Alyssa Milano Introduces Daughter Elizabella Dylan

10/28/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

Meet Alyssa Milano‘s little bosom buddy!

After giving fans a sneak peek of her new addition, the actress officially introduced her 7-week-old daughter Elizabella Dylan on Monday by sharing a sweet snapshot of her baby girl breastfeeding.

Milano, 41, captioned the black-and-white selfie with a quote from famed writer Milan Kundera, “Ah, the joy of suckling! She lovingly watched the fishlike motions of the toothless mouth and she imagined that with her milk there flowed into her little son her deepest thoughts, concepts, and dreams.”

Alyssa Milano Daughter Elizabella Dylan First Photo Breastfeeding
Courtesy Alyssa Milano

The proud mama has always been a strong supporter of nursing. Shortly after welcoming her now 3-year-old son Milo Thomas, Milano marveled at the many benefits of breastfeeding — including the special bond with her firstborn.

“I think the thing I like best about breastfeeding is the closeness I feel to Milo and knowing that he’s getting the best of me,” she said.

The Mistresses actress recently announced that she would not be returning to the show for a third season, choosing instead to focus on her new family of four following a change in the set’s location.

“It’s with a heavy heart that I have decided that I can’t relocate,” she wrote on her website. “Being a mother and wife comes first and I just cannot uproot my children and separate the family by moving away.”

— Anya Leon

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Showing 103 comments

aspenedgewalker on

Breasts are Best!! Right On! Congrats on a wonderful Gift! Love the name!

Carson on


Cyndi on

Beautiful!!! #normalizebreastfeeding

BahiaBlueBelle on

She is one of the most humble, down to earth stars ever. The photo is beautiful! Congrats on the baby. xo

Cricket2.0 on

Sweet picture.

Cue the Breastmilk or death comments.

Dogman69 on

The caption should read, “In Your Face”! Good for her.

LaurenMC on

What is it with celebrities and showing pictures of themselves breast feeding? Don’t misunderstand, I’m all about breast feeding and I think it’s great, but why do celebrities feel the need to photograph it and send it out into the world? Shouldn’t this be private? Shrug.

Bhavana on

From the little portion I can see of her baby, she’s beautiful. I’m all for breastfeeding, but not sure I would show this picture to the world. There are too many sickos out there who would get off on this.

guest on

I’m all for whatever a woman chooses breastfeeding or not but I really could do without the picture. I hate when people try to cram things down your throat that their way is the ONLY way. Some things should remain private.

Cricket2.0 on


Should bottle feeding be private? She’s feeding her baby, that’s it. Breastfeeding doesn’t need to be tucked away and hidden. Like putting a baby on the boob makes it suddenly super scandalous. I’d rather see breastfeeding women that women just showing their breasts for no reason. I’m no crazy breastfeeding person, but I really hate the shouldn’t it be private comments. No, no it bloody well should not. Our species would’ve died off if we never breastfed. Get over it. Also find it funny how weirded out people get by it, yet they often drink milk that came from a cows boob and don’t see how that’s weird.

Anonymous on

I have no problem with this pic but wish she had also shared one where we could see the babies beautiful face. Congrats to them all!


Introducing her Daughter??? How about introducing her breast! Not feeling the pic for the internet.

Amy on

I love that so many celebrities are showing breastfeeding as the normal feeding for a child that it is. This should no more have to be hidden, secret or private than an adult eating in a restaurant. This is completely normal and it is a shame that all breastfeeding moms don’t feel welcome enough to feed their children in public every 3 hours as needed, but instead have to go to cars, bathrooms, or stay home to feed their baby. America needs to realize this is not abnormal. Telling people they need to feed their children in secret or “private” when BF’ing is what is abnormal.

happy on

Unnecessary picture. If you want to show your baby, show her. I see nothing here.

Anonymous on

Nursing right now as I read this article! Yeah for Alissa!

Meredith on

I breastfed my son and I still don’t understand pictures like this and the fuss about public feedings. To me it was such an amazing experience but I also so it as a very private thing between me an my baby. I didn’t want to share it with anyone. Also, I was told in my breastfeeding classes to keep him on a regular feeding schedule so I knew pretty much when he was going to eat so I made sure I wasn’t out or I planned for it.

Maria on

I don’t get this whole breast feeding should be “private” or it’s a “sacred” thing. In my culture, the kid is hungry, the mother takes her breast out and feeds the child; location is irrelevant. No one thinks twice about it being inappropriate, etc. It’s just done.

eliza-huh? on

How the neck do you pronounce that name??????

Kimber on

Call me old fashioned, but breast feeding in public, and certainly pictures like this of it, make me uncomfortable. I agree with those who say it should be something done in private. I’m all for breast feeding. I just don’t need to shoved in MY face. I don’t whip out my boobs in public, and I’d appreciate it if you don’t either. Just sayin’….

Cheri on

I totally support breastfeeding as I did it with my son. But why do people need to show their breasts to everyone when feeding their child? I managed to be private and feed my child, took no photos or had my breasts showing in public when I needed to feed my son. No one outside my husband saw my breasts.

Melissa on

What a beautiful photo! And I love the name Elizabella as well. Best of luck to Alyssa and her family!

Edie S on

Is there nothing that is private anymore? Why would one want to share a photograph of such intimacy with the entire world?

Guest on

And the reason she shared this picture is shown in the comments here. Since even is feeding & eating private? Oh, only when it involves the breast? So look away, she’s simply feeding her child.

Moby on

I don’t understand the whole “it should be private” thing. You can see part of her boob but actually she’s not showing it for the world to see, she’s just feeding her baby. I think the reason why it makes people so uncomfortable is that they sexualize something that has nothing to do with sex. You don’t want or don’t feel comfortable enough to do it, then don’t. You don’t want it in your face, then just don’t look. But I just hate when women have to hide from people when them are breastfeeding like it’s a shame because others think it’s inappropriate !

Joanie on

That is what breasts are actually for people!!

happy on

Let’s post pictures of ourselves eating, not showing our faces….makes a lot of sense. Does she think she’s the first the breast feed? Who cares but if you want to show your baby to us, show it. I don’t post pictures of myself on the toilet just because it’s part of life! Let me show you my baby and only give you a photo of the diaper rash bottom….same thing as here.

Susan on

Yeah for Alyssa. I never cared for her until this.

It needs to be made more public. If you don’t like it look away. Women have thousands of breastfeeding problems and injury themselves accidentally denying their children of good nutrition (barring medical issues) because it is a private affair. if women and girls saw more breast feeding there would be less need for lactation consultants or sore nipples.

happy on

Oh look at me, I want to cause controversy. Whatever…don’t ever want to see your dam baby now!

Susan on

And no one gets off on photos of women breast feeding. Please note the child there.

Should women wear burkas because men could get off on a photo of a woman in a tank top or a bikini or a jacket if they wanted too.

Eye roll at people who don’t understand sexuality at all.

boohoobytch on

breastfeed away but spare me the pictures, nobody except husband’s want to see that – sorry MOM’s; we don’t all need to see your udders.

Court on

Looks more like she’s introducing her boob than her baby.

stacey on

Really?!?!?! Thank you Snooki, the picture of you and your daughter is so much classier.

Candy on

Beautiful photo. Breastfeeding is normal and needs the support of people in the media. I still find it odd that this offends people more than women in a skimpy bikini top or altogether topless.

kay on

“Here’s my boob with a slight view of my kid attached to it.” Way to “introduce” her newborn daughter. I wonder if the kid will grow up to be as hairy as her mom. That woman is sasquatch!

Ef on

Actually, only people says that she is using this photo as an introduction to her daughter. Not the actress! Hook, line and sinker for grabbing headlines. This is a beautiful picture.

Cormic on

Beautiful photo. Not really sure why everyone has their panties in a twist about this. Why the desire to keep it all so hush-hush? I nursed my 2nd and 3rd kid. To this day, I am sad that I did not understand the beauty in nursing and chose not to nurse my eldest. We need more photos like this. Nothing sexual about it. Just beauty!

Andrea on

I breastfed my daughter until she was a year old. Love breast feeding and I think it creates a beautiful bond, however I never posted pics of me breast feeding online. It was a private matter to me. I also used a cover up in public. To each their own, I guess.

Pam on

Breastfeeding shouldn’t be private. It was never meant to be. When your baby needs their milk they should be able to get it wherever you are. My baby goes from fine to a full milk meltdown in about 2 mins. I don’t have the time to worry about where I am and if someone cares that I’m breastfeeding my baby. I really don’t give a crap what anyone thinks. It’s about the baby and it should be. Thank you Alyssa for helping to normalize breast feeding.

lola on

Awe…I wanted to see a picture of the baby not her boob.

alexa on

All for breast feeding, but really? Did we need to see it? This crosses the line into attention grabbing.

marie on

LOL. That’s cute! I’m all for it. She’s no different from me or any nursing mother. Love this about her, not being afraid to show it. I gave up my career in medical field for years to raise all my kids. My youngest starts K next year and after 8 years, I go back to doing the usual at the hospital (if I want to) but I’m so grateful I’ve been able to watch them grow, breastfeed all of them when they were babies. She’s doing what’s right. Being a mom and wife really does come first. I praise all the great moms out there.

p on

beautiful photo! good for you, mama!

Colleen on

Gorgeous mama and babe 🙂

Lisa on

Beautiful. I miss nursing.

Kat on

Beautiful photo! Thanks for sharing. Nothing like a mother’s love for her baby. 🙂

Lisa on

People saying that this should be private: do you make the same comments every time a photo of someone in a bikini is posted? Because you generally see more breast in bathing suits than in this photo.

SKG on

That picture is not introducing the baby, but rather Alyssa Milano’s breast. I am all for breastfeeding, but I don’t understand why celebrities feel the need to share these photos.

Renee on

Nice picture, but I believe it should be private and not for everyone to see…I breast fed also, but I believe these selfies have gotten a little out of hand. Is there nothing in this world that is sacred anymore!

Guest on

Baby’s name is meh. Doesn’t go together well. Alyssa, you should have separated little one’s names. Better sounding. Eliza Bella Dylan …. etc. Of course she’s gonna be gorgeous! Just like her mama. Best of ….

Guest on

Yes! I definitely agree with all the positve replies re feeding a/the baby. Negative folks need to completely get over their craazzzeee attitudes. Breasts are here to stay. Babies must drink mama’s healthy milk. Jeez. Are you kidding me??? After all these years. Get with the program. As a kid, I vividly remember seeing my BFF’s mom, breastfeeding her baby brother. It was a beautiful sight.

Professor on

Agreed. Alyssa, keep it offline too many weirdos!

jm on

I nursed three children and never felt the need to post a photograph for the world to see, especially being a celebrity. Yes it is natural, but so is going to the bathroom but I don’t want to see your “selfie” of that either.

lol on

Breastfeeding…how trendy of her. If that’s what u choose to do, great, just stop shoving this down my throat!

When will they go away? on

Why do so many breastfeeding celebrity moms feel the need to advertise that they’re breastfeeding? Do they think us mere mortals aren’t aware that the liquid coming from our breasts is food for the baby? FFS, stoppp. I breastfed my first for a year and I’m doing it again with my second, but I do it privately. I’m not sharing pictures on the internet or doing it at restaurants. I’m not looking for anyone to pat me on the head and tell me how great I am. The celebrity breastfeeding brigade and those who brag about natural childbirth sure love to shame other mothers. The self-aggrandizing is getting old.

Ella on

I’m all for breastfeeding but….if there’s a but then you’re not for breastfeeding! A mama should feed her baby/toddler/child whenever, wherever. Look away if you’re uncomfortable, a baby/toddler shouldn’t have to wait or be covered because of a grown adult being uncomfortable with a little flesh! She is normalizing breastfeeding and I thank her for it!

Jamjoe on

If breastfeeding should be only done in private then everyone should be eating their meals in private as well. It’s a child eating people! She’s showing about as much boob as a hooters girl. If it’s offensive to you, don’t look! Boobs are for feeding children not just for sexual pleasure.

Danielle on

I’ll never understand why this is news

blessedwithboys on

#normalizebreastfeeding #thatswhattheyrefor #breastisnotbestitisnormal

k on

I think it’s great that she’s breastfeeding; but I wouldn’t knock the moms out there who don’t. Sometimes babies have a hard time digesting things and well, whether there’s a physical reason or not—it should be up to the mother to decide. I was okay with it but felt that practically the whole outside family was just waiting to judge me as to whether I did or not. And if there’s a nurse in the family—get ready for the pamphlets. I just thought it was too much–it’s like they took the decision out of my hands which was disappointing. I wanted it to be MY decision as the MOM.

Carrie D on

I think a baby sucking on a boob is gross. Just my opinion and I’m entitled to that just like those who think it is “beautiful”.

Nancy on

I’m all for breastfeeding . . . but know one asked her to show us a picture, did they? It’s been done for centuries. SMH.

Debbe on

I am glad that we are in a time where women can feel comfortable enough to take pictures of themselves breastfeeding and not feeling embarrassed about it, but, I still don’t get the reason why any mother would want to show such personal photos like that. I myself think that is a moment in time for me and my child. Just like if I were making love to my husband, it is something that I would do in the privacy of my home and not send out photos of the intimate moment. Yes, one is different from the other, but both involve intimacy in its own way, and showing some flesh. It isn’t that it is disgusting or anything, it is just that is private and what is wrong with being modest? It doesn’t mean we are thinking back in the stone ages just because we wanna be classy.

Debbe on

Here are the issues with this picture. The story says SEE the BABIES picture. This is not really a shot of the baby, it is a shot of the baby sucking on mama’s breast that is bigger than the baby’s face. Someone says: Well, women in bikinis are always flashing their assets what is wrong with this picture. To answer, women in bikinis are not having the butt sucked or their boobs sucked on. It doesn’t matter that the baby has to eat or not. She CHOSE this picture as THE picture for everyone to see her baby in a moment when the baby was not only eating, but eating via breastfeeding which shows less of the baby and more of the mama. What is the different between a baby eating from a bottle or a breast one asks, the difference is, how many celebrity moms have posted a picture of them feeding their babies eating period? Especially from a bottle? I can’t think of one to compare. The point is, it is a private moment, it is a moment where the mom is feeding her baby from her own body. That is nothing to be embarrassed of but it is a personal moment. I don’t want to see this actress pee, make love, or feed her baby, all are her own private moments. Why don’t some people get it? It is a wonderful moment, but not for the public.

Caitie on

I must be the only one with friends who take pictures like this on the regular to post to FB and IG. Hell, one mama friend is an EP for her twins and there are tons of photos on her IG of her pumping with one or both of the babies right there with her. This isn’t some “celebrity” trend. Same thing with the nude or mostly nude pregnancy shoots. Every time I read comments about how tacky or distasteful they are, all I can think is “this person is a huge prude.”

KMC on

Giving birth is also very natural but you don’t see women posting pictures of it. Not sure why the need for pictures of breastfeeding. It’s great for the baby yes – but it is a personal choice and a personal experience. Most Mom’s I know felt it was very much bonding between them and their child. They didn’t feel the need to seek attention by posting photo’s. If the point is to advocate for it – then say your thoughts…. I believe Mom’s when they tell me they went through natural child birth… don’t need to see it to believe it. Just my thoughts……..

Chris on

Really? You’re basically saying “here’s my boob, here’s my baby, in your face breast feed haters.” Celebs are whacked in the head. No one has ever said don’t breast feed. We just say we don’t need to see your boobs while you do it!

MollyF on

I love Alyssa. She’s a wonderful celebrity and I love the picture of her daughter breastfeeding. What’s wrong with that? It’s a beautiful photo, IMHO.

I don’t have children of my own, but I never understood the whole debate over breastfeeding. Some women can’t breastfeed due to issues like if they’re taking meds or they just can’t breastfeed. Yes, if you can breastfeed, you should try, but don’t bash those women who can’t.

boobie power on

people relax! its a boob!! people act like virgins, never seeing a boobie…..heck, there’s celebrities that show more cleavage on a regular day in public, than this picture feeding a baby!!! yay to breast feeding!!..

alana on

I am in the “it should be private” camp. I don’t need or want to see it. I do agree that it’s best for baby and am happy for the women who are able and joyful about doing it. I don’t need to see a picture. I would have rather seen a better picture of the baby. I wouldn’t have clicked on the story if I’d known I wouldn’t be able to see the little one better.

Annie on

How can anyone criticize someone who puts her family first?? Not me!!
“It’s with a heavy heart that I have decided that I can’t relocate,” she wrote on her website. “Being a mother and wife comes first and I just cannot uproot my children and separate the family by moving away.”

Congratulations to her and her beautiful family!

Annie on

Lol. @Cricket 2.0 that was funny drinking from a cows boob. Well said that is funny. I love Alyssa Milano I love to see her all grown up and making good choices. She is such an amazing women.

lo on

attention seeking we dont care, some things should be private like the bonding between a mother and child is sacred not mean for selfies… hate

Kelly on

Pro family! Pro giving your baby the best of you! As a Mamma of an adopted daughter, I have, at times, longed to breastfeed our little one. I want to give her the best. I like to say she has my heart and soul and my arms wrapped around her, that is my best!

Jenn on

While I’m all for BF, I’m over all the BF pics.

Gill on

Nice picture. Good for her!

dd on

i don’t care for the name Elizabella…too cutesy…Dylan is nice though.
i don’t need to see her breastfeeding…
cute baby though.

Sophia1 on

I can’t wait to see what these kids think of the pictures of them “Suckingly” (the word makes me cringe) that are all over the internet when they are older.

JoJosMomma25 on

She is such a beautiful lady and a beautiful mom. I love her values and to put her kids and family first. Amazing.

Amanda on

I don’t even care about breastfeeding in public, taking pics of it (although this one looks more about her than her baby). Pop yer boob out and feed your kid, I don’t care. But enough with the “special bond” you apparently ONLY get from breastfeeding. As if those of us who couldn’t, or chose not to, are somehow less attached to our child because we bottle fed. I bottle fed all four of my children, and love these kids more than life. My bond with them began the minute I felt them kick in my belly. Using bottles didn’t lessen our bonding, it didn’t make it insignificant compared to someone who breast feeds.

Penny on

I’m team ‘keep it private’ too-I am a Mom & have breastfed my babies…but it was solely to feed them, not make a political statement.I never thought to use my children as props to boost my popularity through controversy. I feel bad for this little one. Barely old enough to take in the world and already the center of a debate about how she eats, the 1st big thing she’s learned how to do.

loveilluminates on

Congrats and right on for normalizing breastfeeding 🙂
Enjoy your family!

Anonymous on

alot of taboo on here about breastfeeding, my daughter was in the emergency room, and they told her to go into the bathroom to breast feed, she promptly asked the nurse if she would like to join her in the bathroom, and that she can eat her dinner in their while the baby ate hers. they escorted her to a private room wit a tv for comfort..

#1 Fan!!!! on

Beautiful Mom! Beautiful baby!

Anonymous on

I am all for breast feeding BUT it should be a private thing.

Ann on

We all know what boobs are for so these pictures are boring so time to move forward with news not boobs…..

cm on

Cute baby, but why the need to show her breastfeeding.

Rebecca frith on

That it!!!! My daughter is Dylan Christine!!!

Victoria on

I’m all for breast feeding but when the caption said “Alyssa Milano Introduces Daughter Elizabella Dylan” I thought we’d see a picture of the baby not Alyssa’s face with a baby attached to her boob…#timeandplace

Ala Lemon on

Boobs are a body part, people, and its first purpose it is to feed our little ones. If you have a problem with it, just don’t look at it, plain and simple.

reyschelle margot toth on

loved u alyssa since who’s the boss 🙂 so happy you are breast feeding and not hiding! you go mama! she’d be a lovely charmed cast member, just sayin’ carry on and much love, peace and blessing.

Jen on

OMG! Don’t like breastfeeding? Don’t do it! A woman has a right to do whatever she wants with her body, I have heard a million times. So, she’s doing what is best with her body. If you are uncomfortable, don’t look. Real simple, ugh.

Joanna & Mike Adoption Wish on

So beautiful!

guest on

I also am all for whatever ever a women chooses, I just feel that pictures like this do not need to be posted for everyone to see. As some people have said there are things that need to remain private, and in my opinion this is one of those things. Either cover up, or don’t post the picture.

sam on

I nurse my 7 week old daughter and don’t post pics. I’m all for nursing but why is it, that is someone who isn’t famous would do this they would get it either taken down or get grief from people

Stacy Stabinsky on

I really don’t need to keep on seeing celebrities’ nipples!! Totally unnecessary!

Melissa on

A nice picture of her face would have been nice. No need to see you having your personal time with her while breast feeding. Wth is up with celebs and wanting to post all these breast feeding pics? We don’t want to see that…..really, we don’t people….get a clue.

Mende on

Way to go chicky! Another woman I admire breastfeeding like I do with my 2 month old daughter! Breastfeeding is natural people!!!! What do u think they did way back when? IT’S BEAUTIFUL! Congrats momma, two beautiful people doing a beautiful thing. Keep at it to all the mommas who are not afraid of natural breastfeeding!

Vg on

Love the name and great picture!

foreverhauntingme on

Cover your boob up. No one cares you are breastfeeding. Gorillas breastfeed and it is nothing special. It is part of raising your child.

ceecee on

I am so sick of you people talking about your rights and when your child is hungry you are going to feed them. Why cant you just cover your breast I am not saying cover your child completely but just put a cloth over you breast. Yes I know you are feeding babies but, your breast is also a part of your sex and I don’t need to feel out of place or uncomfortable because you want to show your body part and don’t give a damn how other people feel. How would you feel if people start taking pictures of you and posting them online I bet that would not make you very happy. Furthermore you would not know who is posting them either so think about that. There are a lot of perverts walking around so you need to really think twice before you whip it out again without regard for other peoples feelings and who may be watching you and following you around.

Margaret on

So beautiful. Unlike kim K ‘ s greasy pics

rose on

The outrage over this picture is down right silly. We see more breast at an award show red carpet.! She isn’t flashing us a boob. She is feeding her child. While this isn’t something I personally would do as a breast feeding mom(post a pic), I have no problem with other women doing it. It is completely natural and we really shouldn’t blink an eye at it. I used to always hide when I bf my kids. Sometimes resorting 5o using a public rest room. GROSS! I will never do that again. Yeah Alyssa!!!

Anonymous on

If showing what they were intended for is wrong, then women shouldn’t show them for other people’s pleasure – at all. Talking to you , Kim!