Ryan Reynolds Wants to Give His Baby This Wild Name

10/19/2014 at 08:00 PM ET

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively
Brian Rasic/Rex USA

Ryan Reynolds already has a crazy baby name (or two!) up his sleeve.

The actor opened up to Canadian entertainment show etalk while receiving his star at Canada’s Walk of Fame in Toronto on Saturday, and let’s just say his ideas are wild — even for a celebrity parent-to-be.

“On the plane over here I was trying to think of baby names. I don’t want a name that’s anything pretentious or, like, Hollywood-y,” said Reynolds, 37. “So I’m going with Excalibur Anaconda Reynolds … that’s if it’s a girl.”

And if it’s a boy? The funnyman outed himself as a Keeping Up with the Kardashians fan.

Bruce Jenner,” he joked.

We’ll have to see if wife Blake Lively gives either moniker her Preserve stamp of approval. Earlier this month, the actress announced she’s expecting their first child, and a source says she’s already out of her first trimester.

Questionable taste in baby names aside, Reynolds is ready to be an amazing dad, the actress told reporters Thursday.

“He’s always been good to me,” said Lively, 27. “You want to be able to complain about your husband and be that person, but he takes pretty good care of me.”

For the full interview with Reynolds, tune into etalk Monday evening.

— Michele Corriston

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K on

Don’t worry Ryan, Blake can probably plagiarize someone else’s nice baby name.

Anonymous on

K. Plagiarize, really? No one can own a baby name (and technically, virtually all of us share our name with dozens of other people!).

Anyway, I love how funny and down-to-Earth Ryan seems!

A on

Everyone’s a comic. Ryan is actually funny. K, not so much.

Anonymous on

Its nice to hear another celebrity tease about how crazy these Hollywood names are getting! Its going to be refreshing when their baby is born and it will possibly have a REAL name! They are a very down-to-earth couple so its very possible to see something normal.

WendyMI on

Suggesting Bruce Jenner means he’s a closet Keeping up with the Kardashian fan????

Good Lord.. what happened to the 50+ years and the career the guy had before this stupid family ever hit the airwaves?

Betty on

He’s actually really funny while his wife tries so hard to be but only sounds pretentious.

Kat on

Haa haha, I know he was joking but anaconda is a type of snake, yikes! Excalibur sounds cool though!

Michele s on

Why would you want to be the person that complains about your husband!

Suzi on

Love them. This is the one couple I love reading about.

K on

LMAO I wasn’t trying to be funny. But it’s super-cute that you think I care about your opinion.

Tell me how funny I’m not when I’m failing your kids in English for plagiarism and they say, “But BLAKE did it!”

charlotte on

Glad to see he has a sense of humor about it!

Mary on

Seriously? A source confirms she is already out of her first trimester? I think that is rather obvious to anyone who saw the picture of her holding her bump. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was close to six months pregnant.

But I do love Ryan’s sense of humor about the names.

Guest on

I’m glad Ryan realizes just how silly Hollywood names are. I’m looking forward to hearing the normal names he and his wife pick.

Gigi on

I think they’re perfect together! That’s going to be one gorgeous baby!!

seabot on

K, if you’re really an English teacher, I weep for the future of your students.

RoastLamb on

Ryan’s a Canuck, he’s funny and doesn’t take himself too seriously. I bet they choose a really classic name (or two).

Essie on

What is it about Blake that people don’t like? None of us know her- we just hear snippits of news interviews and read a blog that someone else probably edits. Why do people feel the need to spout their negative opinions about people? Feel free to disagree with them, but who are YOU to call someone fake or pretentious? What does that make YOU?

Angelica on

I like Blake Lively. I think she’s pretty. They will be great parents.

Kimberly on

Ryan is a very funny guy! That sense of humor will certainly help when he becomes a father. They will both make wonderful parents, congrats to them!! 🙂

cindyann on

Oh So you don’t care hey K? Yet you have to comment again about it, feewings a bit hurt?

Gramma2three on

He’s a very funny guy and glad he was just joking about Baby’s name. Whew. And he’s certainly right about Hollywood baby names being ridiculous.

@Yeah…nothing fake about Blake.

Andrea on

@Mary, I think she’s even further along than that. There is a more recent picture out there of her, and her bump is bigger and her face is fuller than the pic of her at her ‘party’. Considering her height, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was 7-8 months.

Van on

They’re cute couple, happy for them!

Nikki on

You know this could be a dig about Ryan Goslings’ baby’s name. Esmerelda Ananda kinda sounds like Excalibur Anaconda. Both Ryans both Canadians and people constantly interchange their names. Maybe its a cute dig.

Anonymous on

Andrea- Actually, her height means that she likely ISN’T super far along. Petite women tend to show sooner (and have their bellies “grow” faster!) than taller women (because their simply isn’t any other place for the baby to go but out!). So my guess is that she’s likely around four months along, the usual time to announce a pregnancy. 🙂

Andrea on

@Anonymous, Blake is 5’10”, which I don’t consider to be ‘petite’. So I think she’s further along than everyone thinks she is…her bump is pretty big and she’s tall. And since I’m 5’4″, I know all about short women showing sooner…

Anonymous on

This is one hell of a cute name. Nice going Reynolds. LOL, LOL, LOL

Valarie on

These two are look alike. LoL.

Hannah Evans on

Finally a celebrity couple who is married FIRST before having children. So sick of hearing about “fiance’s” having tons of kids out of wedlock. Congrats

Amanda on

I’m 5’3″ and can just say, your height probably has some influence it it isn’t the only factor. Nobody that didn’t know me would have even guessed I was pregnant until I was 6+ months pregnant. I was small and fit before pregnancy. My midwife said that because my abs were ‘stronger’ than average that it was normal to take a while to show. You have to remember that at 5 months a baby only weighs a pound….6 months about two pounds.

Zak on

Yeah they’re lovely couple!

Dayle on

I love Ryan! He is absolutely adorable! He and Blake are so cute together! I also think he is funny…he’s the total package!