Kourtney Kardashian Celebrates Baby Shower with Brunch

11/12/2014 at 05:15 PM ET

Kourtney Kardashian was feeling blue at her baby shower — Tiffany blue, that is.

The reality star’s famous friends and family fêted her pregnancy with brunch at the Conservatory at the Montage in Beverly Hills, California, on Wednesday.

The theme? A very literal (and tasty) take on Breakfast at Tiffany’s. A guest inside the baby bash tells PEOPLE the celebration was “so fun.”

According to an onlooker, “The ladies seemed to have a great time celebrating Kourtney’s baby. They were laughing and enjoying themselves.”

Kourtney Kardashian Baby Shower Tiffany brunch
Courtesy Kourtney Kardashian

Surrounded by white roses in the jewelry designer’s famous boxes, the mom-to-be celebrated with sisters Kim and Khloé and Kylie Jenner and longtime BFFs Malika and Khadijah Haqq.

Missing from the party? Little sis Kendall, whose sad absence was captured by Khloé on Instagram.

Kardashian, 35, is expecting her third child with partner Scott Disick, 31. The new addition will join siblings Mason, 5 next month, and Penelope, 2.

— Michele Corriston

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Showing 64 comments

Maggie on

Really, a fancy baby shower for a third kid when she already has one of each? Wow, I wouldn’t go to a shower for a third kid for my best friend. How tacky can the kartrashians get?

mypiecesandbits on

Kendall looks awful. She used to be pretty. Another one lost to the knife.

Anna M. on

Kim looks so fake. Wish Kourtney a Happy Labor Day!

Shea on

Kylie is the ugly one.

Zeze on

How many baby showers does this self indulgent family need to have??

JustSayin on

A shower for a third child….?
Knock Knock – Who’s There?

linda on

This is in such poor taste. She should be donating this money to charity. Etiquette states showers are appropriate for first babies.

Danielle on

Most women don’t have baby showers after the second pregnancy, unless the baby is a different gender from the first one.

Nicole on

It’s her third baby and she’s having a baby shower. These idiots would throw a party for receiving an updated license in the mail. And then take a selfie with it.

Han on

Who has a baby shower for the 3rd kid? Especially if all kids are under the age 5!

Truthfinder on

It’s Kylie in the picture, not Kendall and YES she has totally changed her look almost “doll” like…I blame the parents for allowing such nonsense at such a young age!

hey now on

What a nice way to celebrate a new baby!

Jay on

I really hope this is her last kid. She keeps getting pregnant with a man who clearly does not want anymore children.

Anonymous on

Another baby shower? REally?

Ann on

Every baby deserves a baby shower. Pure and simple.

DaisyMoon on

Wow…that first pic…Shocking how bad ALL their faces look…
Terrible, terrible photo.

Majda on

Kourtney is for sure stealing Kim’s dress (She also wore it while pregnant)..Still looks pretty though

Madison on

They all look like washed up rag dolls.

nancy on

Sure, everyone WANTS a shower for every kid and everone wants an engagement party and a bachelor party and a bridal shower and a wedding gift. If you are the Kardashians with that many parties then pay for your guests to celebrate, dont expect your friends and family to buy all those gifts!

Diana on

I was raised that you only had a baby shower for the first born. Obviously the Kardashians are above that. If you look at their faces, it looks like they are struggling to smile. I think it’s time for us and the Kardashians to have a vacation away from each other. Please Kardashians,,,,, go away to a very private island for a week. Do not allow any communication. We all need the peace and quiet for at least a week…Please!!!!

Ru on

A baby shower for your 3rd baby….eyeroll.

Christine on

What is wrong with having a party to celebrate the blessed arrival of new life?! It doesn’t have to be about money and gifts… it’s about coming together in fellowship and support of an expanding family. You guys are so mean!

J on

Tiffany’s is for classy people. The theme doesn’t quite fit here. Who has a baby shower for a third baby anyway?

R on

Either Kylie looks 35 or…wait. Kylie just looks 35, like her sisters.

Juliet Ukah on

Reblogged this on Juliet's Blog and commented:
Happy for the only Kardashian that sometimes act like a mother

Ellie on

Kim looks like Elvira. And they are all so overly made-up it’s horrendous. Kendall is smart to stay far from this lot.

Anonymous on

Just when one thinks that anyone/everyone in this entire family can’t get more obnoxious and stupid, they do. Amazing how one mother can raise a so many of useless human beings!

Dee on

What is wrong with wanting to celebrate a new baby? Nowhere in the article does it mention that she accepted any gifts. People need to chill out.

A real woman on

Just when one thinks that anyone/everyone in this entire family can’t get more obnoxious and stupid, they find a way! What a disgusting group of self-indulgent and self-centered phony women! It’s amazing how one mother can raise an entire group of useless human beings! They all deserve each other…

Mary Bowman on

Since when does someone receive a baby shower for EACH of her pregnancies?

heather on

Tiffany themed is pretty hack. Sounds more like something a rich kid would pick for their sweet 16 theme.

oops on

meanwhile Kendall was with Bieber

Marisa on

Hi duck face Kylie!!

guest on

When is she having a baby shower? This is her third child and they have tons of money. Seriously??? So over this family!!!!

dd on

omg…kylie looks ridiculous!!! she looks like a blow up doll. It must be hard for her bcuz her sister is becoming a successful model, i’m sure that it isn’t pleasant for her to see her sister Kendall get so much attention. But Kylie is trying so hard to look like a kardashian. She had her own look, she should have kept it.

Ari on

What is wrong with these women! So much plastic surgery so young! Kourtney is the only one who looks even remotely similar to how she looked when their show started.

dd on

khloe looks pretty good in that white outfit. It’s not ez to wear an outfit like that and not look fat…due to the white color and crop top. She looks really good, good 4 her!

amyinaoaktown on

High priced baby shower for a 3rd baby…um no.

Tiffanysue2 on

Who is the girl on the far right?

Anonymous on

Team Khloe! Love her!

Ann on

Christine, I almost posted what you did. Showers of any kind are
about family, friends, new blessed babies, and the closeness of the
celebration, thoughts, and emotions that go into these gatherings.
Most of these posters are too interested with the focus being on
the Kardashian sisters, tho I know that’s why this was published,
and not the idea that new babies bring some families closer.
They forget that every baby is special, whether they be the first,
second, or, in whichever order they arrive. Congrats!
Christine, you and I are on the same page. Hi friend. 🙂

Diana on

It should be an extremely joyful event…and yet they all have the same constipated smile.

Susan on

All babies are special and deserve to be celebrated! I have four kids and had a shower with each and every one of them.

jackie on

Life is nothing but a party for these people. They should be embarrassed to show their faces in public. Kim should just wear bag over her head. Those photos of her with her big butt on display are hideous.

minx on

Kylie is so young but she looks like a 40 year old pole dancer.

guest on

The friends are even dressing like kim now?

Tammy on

Baby shower for a third child?? Bridal shower for a third marriage?? Ugh…

rainbow on

Ever since Kylie has had her lips done – she stopped with the big smiles. Now she smirks or does fish lips. Google it, big lips = no more toothy smiles.

Rem on

Why does everyone complain about celebrating a new life but no one complains about being forced to buy christmas presents each year? Christmas commercials before halloween…what a gimmick.

Bella on

Kourtney looks like Frog in this picture. Not truly flattering of any of them and they arent ugly girls.

Katie on

every baby deserves a celebration…

ZZ on

These sisters are look like each other.

Jeannie Turschman on

what is with Kims face lmao

Monica on

EVERY baby deserves “their day”! What a bunch of rotten people out there – who cares whose baby it is, this is a joyous time and should be celebrated! Again, it’s so sad all the hate in our world…

Null on

It seems they had good brunch, lots of delicious food there.

vwbrown19 on

How many kids is Kourtney going to have before that loser babies daddy marry her.

Tieraney on

So does the blue theme mean it’s a boy? Or just blue because of Tiffany’s?

treeleigh63 on

I also think a baby shower for the third child is in poor taste. Hopefully Kourtney has is a big enough person to donate the gifts to a charity in the LA area.

Anonymous on

Low life white trash !

Raven on

That’s a lot of makeup sitting at that table.

JD on

Their faces all look like plastic halloween masks!

Sara K on

Kiley’s face is really upsetting. It’s either plastic surgery or tons of makeup. Either way, in the last year her look has completely changed and it’s particularly plastic-looking and frightening, especially her lips. Poor Kylie – you were beautiful just the way you were. But I understand the pressure – her sisters are all really famous and her closest sister is a hot model now.

Tracy on

Kylie, stop now, whatever you’re doing, just stop. You’re young enough to bounce back. You are ruining your face. Kim is too, honestly, she’s looking mighty plasticy. She used to be naturally beautiful but all I see is Botox now.

Anonymous on

Kourtney is the smartest one of the sisters.