Kelly Clarkson Takes Daughter River to Work

10/06/2014 at 05:36 PM ET

Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this, but Kelly Clarkson‘s baby girl is already entering the music biz.

River Rose, almost 4 months, visited her pop star mom on the job Monday, documenting the milestone in a snuggly snapshot.

“River is visiting me on the set of my new music video shoot for Wrapped in Red! #babysfirstvideo,” Clarkson, 32, captioned her Instagram.

The singer and husband Brandon Blackstock, 37,  introduced River in June with a similarly sweet photo of their daughter lying amid white lace in a red carriage.

Kelly Clarkson River Music Video Set
Courtesy Kelly Clarkson

As for that new tune, Clarkson will release her first original album in three years in 2015.

“Might have a special guest … ” she teased on Twitter.

Does that duet partner happen to look adorable in onesies? Hey, if Blue Ivy can sing with mom Beyoncé, River Rose can record a single, too.

— Michele Corriston

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Juanita on

She looks like her daddy.

casmia on

What a sweet, sweet baby! Oh, those arms🙂 She’s just precious…and Kelly is absolutely beaming. Nice photo.

lola on

Awww….. so cute!! She looks just like her Mama, only bald. : )

MS15 on

I’m concerned at the size of those arms! Is there something wrong with her?

Sandy on

River looks just like her dad! :))
What a beautiful baby. I love Kelly. Motherhood looks amazing on her.

Amy on


I’m Standing Right Behind You on

What a chubster…beyond adorable.

Stephanie on

Arms? How about a healthy chubby baby!! I have two, one was breastfed and chubby as can be (she is now a petite 7y.o), and the other was formula fed and was and is slender. Both my kids are very healthy, and I am sure her sweet girl is just as happy and healthy!

jean on

Doesnt get any cuter than this……made my day

sweetpatata on

MS15 I think River is fine. Lots of babies are “chubby”, my mom calls it ‘baby fat.’ This is no time to predict gloom & doom of morbid obesity, she is just 4months old.! She looks very content and sweet! Not being critical of you, just sayin’.

Dana on

I love Kelly Clarkson #girlpower and her baby is super cute and sweet. She does look like her papa.

aubs on

Beautiful chubby little girl, my babies all had chubby arms like that, there is nothing wrong with her arms. jeez

Allison on

LOL!! There are cute babies, and then there’s River. That is one of the most huggable babies I have ever seen. Maybe it’s those pudgy arms. Love it🙂

Eva on

Please Kelly have the baby checked out her arms specifically…. but don’t stop there ….babies are precious

gymluv on

lmg=lousy mean grump Takes a lot of courage to hide behind a screen and anonymously label a baby ‘chubby, homely and unhealthy’. You must be so proud of yourself. Gorgeous baby and Kelly looks radiant!

cookie on

Cute baby, however her left arm is red, and swollen. It’s just not chubbiness.

amy on

Cute but too. Heavy….baby should not be that over weight

Ava on

Her arms do look chubbier than a typical baby’s. Hope she’s okay. She is adorable.

jelly on

Oh what’s wrong with people: Kelly is FABULOUS and she loves her child a lot but that is not an attractive organism. so what? She might be “cute when she’s a toddler, or she might have a great personality and great singing voice, or she might e really really REALLY SMART> but facts is facts, and that’s an ugly baby. It’ no big deal, I had one! I married one!

dancer92136 on

Enjoy every moment. They grow too fast.

dancer92136 on

Geez people…babies are meant to be chubby. Remember how people made fun of Jessica Simpson’s daughter when she was an infant…how amazingly beautiful is she now? Just stop

Morgan on

Butterball, sweet of her mama to share a pic. I bet her thighs are squishy too!

Cris on

Cowards to call out a baby while staying safely hidden behind your computers. This baby looks fine. It looks like the coloring of the pic is off. The baby doesn’t look swollen or have a rash. Why be a$$holes? Kelly Clarkson is so happy to show off her sweet girl. That makes me smile. Chubby babies are not indicative of future problems.

Kay on

While the lower part of little River’s arm does seem a bit swollen and red, Kelly does not seem concerned and brought her to her shoot. I’m sure she’s fine. Could be a simple bug bite. One of my friends daughters gets a welt from a misquito bite. Could be a number of easy explanations.

Tanya on

River looks just like her Daddy. What a cute little chubster!

Andrea on

Oh good lord! She’s chubby, so what? There’s nothing unnatural about that…both of my daughters were that chubby and neither is overweight now. The redness on her arms may be the lighting in the pic (Kelly’s arms are red as well) or maybe she has sensitive skin. My younger daughter often had rashes due to sensitive skin, and she grew out of it as she got older.

Jessica on

seriously you are going to call a baby homely?! That is ridiculous! AT least she is not skin and bones like she’s starving. Cmon ppl it’s a baby leave your criticism’s at the door.

Tess on

River, Wyatt, what’s with these girl’s names?!

Stacey on

What a beautiful baby! So much joy in that sweet face!

MHR on

Gorgeous Mama, gorgeous daughter!

lois on

I have to agree with many of the comments. The baby’s lower arm is much larger than the top of her arm. Something does not look right. She is a little too chunky and that is NOT healthy. Sorry to mention this.

guest on

OMG, that’s Brandon reborn as a little girl. Adorable pic!

Lori on

How beautiful!

DamselNY on

Man…so many dingbats picking on a little baby with their health “revelations”. Maybe there is an issue, maybe not. I’ve little doubt Kelly’s a smart cookie, is in tune with her child’s needs, knows her baby And has things under control. Just leave it at that.

joy on

Baby fat is completely normal. In fact, my doctor told me that they prefer them to be on the chubby side as they do better when they are sick. It becomes a concern if they are toddlers and are overweight. But for infants, it’s good to have some extra fat – it means they are thriving and healthy. A very cute baby!

Mommytoane on

LOL What an adorable lil chub! I love chubby babies, they just are so cute!

Tonja on

Sweet picture of mom and baby. Kelly is a beautiful lady and her baby is adorable!

Kathy on

Ooh Kelly’s daughter is so adorable!

Melinda on

A doll baby!!!!! I love Kelly!

Bella on

No stupid comment about the babys arms can ruin this picture….how stinkin’ CUTE is she? Could not be happier for Kelly and her family. River is adorable!!!

Anonymous on

oh my goodness…. what a super sweet pudgey baby!!!

SomeKindOfMiracle on


Angie on

I have to agree, that babies arms are more so swollen then chubby, if you look at Kelly’s Twitter account she posted a photo on 09/28 and River’s arms looked more so normal.

FTM on

There is nothing wrong with her arm, it is just the angle the picture is taken! I have a two month old I take pictures of all day every day, and if the angle is off it will make his hands seem larger then they are, when in reality they are the perfect size!

Anonymous on

Are any of you Pediatricians? How do you know what’s “normal” on an infant. Infants have “mottling” of their skin. Where it can look red, rashy, veiny. It’s completely appropriate. Her arm does not look swollen, red, or infected. You all need to calm down.

Erin on

For all you people making comments on this BABY, suggesting she is overweight.. Honestly you make me sick. You wonder why young girls turn to starving themselves later in life.
She is a beautiful healthy child and you are bullying A BABY – she hasn’t even been here on earth for 6 months yet, and you already have started a vicious cycle. What is wrong with you?!??!?!?!?!?

Maggie on

River looks so cute, how sweet she is!

MJ on

Wow, look at the size of the baby’s arms. She’s already obese. Sorry, but that’s beyond the cute chubbiness that most babies have. Looks like she’s going to have Kelly’s body type. Not trying to be mean at all. It’s just not healthy.

Shelly on

What a cutie! She looks like she’d be a fun baby to cuddle:)

Valv30 on

Obviously, some of you never had a chubby baby. My middle girl was 10lbs 11 oz. when she was born and at 6 months she was 24 p;ounds and looked exactly like her baby!!! It’s ok. Relax. Babies that young are not “obese” or unhealthy. And that isn’t a rash. It is completely normal for a fair skinned baby who is chubby. It is the same redness white girls get when they are cold. She is a lovable baby!

Kimberly on

Awww that baby is just simply adorable! I just want to squeeze her! That was my son too totally chubby and now is a very built young man….so the one who commented that something is wrong with this baby girl shame on you. She is a totally beautiful baby girl!!

MaryAnn on

the baby is beautiful, but it would be nice if Kelly addressed the concerns her fans are having about the baby’s arm. It does look red and swollen, it’s possible it could just be the camera. Hopefully, Kelly is smart enough to watch her child’s weight as she gets older, being overweight is not healthy. But the baby is very cute and Kelly is a beautiful girl, I just wish she would drop some pounds.

YeahRight on

I love chunky babies. That baby is precious (like all babies) but NOT cute, she looks just like her dad. It’s not being mean it’s true the same way people on here talk about Blue Ivy’s looks.

SeattleLilly on

#1, My son was born with rolls. All the boys in our family were. They stretch out. She is fine. #2, there was obviously a filter used on the photo. Which causes it to have more of the pink/red tones show. #3, there is no rash on her arm. It is normal for a baby to have speckles like that, most likely due to temp changes in the room. She is adorable and Kelly looks amaxing!

Ashley on

Awwwww, she is cute

sandy on

my, my- she’s eating well that’s for sure!!!

Pal on

Such a sweet pie, so happy for Kelly!

christine on

Has her daddy’s eyes!!!! Thank you Kelly for sharing the photo.

Anonymous on

YeahRight- No, it’s not the truth, it’s an opinion. And there are some things you just don’t say!

erica on

future fatty ! yuck ugliest kid ever

Punkin on

Sorry, that’s a goofy looking baby!

Tee on


Sara Beth on

Wow. Some celebrity’s really lack in the cute baby making department. That child is 4 months old, but look at the size of her! Yikes.

Pamela on

That baby is ugly. And Kelly is just downright fugly.

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