. GOOD doctors will still ask you, but even on A Baby Show, they showed doctors ordering things the moms were clear from before labor that they didn’t want, and without getting consent. That happened with cameras. What do you think happens without cameras?

Sad truth is that doctors can get court orders 24/7, and babies have been removed from mothers by CPS/DCF for “child endangerment” due to mothers going against medical advice, such as to have a c-section in the house before shift change. In some instances, women and babies have died from forced interventions.

Some people are fine giving the doctor the final say, and then feel like they’re in control when the doctor asks (and they just say yes). Not everyone is. Those who are more vocal about making their own decisions are the ones more likely to have problems and have things forced on them. If you’re the type who has doctors on a pedestal and think they know best, then you won’t experienced a forced intervention since you’ll be blindly saying yes anyway. Try telling them you refuse to have the IV, and to lay down in bed with monitors strapped to you. Try telling them you’re going to walk around, and push when YOU feel your body telling you. Unless you luck out and get a doctor who supports mother-led, natural birthing, you’re going to have people pissed off at you and forcing you into doing least some, if not all, of it THEIR way.

Anne on

@ Annie- As far as I know, Kourtney & Khloe WATCHED a woman give birth at her own home. I don’t think she meant that Khloe was born at her house.

ND on

Kourtney looks fantastic. Good for her!

Likely on

I have 5 children. I chose hospital birth simply to remove the added risk faced when home birthing. My first delivery was the least complicated. But those that followed each had their complications and I believe taking a risk for myself is one issue but any additional risk for the child is not acceptable….period. All births have possible risks but why add any to the child…..just not a responsible decision in my opinion…:)