Wow! Elsa Pataky Shows Off Body 8 Months After Twins

11/06/2014 at 01:00 PM ET

Elsa Pataky got double the joy when she welcomed twin boys in March. And now she’s getting double the satisfaction after an incredible bounce back.

The Spanish actress stepped out in a revealing red dress for the premiere of her new Women’s Secret short film in Madrid on Wednesday.

But her walk down the red carpet wasn’t the only thing turning heads.

Pataky, 38 — who’s also mom to daughter India with husband Chris Hemsworth — flaunts her fit figure in her new film, in which she plays Anne, a blonde bombshell who is getting ready for an evening out.

Elsa Pataky Lingerie movie premiere

In the video, Pataky is painting, but is interrupted when her phone buzzes with a dinner date reminder. After realizing she has nothing to wear, she heads out — in a towel! — to retrieve a package filled with lingerie.

Setting the mood with some music, Pataky has fun twisting and turning as she poses in a series of sexy underthings.

In a sweet nod to Hemsworth’s role in Snow White and the Huntsman, she uses her paintbrush to write, “Am I the fairest of them all?” on the mirror before letting loose and finally discovering an apple in the bottom of the box.

And while Hemsworth doesn’t make an appearance in the video, he helped his wife prepare for her role. In September, Pataky shared a photo of the couple training together. “Count down for shooting @womansecret short movie,” she captioned the shot.

— Anya Leon

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Showing 51 comments

charlotte on

It’s been 8 months for crying out loud. I would hope that she got her body back. I am sure she had a personal trainer, unlike your average woman who manages to bounce back after giving birth!

carole on

8 months?? I saw photos of her mere days after giving birth and she looked like her old self with no indication she’d just had twins. Lucky…

Sadie on

Well, since we all can pretty much see her chocha, we all have access to her post maternity body apparently.

carla on

Many “average” women have personal trainers and go to the gym both before and after birth, myself included. And even if we do, so what? It’s not like the trainer is doing the work for us. We still have to be active and sweat it out ourselves.

Nikki on

Wow that woman is gorgeous. Those two are the most beautiful couple, ever.

Beth on

How lucky can one woman be? To look like that AND be married to Chris Hemsworth? Not fair, share the wealth honey!

Tara on

cute to see him helping her train

Thanks on

Looks like she works hard to get and stay fit. Good genes too.

Carolyn on

What’s with these strange little curly bobs?

LA on

What a wonderful personal trainer she has. : )

These two seem like a match made in Heaven.

Anonymous on

Well, Mrs. Hammer looks VERY good.

Carol on

Again, more pressure on women to have perfect bodies after birth. I don’t care how long its been since they gave birth, articles like this will continue to put an unfair pressure on women to look a certain way and in a certain time frame too. Women put on weight with their pregnancies, they are creating life – and its that that should be focused on, a healthy baby was successfully brought into the world – and not how the woman looks after it.

People Magazine – hang your head in shame, this is not the first, and unfortunately, it won’t be the last article you’ve brought out focusing on new mother’s bodies. This unfair pressure will be felt outside of Hollywood too, take responsibility for that.

Anonymous on

Wow … I always thought she was just the luckiest woman in the world! It’s good to see that she, in some small way, deserves it (him). What a gorgeous couple! I would love to switch places with her for one day. Hell, an hour would probably do it!

singlemominamerica on

Wow … I always thought she was just the luckiest woman in the world! It’s good to see that she, in some small way, deserves it (him). What a gorgeous couple! I would love to switch places with her for one day. Hell, an hour would probably do it!

Angie on

Congrats to her and the family!

Paula on

Bless her heart, she forgot her pants.

rainbow on

If I was married to him, I’d make my body bounce back, too. He is HOT!

right on

Sorry Miley, she owns you.

Rachel on

Who cares? She’s rich, has no job, isn’t this the expected result?

Melissa on

Not every woman bounces back after having a child – especially twins. I had 2 un planned cesareans and it completely destroyed my abdomen. People who do bounce back are lucky in my eyes.

Ally on

All I have to say is, I work out three times a week, and eat well…My body doesn’t look anything like that. I’m thin, but covered in stretchmarks and loose, saggy skin from having my child. Why does it seem that all celebs are blessed with perfect skin? Why don’t they get stretchmarks? AND she’s married to Chris Hemsworth – NOT FAIR! Haha!! 🙂

Dee on

Don’t get me wrong, she looks absolutely amazing… but one must wonder, if she got a boob job, what else has she gotten done???

Dawn on

Good for her. She looks great. It appeared as though she was still working out while pregnant, so I would think that she would get back to her great shape afterwards also. She and Chris look like a really nice couple, loving.

seabot on

She is stunningly gorgeous.

lester on

carla : how LUCKY you are to be one of those “regular” women with personal trainers. Most women can’t afford a gym. Check your privilege, brat.

Katie on

She looked great about 8 weeks after. We saw her at a benefit, and she was wearing a gorgeous tight fitting formal. A truly fit and beautiful woman. Just shows if you’re very careful about what you eat, you can even have healthy twins and bounce back quickly.

Marky on

To all of you who are b$%^&g about how women “have to gain weight, they are growing a healthy baby, they will take (years) to get that weight off” etc…newsflash! You are the ones who made fun of Jessica Simpson all the way, and ridiculed every bite she took, them made fun of how long it took her to loose weight, and how she looked every day! Frankly NO ONE has to gain 50-60 lbs to have a healthy baby, and no, you don’t have to take forever to lose the weight, and the only reason that should happen is if you are one of the rarest people who has an very sick child, or you have some terrible illness when you are pregnant. Normal pregnancy requires a 20-30 lb weight gain, and then the weight is off by 6 weeks and a decent schedule with your baby means you can exercise in your house or yard, while baby naps. Sheesh people, the reason there are articles like this is that too many people act as if having a baby is a freaking disease! It’s not, it’s a normal wonderful thing that you are built to do. Some get stretch marks and some don’t. If you have a house and a computer, and can get on here every day, you aren’t broke; you just may be making other choices. If that’s the case, don’t bad-mouth those who choose to take care of themselves. Elsa Pataky had a job before she met Chis Hemsworth, and part of her job is to look nice and be in good shape. Good for her for taking care of herself, AND her family!

carla on

MANY normal women go to the gym. Maybe if you stopped calling people names on the internet and visited one once in a while you would see that most are not rich, celebrities. Still, not being able to afford a gym membership is not an excuse for not exercising. MANY normal women exercise on their own whether it be running or doing exercises right in their own homes.

Anonymous on

I have no idea who she is

KW on

Never seen her before. People, lets hear about relevant celebrities. Not wannabes. Please?

Hea on

She looks great but has it ever happened that a pregnant celebrity, especially with twins, have had her flat stomach and hard abs ruined by the pregnancy and birth? Not all celebs who show off their bellies can be completely without stretchmarks, saggy skin or separated abs? I’ve never even heard of a famous woman complaining about how her body changed.

Teresa on

She looks great, no doubt about it.

Wanted to like this clip, but it didn’t do much for me. It felt like it was supposed to be artistic, but somehow it just felt like ‘look at me…I’m beautiful…I want everyone to tell me how great I look.’

It just felt very vain and that’s mainly why I didn’t enjoy it. I think Elsa has a lot of good qualities. I would just like to see her do more work that isn’t about her body. She works very hard for it, no doubt…but hopefully there is more to her than her physical appearance.

cindyann on

Good for you Carla, you are right, Guest is P*ssy because they use excuses to not take care of themselves and then see a woman who does and HAS to say something nasty of course, jealousy rears it’s UGLY head yet once again. She looks amazing and to come back from having TWINS and look like that takes hard work, good for you Elsa~!

cindyann on

Wow, such catty women! I took good care of myself and had people while I was in the hospital after I gave birth , ask what I was doing there. I am a big boned girl so easy to put weight on, but I TOOK care of myself and watched what I ate, gained the recommended amount and used oil on my tummy..had one tiny stretch mark. She looks great, video is weird but thinking it is about accepting yourself regardless..Women are just the nastiest things towards each other. Being bitter means having excuses for being lazy. You can work out at home, go for walks, watch your diet and still achieve what she did, WHICH she had to do regardless of trainers or not! She had to put her time in and make a commitment. It isn’t shocking to me why women still have body dysmorphia, it is because of nasty, jealous women like you.

Momma1 on

OK, so when is it going to be enough already. When will people stop jumping to conclusions on who we are or what our level of happiness is based on our bodies. Women having babies? every day. Women gaining weight while having babies? yep, also normal. Women losing the weight after? each at her own pace. Some women have great genes, easy babies, great personal trainers, great discipline, lots of help, lots of determination etc. Others have no time, no help, no money, difficult babies, How exactly does that matter? I suppose, if it bothers me can I can stop reading People mag, but I would hope that, collectively, we can just say “stop it.”

JP on

She’s just so adorable!

Me on

Dang! I sat through all of that just to figure out the name of the song! And what do you know, it wasn’t in the credits!

Anonymous on

Spanish women have some amazing genes.

Ashley on

I am an “average” woman and I can’t afford a personal trainer at $40 dollars every session never mind my gym membership at $60 a month. I also can’t afford a chef either. I agree with you Charlotte, if I had the money and the resources after 8 months I would have lost all 60 pounds of pregnancy.

Lee on

Please, google ‘Elsa Pataky before and after’

Mimi on

She’s is beautiful now, she used to look very differently before all her surgeries. She’s a terrible actress, though.

carole on

Ashley —
FYI – discipline and commitment are free

Thanks on

I bounced back fairly quickly after having my son. I’m pregnant with a daughter now and know I have gained more weight with this pregnancy. Not sure how well my body will bounce back after I give birth. She looks amazing after having had a child and then twins!

kathy on

She looks great on that dress!

Ann on

Good actress. Happy for her.

Turner on

You nailed it! Each woman is different, living her own life, with her own specific set of circumstances…Ladies, the world is hard enough without having women tearing each other down. Women need to support women; give a little encouragement to a fellow woman, and you’ll receive support in return. Pay it forward!

diane on

love her. love her hair. love for who she is. gorgeous, fun, free spirit, easy going, & fillfulled of life. beautiful couple with chris.. God bless.

liza on


Where is it written that the key to being heathy means having a gym membership and personal chef? If you can post on then you can also look up exercise videos and home workout routines online.

LB on

(Perhaps – HELENA GOCH)
there’s the song :3 a new spanish artist! hope u like it

Dogman69 on

Sad video. No matter what she does she is not good enough. She is hot.

Anonymous on