How Camila McConaughey’s Son Levi Reacted to Her New Job

11/05/2014 at 10:00 AM ET

Camila McConaughey Target Annie Launch
Henry Lamb/Photowire/BEImages

Is Camila McConaughey coming to a Target near you?

The wife of actor Matthew McConaughey announced Tuesday night at the Annie for Target collection launch in New York City that she will be partnering with the company as a mom ambassador.

While she will be doing a little bit more than ringing people up, if her 6-year-old son Levi had his way, she’d be doing just that.

“When I told Levi I was going to work with Target his eyes lit up and he was like, ‘Mom, are you gonna wear the red shirt?’ and I was like, ‘What do you mean the red shirt, Levi?’ ” she told PEOPLE after the big reveal.

“He goes, ‘The red shirt from the register! You’re gonna work at the register right?’ It was so sweet, the cutest thing ever, that he’s so innocent, he thought Mama’s gonna work at the register at Target!”

She jokes, “So at some point I need to get my red Target shirt and work checkout.”

The lifestyle expert and designer — who is also mom to daughter Vida, , and son Livingston, 2 next month — decided to partner with the superstore so she could share her knowledge.

“I’m a very busy woman, I’m a mother of three, so I’ve learned a little bit in every segment of life — beauty, kids, cooking — and I want to share it in a way that it is accessible, affordable and fun for everybody,” she explains.

Camila will be writing for Target’s blog, A Bullseye View, about motherhood and other lifestyle topics, and making appearances at Target events.

The announcement was made on her husband’s 45th birthday, which she wouldn’t divulge on other than to tell PEOPLE that “it’s been a great day.”

We can’t imagine what she had in store for him … maybe a surprise trip to Target?

— Maggie Parker

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Showing 18 comments

me on

heaven forbid she ever have to work the register at Target!

Anonymous on

I like her very much… God bless you and your family!

Truthfinder on

At first it really did sound a bit hubris that she would EVER work at the Target register…how innocent AND naïve of her son to even think such a thing. But then she did come back and redeem herself a bit to say that she just might get behind the counter for her son’s sake!

Jen on

I thought it was really cute – a typical 6 year old view and very un-Hollywood. First thing that popped into my head is that I think it’s cool that she obviously shops at Target with her kids since he jumped at the chance to see her behind the register in the uniform. Very sweet.

Nicole on

A “Mom Ambassador”? I just…what.

Gloria on

I really like her, she is so beautiful and seems really nice.

Juli on

Whoa. Her youngest is two already? Time flies, oh my God.

charlotte on

What exactly does a “lifestyle expert” do? I would have to say we all feel like “lifestyle experts”, especially when you read these comments, LOL.

Hea on

Maybe she should do just that so she can realize that there’s nothing absurd about it.

Anonymous on

A lot of Mom’s have to work at a Target register just to make ends mee. Maybe putting that red shirt on would do her some good – bring her back to reality – most people’s reality, in fact.

sky on

It does come across that it is beneath her to work at Target at the register. I LOVE my Target and the people that work at the store. It is not a joke to work there. It’s how people make a living. I hope her son never loses his innocence.

Boobymama on

I liked her before i read this. Really lady, is it that far away from reality to work at target? Alot of people do, good, honest, respectable people who work for a living. Your husbands money must have soured you on reality.

Marky on

When these two were first together, they lived in a trailer at the beach most of the time. He liked a simple lifestyle, and so did she. They haven’t always lived a posh lifestyle, and it’s sort of an over-reaction to jump down her throat, and act as if she is all high and mighty in her attitude. she has always seemed very hands on and a loving mom and wife to her husband. Nothing to insult here, she’s relating a story about her new job and her child. Sheesh…take a chill. Everyone knows some people have a lot of money and some don’t and some manage well on less than others. Envy of those with more than you is not attractive…at all!

Anonymous on

Juli- He will be next month. 🙂

Paige on

Camila looks great in this photo.

SandyFeet on

It was an innocent comment. Camilla is very down to earth and many of you may not know this, the fact she was a waitress and a housekeeper when she first arrived to the US from her native Brazil. She did these things mainly to learn English. So cut her some slack.

sandy on

I actually am starting to like her more, never thought she was very pretty, but her style lately and her face, just very pretty 🙂

Heather on

Where in the world is anyone getting that she spoke like working at target is beneath her? That is crazy. I also thought it neat that they shop at target for him to know that. I think she is gorgeous and have read mm liked her bc she can be natural and outdoorsy which tells me she can’t be very uppity.