So Cute! Kim Kardashian Proves North Saves Her Smiles for Home

11/19/2014 at 10:00 AM ET

It turns out that precious pout is all for the cameras.

In two separate snapshots on Instagram Tuesday, Kim Kardashian proved her daughter North knows how to turn on her game face for photographers.

“What we’re like at home … ” she captioned a picture of the mother-daughter duo showing off their big smiles.

But moments later, the reality star posted a second shot of the 17-month-old’s serious stare. “What we’re like in front of the paparazzi … ” Kardashian, 34, wrote.

Kim Kardashian North Paparazzi Smiling Face
Courtesy Kim Kardashian

We’re not surprised that North — who recently enjoyed a day out at the zoo — has perfected her pint-size poker face while in public.

After all, her famous father has been known to maintain a stern face while out and about — but Kanye West can clearly turn that frown upside down behind the scenes.

Kim Kardashian North Paparazzi Smiling Face
Courtesy Kim Kardashian

— Anya Leon

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Showing 53 comments

Sandy Kay on

Why would she smile…? She has a jackass for a father and a porn star for a mother….some people should not reproduce….

Ellsworth on

She’s got her mom’s old nose.

KTrash on

I think she’s looking at Mommy (aka the nanny) in the first picture.

nini on

she is an adorable baby!!!!!

floormodel on

I’m so glad the nannies both got a day off.

Sacré on

She really is a beautiful little girl.

Johanna on

Are you kidding the nanny is probably the one taking the picture!!

Anonymous on

This mother daughter picture makes Kim beutiful. PLEASE STOP WITH THE NAKED PICTURES!

Amy on

Poor kid. Two dopes for parents.

Suzi on

I feel so sorry for that baby…….she has two of the most completely ignorant and repulsive parents on the planet.

aleciazenkerthefarmerswife on

Who dresses their kid in all black, ALL the time?! Seriously, she’s a baby.

Bettyann on

do we now need to be subjected to the FUGLY spawn of kim/kayne?

Melissa on

North looks just like Kanye in the second picture. At least we know he’s the father…

Sherry on

North is so cute. In this pic I can see both Kim and Kanye all in that little face of hers!

Anna M. on

Yep…when their popularity is down…we get nude pics of body parts or pics of baby North. It is a pattern over and over again.

kathy from fla on

Who cares? She won’t be smiling once she finds out what as*** her parents are! She is adorable.

Elsa on

North West is innocent and beautiful~!
Adults who think and/or post negative comments in regards to a child are LIVING A SAD LIFE!!!!
Don’t act like you don’t want Kim’s life and her man!! HATERS!!!

Lilyflower on

Awwwww that smile is adorable. She is beautiful.

Carrie W on

She is a pretty little girl but let me get this straight….North saves her smiles for private time and Kim shows her a$$ off for the entire world to see? OK – got it!

Cricket2.0 on


L on

She’s clearly looking and laughing at whoever is taking the picture, this is all so staged it’s sad. She’s a beautiful little girl but she doesn’t stand a chance with those morons as parents. She will be worse than her Auntie Kylie and mother at 14.

C on

Didn’t recognise Kim with clothes on. North is really a beautiful little girl, would be nice to see her in colours rather than just black.

charlotte on

oh look she is wearing black………AGAIN……..
she is a cute little girl though 🙂

Mom Of Twinz on

So cute.

Mary on

Kim is probably tickling her to get her to smile.

Zeze on

She is an adorable baby, but Kim looks very awkward holding her.

NoDoubt! on

she was laughing cause they said her mom cooks!

NoDoubt! on

@Elsa – NEVER

Eli on

Wow…North is so beautiful!

snakegriffin on

Reading all the comments makes me puke. (In)human race at its best. Where is this world, full of hate for no reason, headed?

Becca on

She’s a beautiful & happy baby!!!

angie on

She is one cute little baby for sure. I agree with so many of the comments on here in that she has 2 idiot for parents. They use her as an accessory. When have they ever done anything for just Ignorth and not publicity? NEVER that’s when. Poor child. Good thing she’s being raised by nannies.

Lisa on

Thats one effing ugly, future x tape star, horrible baby from a trashy family that I still don’t understand why people from tha States and media like People mag worship and feature every single effing day. I bet her nanny was near and was the one who she actually smiled to.

IMO on


IMO on

Elsa I agree with you girly, so sad that people say mean things about people they don’t know period, but gosh leave their kids OUT.

Nadia on

She is sooo cute!!

Sonata on

This picture was simply adorable! And to those who say that “some people should not reproduce,” please, everyone has a right to happiness, especially this innocent child. Even you.

Sophia on

She has her dad’s jowl-looking cheeks 😁😁😩

Mariah on

I might not like Kim but to speak that way about a baby is shameful, specially coming from so call adults.. She’s a beautiful. A baby doesn’t pick their parents . Ignorant fools.

Leslie on

I hope everyone that post such ugly comments do not have children of their own! As women we should empower each other! It’s a great picture! And so is the Paper cover. If all of your lives are that miserable…. Get off your asses and work to look that good!

KuntrashiAn on

Someone else probably made her laugh in the first pic. In the second she probably remembered kim is her dad so she started to frown again. Lol

R on

North is truly a pretty child. I hope she retains all of her NATURAL features into adulthood, but with this family… :/

Michelle on

perfectly said Sandy Kay!!!! Bravo 😉 I feel so bad for that beautiful little girl – being born into that no morals, no class family – she will be in rehab by the age of 16!

Jeanette on

Why she is always in black?

GG on

North is so cute!

nanu21 on

Kim no doubt is in LOVE with herself to the point will do whatever to make sure she is in the news daily…….now using her own child…WOW!!

Nannyto1 on

She’s absolutely adorable… those cheeks!!!

Uh-hUh on

Kim Kardashian-West is an amazingly beautiful woman. She reminds me of the statures you see in ancient Rome or Greece. Her daughter is seriously adorable. And face it, if you wouldn’t buy it, magazines and media couldn’t sell it… who actually is the morally corrupt here?

Anonymous on

Adorable photos!

Ginger on

A few years back I saw a pic of Kim without make-up. She looked better than most without all the goo. Now she continues to work on her face to the point where she looks plastic. Why? She isn’t that old and what’s wrong with a few wrinkles or two?

Anonymous on

North has a cutie pie look!

ceecee on

Bettyann you are a horse’s AS@for calling this child ugly, I really wonder how your children look if you have any. If not pray that yours don’t come out looking like a mutant.

Anonymous on

That picture of North smiling was taken months ago. It’s sad that Kim had to go back so far to try to find one photo of her child smiling.