Mom-to-Be Kourtney Kardashian Borrows Kylie Jenner’s Mini Dress – and Looks Amazing

10/19/2014 at 10:00 AM ET

Her mama would be oh-so proud: Kourtney Kardashian is jumping on Kris Jenner‘s bandwagon.

Taking a page straight out of the family matriarch’s style book, the mom-to-be raided her youngest sister Kylie‘s closet — and struck gold.

Kardashian, 35 — who’s expecting her third child with Scott Disick in December — stepped out on Thursday sporting her treasured find: an embroidered tribal tunic.

And before Kylie could catch wind of her sister’s stylish steal, the expectant reality star took to Instagram to confess her fashionable feat.

“Shout out to my fashionista sister @kyliejenner for letting me borrow your dress AKA I stole it and you had no idea but for not freaking out when you see me wearing it,” she wrote.

Kourtney Kardashian Kylie Dress
GC Images

But did Kardashian go in for a second roundl? On Saturday, she posted another set of pictures to Instagram, showing off her burgeoning belly in a fitted black mini dress and a plaid crop top.

“Do you like my shirt @kyliejenner?” Kardashian captioned the split photo.

— Anya Leon

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Showing 39 comments

suzi on

Why is this considered a headline story? I would understand if this was eonline.

Guest on

Not a fan of the dress. Afraid if she bends over, we will see waaay too much! Not a fan of the family either, but this is supposed to be about the dress.

Guest on

It looks like a maternity dress, too full for a mini!

Guest on

Although, she wants attention and comments, and she’s getting those. Do you suppose it’s a competition between all of those sisters? To see who gets the highest number of comments, etc. and mama kris gives out a weekly prize?

Kristin on

So she hired a photog to follow her around and snap pap style pics for her to post on Instagram? Big news

K. on

Do these people do anything other than grabbing money, thinking they are important and having babies?

angie on

Put some freakin pants on.

Lindy on

“Mini dress”…ha…looks like a mini tent…

susan on

We’re a breeze away from seeing too much. What kind of clothing is that for a 35-year-old pregnant woman?!

DesertRose on

Hmmm something missing? like pants!

Anonymous on

She needs a hair net to west this dress.
WAYYYYY too short for a 35 year old pregnant lady.

Shari on

This dress is WAYYYYY too short for a pregnant 35 year old.

Leonor on

I find her very pretty and like the dress, it suits her very well in my opinion. I dont have nothing against them, they did not commit a murder, or acted awfully contrary to a lot of people. They are doing their business and its up to you to read, comment, buy or know about them. When I am not interested in someone I dont open the page, its easy.
I find her the most natural of all the sisters and their family -with their defects- seems to me more normal than a lot of those we can see in people magazine or even in our life…

postathread on

Great PR Folks the KarTRASHian’s have…WOW…between them and Clooney’s PR people…trying to keep him “relevant” and his new wife in our faces, WHO cares? UGH…precisely why I don’t “pay” for People magazine anymore.

Mil on

News flash. Who cares. There’s way more interesting news to share than Kourtney wearing her nieces’ dress. Come on People. And enough about Clooney’s wife. We get it.

Tee on

Um, she forgot pants or a skirt!

janet697 on

Kourtney can wear almost anything and look better than all her sisters even if she wears their clothes.

dd on

dress/shirt too short for her….how does she sit down or get into a car without showing too much!
hat= really awful

Amber on

My niece gets into my closet and takes my cloths all the time… Should I call People to do a photo shoot ???

lola on

Kourt you are beautiful, but where are your pants?! And stop w/all these ugly hats. You never wore hats before. Are you craving hats?!

Gemini on

Anything for attention!

Skinnyminnie2006 on

Am I missing something? How can a 35 year old pregnant (and showing) woman be wearing a skinny 16 year old’s mini dress? Man, what a crock of $h*t that is!

Candi on

This looks like a shirt!

Jamey on

Ugly and horrible–just like the rest of her family.

Marisa on

One gust of wind & we’ll get a close up of the baby lol

Nia on

I am not a person who is in love with the Kardashians. However I do find it odd of people who hate them so much to even waste there time commenting on them. If you find them so repulsive stay off articles about them. You comments and hatred only makes them more famous. I think the dress is cute. Kourtney has the best maternity style if you were to compare her and kim. She always dresses so comfy and boho chic. Yes the dress is a little short for my taste but never the less it’s cute. Also for everyone who keeps saying it’s a shame they don’t get married is nuts. Marriage will not make them better parents. And being married will not make the kids love them or hate them any more or less. The idea that being married makes you a real family is dumb. There are plenty of married people who are miserable and are terrible parents. Besides who cares anyway? Its not your life its theirs.

Anonymous on

She should have borrowed some pants, too!

Wiinielok on

that is NOT a dress. It’s a shirt on her! Like Kim, their style looks like they forgot to put their shirts/pants on!! UGLY!

sue's on

How is this News Worthy? Sisters brow each other clothes. It’s not that big of a deal.

Tracy on

Don’t like it, and I basically like everything she wears. She has great style. This, not so much.

Nikki on

Not a good look for someone pregnant …way toooooooo short, she isnt a kid anymore, and she is into fashion..huh…I would think she would know better than to wear something like this..whether its her sisters or not..she probably stretched out the front

Ellie on

Fashion Fail. This is not a dress. It’s a top. And it’s an ugly top.

Ru on

Dress and act your age!stop wearing an 18 year olds clothes

Lim on

“The Kardashians are so classy”…said no one ever

guest105 on

Out of all the Kartrashian/Jenner girls, I like Kourtney. But not in this “top”. Kendall is much taller, so how can it even be a mini dress for her. Watched Rachel Ray this morning, probably a rerun, but Chelsea Handler was on. When asked what star she would like to see go into oblivion, she answered Kim Kardashian (I know, the question was probably scripted). That is the answer so many of us would like to see, except we would add family.

cew on

I so happy for Kourtney. Dont pay attention to the haters. Keep being a great mom.

Terri on

Cute dress.

Guest on

Like the dress, it looks nice.

Arnie on

That would be nice, it’d be sad if it ended at book 8, but then again, got to wait 1 year for every book th;t&#8217as torture.I supose the Honor Harrington series will have to tie us over for half of the year.