Milla Jovovich: I’m Expecting a Baby Girl!

10/30/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

Milla Jovovich Pregnant Amfar Ambassador gala
Michael Buckner/Getty

Milla Jovovich‘s daughter got her wish: She’s getting a baby sister!

“We’re actually having a girl so she’s so excited,” the actress, 38, told PEOPLE Wednesday at amFAR’s Fifth Annual Inspiration Gala in Los Angeles.

The news that Jovovich’s second child with Paul W.S. Anderson will be another daughter came as a big relief to the mom-to-be, who admits she was unsure the couple’s firstborn, Ever Gabo, would take well to having a brother.

“I was actually worried if we had a boy, what would happen to him,” she says with a laugh. “I was like, ‘I wonder how long he will survive in our house with that little girl pushing him and sticking her foot out and tripping him!'”

Now that the secret is out, Jovovich and Anderson have been busy coming up with a name. Luckily, Ever, who turns 7 on Monday, is already taking her role as big sister seriously and offering up a few of her favorite — and “amazing” — name choices.

“One of them was Toilet Bowl. Which we thought was there on our list. We’re like, ‘That’s a really good one.’ Bicycle Lane was another one,” Jovovich says.

In the end, Ever ended up choosing her sister’s name — and Jovovich jokes it’s a “non-sanitary related” moniker.

“Actually, the name that we chose, she picked,” she says. “I’m still open to suggestions, but we’ve been calling her one particular thing recently.”

One thing Ever isn’t too keen on doing for her baby sister? Lavishing her with brand new gifts. “We’re giving birth to Cinderella pretty much. She’s like, ‘We don’t need to buy her anything, Mama. She can just wear all of my old clothes,'” Jovovich says.

“I’m like, ‘Well, but she needs something new of her own.’ ‘No. No. No. No. She doesn’t need anything. She can just wear my old stuff.'”

Although she’s expecting a second daughter, Jovovich admits there’s not much else similar between her two pregnancies.

“It’s really different. I feel like the last pregnancy I got really big and my skin was a disaster, but I felt really great and I was super jolly,” she recalls.

This time around, my skin looks great, but I’ve been sick, I have headaches. I keep saying it’s a hangover without drinking the night before.”

Hopeful that she is moving past the morning sickness — “The last week it’s been good,” she says — the proud mama-to-be is concentrating her efforts on Halloween.

“I’m going to be pregnant for Halloween. I figure that’s enough of a costume. I have layers on already. And it’s more about [Ever] at this point,” she shares, adding that she may pick up a pair of “cat ears or something” to satisfy her creative side.

“This year I’m going to take it easy. Last year, we did full on — usually we are just dead people … This year, it’s all about life!”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Reagan Alexander

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Showing 10 comments

beth on

Well, Ever sounds like a real joy! Spoiled much?

The Bird on

Ever sounds like a child coming to terms with having to share her parents with a new sibling. She is just a little girl….maybe think about that before judging her Beth!

MollyF on

Beth, Ever sounds normal. I guess you don’t have any siblings.

I’m so happy for her and her husband. 🙂

Dawn on

Ever does not sound spoiled at all. She has had her mom and dad to herself for over 7 years, she will now need to share. She will be fine, and actually, I bet she will be a real big help to her parents.

Ruth on

It’s more difficult when the first child is older. They have got used to being “the only child” and suddenly a sweet cute baby arrives. Gender isn’t important, health is and I wish them a healthy baby!

Ava on

Beth, I agree! At 7, she is acting more like a preschooler.

Guest on

Did anyone ever think she might be joking?

megan on

“I was like, ‘I wonder how long he will survive in our house with that little girl pushing him and sticking her foot out and tripping him!'”

What a poorly behaved child

CB on

I’m going to chime in here. I am actually very close to Milla and her family. Ever’s remarks were made in jest. She is far from spoiled. The truth is, Ever is a respectful, grounded, loving and well mannered little girl. So please don’t get it twisted Beth and please don’t judge a seven year old so harshly. She has a sense of humor, that’s all. Why read more into it than that? Ever is very excited to be a big sister and is looking forward to sharing her life with her new sibling!! I guess you were in a bad mood when you made your childish comment. I hope you feel better soon.

CB on

Megan, Milla was joking. I was standing next to her in the press line. Ever would never trip anyone, let alone her new sibling whether it be a boy or girl. My word, I am shocked at how seriously some of you react to humor!! Ever was wishing for a sister and her wish is coming true. Why not wish this family well instead of picking them apart? Geeze!!