Donald Faison and CaCee Cobb Expecting Second Child

10/21/2014 at 05:30 PM ET

Donald Faison CaCee Cobb pregnant expecting second child

It’s time for Donald Faison to get out his scrubs — he’s going to be a dad again!

The Exes actor and his wife CaCee Cobb are expecting their second child together, he announced Tuesday on Instagram.

Faison let the couple’s 14-month-old son Rocco make the big reveal in a fun photo, which was edited to show him wearing a tee that reads “I’m a Big Brother!!” and holding a bouquet of balloons.

During her first pregnancy, Cobb — who relied on best friend Jessica Simpson, who was pregnant with son Ace at the time — joked she kept Faison constantly on his feet.

“[I tell him], ‘I need you to move this, I need you to move that. Pick up this, help me with this,’ ” she told PEOPLE.

Faison added, “My character at work is a ladies’ man. When I go home, I’m a b—. I’m her b—-.”

The new addition will be Faison’s sixth child — he’s already dad to Kobe, 12, twins Dade and Kaya, 14, and Sean, 17, from prior relationships.

After tying the knot at Zach Braff‘s Los Angeles home in 2012, Faison, 40, and Cobb, 36, chose the Scrubs star to be Rocco’s godfather.

— Anya Leon

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Showing 27 comments

Gigi on

Pfft I knew that was coming …. Yesterday daily mail posted pics of her and called her full figured. He was rubbing her belly so it was obvious she’s preg … Just knew she wouldn’t stand for people thinking she s just chubby !

Katie on

This is his 6th child? I hope he can afford to pay for all of this. That will be about a million in college expenses alone.

LC on

Their little boy is so darling! They make adorable babies – congratulations to them!

Dawn on

That is an adorable baby!

Caitie on

Since when is college an expense that parents are required to take on? My parents didn’t help me pay for college. 90% of the kids I graduated with were on their own for college as well. If you want to go to college, great! But you shouldn’t expect anyone to pick up your tab. Either work your way through or take out loans to be repaid on the other end.

jr on

He is just adorable! Congrats on the one on the way.

My Comments on

My god!!! How many kids can one possible have?

killmenow on

Extremely bad idea. Cosmic mistake. Way too many kids, and they have been married such a short time, and their little boy is so young.

Did he name that other son for Kobe Bryant? His wife has one of the worst first names ever. Wait, the results just came in: It is OFFICIALLY THE WORST NAME EVER!!!!! CaCee….

And no, that little boy is not a big brother. An embryo is not a person.

It can sometimes seem as though people’s brains just don’t work properly.

heather on

A million for college expenses? That’s low balling it big time for 6 kids.

sef on

killmenow umm a embryo is a person .

DaisyMoon on

That’s a whole lots of bay-bays…

(The one in the photo is adorable though)

DaisyMoon on

* lot

Alison on

They sure make cute babies! Congrats!!!!

Toni on


Catherine on

Lots of men (and even some women!) have children from their second and third marriages. There’s a large age difference between his older kids and the ones he’s having now, so it’s not like he’s running around knocking women up every year. Give them a break. Their son is so cute, he’s such a mini-me to Donald 🙂

Katy on

Wow @killmenow, you sound like a delightful person. And yes he is a big brother.

Anonymous on

Catherine- Exactly! People are acting like he’s Lil Wayne (who, if I’m remembering correctly, not only got several women pregnant in a very short amount of time, but actually had a few of those women pregnant AT THE SAME TIME!) or something!

Anyway, congrats to them. I’m hoping it’s a girl, since he only has one so far! 🙂

Anonymous on

Gigi- And why should she stand for that?!

dd on

he’s got 4 other kids by prior relationships?? wow.

Juli on

What an adorable picture! Congrats to Donald and Cacee on their gorgeous son and baby-on-the-way!

cds on

He must have some money, because his child support payments for the children that he has from previous relationships have to be costly. I haven’t seen him in any other tv sitcoms or movies — maybe he has some upcoming movies or sitcoms in the making. I think he is a pretty good actor.

Anonymous on

Congrats to Donald and the family.

Marla on

Donald Faison please stop having kids! You already have four that you have no relationship with. His daughter and his son are very vocal on social media about what a horrible dad he is. That is why none of them were invited to his wedding. Poor Rocco, poor new one to come. You can’t congratulate a man on his offspring until he decides to be a father to ALL of them. You can’t just be a parent to the ones who share the mother you like most. SMH. Donald you’re pathetic

Mary on

Congrats to their family! Their son is adorable!

And once again, I am simply baffled by the ignorant comments that litter this comment section anytime this couple is mentioned. Do you know how many other respected celebrity men have multiple children with multiple women? I rarely ever see the type of stigma attached to these (white) men, but with this couple everyone seems to jump all over them and judge them.

Robert DeNiro has six children with four different women; Bruce Willis has five children with two different women; Mick Jagger has seven children with four different women; Kevin Costner has seven children with three different women…Yet time and time again it’s this couple that receives such hate and judgement.

Tanya on

You can not call him a DAD. He is not a dad in any way. Just ask his grown daughter and son. He needs to stop having children. Any one can have children. Thank God these children have MOMS who know how to be Moms and what it takes to bring up kids. Donald is a disgrace to Fatherhood.

Oz on

Rocco? a cute name.

charlotte on

Congratulations! Hope he makes time for all those kids he has!