Kim Kardashian: North’s Playlist Includes Kanye’s Songs

10/26/2014 at 10:00 AM ET

Kim Kardashian Kanye West birthday
Chelsea Lauren/WireImage

Just like her daddy, 15-month-old North West is never far away from music.

But forget the saccharine toddler tunes. Kim Kardashian tells PEOPLE that North’s playlist is fairly eclectic — and it’s always on.

“I put on these lullabies for her. I put on pop music, Kanye‘s music. I have a whole iPod with everything all set up for her,” Kardashian says.

“Every day, from when we wake up, there’s music on. When we’re playing, when we go on our walk, every day there’s music on. I have a little Beats speaker, so we listen to music loud on our walks.”

Sometimes, North will even get the live version of her daddy’s songs at night.

“There are nights I force him to put her to sleep,” she shares. “There’s those nights when you’re exhausted and need a change of scenery, so I’ll say, ‘Dad, it’s your night.’ I’ll listen by the door to make sure everything is going okay.”

On Friday, the couple had a major change of scenery, trading in rattles and baby bottles for the lights of Las Vegas.

The power couple had double duty in Sin City, with West headlining the first night of the Life Is Beautiful music festival and Kardashian celebrating her 34th birthday at Tao Las Vegas.

Kardashian wore a white Alexandre Vauthier dress to the fête, and hung out at a VIP table with her husband, Khloé Kardashian, Kris Jenner and Justin Bieber‘s co-manager, Corey Gamble.

The party topped off a week of birthday activities that saw West not only whisk his wife off to Hawaii for a day, but also give her a one-of-a-kind gift.

“Kanye had a box, a purse, this Hermès purse, and I opened it and I thought it was so cool. It was all painted really cool and then there was my computer and it said, ‘Press Play,’ ” Kardashian shares.

“I pressed play and my daughter was sitting outside painting the purse,” she explains. “I thought it was an artist that painted the purse, some custom thing. I thought it was some new artist, and it was my daughter. It was amazing and I have it all on video.”

— Mark Gray

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Showing 42 comments

minx on

Constant all-day-long music isn’t the greatest thing for a child. Who wants loud booming music on a walk? You need to have some quiet time and you need to talk to your child, and listen carefully as they start to talk and communicate. You can’t do that if you have to compete with rap music.

Sheri on

You have to FORCE your husband to put his own child to bed? hmmmmm.

rose on

Minx, I am sure that the nannies that care for North do not have music blasting all day. And let’s be honest, Kim isn’t with that baby all day. She is photographed almost every single day and hardly ever with baby. Sorry but she paints a nice pitcure of domestication but I’must not buying it. I’m willing to bet that Kanye spends more time with baby than kim. That kid looks so lovingly at her dad. Her mom, not so much.

LaVonda on

Well there is nothing wrong with playing & listening to music with your child. Sometimes it just shows a sign of relaxing and a sense of calmness it makes walking fun. I listen to music when I walk I can’t walk with out listening to music. If I don’t have music I am singing a song while I’m walking from gospel to rock it doesn’t make you a bad parent or less of a parent if you listen to music with your kids. Just don’t stick to certain types let them listen to all its a good thing.

Lindy on

Good grief..she plays Kanye’s filthy crap rap for her daughter…smh !!!!!

Pam on

Her 15 month old daughter painted her Hermes purse? That’s when you know you have money to throw away. Lol. Ridiculous! And babies need quiet time to think, constant music is stupid!

Gina on

Kanye had a box and opened it, it was so cool. It was painted all real cool.. Seriously! Is this woman seventeen years old?

Gina on

Kim is pretty stupid..

annoyed on

So that’s the reason north always looks pissed. She doesn’t share her mommy’s and daddy’s choice of music. Kim is ridiculous. She should stop now with this mess

dee on

Here’s an idea. Why not read a book to the child? Although rapping may be a form of poetry , it is very important to read. And I hope they are playing the PG versions of his songs.

Between the mother saying “like” all the time and speaking as if she is in high school and his filthy negative mouth…. sheesh.

Jennifer on

She has her kid listen to her Father’s music??? Although I know that the kid doesn’t understand what her Daddy is rapping about, I don’t think it’s a good idea for a kid that young to listen to that garbage. Even I don’t and I”m a full grown adult.

I also thought that Kim once stated that she wants her kid to get a job and earn the money so she can get what she wants…giving the kid expensive gifts at an early age, whether you have the money or not isn’t teaching the kid to do that. It’s just spoiling the kid, making her think I can get whatever expensive thing I want just by asking Mommy and Daddy.

Lotte on

Wait, WHAT??? Force you husband to put his daughter to sleep?? Sad, sad individuals. Poor little girl. And to think they want to have more, they don’t even know how to squeeze the ONE child into their busy shedules?!

tiff on

Wtf is wrong with these people?!?!? Not only does Kim have to FORCE Kanye to put his own daughter to sleep; but does she not realize how stupid she sounds when she said that when she got the paIntel purse she thought aN artist had painted the purse for her. After she realized that the “artist” was her infant daughter!

Judy on

Seriously, everyone makes comments about their parenting like you know them. They might be great parents for all you know.

tcvajv on

We have the Kardashian Jenner clan invading the “news” every day. Now Kim is pushing little North down our throats. This poor little girl.

kloe on

People just love an opportunity to bash kim and kanye, will always see the negative wow

kay on

They are not my favorite people, but the idea of having North paint the purse for her Mom was a very nice gift. And true, we don’t walk in their shoes, so how can we judge, the type of parents they are…just saying

guest on

you two boobs ever thought about reading a book to her?

Char on

“People just love an opportunity to bash kim and kanye, will always see the negative wow.” I’ll address that with people are tired of Kim and Kanye. And yes, I clicked on the article just to read the comments.

nancy k on

What about kid’s music…Raffi anyone.? Seriously, I feel bad for this little girl. Rather than being parented in a normal way, her idiot parents are trying to force her to become whatever they want her to be. This little girl doesn’t have a chance in hell of having anything that resembles a normal upbringing.

SplendaQueen on

Watch those baby ears. Tinnitus is chronic and for life.

Anonymous on

Good to say a word. Love you guys. Karuri Jane Nairobi Kenya.

WeListenToMusicLoud on

Ughh…horrible sentence structure throughout this ‘article’. I understand that the journalist is attempting to provide the most authentic version of the interview, but if statements are not even remotely close to being grammatically correct, why even bother including them?! It just makes the ‘article’ even harder to read, and Kardashian appears to be even more dense than before (as if that were even possible!)

mommytoane on

LOUD music is very toxic to a child’s ear drums. Kanye’s music isn’t exactally something I would let my 12 yr old listen to, let alone my toddler, but to each their own. I agree with other posters that Kim and Kanye aren’t seen enough with their daughter, and considering jetting away to Hawaii for a birthday present and leaving the baby at home is considered ok, its pretty obvious they aren’t hands on parents. I can’t imagine taking a vacation without my daughter or spending birthdays without her, but thats just me.

Aimea on

SERIOUSLY????? You know you have too much money when you allow or rather have your toddler child paint on a $10,000 Hermes purse!!!!! Ridiculous and I’m all for people having and making money but this is over the top ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hate them even more

Mavin on

Once grown up, North can be a musician since she started to learn music in an early young age.

Anonymous on

Some of these comments are hilarious!Don’t think you need to force your husband to put your daughter to sleep.If he really loves being a dad he’d do so without being asked.

Whatever on

She is full of crap…and her puts her to sleep rapping….his hate filled crap.

Yolie on

To the people who criticize the comments of other people who do say negative things about KK and KW – that is considered their own opinion, just like you are stating yours. But you people who do the criticizing, you would think they were speaking of you relatives. Get real, this is a gossip column.

Ellie on

Great. Her first words may be a litany of vulgarities, something every mom would be proud of.

R on

I can’t help but find it perturbing how KK and KW appear to be molding their child’s personality based on THEIR likes and desires, rather than letting North develop her own.

Anonymous on

It’s cool KK and KW’s child never far away from the music

Mary on

So is her favorite song “Gold Digger”?

So sad that she has to force him to put his own daughter to bed…

Anonymous on

“Exhausted” from what??? Shopping, over eating, exposing your 5 foot wide fake @ss? And subjecting a toddler to vulgar rants of Conyou is hardly conducive to positive mental development. Dressing that poor child in see through tops, hot, stiff leather pants and combat boots when she’s barely walking, rather than proper shoes is awful. She never looks feminine like a little girl should, always dressed in drab shades of black and gray, looking like a boy. You can see the misery in her face. Don’t use the paps excuse, either. Other kids are still smiling and clingy with their moms. I have yet to see one pic of them where Ignori smiles. Body language speaks volumes and there is no bond or eye contact, ever, with her mom. Rather Ignori pulls away, looking around for nanny, rather than clinging to and gazing at their moms like most kids do at that age. Mine certainly did. Always hugging and hanging on for dear life! There is only one pic from infancy when perhaps they were teasing her to get a laugh. They clearly need parenting classes. The kid is just a pathetic prop. She needs to take note of her sister’s parenting. They at least appear connected and it shows. Hopefully Pimp Mama Kris gives her a little loving attention for some minimal stability. She’s another desperate piece of work, trying to look 20 again. The part where Kim ‘forces” Conyou to put her to bed? Give me a break. “Listening at the door to make sure everything is OK”??? What can possibly go wrong? Ignroi won’t be crying for you, that’s for sure! How about a bedtime story, Kim? Too worn out from taking selfies? She doesn’t even realize how ridiculous she looks/sounds. 0 maternal instinct. Too self absorbed to care about anyone but herself. More obsessed of how obscene she can look by always letting her boobs hang out and showcasing that extra wide load. When you’re a short, fat narcissist; lack talent and are famous only for being used as a urinal, you must gain attention any way possible. The mystery to me is why the degenerates of our country thrive on these freaks.

Jess on

“Power couple”?!? To whom? They have money, yes. And maybe “power” to buy off people and things. But REAL power? Not so much!



sandy on

See, you need to take a course or something to have kids. Why would she bombard her child with constant music??? Poor thing never gets any quiet time? So I guess they are gearing her up to be a performer as well. Talk about not giving your child a chance to be a normal child!!!

Rose on

Hey Im all for peace and what not but when you over share of course people are going to have something to say. 24 hour music honestly sounds stupid, but hey maybe the baby is used to it by now. Kims entitled to do whatever she wants with her daughter but I wouldn’t wish it on anyone as music is for brain washing.
P.S. Dee haha I found the book comment very funny.

Hea on

I feel sorry for North. She looks scared and miserable in most of the pics I’ve seen of her. And can Kanye even smile?

Justme on

really? This guy does nothing but swear and use bad language. Pathetic

kourt on

What a freakin liar. Does she really think people buy this crap?

GG on

Good North owns a music play list!