Kimora Lee Simmons Expecting Fourth Child

10/08/2014 at 06:15 PM ET

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There’s another baby on the way for Kimora Lee Simmons.

The model and designer, 39, is expecting her fourth child, PEOPLE confirms.

Already mom to daughters Ming, 14, and Aoki, 12, with Russell Simmons, and 5-year-old son Kenzo, with Djimon Hounsou, this will be Simmons’s first child with husband Tim Leissner, whom she married in February.

“It’s true. Pregnant, happy – so far so good,” a source tells PEOPLE. “[She’s] cautiously optimistic. [The] girls are ecstatic.”

The New York Post‘s Page Six was first to report the news, adding that Simmons is about four months along.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Jennifer Garcia

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Callie on

Seriously??? All she seems to do is get married and pop kids out. Is she trying to make sure she gets child support for life?!?!?!?!

KL on

4 kids with 3 different men?? Holy.. can’t keep a husband..

Looloobell on

Wonder why she keeps the last name of Simmons? She should use her present husband’s last name but then again I guess no one would know who she is if she did…

Andrea on

Three baby daddies. Four kids. Way to set that example

Gigi on

Grossssssss …. 4 by 3 ….. Ghetto

Judy on

I would be so embarrassed about having all different dads for my kids. Sad!

Becky on

Well she gets $40 grand per month child support from Russell until the girls are 19, plus he has to furnish a car valued at $60 grand to transport them in and he has to replace it evry three years. She probably gets close to 10 grand for the other child, so since the girls are older, she needed a younger mony source. .Yuck.

Zeze on

I guess that’s one way to create a retirement plan..

Me on

I wonder if she realizes popping out kids doesn’t keep a man!! Clearly not.

racoon61 on

Wow. How many do overs does a person need? What a horrible example for her kids.

Whatever on

Only one word comes to mind… SKANK

rem on

All those baby daddies…

KaaJaa on

That is a bit much – slow down already!!

Denise on

At least she had the good sense to finally give up on black and marry a white guy.

Chweener on

Geez! She is like the village bicycle…everybody has had a turn.

Maria on

I can’t stand this women, clicked on it just to see who the father was this time. She does get around.

texas on

She keeps the last man because an is still tied to the Simmons empire. Baby Phat making other things. She doesn’t need any of their money she set herself up from the first marriage by getting a portion of Russell Simmons empire. She still designs clothes an other things. Lastly who cares if she has 4 kid by 3 dudes. He kids are taken car of they aren’t making for anything,and who get a married really thinking it will end in divorce.

natalie on

Wow… judge much People readers? Why do you care so much? She’s not asking you to raise them. OR pay for them. And by the way it’s 2014 not 1914. STAY OUT OF HER UTERUS AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!!!

V on

What a double standard. How many male celebrities have at least 4,5,6 kids with different mothers, and it’s looked down upon on, but not criticized the same way. We will always hold MOTHERS to higher standards, but I don’t think it’s fair to judge her parenting based on this. Sometimes life happens this way and it’s just “the way the cookie crumbles” I don’t know much about life just yet, but this is my humble opinion — post made by a 24 unmarried woman

kjc on

Huh, I thought she was still with Djimon Hounsou.

Marky on

If she was married to the father, he is NOT a “baby daddy”. Her daughters were born to a marriage. Kenzo was born to a long relationship, and while it’s not my style, now people are doing it more and more, and many of you applaud that kind of relationship. “Marriage is so 1950!”, “What is your problem anyway? Who gets married these days?” “Hooray! I’m so happy for _____ she’s going to be a great mother, and she doesn’t need some guy to help her raise that baby!”, then you want to slam someone because they aren’t your fave celeb? Last I heard, Kimora is married to this guy, and he is not a “baby daddy”, so stop with the hateful posting!

Ru on

Say what you want, but she is a beautiful woman.

Kate on

Cue all the angry, 3-men-how-many-children comments…

Kate on

A guy does that and it’s no big deal. Just sayin. I don’t even like this woman, but I’m just sayin.

Amy on

Why isn’t she changing her last name from her first husband?

Mrs. X on

New Husband, new life. Ok we got that out of the way. people will you please stop referring to her by her Ex Husband’s name! She has a new husband, please call her, at Least, Kimora Lee.

Brandi on

@ Denise when this marriage ends in divorce like the other ones, what will you say then? Kudos to her for having an open mind and trying something different but the reason her first two marriages didn’t work was not because her first two husbands were black. What an ignorant troll you are…

Leah on

That doesn’t make you sound cheap and easy *sarcastic tone* and I have to agree with another poster, if she removed Simmons and used her current husbands name or her maiden name, no one would know or remember who she is.

Honestly, it’s quite tasteless and classless.

Rosie on

4 kids by 3 what? Just because you already have kids does not mean you cannot have a child with a new partner. Many woman have kids by different men and are on public assistance. She does not need any man’s money. She is educated and has her own money. I always been a fan of her. Congratulations to the happy couple

tosha on

denise u r whats wrong w this country! u racist tramp bitch! how many black dicks have u had up in you? its her business to have 4 kids by 3 dads. however ghetto that might be! she hasnt asked u for a mf dime to raise them!!!!!!

Guest on

She’s doing better than my neighbor. 4 kids by 4 different men and she’s barely 30 (no we don’t live in the ghetto). We’re currently taking bets on baby daddy #5.

annie on

she’s like Kate Winslet. All kids from diff fathers. LOL

But oh well, why blame only her?

antasha on

Congratulations to the happy couple! I can imagine how excited the girls are. A new baby is always a blessing. And to all of the judgmental commenters being strangled my their panties– would it be right to assume you’re all pure virgins parading around in white? Saving yourselves for marriage, and having no outside relations? No? I didn’t think so, so mind your business and worry about your own sexual relations. If you’re so offended by children having different fathers, then perhaps you should lock yourselves in solitary confinement until you can learn to be nice and accepting of other people who are just living their lives in peace.

Samantha on

I loved her shows, But my goodness, how many times is she going to get married, have a kid with the guy and then get divorced? I didn’t even know she got remarried.

RasEDO on

So it’s only ok when a man has kids by multiple women?

rainbow on

A half asian lady having babies with a light black guy, a really dark black guy a white guy…gotta give her credit for promoting diversity.

guest on

3 baby daddys…classy

Hmmmm on

Her three kids are not cute, hoping better luck with this one.

Emmaleigh on

Looloobell…I’m suprised anyone knows who she is now.

TLN on

Why is it accepted for a guy to have babies with many diffrent women and everyone has a fit when Kimmora does it . She was married to 2 of them and engaged to one. just an observation not wanting to start an uproar.

Sarah on

Who the heck cares about this chick? Why is this news? And 4 kids by 3 guys? Yuck!

peppy on

OH! It’s another Kate Winslet and Christie Brinkley!

Kat on

Four kids with 3 diff men? She’s setting a great example for her daughters, NOT!

trost on

Don’t understand the judgemental people posting. She can have as many kids as she wants. Frankly most of the people judging her are most likely dowdy morose losers never got even 1 proposal and / or stuck in dissatisfied reltionships.

What on

Wow how many baby daddy’s does this make! ?

Sabrina on

First of all, she was married to those men and having children with your husband is a natural thing to do. So, she has had a variety of color in husbands, but she is a mixture of Asian and black, possibly something else. She became known as Simmons, so why not keep that name. It is only a name, and I’m sure she signs documents properly. She is attractive and still young, so let her enjoy her life. She makes her own money.

Anonymous on

Wow. Isn’t that quite the career. Spit out some babies, gain an annual income! Ghetto trash. She needs to close her legs.

christay on

uhm ya 3 baby daddies is a ghetto..but becky talking about her needing the money is clearly talking outta your ass! she is the creator of Baby Phat it was huge back way back she made a ton of money and still does and has many other deals going on ..she works! she doesn’t NEED the support at all but her first husband whos still her friend is stupid rich so of course she gets money for his kids and a lil for the 3rd to im sure so what they are all rich and paying like she does for them!!

limner1 on

She has the right to live her life HER way. You mean spirited people do not support her children.

It is easier to be kind than it is to be unkind. It takes less energy too.

RCA on

The gold digger found the path to fund her glamorous life–between her legs. Pathetic.

Distasteful Diva on

4 children by 3 different men. 39? Maybe 2 kids ago.

JosieJ on

Hmm…Mick Jagger has 7 children by 4 different women, Clint Eastwood has 7 children by 5 different women, Eddie Murphy has 8 children by 5 different women. Where were all the self righteous, judgemental cows, to shake their fist in the air when they were impregnating anything that moved? Perhaps everyone was saving their energy for Kate Winslet when she had her 3rd child by the 3rd father, because apparently, it’s only “gross” and “disgusting” when women do it. Nevermind that both Kate and Kimora seem to always have their children with them and aren’t asking any of us to foot the bill!

Tisha on

Congratulations…Kimora has such beautiful children, I’m sure this little one will be just as beautiful.

Marvin Clay on

who cares

Aussie cathie on

Love the double standards ! If it was a man would the reaction be the same? I highly doubt it!

Anonymous on

Do you all say that about Kate Winslet? Three kids….. All different fathers!

Joy on

Such harsh criticism! You all didn’t make these ignorant statements about Kate Winslet! Three children by three different me!!! Be fair!!!

Katie on

Congratulations! What great news. Can’t wait to see pics of the new baby. She is great mother, kids are such a joy 🙂

Mici on

JosieJ – great comment!!

And congratulations to Kimora and her husband!

Anonymous on

TLN- Exactly! She’s been MARRIED to all but one of her children’s fathers…yet people are still referring to them as “baby daddies”? I don’t get it! I also don’t get why people are jumping on her for still using Simmons. Demi Moore still uses her first husband’s surname and no one complains about that. Why the double-standard?! Anyway, congrats to the happy couple, and hopefully this will be the marriage that lasts! 🙂

Hea on

What is it with the american society and all the baby mamas/daddies?

Hea on

People said the same things about Kate Winslet. Go back and check the threads about her.

veronica cervantes on

LMFAO!!! Is she for real? Just cause she can afford them does not mean she needs to keep popping out kids with every man she sleeps with. Another child headed for life with divorced parents cause that will be the next headline with Her in it.

Anonymous on

Cringe worthy.

People are calling them baby daddies even though they were married because the marriages only lasted a hot minute. Marrying everything that is remotely wealthy that crosses your path doesn’t mean you had deep lasting relationships. They were baby daddies that she was clever enough to get them to put a ring on it.

veronica on


Linda on

They are so dang cute. Best wishes to the happy parents.

Sue d on

Is it her goal to see how many guys can father her babies?? And really she is no better than the Kardashianwhos. Like have basically done nothing except host a reality series to make them infamous.

Ann on

Falls madly in love…pops out baby…..falls out of love……divorce….falls in back….pops out baby……..falls out of love, etc. etc,……only in Hollywood!!!

Lacey on

What happened to Djimon and where did this guy come from? Shouldn’t she call herself Kimora Lee Simmons Hounsou Leissner? Don’t want any of the kids to feel left out do you?

myuntidydesk on

I have seen her on TV with her kids and there is no doubt that she loves them, but really… four children with three different men is a bit disgusting.

My Comments on

Kate Winslet have the same….3 kids/3husbands.. Is she Ghetto “Gigi”????

LaVonda on

I ain’t sayn she’s a gold digga, but she ain’t messn wit no broke, broke. How does she spot them? Do she look for them on wikipedia or what!!!!! Its a good thing Warren Buffet is married or he would’ve–let me hush. Congrads to her. Best of luck to them all. Kimora keep those ovaries fertile girl. You might need them at least two more times.

nan on

Well, apparently, she is a breeder. 4 kids, 3 husbands (or was she actually married to Djimon Honsou?).

Lynn on

Good for her. She doesn’t settle for a bad relationship. She moves on and she loves kids.. why can’t she have a many as she wants? These men are not victims! They are very wealthy and get beautiful children!

Mosia on

She is such a nobody and a straight up hoebag.

Monica on


@ Denise on

To Denise’s comments:

You love who you love regardless of colour. You live in a multi-cultural country, so you need to learn acceptance of others and get off your superiority train!

You must lead a sad, pathetic life to even make a statement like that. In repentance, I hope you have kids and each one ends up marrying a black person.

Here’s to your ignorance!

Guest on

Kimora keeps falling in love and getting married! AND THEN… *sit down for this*… SHE HAS BABIES WITH THE MEN SHE MARRIES!!!


MJ on

People, this is America. Most women have lost or no values and have no problem keeping their legs open. Kimora can have as many kids as she wants. She can feed, clothe and educate them so what’s the problem?

Denise on

So many sexists… How many children she has is her business only… So please, stop being so blah…

Aud on

WOW. Lots of “judgmental jennies” here in the comment section. She seems happy, the children are loved and taken care of, she loves their fathers – what’s the big deal? It’s none of our business! Wish them congrats and move on with your lives!

chris on

Last time I checked she is was married to the father(s) of her children and I think she makes her own money.

valeskas on


Brooke on

39? Yeah right! She’s been in her thirties for 2 decades now and she’s still popping out babies? She needs to stop.

dancer92136 on

This news I would have just kept to myself. Four children three dads…not such a great thing to brag about. She seems nice, but

GodZilla on

Disgusted by the comments.

Guest on

OMG people kept telling me my St. Louis homegirl was a gold digger but this takes the cake!!! I agree I noticed she keeps Russell’s last name through all the baby mama drama. Kimora be careful your kids don’t lose respect for you behind your back and I promise a TEEN will get mad and tell you the truth!!! At least these kids are healthy and happy…..

argh on

it’s Hollywood’s newest game: how many baby daddies can you have?

Gemini on

Welcome to the new world…Kids by 3 or 4 different daddies seems like the new normal. Marriage is way too much work, it’s easier to collect an alimony or child support check these days. If one don’t pay, then you got another that will.

Lala on

It’s always interesting to read the comments on celebrity baby news. Either everyone’s up in arms because the couple is not married, or they’re married and have too many kids, or they’re remarried and have too many baby daddy’s. She’s married, well established financially — and that’s even without any child support she receives. This woman has her own companies, and makes her own money. She can support her children, and if her previous relationships didn’t go as planned, who’s to say she still can’t have another child?

AKP on

She keeps Russell’s last name b/c she owns her own brand. Perfumes, handbags, shoes, etc. all have her brand. When you have your own brand it’s difficult to change the name esp if you get divorced and remarried. As for whether she needs child support, I don’t know about that. She makes her own money. She was a super model for ages and now owns her own brand. I don’t think she needs someone else’s money to pay her bills. We don’t know the whole story. Perhaps when she marries someone the man wants to have children w/her. Also, let’s not forget that if she had 4 kids w/3 different men and had never been married to any of them, people would still criticize her. At the end of the day, all we can do is live our own lives and stop critizing others for how they choose to live theirs.

Mrs. X on

People will still know who .kimora lee is, especially when they see the photo. She’s no longer married to Russell Simmons,no to continue to use his name to identify her is Null at best. Maybe she never changed her married name. Note to self when you get divorced, especially if you’ve moved on, change you name to your maiden name, unless you’ve earned you last name like Tina Turner.

Bernadette on

She definatly is lacking is something and it has nothing to do with Men or Kids. Sheesh she will be running them all over the world for Holidays if she keeps this up.

Anonymous on

Has she no shame ??

BeMore Momma on

Her daughters Dad is black, her son’s father is from west Africa and this guy is white! I guess she has try all flavors

Awwshucks on

Aw heck…does this mean they’re going to change Baby Phat to Baby Phat-Tori now?

Tina on

Way to keep those paychecks coming in.

Elle on

I tell ya.. They are all trying to one up each other.. The second one celeb makes a pregnancy announcement the second another one crawls out of the woodwork with an announcement. This is the newest PR tool.. Just get pregnant.

Cynda on

This woman is so vulgar. I read an article about her in Vanity Fair years ago and was astonished by the way she spoke. She talked like she was in a bad Japanese movie, swore constantly and was always threatening to ‘whup a bit@h’s a$$.” I don’t think I’ve ever encountered anyone more conceited. All she cares about is money, money, money. What a terrible role model for those children.

Angie on

4 kids with 3 different men and you’re proud of yourself?

happy on

Keeping it classy Kimora. SMH

Morgan on


amanda on

May I just say Clint Eastwood, seven children with five women. Some he was married too, some he wasn’t. He was in a long term relationship with one woman , but cheated on her and had two children. So stop bashing Kimora.

Rome on

trashy not classy tha truth cumn out i used to luv u so much respect loss lol

happy on

Natalie…yes, because people in 2014 aren’t supposed to have any class. Point being YOU included apparently. DUH, the year has nothing to do with having cooth, class and integrity. Grow up first and then come back here because you are one dumb broad!

Wowza on

I couldn’t imagine having to deal with one of my exes for the rest of my life, let alone three. Why is a baby a staple in every one of her relationships? Well, good luck to you and this child.

Truth on

Which is better?
Having children with a man you are married to (as Kimora was married to both her first husband Russell and is now married to her second husband Tim), I am not sure if she was married to Djimon.
Having children with multiple women and then calling them sister-wives, when in fact they are a bunch of baby-mamas cohabiting with their baby daddy because only one of the women, the first one to marry the baby daddy is the real wife. All other “marriages” after the fact are null and void, thus giving the rest of the women in the house the title of the “ghetto” baby-mama.

Wowza on

Well, when you put it that way, Truth…seriously, though–where did I (or anyone) say this was worse than the sister-wives situation? If someone says, “Broccoli tastes bad,” it doesn’t mean they’re saying, “Broccoli tastes worse than spinach.”

theresa on

She has made her own money since she was a teen She married three times and had babies Why such nasty comments? Plenty of people have done the same I don’t see near as many negative comments when men do the same Or never marry and just have children With no Child support IF people paid more attention to their own lives and minded their business what a country this would be To each his own

Wowza on

When people make their business public, we have every right to comment on it. And yes, I would and do criticize men who do the same thing.

logan on

A great role model:(
How many baby daddy’s does one person need. What example do you give your kids. It’s A Ok to sleep around have many many men to be the father’s of your children. You need a personal assistant just to keep track of what child goes with what father on what day of the week.

Belinda on

That is not good news.

lilkunta on

@Josie J mickjagger, clint eastwood, eddie murphy ALL WERE CALLEDOUT for their loose penises, inabilty to commit and be faithful, and being an absent dad!

when she was lying about being married to Djimon she changed her twitter to ‘kimora lee simmons hounsou’. yet she hasnt changed it to kimora lee simmons leissner! is she really married to this guy ?

jking on

Good for her either rich or a big you know what…

kayaker83 on

4 kids, 3 different men, classy

Charisma on

It doesn’t matter how many children or how many baby’s daddy a woman has, As long as they are taken care with love, support, She takes great of her children, Susan Smith had two handsome little boys, by her husband and look what she did, then turn around and got pregnant while in prison, thats the low life skank

Just Me on

She’s the definition of a gold digger. She’s made a career out of getting pregnant by men with money. The amount of money she gets in child support from Russel Simmons is INSANE. The amount she gets from Djimon Hounsou is also insane. Now this guy. Four kids by three different men? Kids are not paychecks… but don’t tell her that.

Anonymous on




sandy on

wow, another child- THIRD man. I wonder how her kids feel about all these different dad’s. TOO bad she can’t keep a husband so these kids can have a dad in their lives!!!!!

Guest on

She is just a horrible, arrogant human being. Shocked that any man has a desire to get close enough to procreate.

samyra on

This woman has ex-husbands not baby daddies.
But even still , there are many people who move on to new relationships and more children are a possible piece of that moving on. People should care most about her ability to emotional care for and provide for the children. Whether married or not, will she take care of these babies. Yes she has

ceecee on


Amanda on

Be happy thats all it counts, congratulations. ☺

Henry on

She has children by each one of her husbands big deal.

Judy on

So much criticism. I, for one, am happy for her. Babies are blessings. You Go, Girl!!

Ashlee on

Amen Brandi ..DENISE what does her former husbands race have with the success or in this case failure… uhhh NONE… fyi she is half Japanese and half black … so that comment about black ppl … is just plain rude step out of the 50s . We are segregated anymore and are free to love who we want regardless of age,race,gender …

Wow on

Jeez, People readers are so mean

B on

Wow really??? Let’s see Rod Stewart EIGHT kids with FIVE different women…. Eddie Murphy EIGHT kids with FOUR women…Mick Jagger SEVEN kids with FOUR women….Sean Combs FIVE kids with THREE women…. Bob Marley NINE yes NINE kids with SEVEN women…. Now can we all say DOUBLE STANDARD together???

itsallgood on

Different daddy’s! No different then poor people having different DAD’S. Jackpot! Money! Sad for the kids. My daddy is! His daddy is! & this daddy is! SAD!

Pharpo on

I wish she could reunite with Russell, seriously! I believe she loves him and since their break-up, has not been happy with anyone else, which is why none of the relationships lasted after him.

Christina on

At least she has kids whithin a marriage, the right way..keep popping out them beautiful babies girl!!

Sacha on

I used to watch her reality show and stopped. She is full of herself and isn’t that nice of a person.