Ashton Kutcher: How We Chose the Name Wyatt Isabelle

10/29/2014 at 09:00 AM ET

Ashton Kutcher Conan O'Brien
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Proud new dad alert!

Ashton Kutcher dropped by Conan Tuesday night — and he couldn’t contain his excitement over becoming a first-time father to daughter Wyatt Isabelle.

“It’s unbelievable. It’s the greatest thing on Earth,” the beaming Two and a Half Men star, 36, said.

“We’re really privileged that we have time and can afford to take time. So we don’t have a nanny or a night nurse or any of the stuff. It’s just the two of us.”

Kutcher told host Conan O’Brien that fatherhood has already opened up a whole new perspective for him — including a newfound appreciation for his own parents. “As soon as this child was born, I immediately wanted to call my parents and just apologize because I never knew how much they loved me,” he shared.

The former That ’70s Show star says he already has a knack for parenting. “Staying home the first couple of weeks, I’ve learned the little things that will calm down the baby. So I feel like I’m the baby whisperer now,” Kutcher quipped.

“I like to give the baby to my friends and let [her] cry for a second. Then be like, ‘Let me just take care of that.’ ”

Not that little Wyatt cries that often. “I feel like we got a good one. We put her down and she sleeps. We wake up a couple times a night, and that’s it,” Kutcher — who wants to be called Papa — said. “I feel really blessed.”

The Internet’s been buzzing about Kutcher and Mila Kunis‘s unique name choice. According to the actor, the couple had already chosen another name, but then “when we were pregnant, the name didn’t fit the energy we were feeling. One night, Mila was like, ‘This is not the name.’ ”

He continued, “I had to get the creative juices going, so we were going to a Lakers game, and I just started listing off anything and everything I saw: ‘sign, truck, wall, door … ‘ She [was] like, ‘Shut up!’ Then I was like, ‘I’ve got a really dumb idea. What about Wyatt?’ She goes, ‘That’s it.’ ”

As for her middle name? There was a little more tradition to it. “We gave her the name Isabelle after Mila’s grandfather, who was Yitzhak. And so it has a little heritage,” Kutcher explained.

The new parents are so proud of their choice that they’ve already reserved possible domain names for Wyatt Isabelle. “I don’t want a porn site with my daughter’s name!” joked Kutcher.

Kidding aside, the proud new parents have some seriously cute ideas for making memories.

“We got her an email address,” Kutcher explained. “We write her emails … One day she’ll be able to look at it and see the kinds of things people had to say.”

Up next for the Kunis-Kutcher clan? Halloween, of course! “We’re going as the three little pigs,” Kutcher says. “Not my idea, but I’m sucking it up.”

— Jeff Nelson

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Showing 72 comments

Guest on

He sounds like a happy new Papa! Best wishes to them on their parenting journey! I’d love to see a photo of the three of them as the Three Little Pigs!!!

Dawn on

Cute cute cute! I absolutely love the name. Little Warrior Princess! Sweet to add family names 🙂

Ala Lemon on

I never liked Kutcher much, but he seems happy and a good person, so congratulations 🙂

Rie on

I am sorry but when I think of Wyatt I think of a little boy and not a little girl. I really don’t like the name at all. I however hope that she is a happy little girl and has a great life.


Emily on

Kudos to them for raising the baby by themselves without any nannies…at least for now. That seems to be the norm in Hollywood have babies and have other people raise them. The name Wyatt for a little girl is terrible. Makes me think of Wyatt Erp. Some boy names can be very cute girl names and that is definitely not one of them.

Jennifer on

When it came to Ashton’s idea to give his kid an email address, by brother thought of the same thing for my 3 nieces as soon as each one of them was born. That way he can post pictures of them on each of them as they are growing up so each of them can see what it was like as they were growing up. Just to embarrass them later on in life because as of now, they can’t really do anything about it.

The joys of modern technology.

charlotte on

I just love these two together! Life imitating art, fate, destiny, whatever. So glad they found happiness with each other. Wishing them all the best with their precious baby girl. And I adore the name Wyatt for a girl!

sam on


Judy on

He really seems to enjoy being a father.

Ellie on

He is so blissfully happy, its lovely. Not liking the name but no doubt the child will be gorgeous and she’ll end up being one of those ‘one name’ models.

Kat on

So, when he blurted out ‘Wyatt’ and the missus said ‘Yes, that’s it’, were they aware they were gonna have a girl? Still SMH.

Lulu on

I love that he wants to be called Papa rather than Dad and I like both of these actors but I have to say that I truly hate when parents give boys’ names to girls. They feminize them and after a while, no one can use the name for boys anymore. Witness Ashley, Jordan, even Morgan to some extent. My son’s name was used by an actress for her daughter. Is this because they really wished for a boy and were disappointed with having a girl? I wonder. There are so many beautiful girls’ names out there. Leave the boys’ names alone, please.

happy on

Sam…all caps really?? Over the top, unnecessary and just plain ridiculous. You don’t like the name…we get it! Well, I like it.

Guest on

So Wyatt’s name was a result of pregnancy hormones. Great. This couple is so vapid it hurts to listen to them.

Renee on

I didn’t like the 1st name so well at the beginning, but now I’m getting use to it and it is kinda of catchy. I’m sure that baby will have all the love in the world. You can tell they adore her!

So happy for them and congrats!

Carla on

I love the name choice….my daughter’s name is Jaisyn (Jason) yes my daughter! I love the uniqueness for a girl! Congrats to the couple on a healthy daughter.

maryhelenc on

Sounds adorable!

As for the name, it’s not something truly bizarre & it’s something they like, so let’s be like Queen Elsa & let it go. Unless you asked Ashton & Mila for input on your child’s name, show the same courtesy.

I’m Standing Right Behind You on

wyatt is a hideous name for a girl.

Shannon on

I actually really like the name. It’s different without being too “Hollyweird”. I just love new dads. It’s so adorable how they fall in love with their children.

Raj on

I named my triplet girls Wyatt, Dylynne, and Reese and they love their names. Every girl in their class is named Emma, Lilly, Olivia etc and it’s annoying. Plus, when they apply for jobs when their older, they won’t be discriminated by the employer for immediately knowing they are girls.

Happy Pants on

Well the little one’s name sure as hell beats North West.

Guest on

As a couple, they are great together! It’s very special to work with someone for years and years. Then, fall in love. Just the best thing ever!! Wyatt is a fine name, BUT, not for a little girl. What wb her nickname? “W?” As Wyatt gets older, she might very well wish to be called Isabelle. A beautiful name.

Taylor on

Love them!! They seem so proud!!

such a cute Halloween idea too! 🙂

arijana birston on

that’s so sweet…my hubby on the other hand has always been the type of daddy who gives the baby right away to mommy “she wants you” or “2 more mins while he finishes his game or show which ends up being 2 hours later” …..:)

Lea on

I love how he said “When we were pregnant” Aston seems like a pretty down to earth Guy! Kudos! and Congrats to him and Mila I bet that baby girl is stunning!

amyinaoaktown on

Good Dad…you do a lot of sucking up to make it work for your family! Sounds like he loves being a Dad. Congrats. Love her name…sounds like an adventurer.

Unknown on

Sometimes I wonder if these strange names are actually the child’s real name…or if the parents us a ‘stage name” to try and protect the child.

me on

Since my husband and i hope to name our first son Wyatt, i really hope this doesn’t now catch on for girls. It screams boy to me.

just-me-again on

Good job…give a boy’s name to a girl.

Guest on

Congratulations, wishing much happiness to the new family!

Have to admit that I am not a fan of the name either. My son is named Avery, which was traditionally a mans name (derivative of Alfred), but is now popular for girls. He gets teased quite a bit because of of that.

Every time I hear of a girl with a masculine name it makes me cringe.

Vee on

Can’t believe how judgmental people are about the baby’s name! . Too bad the inconsiderate parents didn’t choose a name that would make you folks happy. . Newsflash, folks – it’s none of your business. I wish this little girl and her parents good health and happiness. Sounds like Wyatt has great parents.

Anzlee on

Oh everyone, just shut the F up…there are no longer “girl” names and “boy” names….all names are good for either sex these days…Did you know that Camille is now more often a name for a boy?….Wyatt is precious for a baby girl…….get over it…..

Guest on

If no one gave their opinion, there wouldn’t be much point in having a comment section.

That said, please lets all be civil to one another, even if we don’t agree.

Marcia on

Raj, why would you be “annoyed” about other children’s names? Frankly “Dylynne” sounds hillbilly spelled that way.

Nannyto1 on

So sweet… so proud 🙂 I adore the infatuation that parents have with their newborn babies.

Storm on

Not a fan of boy names for girls. Terrible when they catch on too so that names like Avery, Casey, Cameron, Finley, Jordan, Sawyer, Reese etc, all end up becoming more associated as boy names. I met someone not long ago who told her newborn was named Morgan and when I asked if it was a boy or a girl she looked shocked and said *obviously* it was a girl. It’s unattractive and confusing for the child to gender-bend with names. I mean Angelina and Brad gave their daughter a boy’s name and look what happened – she now thinks she is a boy. Though I suppose this is all very trendy in Hollywood nowadays. Won’t be long before people start naming their baby boys Anna and Sophie and Isabella. Can’t wait to see how “cute” you all find it then!!!

rajbreed on

@marcia, I get annoyed mostly because of how difficult it is to differentiate the girls. For birthdays you have to invite the entire class, there are 7 Olivia’s, 8 Emma’s and 4 charlotte’s. I spelled Dylan wrong on my post. I like the name and it doesn’t sound hillbillish to me especially for a proud mom of a little girl who will be skipping another grade next year!

Jessica on

Wyatt is awful for a little girl. : ( I hope in the end they just start calling her isabelle

Liz on

Sandy used to be a boy’s name. Cameron (and it’s variants) are popular for girls. I’m sure Wyatt will be fine.

psyched on

Wyatt: not pretty at all—yikes. Isabelle is however very pretty.

psyched2 on

Ugly name. Middle name is very pretty.

lola on

Love that he wants to be called Papa. I also called my Father Papa. It’s not too popular, but hearing it brings back warm memories.

Kay on

Does anyone remember a few months ago when Mila was on a talk show and she did a whole skit about how much she despises when men say “we’re pregnant”? I now see where her annoyance developed after hearing Ashton talk.

“We picked the name before we even got pregnant.”
“A couple weeks later we were pregnant.”

Oh hush you poor little man, horribly forced to pick up take out food to satisfy cravings while the mother of your child carries a watermelon on her cervix.

Cricket on

He may want to be called Papa but I would bet that it’ll be shortened to Pop by the kids. Papa is awkward.

CAK on

Sorry, but Wyatt is a boys name. Feel sorry for the child when she gets older. Parents just don’t realize what they do to children. Sad!!

Meme on

@rajbreed- Get off your high horse. How difficult can it be to invite little kids to a party? I am sure all these little kids with the same first name (that annoys you so much) also have last names? The fact that you decided to name your triplets with traditional boy names does your make your choices any better than other couples who decided to name their kids with traditional girl names. Sheesh.

Meme on

does not*

Sara K on

Very cute interview! I like the idea of a daddy wanting to be called “Papa.” Sweet. 🙂

Intheknow on

Why is this even important? I always thought Kutcher was a self-centered dweeb. Why does he believe anyone cares how he whatever her name is chose the name for their kid? I suggest they get married, too, and not create any more babies until they do.

Maggie on

Happy for him and Mila. Congrats!

lee on

I love the name!

Bee on

“I’ve got a really dumb idea….” At least he admits it’s pretty ridiculous

Harriett Joan on

Nothing is as bad as that stupid North West name. I sincerely hope that child changes her name when she is old enough. Moron parents.

Saralee on

Sam, are you a boy or a girl? YOUR NAME GOT ME CONFUSED!!!

Marlene on

Intheknow, you really don’t seem to know much if you ask those questions. This man is famous, makes millions and is invited to chat shows and asked the kind of things that are asked in chat shows. I’m pretty sure he did not answer for you. But he has millions of fans who care to hear. As for their marital status, that’s completely personal. They do not have to share your values and/or political ideology–or lack thereof.

Gigi on

Storm, please shut up, you sound too ignorant for words. The whole idea of “boy” and “girl” names is totally ridiculous, people are so gender obsessed and at the end of the day WHO CARES? I love the name, stop worrying so much about stereotypical gender nonsense. God forbid a girl not be the epitome of femininity in every way!

Nikki on

Cute story, but would be even cuter IF WE SAW A PICTURE OF HER !!!!..C’MON Ashton, post a pic for us..plssssssssssssssssssssss

Kate on

Anzlee and Gigi YES!!! YES TO EVERYTHING YOU SAID!! People need to STOP obsessing over “girl names” and “boy names”. They are names. Get over it. Not your kid.

Marie on

I’m pretty sure if 99% of moms in the middle class had the money they would get nannies too.

Anonymous on

They don’t need a nanny? They must have plenty free time at home.

valeskas on

He sounds truly happy. Good for you, Papa Ashton.

Anonymous on

I don’t like that stars name there kids crazy names. ” Really” Wyatt as a girls name.

Lydia on

Beautiful baby girl, beautiful name and beautiful parents! Congratulations to your added addition.

Jane on

Ashton & Mila seem well-suited for parenthood — what a fortunate little girl!!!

Pixy14 on

yes…because those of us who aren’t fortunate enough to take time definitely have a nanny and/or a night nurse…..I mean I appreciate that they don’t, but really? Am I supposed to commend him for being a parent?

Jae on

Interesting how her refers to his daughter of what, 27 days, as “baby” and “it” for much of the clip.

Storm on

@Gigi Ignorant for not liking their name choices, and thinking some traditions such as gendered names should really not be messed with? Sorry, but it sounds like you are the “ignorant” one, and I’d advise to go look up that word since you clearly have no idea what it means. I stand by what I said. Believe or not, all you oh so liberal and modern and trendy types – there are fundamental differences between boys and girls and they start with chromosomes and go all the way up to superficial stuff like names. Wyatt is a trashy name for a girl, face it.

JP on

Woahhhh, Demi is not missing a thing!!! Holy cow, he is now crowned the new King of the Super Dorks!!!

Al on

He sure likes his ladies bossy

Regina Belle on

Time to put on your big boy pants, Ashton, you’re a dad now. Not so goofy on

I think naming a child, a job is hard because you have to consider all aspects. The name should have a good meaning. ????? ????

kathleen breakfield on

love them and glad they ended up to gather much better match. the baby is a blessing. hope it last