Giuliana and Bill Rancic Celebrate Duke’s Birthday

10/08/2014 at 02:00 PM ET

Happy birthday, Duke!

Proud parents Bill and Giuliana Rancic celebrated their son’s second birthday with an indoor party at Sky Zone trampoline park in Torrance, California.

And the birthday boy spent the afternoon jumping for joy.

“Duke had a blast at Sky Zone! He is such a ball of energy and wanted everyone to jump with him on the trampolines,” Giuliana tells PEOPLE exclusively.

The reality couple chose a Sesame Street theme for the celebration, which included fruit tables featuring favorites Elmo and Cookie Monster, and decadent cake pops from Sweet and Saucy for dessert.

Giuliana Bill Rancic Duke birthday party
Courtesy of Jerod Harris

Later, Duke, who wore Polarn O. Pyret‘s Block Stripe Polo, blew out the candles on his two-tiered, colorful cake — adorned with all of the classic characters. Oscar and Big Bird were used as decoration on the platter, while Elmo and Cookie Monster served as cake toppers.

After jumping on the trampolines with their toddler, Bill and Giuliana had one last big — and exciting! — surprise for the mini man of the hour: Elmo!

Giuliana Bill Rancic Duke birthday party
Courtesy of Jerod Harris

The tot’s furry friend made an appearance at the party and after getting big smiles from Duke, Elmo took turns dancing with the birthday boy and his mama.

“Duke and his friends were dancing and singing along with the Elmo, getting their favorite balloon animals made and eating some yummy treats!” Giuliana shares.

Giuliana Bill Rancic Duke birthday party
Courtesy of Jerod Harris

Before heading home, guests were gifted goodie bags with treats provided by Babiators, Snapper Rock, Funley’s Delicious Super Crackers, Penny Scallan water bottles and Stuck on You labels.

Giuliana Bill Rancic Duke birthday party
Courtesy of Jerod Harris

But Giuliana’s relationship with the locale goes beyond the birthday party.

The E! host is partnering with Sky Zone during the month of October by stocking pink socks at the company’s locations. A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to Giuliana’s foundation, which works to benefit cancer research and grant wishes to cancer patients.

“Each pink SkySock donation is making a difference in someone’s life right now, and I’m so thankful to all of the Sky Zone jumpers that contributed to the cause,” Giuliana, a breast cancer survivor, says.

“Giving back for breast cancer awareness month is very important to me, and I can’t think of a better way to have done so this year.”

Giuliana Bill Rancic Duke birthday party
Courtesy of Jerod Harris

— Anya Leon

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Showing 47 comments

Guest on

Ummmm . . . his birthday is Aug. 29th. I know because it is by birthday too. Haha having his birthday party over a month later because he is too young to know the difference.

amyinoaktown on

Did Guiliana dye her hair to be the same color as her son’s? Hmm…she looks much prettier with her natural color!

Callie on

So cute! I love this couple and their son is adorable! Happy Birthday Duke

Callie on

The article isn’t about her! Leave her alone.

Charlie on

I thought he was born in August?

So was his party in August but the article is coming out now because of Guiliana’s partnership with Skyzone or did they postpone the birthday party until October to coincide with her work with them?

JD on

I wonder if Guiliana had any cake? I’m thinking no.

Guest on

Perhaps they postponed his party because Joan Rivers was in the hospital on his birthday? I believe Joan entered the hospital on August 28…

Brooke on

How did this skeletal woman land such a hunky man?

Carrow on

That kid is all daddy! So cute!

Gg on

Her hair color is ugly.

Tess on

Hair color too fake. Trying too hard but she should keep her brown hue. For how she looks I have to say that she’s very lucky in the love department….especially for it to last this long. Unless, I’m thinking “open” marriage!?!

Indymom on

Hmm, for the one who commented on her weight and if she gained some weight, she might be able to conceive naturally, you obviously do not remember that she had breast cancer with chemo and radiation and now has no eggs to fertilize. I agree she is too thin but your comment was over the line.

Cheritina on

Wow, unbelievable! This woman went through a double mastectomy fighting cancer as well as a miscarriage and managed to pick herself up after hitting rock bottom but yet you people still knock her down. We as women should be empowering each other, not finding flaws in each other. The internet is an ugly place…peace out

Anonymous on

I hope she sniffed a piece of birthday cake. That should last her a week or 2.

Jackie Villio on

I hope she sniffed a piece of cake in honor of her son’s birthday. It should last a week or 2.

Christine on

His Birthday’s in August. This is nothing but a publicity stunt. Sigh.

Brooklyn on

I think her hair actually looks better this colour. Cute little boy as well!

Laura on

I hate how they said they’re kid wasn’t gonna have a “Hollywood” name, like they thought it was crazy. Sure they named him Edward, but they only refer to him as duke. I’ve never heard him called Edward, and duke sounds pretty “Hollywood” to me!

Maria on

He is adorable and getting so big.

Andrea on

@Christine. Publicity stunt? Probably, but she is using the publicity to raise funds for her breast cancer foundation…so I would say that is a good reason to do it. Also, plenty of ‘regular’ people have their kids’ birthday parties either months before or after their actual birthdays, all for good reasons. Both of mine were born just after Christmas, so I throw their birthday parties in March to avoid ‘gift overload’.

Brenda on

Beautiful family, little Duke is adorable!!

Guest838383 on

Love the fruit plates very creative….I will never get tried of Sesame Street…read some of the comments..why is some of you making a big deal of how she looks, what color is her hair.?? And that duke’s birthday was 2 months ago…maybe they celebrated as a family in August then had this party now with their loved ones….

rose on

Love the fruit plates. Bill always looks so happy to have his son. Always get a wierd vybe from Guilianna though. At least Duke had fun

Hawaii RN on

If you want your child to be at high risk for a foreign body airway obstruction and possible death, then by all means serve nice firm round grapes as snacks at a party that involves jumping on trampolines. Sorry, but that is just too risky a combo for 2 year olds.

Paige on

The birthday party theme is so colorful, looks like they had a great time.

Vicki on

Duke is so cute, but if you have to tuck his hair behind his ears- it’s time for a hair cut!

charlotte on

cute idea with the fruit.

sue's on

Maybe people need to think before they start posting mean things. Julianna is still going through Chemo, that’s why she’s so skeletal and skinny. That’s the perks of Cancer, you tend to lose hair and weight… So please think about that before all of you make mean post regarding her looks.

Nadia Nyc on


NV on

Such a cutie pie. 2 years old already? Growing up so fast!

Marie on

Amazing that such a cute article about Duke turns into hate towards his mom. She looks fine as a blonde, yes her son is blonde and so is her mother, naturally. Duke is always happy and smiling, his home life musst be wonderful, being raised by two happy loving parents!

Janice Classen on

Happy 2nd Birthday Duke Rancic. Hope you will have many more sweet birthdays to come. Janice – Chicago

Dawn on

So, Giuliana is thin, so what? What she had gone through medically, many would have a difficult time going through. Will she get knocked down by rude comments, I say no, obviously she is a strong woman and the haters out there will not destroy her. And, this story is about Duke and his birthday, so, Happy Belated Birthday Duke! and many more to come.

Barb on

Does Giuliana have one maternal bone in her body! I swear, every time the three of them are pictured together, she looks like the 3rd wheel.

Guest on

These are cute photos, especially the sesame street cake and the fruit plates, really wanted to have some.

Marky on

I found it utterly amazing that any of you can be so rude, insulting, and unbelievably harsh to, and about, a couple who has been through so much to finally have a family and who are so happy to have their precious little son. What on earth is the matter with you that you just can’t shut up about her weight? Or make some crappy comment about how their marriage must be awful (seriously, they seem to adore each other, and are so supportive of each other, as well)? How about this…if you care enough to make some asinine comment about her being ugly, skinny, barren, or whatever, you just bother to learn enough about her to understand why she is skinny (and frankly, if she’s skinny because she wants to be, why do you care, and why would that bother you?), why she can’t have a bio child, and try to understand that this couple seems to love each other enough to actually share their son the way parents should, and she seems thrilled that he loves him so much. Truth is, you have no idea what they do at home; for all you know, Duke never leaves her arms at home, and it’s a miracle the child ever learned to walk because they hug him so much! Lots of people whose child has a summer b’day, or a b’day very close to Christmas, celebrate that b’day when all their friends are around, instead of off on a trip somewhere. Sheesh! Some of you really need to chill! And who gripes about what someone else names their child?? Name your kid whatever you like, and leave everyone else alone!!

Kim on

So sad….this is a child.

CAK on


aleshamom4 on

Bit#hy much people? Do you not get the fact she lost one of her bff around Duke’s bday (Joan Rivers)? She is also promoting awareness of a disease she suffered from, which will make it hard to conceive for them, something she has been open about. As for Duke’s name, it is the name they picked, GTHU! !!!

Rhonda on

To all the people posting negative comments…hasn’t anyone ever told you that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Also…that if u have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. He is a baby and all babies are beautiful, gifts from God. His parents seem like they are hands on parents and seem totally in love with their baby and each other. Try being kind. It’s a good thing!

Dr. Novi on

Please stop with the negativity. This family has had its share of bumps along the way. They look happy. Let them be.

kelli on

Those fruit plates are adorable.

guest on

Giuliana looks great, but she will look terrific if she can gain little more weight!

meg on

Bill is so handsome.

Anonymous on

The fruit plates are so cute like 3 little faces.

Mint on

Um cute sesame street cake!

Cricket2.0 on

I don’t really like this couple, but hot dang you people are harsh. I think we hit every point on the judgement spectrum here. From the hair and his name to her sickly cancer ridden body. Ugly people.