Mila Kunis Debuts Gorgeous Emerald Motherhood Ring

10/27/2014 at 02:00 PM ET

Some women wait for push presents — Mila Kunis makes her own.

The actress — and new mom to 3-week-old Wyatt Isabelle — has partnered with Italian jeweler Marina B to design an emerald green motherhood ring to symbolize and celebrate the memorable milestone.

“Carrying a child and bringing new life into the world marks the start of an incredible journey,” Kunis, 31, says. “Throughout history, every culture has its own way of recognizing this extraordinary event, often with a gift for mother or child.”

Mila Kunis Motherhood Ring
Courtesy Gemfields

In addition to the careful details that went into designing the 18-karat yellow gold piece — which features an emerald Gemfields stone from Zambia — Kunis has chosen to honor fellow mothers by donating revenue from the $4800 ring to aid in the country’s maternal health care.

“Precious green emeralds are traditionally symbols of motherhood, wisdom, and long-lasting love,” she explains.

“But they are also a symbol for hope in many cultures, and so the proceeds from this collection of Motherhood Rings will benefit the opening of Gemfields Nkana Health Centre, where four new wards have been built — a major undertaking that will have long-lasting benefits to the local community.”

Shortly after Kunis and fiancé Ashton Kutcher welcomed their daughter on Oct. 1, the actor announced the birth on his website, writing, “May your life be filled with wonder, love, laughter, health, happiness, curiosity, and privacy.”

— Anya Leon

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Showing 44 comments

Jp on

Pretty ring, but most can’t afford. Glad her part is going to charity.

whatever on

Um, little high on herself isn’t she. She gave birth, so what.

just because on

I would love to have a mother’s ring with all of my chilren’s birthstones in it. I don’t really understand the purpose of a ring with an emerald to signify motherhood. I had an emerald ring before I had kids because that is my birthstone. This seems pointless.

heather on

I love emeralds, but this is not doing anything for me.

lee on

This emerald kind of looks like green jello!

Guest on

Gorgeous? Ummm it’s not even special. Looks like it came from Sears

Jo Ann Durand on

My mom gave me this exact same ring in a blue sapphire for my birthdate in September when I turned 40, 25 years ago.

gdburts on

i’m confused about the “careful details” comment. i don’t see anything intricate about this ring.

Paulie on

maybe now they’ll get married

Jay on

A simple standard ring. Nothing special at all. LOL.

Debbie on

Most Mothers can’t afford almost $5,000. Taking care of the child’s needs are more important than a ring.

Tammy on

My engagement ring is a 1/2 ct emerald with 3/4 ctw in diamonds with it and it didn’t cost that much.

ErinInKC on

I don’t know anyone who can afford this ring.

Tammy on

Oh, and I forgot to add…my then fiance, designed my ring…and its a pretty nice emerald too…not foggy and very few inclusions.

Anonymous on

Mama June should order one.

Lala on

Gorgeous ring? More like mediocre. The stone is gorgeous, but the ring itself isn’t anything spectacular.

messiejessy on

I am a mother to a 3 year old and am actually pregnant with my second now. I thought when I saw the pic that it would actually be a nice gift for myself with it symbolizing motherhood. Until I saw the price!! Geez! Does she think we all work in Hollywood? Who the hell can afford that?

Arabrabbra on

Wonderful that she is donating the proceeds. The ring is gorgeous. Too bad I cant afford it.

Nic on

$4800 for a ring? I don’t earn that in 2 months. At least it’s going to charity, I guess.

amyinaoaktown on

Wicked Witch of the West colors!

Kimber on

$4800?? Sorry, I have an emerald ring that’s way prettier and cost about 1/10 that. This ring isn’t even particularly pretty.

kitty62862 on

What a beautiful idea! Motherhood often awakens generosity.

Federika DLao on

Que anillo tan mas pinche! It sucks!

vera on

Why the name” WYATT” for a little girl? Hollywood people are weird.

Juliet C on

Wow, there are some catty people in these comments. I think it is a sweet idea. Not everyone can afford everything in life, and everyone has different tastes. Maybe instead of tearing women down we should just congratulate. I guess you all are just so perfect.

cj on

LOL! “Look what you have to buy me Ashton”

Guestie1 on

Yeah I didn’t realize after 50 years on this planet that there were gifts when you gave birth. And there never push presents when I had my children, that is certainly a more recent custom. Glad she’s donating the proceeds to charity. I hope her child gets the privacy she deserves. After all, it’s the parents who are famous, not she.

Gina m on

Oh now she is a jewelry designer!! Great

Gina m on

What a brainless design

Olivia on


Anonymous on

Looks like something out of a 25 cent machine…if they want $4800 for something, I would expect it to look like a $4800 ring, not a cheap ugly toy!

Marky on

So apparently most of you are just jerks and losers, who feel the need to ridicule anyone and everyone who has more than you do. This is a lovely ring whether or not you would want to buy it, and the emerald looks lovely. Jewelry can be very much individual as to taste, and it is highly unlikely that only one person in the world will like something. Why is it that so many people are incapable of being okay with the idea that different people have different tastes, whether it is baby names, jewelry, hairstyles, or whatever. It is obnoxious that people are so incapable of realizing that everyone doesn’t make the same amount of money, and it has nothing to do with fair and unfair. There is no reason why someone can’t be complimented on a ring they like or got, and there is no reason the current craze of “push present” has to be an object of ridicule from those of us who gave birth before that custom was invented. I was glad to get flowers with baby #3, and I don’t remember getting anything with the others. My husband was loving, supportive, happy to help me 24 hours a day with all the kids and I was a happy camper. That does not mean I’m upset that someone else gets a “push present” now, and feel the need to insult whatever they get or even buy for themselves. Grow up, people, we aren’t 1st graders on the playground, jealous of the one who lost the first tooth, or something!

susan on

Stars do not live in reality. Id think only the upper midle class to very rich could afford something so extravagant at a time like that. I don’t know anyone whose even gotten a push gift. Am I the only college graduate out there that has a crappy paying job and had a hard time getting that.

Daisy Doll on

Um, I love emeralds, but the design of the ring is all wrong, sorry. Oh well, no biggie.

Barbara on

Beautiful ring, horrible name for a little baby GIRL! Wyatt? what were they thinking….

Ivixen on

Ugh. More “push presents.”

NoDoubt! on

Great idea, but I don’t like the ring.

Bebe on

Is that supposed to be shaped like a uterus?

Kate on

I’ve always hated this tradition. I think it’s patriarchical and materialistic. Isn’t your child the gift? If my husband had bought me jewellery for birthing his offspring I would have been very offended (judgemental tone intended!).

Guest on

Sears is good Guest. Certainly a ring this expensive is out of reach for most. With a new baby, ordinary people cannot afford. Even if someone has money, a waste, just for a ring. I would never purchase. Less pricey to make a donation to Mila’s charity. With these 2 folks, the fact they worked together for many years, is reason for the deep love they feel. Why Wyatt Isabelle is precious to them. Mila is 31. Always has been very opinionated. Pops is 36. Ready to be parents! Most females have babies in their early 20’s, or sooner. Happy for this couple! Always wonderful to “find” or rather discover love after a long friendship!!

Guest on

Shut up Marky. You are out of control. Goodness gracious.

foreverhauntingme on

“Push presents” is such a terrible term. Nearly as bad as “baby bump.” Cut it out.

Anonymous on

Like the ring, doesn’t look too complicated.

Liz on

$4800 buys a lot of diapers.