Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Expecting First Child

10/06/2014 at 08:45 AM ET

Blake Lively Pregnant Ryan Reynolds First Child
Eric Charbonneau/WireImage

And so begins her litter of kids: Blake Lively is going to be a mom!

The actress is expecting her first child with husband Ryan Reynolds, she announced Monday on her website, Preserve.

The mom-to-be even gave fans a sweet peek at her growing baby bump in the blog celebrating moms.

“With family on our mind, we looked to the origin of it all, to the women in our lives who are right there, at that special moment; at the creation of the family,” reads the post.

A source tells PEOPLE, “They are absolutely ecstatic, and just so ready for this. It is the perfect time in their lives to start this new chapter; they are so in love and are going to be amazing parents.”

Lively is “safely out of her first trimester, and the pregnancy has gone really smoothly for her so far,” the source adds. “She’s enjoyed every minute of it.”

The major news comes just months after the actress, 27, talked about her plans to start a family.

“If I could spit out a litter of kids, I would,” she told Marie Claire in August.

In the photo — which trails a series of touching snapshots of expectant women — the sunset-kissed actress gingerly cradles her bump while clad in Sam & Lavi.

And we have a feeling this is just a tease of what’s to come: The article hints that this is just part of the first-ever Preserve Celebration and that “the entire next month will be sprinkled with highlights for women in this exciting chapter of their lives.”

Lively and Reynolds, 37, wed in September 2012 in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

“I’ve always wanted a big family,” she told Allure shortly after tying the knot. “Oh, I’d love 30 [children] if I could.”

Blake Lively Pregnant Ryan Reynolds First Child
Eric Lively

— Alison Schwartz with reporting by Kate Coyne

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Showing 95 comments

charlotte on

Congratulations! Will be a pretty baby for sure.

Sílvia on

such gorgeous photo!

guiseppegirl on

Congrats! So happy for them! What a gorgeous child this will be.

Daphne on

That is going to be a gorgeous baby!

Guest on

Awww! Best wishes to them, and their new addition!!

melanie j lott on

Now That Is A CLASSY Couple …Much Love To Them Both ❤

powerturtle90sdudemon on

She looks fantastic! Congrats to em! Looks like she’s about 6-8 months along. It’s gonna be a beautiful baby

Pam on

She’s stunning pregnant! Congrats to them! Babies are amazing! You’ll never feel more love for anyone than your child.

Pam on

Photo by Eric Lively, that’s so sweet! 😊

dd on

didn’t realize they are 37…thought they were younger, they look younger

VB on

Ugh. It’s going to be a long gestation.

kjc on

Really Powerturtle? She’s tiny, my guess is 4-5 months, tops. No where near 8 months.
Anyway, congrats to them. Love me some Ryan Reynolds.

dancer92136 on

Lucky baby that is one beautiful gene pool.

Ali on

I am happy for them . We have been awaiting for this one . I can’t wait for the fashion

Anonymous on

Congrats to the happy couple.

krista on

Congrats to the happy couple.

Dawn on

@dd, Blake is 27, Ryan is 37.

Gladys on

Somehow this is one of the couples I have been looking forward to to have babies..kkk.next up is JT and Jessica.LOL

Jennie on

So happy for them! Love Blake and Ryan! They are adorable!!!

kiki on

I am so truly happy for them!!!!

SarahJane77 on

Congrats to them. They seem like they truly love each other & will be wonderful parents.

Bhavana on

This is great news! Congratulations to both of them on the pregnancy. I have a feeling their baby will be absolutely gorgeous.

lexi on

congrats to the beautiful couple 🙂 they will be amazing parents and will have a gorgeous baby 🙂

Lala on

Beautiful photo, and such a beautiful couple! I love when large families are celebrated, and/or desired.

Nadia Nyc on

WOW. That is going to be one good looking baby!
Congrats! to them, They seem like really nice people.

Cynthia Dee on

DD… “They” are not 37… he is, but she’s not. At 27, Blake is 10 years younger than Ryan. Love them together… they seem to be nice people and very happy together. Best wishes!

Leah on

Congratulations and I like the photo of her cradling her baby bump

Sheena Christianson on

Such a beautiful photo of Blake. That is going to be one gorgeous child. So exciting. Congrats to them:)

Gg on

Can’t stand then. I heard he cheated on Scarlett with this ding bat. She’s as personable as Paltrow .

Anonymous on

can someone please explain to me how there are 8 angry faces with this news from this wonderful married couple? and this isn’t the first time a celebrity announcing a pregnancy that the angry face has even one number under it. I mean wow, really people? you’re that jealous, envious? what is it? I wanted babies, and wasn’t able to have them, but anytime someone is being blessed with a precious gift of new life, I’m over the moon for them. anyone?

Trish on

So happy for these two. They make such a sweet cute couple! Congrats to both!

Tess on

She looks pretty far along!

Yo mama on


Kpat on

Aww how wonderful& exciting for them!

Susan on

Congrats !!!!!!!!

stacey on

Oh my gosh, that photo is ABSOLUTELY stunning!! And 6-8 months along…..no way. 5, at most.

L on

She’s tiny to begin with…my guess is about 4 1/2 -5 months MAX. This kid definitely hit the genetic lottery, congrats & best wishes on a healthy baby!

Shari on

I have been waiting for this news! They are going to be great parents!!

Maria on

Congratulations, going to be a beautiful child. It’s nice to hear a normal announcement of pregnancy instead of women hiding behind bags and coats, which I still don’t get.

Tara on

I saw this happening! Congrats to both. Love them.

8hrwoman on

that’s not blake lively

Staycee on

(I don’t mean that, I am just insanely jealous, obviously).

Beautiful photo. Hate her. (not really).


Susanna on

She takes herself waaaaay too seriously. All this baloney about curated life and speaking in the third person in abstract terms – it’s pretentious. She just doesn’t seem real.

Anna M. on

Congratulations to an awesome couple!!! What a blessed little baby this will be. 🙂

S. North on

Yah!!!… This is going to be a beautiful child.. !

AM on

This is going to be one of those situations where both parents are so attractive that their child will be ugly as hell! I’m sure she’ll really ‘love it’ then!!! LOL

Carrie M on

Beautiful photo. Wonderful news!!

Bullbutter91@aol.com on

Awwwwwww! 😀

Seriously? on

Anonymous, I can’t even begin to explain why its now showing 17 frowning faces over this news. These two did everything ‘right’. They got married first, and baby came much later. (FYI…I’m not someone who believes people must be married before having children, however MANY people feel that way and I do respect that belief. I’m just pointing out they did what people are ‘supposed’ to do…the whole ‘First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage’ and for some reason, that still has annoyed 17 people who are apparently annoyed by the news of this pregnancy. If it disturbs you that much, don’t click the link and read the story.


Tina on

That’s sweet. All the best.

ABbey on

I love blake livley shes so beautiful! conggrats to her!!

donotlikethat on

At last! A couple that did it right. Got married first and then had a baby. I wish more couples would do that. I guess I am just old fashioned; a person of yesteryear; a person with values, something most people don’t seem to cherish anymore.

Nicole on

6-8 months along? Haha I don’t think so!

Gg on

Can’t stand them. The rumor is he cheated on Scarlett with Blake. Not quite sure what she is famous for. It’s not her sparkling personality.

Me on

I’m glad you’re happy that they “did it right”. Legally binding marriage was created for the sole purpose of money and property ownership, as well as create legitimate heirs. “Doing it right” only ensures that the relationship is legal, it does not guarantee values, morals, love, respect, a lifetime commitment.

Anonymous on

Congratulations 🙂

Heidi on

This guy has always had a thing for younger women. Always.

valeskas on

I am so happy for them.

Rene on

I think that’s so sweet! I also like that they waited.

Rene on

Congrats! I think that picture is so sweet!

Ale on

But I wanted to have his babies….:'(

JennL on

I thought JT and Jessica were prego already?

Kathie on

that is gonna be one beautiful baby ❤

Judy on

She looks beautiful…..shock they waited to have kids until after marriage.

Guest on

I love this. If I could spit out a litter, I would too but pregnancy is hard!! Lol. Maybe I’ll stop at 2 or 3.

Tammy on

Adorable photo of her holding her baby bump = sweet. Have NO idea WHY 21 people would post an angry or unhappy face as a response to this article.

This is happy news in a world where we mostly receive sad, scarey and heartbreaking news — people enjoy the moment!

Danni on

I absolutely ADORE this couple!! She is 27 and he is 37, finally a celebrity couple who get married, then have kids a couple years later, and at an appropriate age 🙂 so excited for them, they will be amazing parents ❤ congratulations to you both xoxo

Guest on

Hey gg we get it you have an opinion. No need to comment twice especially with that negativity. Like you did it’s RUMORS. You have no idea yourself what happened between Ryan and Scarlett but both have seemed to move on at this point. You should too.

Guest on

That sounds like one pretentious website.

Guest on

@Guest *said not did sorry for typo.

R on


FreddieCh on

I hate to sound old fashioned but I admire couples who do this in the traditional order: marriage then baby. Congrats to both and wishes for a healthy baby.

rainbox on

People said the other Ryan’s kid (the Gosling) would be “beautiful” but no, this THIS is the beautiful Ryan!!!! Sooooo good looking. Never thought his wife was particularly gorgeous, but she is a far sight more attracting than Eva hook Mendes. So, given that people like “pretty” offspring, this is promising. And the marriage will make it to 5-7 years I think,.

Margarita on

Beautiful picture of Blake Lively. Congrats to them! That is going to be one very good looking kid 🙂

CB on

Never thought I would be saying this since to put it as nicely as possible, my opinion about Blake Lively’s looks is different than the media’s and others who thinks she’s gorgeous and hot but she looks so beautiful in that photo.

Mary Alice on


sharon Little on

To DD. re-read article,she is 27,hes 37.THEY aren’t 37.

metoo on

that’ll be one beautiful kid … congrats 🙂

Dogman69 on

That is going to be one good looking kid.

Natalie on

dd: HE’s 37, she’s 27

Di on

Should be a lovely little one! Congratulations.

Sam on

SO HAPPY FOR THEM! They’ll be such great parents and the baby is bound to be adorable!

Guest on

Okay. I’ll be the one who says it – ten bucks the baby inherits its mother’s original nose. :p

Noneya on

NOT a fan of either one of them! My opinion! That said – I hope they have a healthy baby and I do like the pic………..

Niko on

Stunning-looking couple. Their baby will be a looker, for sure. Congrats!

Barbara on

Congratulations Blake and Ryan!!
Yippie!! I am so happy to hear this news. I thought for sure they would have been announcing a new arrival about a year ago. Sooooo, I am thrilled they have finally decided to have a baby together now. 🙂
Keep your fans posted!

Fatima on

Congrats to Blake and Ryan 🙂

carissa on



Anonymous on

I bet he’s gonna be an awesome dad!!

Amanda on

Congrats to the couple!! Lucky baby to be born to a loving, ready couple 🙂

Everyone shows differently but she looks more than 4-5 months to me. I have always been fit and strangers would have never guessed I was pregnant before 5-6 months. Even with my 4th baby I went to my 20 week ultrasound wearing my regular clothes. My bet is on 6, maybe even 7, months.

bebek caddesi on


Paula on

So happy for them. Congrats!

Anonymous on

Always loved Mr. and Mrs. GL! May their family be ever so prosperous.
Keep up the wood work guys. He’s watching. Don’t fail him.

Anonymous on

Great photo. Happy they’re going to have a new addition.

Vas on

Love blake’s little flowery shirt! They look lovely together.