Happy Halloween! Celeb Kids Show Off Their Spooktacular Costumes

10/31/2014 at 01:32 PM ET

Move over PepΓ© Le Pew!

Sixteen-month-old North West may not yet be old enough to fully understand the delicious candy that comes along with a good trick-or-treat outing, but she sure does make the sweetest little skunk for Halloween.

Mom Kim Kardashian shared some Instagram pics Friday of her toddler wearing her black and white skunk suit from Pottery Barn Kids, complete with a curled tail and some spiky white fur.

“A skunk is on the loose!” wrote Kardashian, 34, in another shot that shows North romping across a matching black and white checker-boarded floor. “My little stinker is waiting to show daddy her costume. Halloween has come early this morning.”

Kim Kardashian North Skunk Halloween
Courtesy Kim Kardashian

But Kardashian andΒ Kanye West‘s little stinker isn’t the only costumed cutie gearing up for a ghoulish night of fun.

Check out more celeb kiddies decked out in their adorable, festive and sometimes downright frightening ensembles!


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Anonymous on

Cutie! πŸ™‚

Guest456 on

Cutie! πŸ™‚

arijana birston on

all these babies and costumes are cute

refrog on

Perhaps Melissa Harris-Perry should not be posing alone with her child. The community should be behind her. Afterall, he/she doesn’t really belong to her. β€œWe have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families and recognize that kids belong to whole communities.”

Nadia Nyc on


Nadia Nyc on


Katie on

This costume is adorable but for a child who only wears clothes in the black family it would have been nice to see color. I’m sure North picked this one out and told her mother why she wanted it. sarcasm.

Mary on

It’s nice to see North dressed like a normal child for once. She is adorable.

Sarah on

North is adorable, but that picture gives me chills. She’s standing in front of staircase without a gate. No photo is worth risking a child’s life.

mypiecesandbits on

I love Liv Tyler’s costume!

*I’m looking forward to seeing Alyson Hannigan’s and Neil Patrick Harris’ family’s costumes. I think they always dress up the cutest!

blank on

the costumes look cheap

Anonymous on

Yeah all these kids look adorable, but I wonder how much she got paid to post/sell this picture. I love how these people enjoy to get public attention.

Carrow on

Oh my God…..wayyy too much cuteness in one picture. What a little blessing.

jlo27916 on

OMG J-Wowws baby girl is SOOOO cute!

Kate on

Well thats too funny, Im dressed as Waldo and my son is a ninja too. Exact same ninja costume even!

Shale on

Kim and Kanye have arranged for the first of many plastic surgeries on North after the new year. Woof.

Shale on

The parents have already scheduled the first of many plastic surgeries for North when she turns two. Kanye, you have ugly genes.

joann on

Love all of them! That’s what Halloween is about! The kids having fun! Currently manning the front door and handing out candy as I type this!

MollyF on


I also can’t wait to see Neil Patrick Harris’s photos. His family always have cute Halloween photos. πŸ™‚

ciparliamo on

Whats with North always in black? She always dressed masculine and dark…

Anonymous on

How appropriate that North is dressed up in Black and White.

Guest on

All you people going goo goo ga ga over North faced West, ok she’s a baby, she’s not the cutest kid in the world. Sorry.. So stop drooling over her.

redfroggy on

I’ve heard of like 4 of those “celebrities.”

Anonymous on

Nadia NYC- I couldn’t agree more! To think that grown adults (if that is what they are. I’m hoping that I’m wrong and they’re teenagers. At the very least, I certainly hope they aren’t parents!) are picking on a BABY….What is this world coming to?!

Anyway, the babies are adorable!

Ala Lemon on

I love Liv Tyler’s costume, it’s hilarious!!

Nicole on

Ugh. Wish they would dress their adorable daughter in something other than black ALL the time!

Charlie on

Cute costumes…

I was really expecting North to go as a Globe…

krista on

I think they all looked cute😊😊. Some of these comments are stupid!!!!

carolyn engleman on

The skunk costume on baby North is adorable and the beauty of the child makes it moreso.

Me on

Anyone else wondering what kind of moisture problem the West house must have for the floors to look that bad? Especially on what must be a second floor. I’ve had buckling like that above a crawl space, but never on a second floor.

Judy on


kimyestinks on

Just too reality like……..black and white costume for a black and white kid of two idiots!!!!

ddcook2 on

C’mon PEOPLE, why highlight only one child? Now I’m convinced you have a partnership with the Kardashians. Besides there’s a sadness about North West. ALL the kids look adorable. Reporting is only interesting when it’s fair.

De La Roe on

How cute

Anonymous on

Sign that baby up for ballet!

Jess on

So for Halloween, looks like Kimye Decided to put on the “parenting costume” long enough to take a photo.

She’s cute but I’m sorry she could have had a better costume. Clearly there were better ones out there

Kimberly on

Very adorable!! This sure brings back memories of dressing my sons up for Halloween. It’s ashame they have to grow up!! 😦

guest105 on

Whatn happened to kimye saying their baby was not going to be in the public eye as much as Mason and Penelope? Sure does seem like she is seen a lot more than the other two ever were. And aw, not so original! Fergie’s daughter is dressed in the same costume and is such a beautiful child..

dd on

thanks to the stars for sharing their cute family pics

Bee on

NPH’s family Halloween pictures get better year! They look like a lot of fun. I also enjoyed the unicorn family and baby MJ.

Anonymous on

guest105- Um, Fergie has a son, not a daughter! πŸ˜‰

And to everyone saying Nori is dressed in black all the time…..How could forget the adorable white dresses she wore for her parents’ wedding and the family vogue shoot?! πŸ˜‰

guest105 on

Oh, Sorry anonymous, I forgot Fergie’s child is a boy, but he is still a beautiful child. And most of the posters would like to see north west in any color other than grey, black or white. There is a whole rainbow of colors to choose from besides those 3.

guest on

It just seems strange to pick a skunk. North is half white/half black and it seems in poor taste. Knowing Kanye, I get the feeling he’s mocking something.

charlotte on

Those are some real cuties! Glad to see they didn’t end the streak and dress North in anything OTHER THAN black and white, LOL.