Fifth Child on the Way for Jude Law

10/16/2014 at 04:00 PM ET

Jude Law Expecting Fifth Child David Fisher/Rex

Jude Law is going to be a dad again!

The Dom Hemingway star and his ex are set to welcome a baby together, his rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

“I can confirm that Jude Law and Catherine Harding are expecting a child together in the spring. Whilst they are no longer in a relationship, they are both wholeheartedly committed to raising their child,” the actor’s rep says in a statement.

“They consider this a private matter and other than this confirmation no statement will be made. I ask that you respect the privacy of all parties involved and their families.”

According to British media reports, Harding is a 23-year-old singer-songwriter who also goes by the name Cat Cavelli. The two reportedly spent time together earlier this summer while the actor was shooting on location in the Czech Republic.

Law, 41, has three children with ex-wife Sadie Frost (sons Rafferty, 18, and Rudy, 12, and daughter Iris, who turns 14 this month) and another daughter, Sophia, 5, with model Samantha Burke.

“Being a daddy is what counts,” he told PARADE in 2009. “I used to sleep until noon, but it’s not so bad to have to get up at 7 and give them breakfast. My daughter made me realize that if there’s anything that’s going to make a man of you, it’s having your will broken by a little girl.”

— Michele Corriston with reporting by Julie Jordan

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martina on

Seriously? Children are the best thing in the world. But 5 with 3 different women? And he is not ‘together’ with any of them? Yikes.

Guest 1 on

He needs to keep it in his pants or wear a condom!! Stop making kids with all these different women!

stylegal on

He is absolutely repulsive. Loved reading about his little trysts with his then-wife + Kate Moss. He is a male slvt!! His kids must be so well-adjusted. Snort.

Kim on

Wow…I had no idea he was even dating her. Not much info at all. 5 kids? Geesh! He has been my man crush forever but come on.

slawson on

Wow…What a little busy slut. Talk about “Baby-Daddy’s.” Sheesh!!!

Tina on

If they want to protect their privacy, why announce that they’re having a child and are no longer together? I don’t think anyone would have known he was having another child had he not mentioned it. Way to get attention.

guest on

Same BS I said about Kimora, multiple children with multiple partners is classless.

hannah on

Wrap it up

Mamasan on

Jaysus, it’s called a condom and he should be able to afford one.

Callie on

Wow, what a sl*t! He needs a box of condoms and to stop having children. I love when they say it’s a private matter, then shut up and keep it private!

reindeer on

Good point, Tina!

Marcia on

This is the exact same story with last child–not in a relationship anymore but the woman is pregnant.

Megan on

Time for a vasectomy Jude!

Kristina on

When I get married I am only having kids by my husband and not multiple people that is nasty and wrong. I think if I have a son I’ll name him Jordan or Jacob something biblical and for a girl it might be Ava or Hillary more on the side of Hillary.

Lauren on

Wow. time for the snip snip. 5 with 3 different women is pretty gross.

Karen on

Really? Guess he linto children. Congrats!

Stef on

He has so many baby mama’s it’s a shame.

KimB on

Wow. Heard of protection much?

Tracy on

3 baby mamas – now that’s teaching your kids!

Rebecca on

@Kristina – cool story bro…NO ONE cares.

Judy on

Not too respectable with all the different woman having his children….such a great example for them.

Moby on

How can a man be so talented as an actor and such a classless jerk in his private life !?
He is my favorite actor, my celebrity crush, but at the same time so gross !

jolyssa on

But this one big LOL!

Tara on

Why is everyone assuming this child (and his previous children) were not planned and very much wanted? It’s not like he doesn’t have the resources to take care of them, and it seems as if he makes an effort to be in their lives. So, why all the fuss? These kids are well taken care of and many others are not.

QDPie109 on

Jude, jude, jude…have you learned nothing!!!! It’s called protection. If you don’t want to wear something snip snip it should be for you.

Melody on

All the negative comments about him. What about the women!?!

jill on

Is he a Duggar? Stop having kids!!

get tested on

the women are all former models/partiers. they are prob still partying. all adults involved within this warped scenario are disgusting and have no values, morals, judgement or class. how or why he is constantly impregnating is beyond absurd. i think i saw this on an episode of law & order.

A on

I read this and LOL’d but seriously these comments are ridiculous…are yall missing that most of his children are with his ex-WIFE? like they were together and committed when they had kids. And his other children aren’t with random people either, he was in relationships and they ended. That happens. It’s not something that should be so harshly judged, he (and the mothers) are clearly capable of handling and supporting them, which is what matters.

Arrow 12 on

He is a total loser. He needs to get snipped….

Di on

He should read up on birth control, practice more self control and stop making babies all over the planet.

L on

Gross, he’s so trashy.

Combo on

JudeLaw is the new Mick Jagger

Gigi on

Used to think he was hot, now I think he’s disgusting. Wear a freaking condom. And for all the ninnies who screeched that Kimora was getting all the hate …. Um, people think men who do it are just as gross.

Tess on

This guy is a mess, a nightmare why would women want to have more children with him?

southernbirdie on

Loser. This is the jerk who had an affair with the young nanny.

Anonymous on

Good lord Jude. KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS or wear a CONDOM. Keep making those movie–you’re gonna be paying a LOOOOONG time for these kids support.

toby sprickle on

Jude would engage in coital relations with a snake if he could find the hole.

Bambi123 on

It’s really easy to NOT have children.

Jennifer on

People need to realize that birth control isn’t Rocket Science.

Seriously, when is people of society going to realize this???

mary on

As long as he supports his kids, love them, spends time with them, it’s really no one else”s business.

rapscaloion on

“Being a daddy is what counts.” No, getting a vasectomy is what counts or, barring that, dude, having protected sex. Idiot. HPV anyone? He’s another Benicio Del Toro or Hugh Grant (or for that matter, Bridget Monaghan, who had a kid after the relationship was over). He is so icky! WHo would sleep with that shiny-faced midget?

Liz on

Seriously though. Having a kid with a woman you’re not serious about for the second time in a row…

amyinoaktown on

Isn’t this the 2nd child he will have with someone after they have broken up? How about using protection….or your future dates will be lining up to have a child with you.

tess on

Nothing like spreading your seed and with an ex no less!

rapscaloion on

“Being a daddy is what counts.” No, getting a vasectomy is what counts or, barring that, dude, having protected sex. Idiot. HPV anyone? He’s another Benicio Del Toro or Hugh Grant (or for that matter, Bridget Monaghan, who had a kid after the relationship was over). He is so icky! Who would sleep with that shiny-faced midget?

and please, “whilst”? What? How long WERE they actually “in a relationship”? What a howl.

rapscaloion on

“Being a daddy is what counts.” No, getting a vasectomy is what counts or, barring that, dude, having protected sex. Idiot. HPV anyone? He’s another Benicio Del Toro or Hugh Grant (or for that matter, Bridget Monaghan, who had a kid after the relationship was over). He is so icky! Who would sleep with that shiny-faced midget?
and please, “whilst”? What? How long WERE they actually “in a relationship”? What a howl. Maybe the condom broke, eh? Sienna Miller dodged millions of bullets here

sue on

Oh, good lord. Get yourself fixed Jude.

Guest on

Damn he needs to keep his pants zipped

rem on

He is the male version of Kimora Lee Simmons.

Jean on

@ Martina, He has kids with 2 different women. 1 with Samantha Burke & 3 kids with his ex-wife (& he’s expecting another child with his ex).

Daisy Doll on

Let’s see if this gets posted. H*o bag = Jude law.

Guest on

If he were Black or Latino, well, he would be called ALL kinds of names.

Three women? Five kids? Right.

Ella on

Sweet sentiment at the end there, Jude. And who are we to judge if you can provide – financially and emotionally – for your children. But dude, if these are not planned, then why not take a sex-ed refresher course? And if it’s just your super sperm, there are options there too.
Regardless, may this child live a healthy and happy life…

Me on

LOL…this man is such a skank

E on

I prefer Jude having another child with yet another women than the Duggars procreating like crazy!

Amaryllis on

Time for a vasectomy.

Shawna on

Jean – You have some serious reading comprehension issues. He has already had children with two women (his ex-wife and an ex-girlfriend) and now he is having a child with a third woman (a different ex-girlfriend)

Awwshucks on

Perhaps Jude Law and Kimora Simmons can share 3 baby daddy and 3 baby momma stories over Chicken Salad and Caffe’ Lattes. Should be rather interesting fodder.

Gina-nicole on

Put a lock on it!

Erica on

This guy should learn to wrap it up! That’s got to hurt the pocketbook..

Anonymous on

It takes two to Tango, you know…… Don’t blame it all on him.

liz on

Maybe he should “be a man” and get a vasectomy.

Laine on

Right! He is going to raise this child about as much as he has raised Sophia, which is not at all!

allison on

Kate Winslet has three children by three different men, too….but I guess people don’t perceive her behavior quite the same way because she was married to each of the 3 guys who fathered her children. Still, it’s sad for the children who are involved.
In Kate’s case, for example, I’ve often wondered about the challenges of arranging her life and schedule in such a way that her two oldest children are afforded opportunities of visiting/spending time with each of their fathers. I know it’s quite a difficult situation for people who have children with even ONE ex, so it boggles my mind that some people feel that they can co-parent effectively with multiple exes.
In the case of Jude Law, though, he never gave the impression that he intended to be involved in the lives of child #4 and #5, so maybe all the ‘juggling’ isn’t an issue in his circumstances…

Gina-Nicole on

Put a damn lock on it1

Guest on

Jeez Jude – PUT A KNOT IN IT!

erica on

He had a one night stand with model, Samantha Burke and had a paternity test. So, there was no relationship there. He barely knew her.

Suburbgrrrl on

LOL at whoever compared him to a Duggar… good one! LOL

Melissa on

Yikes! Why did he do that? Womanizer!

Smiles on

He really need to keep it in his pants or get vacascorty right away. Five kids with three women jeez

Tiffany on

I thought he was with Ruth Wilson for awhile now?

Cathy on

How do you wake up at 7 for breakfast with your children when they are with 3 different mothers – and you don’t live with any of them. Make a man of you ? A little late for your sons. and yes, that was judgmental.

Elle on

I think it’s time for someone to take the proper precautions so he doesn’t continue to have kids with women he’s not even with. He obviously doesn’t get that these women know exactly what they’re doing. Dude, grow up and take responsibility.

Kat on

Okay, People posters! Let’s start a GoFund me account for Jude Law to buy some condoms.

Gina on

Three baby mamas?

Megan on

It’s not like he’s having children back to back he had three with his wife, and five years ago one with his girlfriend. Sometimes stuff just happens I’m sure he doesn’t want his kids thinking he’s a manwhore but I like I stated before these aren’t random women and there’s a five year wait between his last and now. Stop judging.

Romancegirl on

I agree with these posts. 5 children with three different women is just wrong. He has some serious commitment issues and these children are suffering for it. This story makes me sad. What a creep!

Krickey on


Anonymous on

Oh are all saying he needs to buy protection what about the women

It takes 2

rainbow on

This guy has always come off as slimy.

Anonymous on

Nothing private about this slouch and his junk – ugh!

Beth on

Wrap it up or get a vasectomy..what a joke!

Gramma2three on

Wow is all I can manage to muster up!!

postathread on

Good LORD!! Put a raincoat on that thing…Geez…

hellnoidontwanna on

“Being a (baby) daddy is what counts,” he told PARADE in 2009…

Anonymous on

my twat itches

Anya on

Look at that face beaming with JOY lol

twistsmom on

Keeping it classy as always, People commenters.

Anonymous on

Um 5 kids, 3 different women, Yuk!

Debralynn on

Uggh. Zip your pants you fool!

dd on

baby maker, that’s all.

angie on

Keep your pants up!

Vz on

Keep your pants up!

alg on


Marie on

Just imagine how much he has to pay for child support.


Attn: People Magazine Online

i like your new commenting system.

Just thought i should mention it.
The one you had before made it difficult to follow conversations.
Thank you for an easier layout.

Barbara on

If you don’t like the way condom’s feel and won’t wear them then GO get a Vasectomy!! You won’t have to worry about these kinds of announcements anymore!

Erin on

He needs to learn how to use a condom. Does he even have a relationship with his youngest daughter? Wasn’t she the result of a one night stand?!

Anonymous on

Jude has money to raise 5 kids or more, so no worry.

Tracey on

Disgusting. Another Hugh Grant. He should be embarrassed. He already has one love child born on the wrong side of the blanket and now another one. As for the chick, she’s done this deliberately to get 18 years of child support. These stupid men are sitting ducks.

jessiemaystorm on

A lot of judgment being voiced for people you really don’t know. I’m not saying that I would necessarily advocate having so many children with that many partners, but I recognise that it really isn’t my place to be calling names and making rude remarks. I’m sure Jude didn’t set out in life thinking “hey you know what, I’m going to make it my goal to have a bunch of kids with a bunch of different women and not stay with any of them!” but life happens and you just get on with it! I’m sure he loves his children very much, regardless of his relationships with their mothers. Live and let live.

justine on

These comments about Jude are absolutely disgusting and vile. He’s having a child, people! He didn’t kill anyone, everyone out there is acting like he’s molesting kids. Why don’t you save the awful names for people who actually deserve it. He has the resources and money to care for the child, he’s a great dad to his three children with his ex wife, but no, i guess that doesn’t count for anything. You accuse him of having no class, you have no class for saying these appalling things about him. He didn’t do anything wrong people!

Kestrel on

I’m not ok with having a bunch of kids with a variety of women but, come on, people. Stop with the whole “he’s a slut” nonsense and grow up.

The reason his irresponsibility is an issue isn’t because he has a sex life different from yours, it’s because he doesn’t wear a condom and these women didn’t protect themselves, either!

Sherry on

Quite the “baby daddy” isn’t he? Wear a condom dude!

Katie on

Wow, Jude. Your a sexy man but seriously. Wonder what his 3 oldest think now that they’re all teenagers. What a role model he is! NOT. Kelsey Grammar, I mean Jude you need to get the big V. Now!

West on

What would people say if he was a woman ?

The O on

He needs to stop. Overpopulation.

Amy on

Well, he sure is fertile.

JustSaying on

It is interesting that everyone commenting is more concerned about the fact that he is having a 5th child with a 3rd woman. What I find disconcerting is that the new baby mama is 23 and Jude’s oldest, Rafferty, is 18.

Hea on

I wonder what his 18 year old son thinks of his father’s life choices.

Jen on

Jude, you are beautiful, but for heavens’ sake, get your nuts cut, now.

.. on

I like her better than samantha burke

Anonymous on

Really?!? It’s not a good track record 5 kids with 3 women but come on people it’s not like he can’t afford them. At least he isn’t dependent on the governments help. Just sayin.

guest on

Yikes he is a baby maker!

Bee on

Disgusting. What a creep. His weird comments about his daughter are not helpful to his nasty image, either.

Vug on

Jude should compete to Dugars.

Anonymous on

“It’s not too bad to get up and make them breakfast” really!!! Get a real life and live like a normal person!

Patti on

I just finished reading…How cruel and cutting most of the comments are. I hope he or His ladies don’t read the really Cruel ones. I didn’t see that anyone was “drugged or raped”. And why so down on Jude? The women were there too. As someone stated, perhaps, just perhaps the babies were planned. Besides who would say NO to JUDE? Not Me!!!! XOXO

Guest on

Something is seriously wrong with this guy, is he really too drunk to remember to wear a condom? What the…???

AmandaC on

Man this dude just doesn’t know how not to have kids!

Mandi on

hey bud, I’ll birth your next child for a few million…lol