Carrie Underwood Is Expecting a Son

11/05/2014 at 08:40 PM ET

Carrie Underwood Expecting Boy Terry Wyatt/FilmMagic

Carrie Underwood just let out a big secret on country’s biggest night.

Well, actually, her CMAs co-host Brad Paisley did the spilling, revealing the sex of her baby!

“We’re pregnant,” Paisley said onstage, begging, “Can you please just tell me what we’re having?”

Underwood — who is expecting her first child with husband Mike Fisher — whispered into Paisley’s ear, and he cried, “I’m so happy! I know something y’all don’t know.”

A couple Taylor Swift, Ebola and Renée Zellweger cracks later, the joke came full circle.

“We could name him Garth,” Paisley suggested, honoring presenter Garth Brooks, whom Underwood wanted to “sign my baby.”

“What are you doing?” the expectant mom cried. “What’s wrong with you? You gotta be kidding me. You kept that secret for a whole two minutes.”

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This isn’t the first time Underwood has used humor to share happy news. She told fans she was pregnant with a teasing Instagram featuring her baby-to-be’s big siblings: her two dogs.

— Michele Corriston

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Showing 30 comments

Tess on

Stop with the drama People, they were only kidding!

Tess on

Actually a better story would be the frosty body language between Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton. She didn’t even acknowledge him when she won her award.

Brooklyn on

I can’t tell if they were serious or not…but I assume they wouldn’t do this if Carrie wasn’t having a boy cause that’d be confusing. Eh, I’m already confused! lol

totalrestore on

Thirty second ad followed by 10 seconds of the video I wanted to see. You suck, People!!!

Guess on

i agree with Tess!!!!!! Cold between them!!!

Anonymous on

She does not seem like a nice person.

808momof3 on

Wouldn’t it be funny if she actually had a girl?

evesnow on

That’s great

Judy on

It is probably a girl.

csudh1486 on

could be a boy but then they could be fooling us…never know these days..i won’t believe the “boy” drama until she actually gives birth and reveals the sex of the kid…

stuckinsouthcarolina on

Tess, you said it! She didn’t thank him and they weren’t sitting together either. I didn’t know what to think when he mentioned her when he won. Something is definitely going on there.

Debbie on

Blake and Miranda were sitting together! When they had won certain awards the other was either behind stage waiting to perform, or presenting. Get a grip people. When the Doobie Bros were playing they were shown in an embrace while singing and grooving!

kay on

She’s barely at the point where she could even find out, as if she would tell in such a way Prettttyyyy sure it was a joke geniuses who write for People.

robinepowell on

Very cute!! Congrats to Carrie & Mike.

Kathy on

IT WAS A JOKE PEOPLE!!!!! That was their way of welcoming Garth Brooks back. Carrie has said he baby is due in April. That means she is JUST NOW at the start of her 2nd trimester, you have to be 20 weeks pregnant for a sonogram to accurately as possible determine the sex of your baby. SHE IS NOWHERE NEAR 20 WEEKS!!! Sheesh PEOPLE, pay attention to the context in which that was said – it was a joke/reintroduction of Garth Brooks, hence Brad’s line “Hey we could name him Garth”!

avalyn on

i know someone who was at the awards. they had a clear view of the teleprompter it stated “garth/garthette” for whatever gender carrie told him. on twitter the writer of the show stated and confirmed carrie is having a boy. brad didn’t know until the moment carrie told him on stage. congratulations carrie and mike!

Anonymous on

Kathy- Actually, you can find out the sex pretty early now. There’s a new blood test (MaterniT21 or something similar- which was designed primarily to test for Down Syndrome but can be used to determine gender as well) that can tell you as early as 11 weeks (if I’m remembering correctly! I know it’s at least somewhere in that ballpark!).

Plus, some experienced ultrasound technicatons can make a fairly accurate guess as to the gender as early as 12 weeks, going by something called the angle of the dangle (google it) and/or looking to see if ovaries (which appear as white spots in the abdominal area) are present (meaning, obviously, that the baby is a girl!).

jyinnj on

Sorry Kathy but you can actually find out at 12 weeks. There is a test that is done for genetics that tells you 100% what the sex is. My friend had to have it done many years ago.

It's a baby on

Boy, girl what does it matter as long as the baby is healthy.

Lori on

That was so staged. They meant to say the gender.

charlotte on

I love Carrie, but that was in very poor taste I thought and not funny at all. I am sure Mike Fisher and Kimberly Williams Paisley didn’t enjoy the “we’re having a baby” and “we could name him” references. Especially since there has already been rumors about Carrie and Brad having an affair. These two are singers, not comedians and they really need to remember that!

charlotte on

And yes, you can do a blood test/genetic test to determine the sex of the baby before the 2nd trimester. My friend had it done for both her kids and it was spot on!

candace on

It was a joke. Lighten up people. Geez. I’ve never seen so many uptight people in all my life. Wow.

SAR on

Congratulations to Mike and Carrie on their baby boy!

jerseyg1989 on

She had a pink diaper bag, pink boots and pink earrings during the show so I am sure it is a girl and she was throwing us off. I found out when I was 12 weeks that both of my children were girls and they were definately right! So, she is not too early to find out the gender. My friend is due in April and just dound out her 2nd child is a girl.

jerseyg1989 on

She had a pink diaper bag, pink boots and pink earrings during the show so I think she is throwing us off with the gender. I was 12 weeks pregnant with my daughters and the dr. told me the gender and was right both times. So, it is not too early to find out. My friend is due in April and just found out she is having a baby girl !

Anonymous on

charlotte- I ‘d like to think that Mike and Kimberly aren’t that insecure (I’m sorry, but if an obvious joking comment like that upsets you, you are insecure, have no sense of humor, or both!). Also, I’m sure they both knew (and okayed it!) beforehand (since, as others have pointed out, this was more than likely scripted). 🙂

Pal on

Congrats to the happy family!

Nancy on

Doesn’t matter it a girl or a boy. It’s all good for her.

avalyn on

FYI: Mike Fisher confirmed with the Tennessean that the baby is a boy. It was the plan all along for them to announce the baby was a boy. Brad didn’t know the gender prior to Carrie whispering it in his ear.