So Chic! Matthew McConaughey’s Family Joins Him at Walk of Fame

11/17/2014 at 07:00 PM ET

The McConaugheys sense of style is seriously out of this world.

Interstellar actor Matthew McConaughey brought along his biggest supporters — wife Camila and kids Levi, 6, Vida, 4½, and Livingston, 2 next month — to the Monday unveiling of his star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

And it was a true family affair: Almost everyone from the man of honor to his youngest mini me dressed in duds from Dolce & Gabbana.

Matthew, 45, wore a bone cotton three-piece suit while Camila wowed in a blue brocade cotton dress. But it was their three little ones that stole the show: Levi in Appaman‘s Mod Suit ($150) and Standard Shirt ($51), Vida and her floral cotton dress ($1,050) and Livingston in his navy two-button suit.

Matthew McConaughey Walk of Fame
Chris Delmas/Visual Press

Camila and the kids waited while Matthew’s star was revealed, but before long Levi joined his famous father for a few pictures.

And once Vida led Livingston by the hand to stand with her big brother and dad, a proud Camila was convinced to join the group for a family photo.

This isn’t the first time Levi and Vida have supported the actor at an event, but it isn’t exactly how Matthew once envisioned their upbringing.

“Years ago, before I had children — and I always knew I wanted to have children — I thought, ‘When I have children, I don’t think I want to raise them around this industry. I don’t think I want to have them engaged in this industry. I want to move off somewhere and have them outside of it,’ ” he said while being honored at the American Cinematheque’s 28th annual awards in October.

“I can happily and honorably say … I so love having my children engaged in what we do, and meeting the people that we get to work with.”

And Matthew can always count Camila in on any of his adventures — even if it means packing up their crew and taking their lives temporarily on the road.

“When I go to work, she says, ‘All right, kiddos, we’re all going.’ No discussion. She has things she does in her own life that she’s willing to drop, put in second place,” he shared.

“[She says,] ‘You’re the primary bread winner … We’re going with you. This is your career. We’re going.’ That’s a huge privilege.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Scott Huver

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Showing 36 comments

Sara K on

What a gorgeous family! Love the article, as well.

Sunny on

He was fantastic in Interstellar. Congratulations, Matthew!

Vic on

Wow! I thought her already had a star there. Congrats to him! Such a beautiful reading these stories about him. He is so gracious

lynnie on

Lovely photo and lovely family. His wife seems like a classy lady.

Lilah on

Love this family! Congratulations!

Anonymous on

Cute fam. That little one is the bee’s knees 🙂

Beeswax on

Little Vida has the same facial expression as her gorgeous father. They are a beautiful family. Congrats and God Bless…

geminismom on

Cute fam, that little one is the bee’s knees! 🙂

stacey on

The baby boy is gorgeous!!!

Judy on

Beautiful family. His wife comments always seem so grounded. She seems good for him.

jewels1972 on

All of those kids look like mom!!

Angelica on

Beautiful family.

Ginger on

Great picture.

sailor on

A really great pic of the family. Congrats to the guy. I have always liked his work and find him charming in a laid back, straight up, real McCoy kind of way. I am equally impressed with his wife’s demure nature when the day is about him. She isn’t all showy and out to impress – she stands by her husband without needing the spotlight. She appears to be anything but pretentious even in interviews. He definitely married well.

Marie on

The guy wins an Oscar then all of sudden Hollywood wants to kiss his @ss? Wow.

Jenb64 on

I have always liked him, but I heard him talk about packing up his family and going to visit his inlaws in Brazil. They stay for a couple of months and all share one bedroom instead of staying in a hotel because they want to be in the mix of it all. He only lets his kids back one bag, so they have to pack the toys that are the most important to them. It was sweet and shows how important family is to him. All of them cramped together in one small room for two months. I loved him even more after hearing that.

mer on

Now that’s one gorgeous family!! The kids are so beautiful.

CHS248 on

“When I go to work, she says, ‘All right, kiddos, we’re all going.’ No discussion. She has things she does in her own life that she’s willing to drop, put in second place,” he shared.

“[She says,] ‘You’re the primary bread winner … We’re going with you. This is your career. We’re going.’ That’s a huge privilege.”
Wow, it’s so cool that your wife puts her needs and the needs of her children second to yours because you make more money than her.

This seems like something my grandfather would say.

Katie on

“No discussion.”

Glad that’s not my marriage.

noorilhuda on

It’s good that this marriage is intact. Hope it lasts. Camilla is right to give priority to the marriage – these people are off on strange locations for months and frankly it’s not normal or healthy and ends up being an open marriage before long leading to rumors of infidelity, ending in a very public nasty divorce. So good that this couple has their priorities straight.

Anonymous on

CHS248- So you’d rather the kids be without their father for weeks, if not months, on end?!

Anyway, adorable kids, and finally little Livingston gets to go to an event honoring daddy! 🙂 Also, does anyone else think that he looks just like a white, male version of North West?!

kW on

They got robbed with that little girl’s thousand dollar dress. And Matt: she’s dropping everything to be with you to make sure you don’t stray.

guest on

Anybody can get a star on the walk of fame, these days. It means absolutely nothing to get one.

Julia on

Vida’s dress is stunning. I would like one !

marewalker on

Yes I read the article, I wanted to see what all the hype is about.
I personally don’t care about Matthew McConaughy and his movies.
I think he is an overrated person.
Sorry that is MY opinion.

Rosie on

A cute family. Matthew has a wonderful wife, who is willing to drop everything and go wherever he goes. Life is good. I wish them many many more years of happiness.

Vanessa on

$1,050 dress! What is a little one doing wear a $1050 dress? I’m not sure there’s even a good enough reason for an adult to wear one, but a child? Sheesh.

losa on

Livingston looks exactly like Miranda Kerr’s son Flynn.

Brooke on

OMG…Look at Livingston!!! That is the first time we have seen him since he has been a baby!

mommytoane on

Beautiful family. I love Vida’s little dress and braids. Too cute. Great article…its nice to see good ones out there.

Hea on

Beautiful family.

Alyssa on

Thats an Appaman Mod Suit on Levi! So cute!

clara on

Beautiful Classy family. He did a good job selecting his wife thats for sure. Camilla seems so grounded and family oriented.

Ana on

Is it just me or is Levi really short for a 6 year old? I’d think he was 4 if I had to guess.

L on

Absolutely gorgeous family, Levi has always had a very mature/adult looking face. They are all beautiful.

Vinn on

Um $1,050 for a little dress? That’s expensive for a kid!