Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Handbag from North

11/11/2014 at 03:15 PM ET

North has officially made her debut as an artist.

Proud mom Kim Kardashian showed off her 17-month-old daughter’s colorful creations when she stepped out carrying her custom Hermès handbag.

“Wearing my favorite bag painted by my little North,” the reality star captioned a photo of herself on Instagram.

The tote — a birthday gift from husband Kanye West — features North’s mini masterpiece complete with bright splashes of yellow, orange and blue paint.

Kim Kardashian North Hermes handbag
TC/Splash News

When Kardashian, 34, first opened her present, she thought the piece was done by “some new artist,” she told PEOPLE in October.

“It was all painted really cool and then there was my computer and it said, ‘Press Play.’ I pressed play and my daughter was sitting outside painting the purse.”

We thought she was just proud of her little girl’s stylish skills. But now that we’ve actually seen the coveted carryall, we have to ask: Can North make us one too?

— Anya Leon

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Showing 42 comments

justmemartie on

What am I missing here?… Is it the “I have so much money I can trash an Hermes bag” look? Anybody willing to explain, please do so.

Anonymous on

Oy… fugly …

Dogman69 on

I had to move away from my screen, I thought her lips were going to pop out!! Just say No to Botox!

Amaryllis on

Kanye really likes destroying $20K Hermes bags, doesn’t he?

Sherry on

I think that’s SO sweet. I probably still have almost everything my son ever made me when he was little!

vamanos on

Really cute idea. I think I would get the design screenprinted on the purse though. But I want to do that now, too.

Judy on

Kanye really seems to put a lot of thought into gifts for his wife.

Leah on

I love the way People is “reporting” this instead of the scathing interview with Bruce’s mom about this family. Makes me wonder if the KarJens are indeed on the payroll.

DaisyMoon on

The man needs to stop with the purses…the baby should’ve “painted” on paper…

Remember that other painted bag he gave her…that HUGE ugly thing she’s only been photographed using once, I think…it was truly hideous…so ugly.

Anonymous on

What a one trick pony Kanye is. ‘Personalized Hermes’? So done. In any event, that bag is not the famous Hermes Birkin but its far less expensive sister the Herbag. And from the looks of it, it is not a new bag. Any article of clothing with her daughter’s handprint would’ve been cooler; think jeans, tees, long coat. 🙂

Pam on

What a great mom…break the Internet. Smh!

Melissa on

I think a macaroni card would have done just as well.

Alissa on

Umm….some designs should remain on paper

trost on


ogates on

Hand paint prints on a tote for outings with your kids and family…otherwise–not a good look…unless, of course, it’s my own baby’s print…

Tiffany on

If it were anyone else I would think that it was sweet but for some reason anything to do with them seems staged. And it seems like they are trying to show what wonderful parents they are. Not buying it. The baby never looks happy and is just a walking advertisement for “Yeesus”. Anything for attention.

Ari on

What a waste of a beautiful bag. Why does Kanye insist on ruining Hermes bags?

Lilly on

These are very wealthy people with really nothing to do but pose naked, say silly things, do weird things, and now let their child destroy expensive purses. No, it isn’t cute at all.

Jules on

I would much rather see her carrying North…and then NEVER seeing her or anyone in her family again!

Guest on

Not cute, and everyone commenting here knows it.

Guest on

What crap!

Guest on

WOW! Believe me when I say I loathe the whole Kardashian clan and their antics but this is really cute, along with Kanye. BUT, this is so adorable! SO WHAT IT IS A HERMES BAG? It is their money to spend as they choose and do with what they choose. If you can’t see past that, then you don’t have children or are simply just miserable. I would love to get this as a gift, whether Hermes or a $20 purse from Target…so cute!! If it was indeed Kanye’s idea, I am impressed with one thing he has done in his life. So sweet and something to always cherish! I agree that a screen print on the bag may be better because I would hate to mess it up when cleaning it. Very nice gift! Perfect for moms!!

Stephanie on

Proud mom Kim Kardashian showed off her 17-month-old daughter’s colorful creations when she stepped out carrying her custom Hermès handbag. To the REST Of the World this MEANS…’We are so ridiculous that we let our daughter paint on a bag worth THOUSANDS.. See how into Fashion forward and ‘advanced’ she and WE are.’…

Ashley on

TIffany, yes! North NEVER looks happy, no matter what she is doing…..I feel so sorry for her. She is just not a happy kid; I’ve never seen one photo of her actually smiling. Crazy!

Tamarin on

Lady, really, you’re that stupid that you can’t tell it’s a purse that was smeared with paint by a toddler? (the idea is cute and sentimental….mama is just a massive idiot)

jackie on

umm, ugly, Nice that little North painted it, but Kim almost looks embarassed to be carrying it.

donotlikethat on

Should have taken the money that that bag is worth and donated it, in North’s name, to a food bank so some families could have a wonderful Thanksgiving meal. With North’s hand print on the donation, of course. Now that would have been news worthy. This is just total BS!!!

Not cool on

I am disappointed with you People. You are just perpetuating this notion that Design is an afterthought. Look up the definition of Design. Designing is done with intent. North didn’t “design” this handbag. You can call it art but certainly not Design. That is just offensive to all of the people out there who Design for a living and work hard to excel at their trade. Clearly this little girl was just having some fun finger painting, that’s about it. I highly doubt she conceptualized the whole process. I am not one to generally take things personally, but after being moved by Dan Cassaro’s tweet that started to shed light on the misconceptions people have of our industry, I felt compelled to say something. Just be more sensitive please and try not to perpetuate an already fragile stereotype. Thank you.

NYU0385 on

“…But now that we’ve actually seen the coveted carryall, we have to ask: Can North make us one too?”

Really, People? You guys are stuck so far up Kim’s gigantic ass, it’s not even funny. That purse looks heinous and you know it.

Not cool on

Actually, I take it back. You can’t even call it art. That is just as offensive. It is just a very expensive bag that was destroyed by a small child who happens to be famous by association. So tired of people being famous for pretty much nothing these days.

Gina on

I wonder what Kim really looks like under the plastic face/tons of makeup?

Nikki on

Proud mom? Wouldn’t a proud mom be carrying her kid instead of a hideous bag that was once gorgeous? Not only is that kid going grow up without much parental involvement, but even at 17 months they’re teaching her it doesn’t matter how much you spend, or how much things cost.

Luisita on

That bag looks like it comes out of a low budget store!

jlo27916 on

While this is a very sweet idea- you have to be pompous to do it on a Hermes bag. She’s pretty much saying she can trash 5k+ like it’s nothing. It’s gross when there is plenty more she can do with that money- like give it to charity. It looks kind of messy in my opinion. Why is their paint on the straps and all? It would look much better if the art was just on the sides of the bag… Oh and where’s North?

Guest.. on

I feel like if this was any other celebrity then everyone would be gushing over how thoughtful and creative this would be. But since it is Kim (and her not so pleasant reputation), now everyone is throwing out some harsh comments. It is her little girls creation, and a beautiful one at that. I would be proud to tote it as well.

jacque on

Surprising Mr. and Mrs. Vainglory allowed her to use bright colors since the only colors they know are black, grey and white.

freya on

It’s a freaking BIG MESS and as a mother I would be ashamed to use it outside because if anyone analyzed can analyzed it with a Freudian interpretation that shows how she and that sorry excuse of a rap artist
of a husband of hers what a crappy parents they are. and how it’s affecting their daughters developing mind already.

Anonymous on

I really don’t understand people who click on the article and just write mean things. Do you really have nothing better to do with your life?

KEE on

1. That is NOT a cute bag. 2. If I ever owned a Hermes bag – which I never will because spending that type of money on a stupid bag is insane – I sure as hell wouldn’t let my daughter trash it…and call it art. Holy crap, does this family even know what reality is?

mypiecesandbits on

“I feel like if this was any other celebrity then everyone would be gushing over how thoughtful and creative this would be”

I agree with you to a point. I love it when kids make homemade gifts. However, I really can’t think of any other celebrities who would let their child paint a $10,000 bag. Most other celebrity moms out there I see letting their kids paint little canvas totes or something of the like.

Dawn on

These people do not care how much money they spend on anything. So ridiculous to let a child paint on a Hermes bag! These people are so tacky

D. on

That’s when you have SOOOOOOOOO much money you don’t care what happens to it!! What a waste! If they were really care and awesome people they would’ve spent that $20 grand towards hungry children in the world!