Coco Rocha: I’m ‘So Excited’ to Be Having a Girl

11/14/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

There’s a miniature supermodel on the way: Coco Rocha is having a girl!

“We just found out Friday,” the mom-to-be told PEOPLE at a Autograph Collection Hotels and Atlantis Paradise Island event in N.Y.C. on Thursday.

Rocha’s daughter will be her first child with her husband, artist James Conran. They announced the pregnancy in October via a unique Instagram video that used technology to capture a pose from 360 degrees — the same system that Rocha used for the digital version of her new book, Study of Pose.

“Now we finally started shopping,” says Rocha, 26. “I had shopped for nothing, it was just one of those things where if you don’t know who, it felt funny. So now I know who you are, I’m so excited.”

Coco Rocha Expecting Daughter Autograph Collection Hotels
MediaPunch/Rex USA

Like many eager and expecting parents, the couple has been going “crazy” with the baby shopping. “We can’t stop!” she shares. “I know sometimes you have to actually stop and work, and so in between, we’re looking at Gilt and Toys ‘R’ Us and Buy Buy Baby.”

The due date will be “in the spring,” but in the meantime, Rocha and Conran are busy thinking up baby names.

“We really thought at one point it was a boy, so we were working on boy names,” reveals Rocha. “So I think we have to perfect our girl names now!”

— Aurelie Corinthios

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Showing 17 comments

arijana birston on

i hope she believes in blood transfusion ,etc when she has a baby and hope that her being a jehova’s witness doesn’t affect the child.

Courtney on

Blood Transfusions are not required to have a healthy baby!

nikki on

she prob wont do a baby shower cause shes jehova witness lol

trost on

Coca Rocha too close to Cockroach

rachel on

An ultrasound is not a fool-proof means of establishing a baby’s sex. Had a friend who was told it was a girl and it ended up being a boy – I guess he was “hiding” it between his legs. 26 is way too young to have an amnio so I’m assuming she is going by what she saw on the u/s.

Kimberly on

I don’t know why more people aren’t surprised at what gender they are having, there are so few surprises in life! It’s too much these days with the gender reveal parties as well. Anyway, ultrasounds are not always 100% accurate, I was told on three separate occasions my second child was a girl and I had a baby boy! I am thrilled with my two sons! I had a feeling I was having another boy. Of course your going to be thrilled with whatever gender you have!

Sara on

She is lovely. She will have a beautiful healthy daughter.

Leigh on

Hey Rachel – you sound like a real whiney downer.

Leigh on

Rachel – wh would you give something that doesn’t concern you so much thought?

Mary on

@Rachel, I’m pretty sure she’s aware that ultrasounds aren’t 100% accurate for gender prediction, because guess what, that isn’t the purpose of the ultrasound.

rachel on

Hey Mary,
Over the course of 2 pregnancies I”ve had multiple ultrasounds so I “guess” I consider myself reasonably well-informed on the purpose of this procedure. Evaluating the gestational age and health of the baby is of higher importance – at least to most of us – when having an ultrasound. Again, an amnio gives you the definite answer regarding sex, but most people don’t risk a miscarriage just to find this out. I’m “guessing”. PS How old are you, 15??

chelza on

Seriously?! arijana, do you have a baby? Did you give it a blood transfusion? Yes? Who cares! No? Still, who cares! Mind yo own business!

Nikki, she can buy all her baby shower gifts & your baby shower gifts & everyones baby shower gifts, so take it easy with the jealousy!

She’s having a baby, that’s what the story is about. Move on with your crazy nonsense onto a hater blog somewhere far, far away from here!


Anonymous on

Kimberly and Rachel- There’s also a blood test available now that can tell the gender with 100 percent accuracy and she may have had that.

That being said, I agree with both of you. I always cringe when I hear people say they’re finding out the sex via ultrasound so that they can bond with their baby, call him/her by name, get to know who he/she is (as Coco put it) etc. I can understand wanting to do that…but what if the U/S turns out to be wrong (and therefore you didn’t really bond with the baby you thought you bonded with, if that makes any sense!)?

I mean, new mothers tend to be overly emotional as it is (with very good reason!). So I can only imagine what adding a huge shock like that on top of everything else might do!

rachel on

Anonymous – thanks for a mature, intelligent post.

lulumaebarnes on

Knowing whether baby is a boy or girl does not mean you know “who” he/she is. Maybe I’m being nitpicky, but this kind of language rubs me the wrong way!

Nikita on

Arijana/Nikki, it’s Jehovah’s Witness. Also childbirth does not require a blood transfusion, so I’m not sure why that even matters. And it’s birthdays that Witnesses don’t celebrate. A baby shower is something completely different.

VM on

Um she is going to be a good shopper for her girl!