Wow! Christina Aguilera Is Ravishing in Red 3 Months After Baby

11/10/2014 at 09:00 AM ET

Consider this the reason we’re making it to spin class tonight.

Three months after welcoming daughter Summer Rain with fiancé Matthew Rutler, Christina Aguilera returned to the red carpet on Sunday night in a curve-hugging red dress.

With Rutler on her arm, the hot mama took a break from diaper duty for Sunday’s Breakthrough Prize award ceremony in Mountain View, California, where her jaw-dropping post-baby body stole the spotlight.

Christina Aguilera Post Baby Body Photo
Steve Jennings/Getty

Not that this is the first time Aguilera, 33, who’s also mom to son Max Liron, 6½, has left us inspired in recent months.

“As a woman, I’m proud to embrace my body through all stages of life, staying fearless and confident in surrendering to the unknowns the future has in store,” she told V in August after showing off her bump in a nude photo series for the magazine.

— Alison Schwartz

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Showing 68 comments

Erica on

Please stop posting articles about women’s weight. Please. You are perpetuating the wrong stereotypes and are doing nothing to help support women.

Anonymous on

Her eyebrows are out of control. LOL

Guest on

Super fried hair – ack! Don’t get near an open flame.

spoonfulblog on

Yet another article from about a woman’s body after pregnancy. Shouldn’t it matter more that she had a child than what it subsequently did to her body? This coming from the same magazine that says “Amen” when Jennifer Lawrence shuns body haters. Complete hypocrisy.

Anonymous on

Its SOOO disgusting how now the everyday woman has to worry if she has not lost all her baby weight within 1 month after giving birth something is wrong with her. I guess if we had a trainer and worked 7 days a week had a nutritionist and a chef preparing every meal we could do that too!!!

Gemini on

I love her but she’s starting to resemble Mae West! Be more natural my dear.

sandy on

her babys name sounds like a douche that you buy, lol sorry, it just does! and her body…3 mo…well whatever people I think you are being nice, but also shouldnt be posting on womens weight maybe.

BeeHappy on

The way that many of the celebs lose weight so quickly is very unhealthy. Please stop promoting it. No wonder so many girls have eating orders. 😦

Darcy on

I’d love to see a picture of her baby girl!

I agree with Erica about the women’s weight articles. I just had a baby 4 and 1/2 months ago and this made me feel really bad about myself because I still have 20 pounds to take off. lol

Julia on

in a way this photo makes Christina seem like a very normal woman . Her right breast appears about 2 Sizes larger than her left. Very typical of a breastfeeding woman or any woman. And the dress seems to conceal extra baby pounds…

Sandra on

Girl, those curves are dangerous….You look Mahvelous!

Rachel on

Perpetuating feelings of worthlessness in regular women!

donna on

I cant think of one nice thing to say about this picture. However, congratulations on the baby!

Dawn on

She looks miserable 😦 Maybe she’s hungry. She’s a beautiful, curvaceous woman and looks healthy but not particularly happy.

Me on

I say give her a break…to those ignoring facts…she hasn’t lost all the weight, her natural body is tiny, she still has some weight but looks great. She is a bit overdone but that’s her, she would be prettier more natural. But come on, she looks great, healthy. Body police of both ends of the spectrum….no one cares what u think. I say lookin good Christina!

Sissy on

Good for her! Now, if she would just respect being a mother and stop dressing so trashy!!

cb on

besides having chefs, trainers, nannies, etc. alot of these celebs have surgery after babies. they strive to have the perfect body but also want you to think they are normal moms. not !

motherOfbees on

Yes congratulations on your baby! However it doesn’t matter my dear what one does for a living, it is no more sacred or important than any other occupation. This woman has bought into her own hype that keeps her in competition with herself. She appears empty, in a red dress. Go home and eat healthy and sit on the floor with your family. Empower other women to meditate and learn who they are. May we all be well ! ♡

DE on

This “hot mama” that this stupid writer is writing about is NOT normal in the real world! Come on with the over applied makeup, the weight loss, etc., We all know she has access to the all the perks in life and the average women do not. So WRITERS stop the BS writing and give us story lines with importance. Also, it has been reported she is coming back to The Voice…message to her STAY AWAY THE SHOW IS BETTER WITHOUT YOU!! WE MOST MEN AND SURELY THE WOMEN DO NOT MISS SEEING YOU BOOBS ALL ALL THE TIME!!

Pam on

She’s so fake. Everything about her.

robinepowell on

I guess she’s also showing off her breastfeeding “curves” too, lol! :p

Anonymous on

Ravishing? Not sure about that. Maybe without the pound of makeup, fried hair and can of hairspray she wouold look ravishing and a litte more human, less like a cartoon.. Women: this is not beauty.

Carrie M on

I think her body looks just fine. However, I really wish she would stop frying her hair

Cate on

Please stop posting articles about women’s bodies. ALL women look beautiful after having a baby, no matter what weight they are at. Really, it’s the most uninteresting story and it’s OLD and boring.

What a bummer. on

Sucked, tucked, and a plastered-on face! Who finds this attractive??? None of it is REAL! It’s all an illusion. I find it sad that she feels she needs to fake everything about her appearance. 😦

Frank Carrot on

Quit posting stories about women’s weight!!!!!!!!

Common Sense on

People magazine you are a disgrace to all women out there. Shame on you. All the editors at People must be chauvinistic males with pea sized brains and nuts to allow these articles on their site/magazine because no sane woman would ever allow this. If they are indeed women then I recommend someone please give them an IQ test or an MRI to assure they didn’t get a lobotomy at their last Botox injection. By the way, women will go to spinning class because we want to and not because some idiots at People magazine shamed us into it. Shove it Alison Schwartz, I truly hope you’re not a woman but a dude named Alex instead that has no clue. Peace and to all women out there, love your body, having a baby is a miracle and your body hosted that miracle so love every wobbly bit, every stretch mark, and curve.

maryhelenc on

Christina is always gorgeous. She’s got more talent in her pinky finger than most of us will ever have & even when she makes fashion miststeps, she’s stunning.

Jasmine on

Honestly, it’s so annoying the pressure that’s thrust upon new mothers and women in general to be a svlet size 2 after giving birth. It’s unnatural that a woman would shrink back down 12 weeks after giving birth.

Christina looks good, but is she healthy?

heather on

That pose is doing nothing for her.

And I’m sure she’s “stepped out” in the last 3 months.

Mica on

You all have got to stop making these statements when a celeb steps out after giving birth.

In the end though I know you guys know the comments will cause a controversy but happily still make the comments because with the comments section booming, you’ll be able to increase ad revenue.

So in the end you don’t care about hurting the feelings of regular women that just gave birth, you just care about having a viral article.

Which is unfortunate.

lisa on

Lose the 5 lbs. of makeup, Christina! You don’t need it and it looks awful.

Nica on

Christina’s look is so dated and overdone. The fired hair & layers of dark make-up are so harsh. Remarkable how someone so naturally pretty feels like she needs to do all that when a much softer look would enhance her so much more.

Kimber on

She looks great…..but People..please..enough articles praising celebrities for dropping baby weight at a dangerous rate. Yes, some women are actually lucky enough to do so naturally..but the vast majority of normal women struggle on a daily basis to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight. We aren’t all fortunate enough to have a chef to fix our meals and a trainer to put us through a workout while a nanny cares for the kids.

Lookey on

…behold the white powder protruding from her nostrils

Ebony on

Why must she always be orange?

Dawn on

Spanx, people.

Sunflower on

The look on her face makes me think she needs to poop.

Bhavana on

This woman needs a makeover. That bleach-blonde hair and heavy makeup is getting old. It makes her look like a tramp, which she is not. I hope that someone can convince her that this look is not so great.

CHS248 on

People please return to fun articles about celebrities doing interesting things and normal people doing cool things. No more articles about how mothers have lost weight. This focus on weight is insulting to talented women and it does make people who have not lost added weight question their actions.

Mandy on

Some women are going to feel bad no matter what. Its called low self esteem. I lost my baby weight all through breast feeding. I didn’t put on a lot as you are told not to because its not good for you or the baby to gain too much weight. Get over what other people are doing & focus on yourself.

ES on

She needs to go with more natural hair color. Bleached locks are so 80s. Not to mention most brunettes skin tone clashes with blond hair.

All the best actresses today have more natural color – shdaes of brown and red. And it doesn’t hure them any.

Bleached blond look is trashy.

Nancy on

This girl takes herself way too seriously. Way too much make-up, which she doesn’t need. What’s up with her boobs?

Ashley. on

I am a proud fan of Christina, and from all these photos I see of her walking around town, she sure looks like she takes care of herself unlike Britney. Britney’s the one that looks like TRASH with her fake smile, and unbrushed hair.
If you wanna go down someone go down Pamela Anderson, that woman is WRAPPED in plastic.

yahoo on

Her face has always been beautiful and flawless, but she is huge. Go back to your workouts Christina because you are wearing tricks like ruching to make you appear smaller. I watch you all the time and I can’t be fooled.

yahoo on

She wants to appear white to hit all the right ethnic groups and cater to the ones who will buy her music, that is why she always bleaches her hair (even the roots). She is of the lighter skinned hispanic type, but I love her eye makeup although her brows are more on the tranny side. Tone those V’s down honey, that arch is crazy high!

layla on

She had liposuction. I wish these starts would just admit how often they use lipo.

Tammy on

She is lovely but I’m not sure there isn’t some photo shopping on the people’s mag picture. People should not focus SO much on the ‘quick weight loss’ and maybe more on other topics?

freya on

Besides her horrendous make up I think Christina’s body looks great after giving birth she never lost her realistic voluptuous maternal curves and she seems not to be in a hurry to lose it entirely and succumb to unconventional almost dangerous fast way to lose it. And besides her talent is enough to entice people to pay attention to her, and keep her famous.

Dana on

I completely agree with Erica’s comment. Please stop posting articles post-baby for the following reasons, 1) nobody cares; 2) mothers either nursing or otherwise, need to eat and be healthy for their growing baby so these articles don’t help that at all 3) are there any women working at People Mag?. Thanks.

I do agree – her hair is super fried!

Go Away on

Still trashy, I see, Cristina.

Anonymous on

No, we’re going to spin class, to have an hour to ourselves, to take care of us, and to get the energy we need to take care of our wonderful babies – without help from a nanny/chef/personal trainer/assistant!! This article disgusts me.

guest on

if women feel worthless about their bodies its their own problem. This pic says Christina looks great post baby and she is nowhere near as tiny as she normally is, she is bigger through the belly hips boobs. There have been eating disorders for centuries and it pre-dates photoshop. If you feel worthless about your body then do something about it, stop blaming glossy magazines we all know are photoshopped. Men don’t do this why do women?

jewels1972 on

Yeah maybe if I had personal trainers, personal chefs, & nannies with me 24/7, I could bounce back quicker after my baby was born. But the ideal you put forth here, PEOPLE MAGAZINE, is not realistic & is detrimental to women, especially our young girls & their self worth as you promote this unrealistic body image expectation.

KW on

That picture is screaming SPANX

K.B. on

Articles like this only serve to make normal women who have recently given birth feel badly about themselves. Celebrities have access to nannies who will watch the baby while they work out every day, the means to hire a chef to cook whatever they need to slim down, and Spanx to wear under everything. Please stop. It’s so unfair.

Lotte on

Still WAY too much make up, still the cheap red lipstick, still the OTT tangerine skin dye and her boob implants look l croocked now that pregnancy and possibly breastfeeding have made the underlying tissue swell. When is somebody going to explain to this woman that LESS IS MORE doesn’t mean pounds you shed after a pregnancy???

Julie on

Wow no one is going to flip out about her leaving her baby to go out fo the evening? If this was a Kardashian there would be hell to pay!

rickety on

She is a fine singer but expendable otherwise. And there’s nothing remarkable about her size or shape: she is probably wearing Spanx anyway, and that jewelry and those nails and that hair and makeup, ugh! Three months is plenty of time to look “not pregnant,” give me a break! what is the “expected” post-partum appearance or shape? Stupid stupid stupid.

lickerit on

Not attractive, but this is the look she cultivates and sustains, to….Dolly Parton can die knowing the tradition will go on!

That dress cinches the waist and masks shape, and anyway, it takes no special skill to return to pre-pregnancy body, it’s what nature dictates. I couldn’t exercise after my delivery (C-section complications) but the weight just went away within a few months, most of it within the first two-three weeks. Look around the world and ask 10 million women on all the continents and you’ll hear this truth — except that most women are too busy living to pay attention to being on the red carpet in a scarlet gown with Cruella fingernails and Elvira eyelashes…

Pat on

Oh cool

Hea on

Hair looks itchy and her left boob looks to be an implant. She’s a gorgeous woman, I wish she stopped hiding underneath a ton of make up. She doesn’t really need it.

My Comments on

There is nothing special about her. Too much plastic surgery

BenZ10 on

She looks very beautiful! embrace your curves girl!

BenZ10 on

She looks amazing!!!

Dogman69 on

You can hold a beer between those!!

Kathy on

She looks great on the red dress!

TriniKing on

Her German genes keeps her thinner.