Daphne Oz: Not Bouncing Back After Baby Was a Shock

10/27/2014 at 10:00 AM ET

When Daphne Oz brought her daughter home from the hospital in February, she also brought along a very unexpected addition: her baby belly.

In the November/December issue of Fitness magazine, the new mom to Philomena Bijou admits what surprised her most about motherhood was her body after baby.

“You still look six months pregnant,” Oz, 28, says. “Your body does not instantly bounce back.”

And the surprises weren’t over. When Oz — who doesn’t own a scale — went for a postpartum check up, she was in for a second shock.

“I thought I knew where I’d be when I went for my first doctor appointment a few weeks after giving birth. I’d lost only 10 pounds!” she recalls.

Daphne Oz Fitness magazine
Justin Stephens/Fitness Magazine

While she is determined to lose her pregnancy pounds, Oz says it’s only one of a long list of items on her to-do list. “It’s a priority, but it’s one of many,” she shares.

I’m breastfeeding, so my priorities include eating to nourish my baby, gaining muscle tone and feeling good. It’s about being back in charge of my body.”

Despite the weight not “pouring off,” Oz isn’t giving up on regaining her fit physique. “I figure that it takes nine months to have a baby and it’ll take at least that long for it to come off,” she explains.

But how does The Chew co-host balance her 8-month-old baby girl with her workouts?

“I figure out how much time I have and adjust my routine to fit,” Oz, who keeps her daughter entertained in a bouncy seat during her yoga videos, says. “Philomena love being in the stroller or carrier, so that’s how I’ll get a walk in.”

As she continues to get back in shape, the new mom is making an effort to embrace her figure — and point out all the positives!

“Focus on the things that you love about your body,” she says. “Feel good about them and you’ll project confidence.”

Daphne Oz Fitness magazine
Justin Stephens/Fitness Magazine

— Anya Leon

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Ala Lemon on

I’m still surprised at how many women think their body will bounce back the minute their child is born. Some are lucky enough for that to happen, but for the majority of women out there, it’s a longer process.

LM on

Thanks People for this type of article. I was in the same boat when my son was born. It was in the spring so I put him in a stroller and walked 4-5 miles a days. I ate better after he was born than before I got pregnant but I had a hard time dropping those lbs. Its not easy for every one.

amy on

My son is 20. Is there still hope for me!?!

Summer on

FINALLY an article that is realistic and empowering for new moms! Kudos, People! It’s so refreshing to see a story of a mom who wasn’t back to her svelte figure 3 weeks after birth.

Mariel on

Daphne may not be at her ideal weight, but she looks good and healthy to me. Those who have given birth and are fortunate enough to be at their pre-pregnancy weight within a matter of weeks either have it in their genes or worked at it. When it comes to our appearance after birthing a baby, we women need to put a little less pressure on ourselves and remember that it’s all a process.

guest on

they totally photo shopped her teeth for that magazine cover. totally ruins the whole take away from the article.

Zeze on

People thank you for a real scenario instead of another “body after baby” article. Like someone else said, some people bounce right back, but for the rest of us it takes work.

Annie on

i can’t believe these idiots keep telling us to love ourselves and our bodies while they look all pretty photoshopped. How about you listen to your own advice first?

julia on

She was thick in the middle before she was pregnant and has the same body type as her mother. They aren’t fat just not small waisted. She is a beautiful girl and very sweet.

gyl on

I was able to lose baby weight remarkably quickly just from sheer exhaustion and pacing with a baby in my arms. However, turning 40 is the age that I began to gain weight which stayed and does not budge despite having an active work life. If a woman is having kids at that age like Alyssa Milano and many other stars, it will take a whole lot longer to lose.

VP on

She looks very fit on the photo, she doesn’t have any weight problem!

dd on

this lady is lovely.
she’s lucky bcuz her dad is a doctor and can give her some tips.
she’s a cook and knows how to prepare healthy meals.
i’m sure it’s hard to see some stars go back to being instantly skinny after baby, but everyone is different.
she’ll b fine!

Krishna15 on

Read The Truth About Baby Weight Daphne! That book changed my life (and my body). Love the name Philomena 💗

Karon D on

How refreshing to have a celebrity actually acknowledge that the baby weight takes time to lose and that you should still be allowed to love yourself even with the extra “baby factory fat” still there.

Kate on

Lovely name Philomena, so happy for her!

Anonymous on

I can’t help but look at this picture and see a 20 year old version of her father in a wig…

Mandy on

You get judged if your baby weight does come off easily too. All I did was breastfeed & within 2 weeks I was smaller than before I got pregnant. I heard some pretty bad comments directed my way. Now for me it’s hard losing the nursing weight. I got so used to 3 a ting what I wanted, that it’s hard to not keep doing that. Everyone just needs to focus on a healthy baby & mom.

Lacey on

The first baby is usually a shocker. After that you learn no to go crazy with food because you are pregnant, and the second recovery is much easier if you do that.

Mindy on

I don’t understand how seemingly educated, worldly women are unaware that you typically don’t immediately return to your pre-pregnancy weight and shape after having a baby. I’m just a regular person and this was no shocker to me.

Aeol on

I was a workout junkie before pregnancy and stayed very active while I was pregnant. I worked out at a high level 4-5 days a week, had a great diet, no crazy cravings, and still gained 50 lbs. people wouldn’t stop with the, “you’ll bounce right back!” And I DIDNT!! My body just took 9 months growing a person! The best ting I did was accept MY body for what it was. Now at 9 months later I’m close to where I started but as we go into the holidays I’m going to spend it enjoying my baby’s first thanksgiving and Christmas and loving myself. It’s possible you know.

And please, haters, please SHUT UP about her waist, or her thick legs, or whatever. She’s not asking you for opinions on her body. Worry about yourself.

Courtney on

@Amy – That was so funny! Made my day!

cm on

Daphne you are on the right track and I like how you embrace everything slowly. Enjoy that precious baby!!

Audrey on

I’m frustrated by the popular idea that giving birth shouldn’t change your body. We carry anywhere from 5 to 10 pounds of baby weight in our bellies. It’s actually weird to me when women bounce back immediately after. It does happen but it’s delusional and insane to be surprised when it doesn’t. I say get a grip. I was never ever told to expect a perfect body before my postpartum appointment!! Good god.

NH on

Her baby weight is the ONLY authentic, believable aspect of
This woman. She is not a nutritionist. She is not a writer.
She is the daughter of someone knighted in the Oprah kingdom.

lorena on

It’s really hard!! My son is 1 and a half and I still have 8 stubborn pounds I haven’t lost. Reading an artcile like this as opposed to “I lost 30 lbs in a month by just breastfeeding and carrying my baby around” is REFRESHING!!

Ally on

No matter where her weight is at, you can’t deny that she is a very beautiful woman. I hope Daphne continues to just enjoy her baby and staying healthy.

Toni on

I would like People magazine, and their affiliates, to pledge that they will stop writing, and posting, articles about a woman’s weight / size for one month

Hello on

@ Amy
I cannot stop laughing 🙂

molly.two on

It’s nice to hear some “reality” on the situation of body after baby. While it is possible to get back into shape, your body does change. You made a baby, might be breastfeeding, and our lifestyle has changed dramatically with time, sleep patterns etc. Each person’s body adjusts differently. I think feeling strong, healthy and capable for yourself and your new child(ren) is the most important thing! Kudos to her and all women out there trying to be healthy and happy!

gagirl on

Leave it to a loser like GYL to try and throw in a dig at women who have children later in life. I don’t even see your point. Daphne is all of 28 and the weight’s not falling off of her either. Every woman is different, period. Why don’t you go pat yourself on the back for losing weight sooooo fast and sit down somewhere?

Kara on

The drink she holds like a healthy vegetable drink. Drink that will help you get rid of some pounds.

Katie on

Love Amy’s attitude! Yes, there is always hope!!!

Gal on

Glad Daphne is doing good, regaining her own control!

Anonymous on

the baby still gets nutrition, because breastmilk is nutrtitous no mater what the mother eats..but the mother should eat healthy nevertheless.

wendy on

the baby still gets nutrition, because breastmilk is nutrtitous no mater what the mother eats..but the mother should eat healthy nevertheless.

Onlyme on

I was wondering why she is still so heavy. I thought that maybe she had got knocked up again right away. She’s going to have to practice moderation because it looks like she loves to stuff her face. And with a doctor in the family her dad, she should be able to get a good diet plan tailored just for her.

Jessie on

I think a lot of women feel this way, and it probably doesn’t help that she’s on a cooking show,lol.

Valerie on

Whoever said 40 yr old moms like AM will take longer to lose the weight- Wrong!!!! savannah Guthrie and eva Mendez look great, I’m 40 just gave birth 12/22/2014, gained about 60 lbs, already down 34 lbs., giving myself 6 weeks to get back to start weight. Turning 41 this Friday!!!!!

Kim on

I’ve had 3 kids, a 5 y/o girl, 2 y/o girl and my son just turned 1 yesterday (1/29/15). I gained 28lbs with each of my girls and was super tiny with them, especially my 1st, and within 2 weeks, was back to my prepregnancy body, nice and thin. I gained only 17lbs with my son but was 4x bigger than with my girls. I’ve struggled to lose the weight from him and now weigh 30lbs MORE than when I delivered him. Everyone’s bodies are different and each pregnancy is different (I was 24 when I had my 1st, 27 with my 2nd and 28 with my 3rd…I will be 30 in April).

Kim on

I know what my problem is though. I began a very bad ice cream habit towards the end of my last pregnancy that is still hard to give up and I’m a very picky eater who doesn’t like much. I need a nutribullet…and less sugar in my coffee!!