Pink: My Daughter Is ‘Way Cooler than I Am’

10/16/2014 at 10:00 AM ET

Despite her rebel rock star image, Pink is a real softie when it comes to her daughter Willow Sage, who, the singer says, is a primary inspiration in her life.

“Seeing the world through a 3-year-old little girl’s … eyes is like being that age again,” Pink tells ET Canada.

“It’s like starting over in a way – really healing and wondrous, and you’re reminded constantly how sarcastic and how presumptuous you can be, and how hardened life has made you … and how they take things so literally and beautifully that you have to watch how you see things, so that you don’t alter the way they see things, because that innocence is so worth protecting. That’s a really long-winded answer for, ‘She’s way cooler than I am.'”

“She’s magical. Little kids are magical,” the You+Me singer, 35, continued. “And then you go from spending an hour on the floor with this magical, pure little love … and you turn on the news and you look at what’s going on, and the separation between that is just so mindboggling. I wish the world could be more like her. Why are we teaching them? We don’t have it right. At all.”

Pink's Daughter Is Cool Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

But Pink says her daughter with husband Carey Hart can also be a handful.

“She’s wild – she gets that from papa,” Pink said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Tuesday. “I’m physically cautious. I’m physical, but I’m cautious. He’s reckless and she’s reckless.”

DeGeneres then joked that she may have gotten the recklessness from her motocross rider dad, but a potty mouth from her mom.

“She almost had a potty mouth,” Pink conceded, saying she will sometimes swear “when she thinks no one is looking. But it’s so cute. I mean, I’m not encouraging it, but come on! It’s like this little 3-year-old body and … an adorable little sailor.”

— Sheila Cosgrove Baylis

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Showing 29 comments

Kay on

I love the way she words things, she might think her daughter is wiser than her, but she is quite intelligent herself. Willow sounds like a cutie!

Anonymous on

I think she rocks.

kitty62862 on

I love Pink, I really do!

Shawna on

Bet she won’t think the swearing is so cute when her 10 year old is telling her to F off. I will never understand parents who think it’s cute that their child is disrespectful.

Brooke on

I saw her and her daughter at a toy store in NYC and she’s adorable, but Pink is not the friendliest celebrity that’s for sure.

James on

@Shawna… Get over it. You can be as judgmental as you’d like, but it really just shows how ignorant your are. She is 3, she is not being disrespectful, she is exploring what she has been introduced to. Maybe her mother and/or father have used the word around her or maybe their friends who do not have children and are not used to having to censor themselves have or maybe a bunch of teenagers in her vicinity have. IN any case, she will not be harmed by a word that she knows not the meaning or energy behind. Children also may not drink alcohol, but we adults do, around them, all the time without fear that our three year olds will become raging alcoholics. What is appropriate for adults is not appropriate for children and I have no doubt that Pink is teaching her child that that language is not appropriate. So sick of the judgy BS.

rainbow on

I follow her on Twitter, and I love how much she loves her daughter. She just seems like an awesome parent.

Andrea on

Love Pink!! She is a truly great performer and singer. We went to her concert and was one of the best experiences ever – from her flying over our heads to singing with “time after time” with just a guitar. Her little girl has a Rock Star mom for sure!!!

slawson on

Right, it just so cute and adorable for an “innocent” three-year old to have a potty mouth and swear like a sailor? I wouldn’t think that is cute to any intelligent, smart, and good parent. I’d actually call that bad parenting. Haters start in on my now!!!

Nicole on

She had me feeling all warm and fuzzy about her as a mom until the last paragraph.
And no I am not being preachy or judgmental. I had a potty mouth too until I had kids. But it is really low class to have a toddler that cusses I am sorry, I don’t care how much money you have or how quirky you are. And the same ppl defending her about this were calling Bristol Palin “white trash” when her kid was on camera cussing. Double standard much?

Noneya on

LOVE her and how grounded she and her hubby are!! So glad they were adult enough to work out issues like normal folk and not just throw in the towel like most celebs!

Genevieve on

That coffee table reminds me of butt cheeks.

Kestrel on

I don’t buy that “all kids pick those things up” argument. I have a 17 year old and a 15 year old and neither has ever sworn around me. We guarded them from the language when they were very little, then, when they heard a “bad word” when they were a little older, we taught them what was inappropriate to say. As teens, we explained what they couldn’t say in our presence.

I don’t find it cute at all. Nor do I find it adorable when’s 3 year old “tweaks” on YouTube or wears earrings, leopard leggings and a hoochie belly shirt at 7. The adult world is coming soon enough, let them be young and innocent for as long as possible.

Kestrel on

Wasn’t she the one who got incensed when she took Willow to get her motorcycle leathers made (at 2 years old!) and her Twitter followers kept saying is wasn’t safe? Ah, yes. She was quite adamant that they were been very safety-conscious and you couldn’t protect kids from everything!

Hypocrite. Too bad because I totally adored her before.

Shalla on

Watching Willow on her mom’s TAL tour dvd shows what a polite, respectful toddler she can be, especially after making blueberry muffins for her papa.
As a P!nk and Carey fan, I think both are amazing parents, who are raising a perfect little mini version of each!

Mandy on

Oh quit judging her! I know I’ve slipped up & said a bad word in front of my toddler. I just didn’t make a big deal about it. And just because you’ve never heard your kid cuss doesn’t mean they don’t do it. I think what she meant by it being cute, it when they are that young, their voices are so sweet. When a bad word come out it sounds so different than when an adult says the same word.

R on

Love Pink! What a blessing Willow is to her Mom. And her Mom to her.

Nannyto1 on

Oh Pink… you’re so real and I love it!!! Love you🙂

Diana on

Pink is awesome!

Kelsey on

Love her…talented, down to earth, and says it like it is. Philly chicks rock!

Jessica on

I love pink!

Kimber on

Wow, I see there are a few “perfect” parents who felt compelled to comment. Good for you for never ever saying a bad word around a child. (Which in all honesty I seriously DOUBT is true!) Pink and Carey seem to be awesome parents who are raising a healthy, happy, normal child. Kids that age are like little parrots. They repeat what they hear. And if you think your child never hears a bad word, I’ve got news for you..they do. Even if it doesn’t come from you. Had you bothered to listen to the interview you would know that Pink didn’t laugh when her child said the bad word. She may have THOUGHT it was funny, but she acted appropriately to discourage it. Willow is a lucky little girl to have such loving parents who will encourage her to live her life to the fullest. To all you “perfect” parents..look in the mirror and worry about your own kids..who are probably doing things you know absolutely nothing about.

Rebecca on

Ah, the sanctimommies are out again, I see.

babybluentexas on

I was in the military for 8 years, and curse words became part of our everyday language. You become immune to hearing it, and more so it becomes adjectives instead of being insults. I have an 8 year old daughter, who still has not uttered a single curse word. Why? Because its not cool.. its not rebellious… and its what she hears on a daily basis. Those parents who set things aside as “naughty” and “wrong” are just asking kids to rebel against them by using it. They are just words… not meant to be hurled at people of course.. but also as unmoral as some people play them into to be.

babybluentexas on

***not as unmoral

A-M on

I am not proud to admit that I probably swore too much around my kids when they were young, but the interesting part of that is that my children very seldomly swore. They knew that adults sometimes used that language but they were not supposed to. On the flip side, I have a cousin who NEVER swore around her children and I would always catch them swearing. How ironic…

K on

I like Pink and she seems like a really great Mom. But kids who swear? It’s not cute. Just my opinion.

Mary on

Pink is down to earth, talented artiest. Happy for her and the family.

Guest on

Pink is amazing! Love her.

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