Busy Philipps: Why a Five-Year Age Difference Works for My Daughters

10/27/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

Busy Philipps Share Our Strength
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Busy Philipps‘s daughter Cricket Pearl is really keeping her mama hopping!

While attending Share Our Strength No Kid Hungry‘s fundraising dinner in Beverly Hills on Saturday, the actress told PEOPLE that her youngest daughter with husband Marc Silverstein is following in her very active footsteps.

“Cricket’s full on running. She’s a wild woman!” Philipps, 35, says.

“I never understood, my mom just keeps laughing and says that now I’m getting what I deserve because I was such a crazy baby.”

Although the 15-month-old is Philipps’s second child, she admits Cricket’s big sister Birdie Leigh, 6, was a “totally different” baby.

“Birdie would sit quietly by herself. I never worried about her,” the proud mama says. “We didn’t even really baby proof our house with Birdie because she just wasn’t interested in getting into trouble — [with] Cricket, if it’s not nailed down it’s off the counter.”

Philipps adds, “She throws everything. She’s really going to give us a run for our money. I love her. I’m so in love with her crazy personality.”

Although her children are almost five years years apart, the age difference has allowed for a strong bond between the two sisters. “Birdie reads to her, sometimes helps give her her bottle at night before bed. They take baths together,” Philipps shares.

“She’s just really helpful, sweet. There’s enough separation in age that Birdie is really able to participate in taking care of her. It’s cute.”

And it’s a two-way street: While Birdie “loves her little baby so much,” Cricket can’t get enough of her big sister.

“She has this Elmo board book that she’s obsessed with, that she makes Birdie read to her over and over again,” says Philipps.

— Anya Leon

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Showing 15 comments

natalie on

*waits for the ‘it’s child abuse that she’s helping raise the baby’ comments*
my sister and i are 4 years apart. we’ve been best friends our whole lives. it works.

Hayley on

My daughters are 5 years about and it works for us as well. They are 15 and 10 now and the age gap has made them good sister to each other. They help each other and the older one teaches the little one stuff.

jewels1972 on

Cute stoy about the girls but I absolutely HATE those names. Who in their right mind actually names their daughters Birdie & Cricket?? It’s ridiculous. Nicknames I could manage, but their proper given names?? Yuck!!

annie on

omg..their names are Birdie and Cricket? I cannot believe this. They better go to school where the childrens names are bat, parade, or looney. tsk tsk. weird people.

Kathy on

5 years apart is not too far apart, the old one can help younger one sometimes, its still a good range age difference.

Anonymous on

natalie- I think you can relax. This isn’t the Duggars (although to be fair, I think they get too much criticism about that particular issue, too- particularly since the older girls seem to immensly enjoy looking after their younger siblings and have even said as much a couple of times!)! 😉

Lauren Adilev on

Cricket and Birdie=Child Abuse

TheFashionableTeacher on

My sons are 6 yrs apart mostly for my sanity. Babies are a lot of work. Now that they are older, they argue less and spend time more time together now that they are 16 and 10.

Christine on

I get a laugh out of these articles. If I would have had a nanny, house keeper, and a chef raising my boys would have been so much easier. I do not admire wealthy Moms, I admire the Moms who are their own champion. Those who put their kids first. The women in these articles are out of touch with reality. It may be their reality, but the true rockstars are the women who do it all.

dita on

I have a 7 yr and a 22 mths daughters and they barely stand each other, the eldest won’t share a thing, the youngest just keeps screaming and crying if her sister has anything in her hands. What am I doing wrong? Will they ever be close to each other?

Court on

Wow that’s quite an age gap. The furthest my kids are apart is 3 1/2 yrs. They are all so close and hang out together — they are still close enough to have stuff in common but not so far apart that the younger ones bug them.

Pinky on

My daughters are almost 6 years apart. My eldest tells me often that she is so glad we had another baby, because she had been so lonely. (We dealt with secondary infertility) The eldest is a huge help to me. Same types of things reads to her, helps with her. The youngest adores her big sister and misses her when she is at school. Sure they fight, there are jealous moments. The baby has a fit when I show her sister attention, her father for that matter too. But I ammmmm so glad that they love each other the way that they do.

Ty on

That’s sweet. My sister and I are 7 years apart and we never became close. I always envied other kids that had older siblings that they were close to. For us I think by the time I came along she was used to being an only kid and never came around to the idea of having a younger sibling. If I ever have kids I hope that they will be best friends.

bkable on

My brother and I are 4 years apart (due to my parents having trouble getting pregnant not by choice). We were not close growing up. I felt very separate from one and another – we had very little in common.

We are now 24 and 28 and we’re just now coming to a point where we have more in common and are becoming very close.

My fiance has a brother who’s 4 years older than him and a sister 8 years older. He and his brother are very close but he can’t stand his sister — she’s too motherly. I think it really depends on the kids and the family.

Kimber on

My sister and I are NINE years apart. Guess what….we’ve always been best friends.