Ciara Strips Down to Show Off Post-Baby Body

10/05/2014 at 10:30 AM ET

Nothing comes between Ciara and her Calvins.

The singer proudly posted two photos showing off her new, post-baby body in Calvin Klein underwear Friday on Instagram.

“I feel so proud to say that 4 months after delivering a 9 lbs. 10 oz. baby, I can finally rock My Calvin’s! #mycalvins,” she captioned a snapshot of herself lying in bed in a black sweater, bra and underwear, her long hair falling over her shoulder and onto white sheets.

“After Delivering My Son I Feel Like There’s Nothing I Can’t Do. I Feel Like I Can Conquer The World. #ANewMe #NewMusic. So Proud To Rock #mycalvins 60lbs later!!” she wrote alongside another picture of her giving the camera a sultry stare while posing in a grey athletic top and bottoms.

Ciara Post Baby Body Calvin Kleins
Courtesy Ciara

The 28-year-old star, who welcomed her first son, Future Zahir, in May, has been hitting the gym every day with personal trainer Gunnar Peterson.

“She’s working hard, she’s getting it done, she’s eating properly, she’s getting sleep while she can, and so she’s getting leaner and stronger,” Peterson told PEOPLE in September about Ciara’s regimen. “That’s the way to be the best mom.”

— Wade Rouse

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Lisa on

If I had a personal trainer, a personal chef, and someone else to wake at night for feedings, I could do it too.

Carolyn on

Stupid woman, millions of us deliver babies every day. And what’s with getting half-naked to show off your body to the world. No dignity left anywhere. Future? What kind of a dumb-a s s name is that?

Carolyn on

Millions of us have babies every day. What’s with women stripping half-naked so the whole world can see? Is there any dignity anywhere anymore? And Future, what a ridiculous name.

G on

What is with this incessant need for these new mums to strip off after having a baby. Good for you, you have trainers and chefs and nannies.

C on

What is with this incessant need for these new mums to strip off after having a baby. Good for you, you have trainers and chefs and nannies.

eye roll on

So over” the look at me crowd” the want praises for living a life many can only dream of. Most woman who give birth, can’t spend hours of the day working out, and eating a special diet to bounce back into shape immediately. I”m over these celebs acting like it’s nothing, when clearly they would never be able to accomplish this without help.

Noel on

She did the work to get her body back and you all can hate all you want. Ciara should be proud of her body and flaunt it all she wants. Her body is a temple but your mind is simple for talking trash about a lovely lady and acting all types of shady. C you look amazing and I want that new music.

Mary B. on

You really need to quit with the “post baby body” stuff. New mothers should not be dieting right after the birth, let alone strenuously working out. 9 months of pregnancy merits a bit of a rest and promoting a quick bounce-back, which you do so often in People and which is unattainable to most women, is damaging in so many ways. It undermines a woman’s ability to successfully breastfeed, for one. Just knock it off, People.

Noel on

She gave credit to her trainer and you all got enough time to sit here and criticize her maybe you could be working out and could look as glorious as her. But instead you sit here and take the time to shame someone for looking good naked. shaking my head at all you haters

Anonymous on

I love her!! I just watched her “like a boy” video. She is really good! Reminded me of Aalliyah. It’s hard to fill those shoes!!

Anonymous on

Her trained sounds like a moron. “That’s the way to be the best mom.”. What…being in the gym instead of with your baby? Baby doesn’t care if you have abs and post ho bag shots on IG. Although they’ll probably be embarrassed by the latter when they’re older.

cari on

I just don’t understand these women who post pictures like this for the world to see! So lame. I am a personal trainer, and am in great shape after 3 children, but no way in hell would I ever post a “look at me picture” like this. So desperate!!!

KV44 on

Normally I’m not a Debbie Downer but really People??? How about a story about a new mom that still can’t fit in her pre-baby clothing? Like the other posters have said, not everyone can afford a trainer. Thanks for making me feel bad about myself this morning.

3rd time mom with nothing to wear because I still haven’t lost the baby weight and the stuff I do fit in is in the dirty laundry covered in breast milk and/or poop

Courtney on

CIARA LOOKS AMAZING!!! Good for you for delivering a healthy almost 10 lb baby and feeling good about looking good!

Kat on

She has classic “tummy tuck” belly button. Which is fine, except she is trying to act like she got that body through sit ups. Give me a break. Be honest.

casmia on

Brought to you by Photoshop….(and the wonders of makeup and lighting)

LaVonda on

Hell I wish I was that motivated. Good for her. Best of luck and wishes for her and her family. Keep up the motivation and maybe you can inspire some of the haters to do the same thing. You go girl.

Nicole Lavia on

People Magazine, please STOP promoting unobtainable body image to your readers! Celebrities are NOT real people, their disposable income lends itself to things your readers cannot and will not ever reach in their menial lives (i.e. working out with a trainer every day, hair and makeup “glam squad”, personal photographer, etc.). You are making new moms feel even worse about themselves because they aren’t able to shed 60 lbs post baby the way a celebrity can. Why don’t we focus on something else that’s less shaming?

seesaw on

Here come the perfect angry mothers with pitchforks again.

Kendall on

Sadly, all this picture portrays is low self esteem. Yes, she is pretty and talented. But she is also a new mum, whose boyfriend/fiance/babydaddy cheated on her. Maybe she believes he did it because she wasn’t “skinny” anymore, blaming herself for the changes her body naturally took. I hope she finds peace. We don’t see Jennifer Garner or Megan Fox stripping down and fishing for compliments. Why? Because they are confident and are secure in their marriages.

florida on

just a quick question to all of the mommies out there. after you had your baby or babies how many times did you go the gym per week and what did your diets consist of? i’m getting annoyed by all of these celebs that come out with these ridiculous “post baby body” selfies and pictures.

Diane on

YAWN. Another “hot” celebrity who had to make sure she got back into shape after having a baby. God forbid she didn’t. And risk being cheated on?? Oh that’s right, she already WAS cheated on. Or risk being considered “not hot anymore. She had a kid and let herself go”?? So sad for these young girls today who need to think they have to be right back into a size 2 after giving BIRTH!!!!! Thank God I’m not a celebrity and don’t live like they do. They must be miserable.

Chiluvr1228 on

Nothing like reading a couple of these articles to make us feel bad about ourselves. Wish I had a personal trainer, a nanny and a chef to help me lose the baby weight.

YeahRight on

If your fat, lazy self are on here commenting that means you are NOT watching your child, this is time you could be exercising. There are thousands of celeb trainer’s videos on youtube; that’s where you should be, not commenting on how you can’t do it like celebs because you don’t have xyz…and how their bodies make your chunky self feel insecure. There are hundreds of thousands of recipes from celeb chefs you can find on the internet. The first steps are to step away from the fridge, chair and couch and “STOP MAKING EXCUSES”!!

CallMeMaybe on

Why the need to display yourself to the whole world? You had a big baby, you work out, eat healthy and look great. Good for you and thank your lucky stars for professional photogs and photoshop. I didn’t bounce back within 4 months after either of mine. However, having a newborn and a toddler enabled me to lose what weight I retained plus some. No I don’t look “hot” like Ciara in these pix but I can wear a bikini if I so choose and get compliments whether people know I have children or not. However, you won’t see the pix on social media. The world doesn’t need to know everything about your personal life. Don’t whine and moan about your lack of privacy when you post pix like this.

Woah on

Unnecessary, and the second picture is photoshopped. Do women really need the self esteem boost from the public to feel good? I’m glad she feels great, by why put that out there? Look in your own mirror and take in your own accomplishments otherwise don’t start crying when the media invades some other part of your life because after you’ve invited them into your home, they’re going to want to see what’s in all the rooms.

Heather on

Get back to me after you have had 5 children and are over 35…perhaps I might be impressed then! Sorry but I always chuckle at these women who have had only one or two babies…I still looked great then too and didn’t have to kill myself at the gym at that point bc your body is way different in your 20s and it is just one pregnancy.

Liv's Mommy on

I suppose if all moms were getting paid to be entertainers, had personal trainers, a personal chef, and no real 9-to-5 job to go to (not to mention child care!) I guess all moms would look like that 4 months after giving birth. Hollywood moms aren’t a depiction of the average mom, you know, the ones with limited maternity leave, who work long hours and come home to the second job of being full-time mom, who juggle child care and work, who barely have time to shower regularly let along take time for themselves at the gym. I’m sort of sick of people (including People) trying to highlight these women to average moms as something to strive for- or be ashamed of if you are postpartum and still have baby weight to lose. I mean, good for them being able to afford the time and money it takes to get in shape that quickly. I just think for the rest of us, it is unrealistic- and maybe a bit unhealthy.

deborah on

To “Lollipop” Your comment about black women was racist and ignorant. Please find to some time to include education in your life. It would benefit you greatly. And yes, I am a black woman.

Kimberly on

Who cares, the only thing that matters is healthy mom and baby, mom can be any size and still be beautiuful. It make take us regular moms more time to lose the weight but we are also living in the real world. It’s all an illusion anyway do you honestly think these celebs are really happy, this is why they have the need to constantly show off!

Di on

She looks great and all, It take time and proper diet, I am so Glad I have been fit now for over 10 years, it feels awesome at 47 to have biceps and triceps as well. I never had a personal trainner, is all about training your own body…

Lindsay on

That first picture is silly. Why not post an un-photo shopped picture of yourself dresses sensibly and looking healthy and happy, not trying to be a sex object by having your pants pulled halfway down like you’re getting ready to take a poop.

gottcha on

Was this “Type of Pose Necessary”?? Are we trying to make “Future Jealous”????

Lindsay Garcia on

How about an un photo shopped pic of you dressed nicely looking healthy and happy, not a picture of you making yourself out to be a sex object by having your pants halfway down and looking like you’re getting ready to take a poo

MHR on

Really? She’s more interested in her physique than bonding with her infant son?

YeahRight on

It’s more whites that pose than black women; wait not all pose of them “pose” for instagram or twitter, most have bikinis on in places they know the paparazzi will be at. Ciara was not naked and Meghan “been around” Fox may not have posted pics on instagram or twitter but she did pose in a bikini top and high waisted bikini bottoms for Cosmo magazine and even though she had a shirt on and open, you can see the jest of her showing her bikini body, so try again!!

Janelle Monae’s body is sick, so eat your words, I named ONE and her songs are as of October 5, 2014, still being played in commercials!!!

jarry on

Another woman,desperate for attention. Makes them look cheap!

Cristina on


sandy on

How sad is this???? I feel bad that she feels the need to post photo’s to show that- “hey, my body is A-Okay & I am still hot!” Instead of focusing on her baby and husband she is worrying about the “WORLD” thinking she has a great body! Pathetic!

Marky on

Lisa, what the heck? Many of us very middle class women, without chefs, trainers and “someone else to wake at night for feedings”, lose the weight and look like this 4 months postpartum as well. We had 3 children in 4 years, and had no extra help, no money for anything but our bills and food. I exercised to a tape, and cooked our meals, and I was BF, so I was elected for all feedings, since #3 never took a bottle of any kind for more than a year. I weighed 110 within 3 weeks of her birth, and was back in shape in 2 months. I didn’t gain 60 lbs to begin with, but these rude comments about trainers, chefs, and night nurses, just irritate me. Get off your butt, cook from scratch, and quit being so envious! Oh, and I was taking care of my mom from the time the baby was 2 weeks old because she had to have very serious surgery and had no where else to go. She was too sick to help, so it was up to me and my spouse! Sheesh!

susan on

It doesn’t matter what skin color the celeb has-they’re ALL trying to promote themselves because that’s their job. It’s sad that they have to be so worried about how they look but that’s how they make a living. Personally, I think it’s sad that many celebs feel the need to get in shape so quickly after having a baby-that must be hard (unless they have a nanny, cook and personal trainer).

Dogman69 on

In that first picture she looks a little dirty down there.

Jenaay on

Nice body! But what does Ciara do???? Please don’t say singing because Ciara
hasn’t been relevant for over a decade except for a single here & there. Why not profile Kerry Washington’s post baby body? At least Kerry has a job and her show Scandal is a big hit!!

L on

She had an amazing body before she got pregnant, i’m sure it wasn’t that difficult to get back in shape. Also, I bet these photos were released as a jab to her slimy “BD” – please start calling your son Zahir, Future sounds ridiculous!

GodZilla on

Desperate much smh, she just had a baby and got f’d over by her fiance and this is how she is validating herself???
What’s wrong with her??

Margo on

You don’t have to be a celebrity to be proud of losing your baby weight. I was very proud…My son weighed 9lbs 8 oz…and 2 weeks after giving birth I was back in my jeans. My family was shocked to see that in two weeks I looked as if I never gave birth. One of the “aunties” was saying I should be home with my belly wrapped up…just as I walked in the door….her face dropped when she saw me. Actually, it was breast feeding that shrunk my belly, not working out…and after my doctor gave me the go-ahead believe me I was back in the gym. Yes Ciara has a trainer, and probably a chef and a nanny; she can afford it, so why not?! But for someone on this post to state that her weight loss is unattainable for the average new mom…that’s a cop out….It is Not! I did it and I never used the “ I just had a baby” as an excuse to let myself go! If you can’t get to a gym use a tape, move something, and find sometime for yourself because it does make you a better mother! Don’t hate the weight loss, participate in it! That is all…

Anna on

Why are these new moms constantly trying to flaunt how much weight they lost? The quicker they do it, the better it seems. It’s so pathetic.

Hea on

1998 called and wanted its underwear back.

msjacqmills on


millennialmamma on

Reblogged this on Millennial Mamma and commented:
Some Post Baby Motivation!

D on

Two totally different pics!! Obviously, one of them is def photoshopped!!!

Mrs. Winkler on

I mean so WHAT??? You had a baby, people do it EVERYDAY!!! You got the baby weight off, people do THAT EVERYDAY AS WELL!!! I am sure you had a personal trainer as well to coach you with that in all of your glory! But nobody really wants to see your half-naked body, you are a mother now, have some respect for your child and definitely for yourself, I mean really. That is ridiculous, there is a time AND A PLACE FOR THAT. You are still beautiful, still sexy and you can still be CLASSY WITHOUT TAKING OFF MOST OF YOUR CLOTHES. I thought you were smarter than that Ciara, coming from another dirty south woman herself. I just shake my head in utter shame.

Zana on

She lost 60lbs and gave birth to a ten lb baby. So that’s down to close to 50lbs. Then there is the labor and women are known to drop like 20lbs just from the water, placenta and blood. So that’s around 30lbs. 30lbs in 4 months isn’t that bad. Ciara looks great, but she does look DIFFERENT. She is her image and gets paid to look good. Why are you guys mad? A baby isn’t even an excuse for looking bad–sorry. Your body may change, but the change may not be WORSE if you watch you weight/exercise. If this makes you feel badly then you should guard you self-esteem better than this.

VG on

Nice photo, great body, kinda photoshoped though.

Mary on

Well you can easily lose 5-20 lbs. In 10 days By doing a healthy organic cleanse. Take a look at

RachaelMall on

How did I know there would be a bunch of fat, jealous mombies bashing this woman for slimming down so quickly?

She’s a celebrity; this is what celebrities do. Don’t want to read about celebs living their crazy celeb lifestyle? Then don’t read People, you morons!

Anonymous on

Um Calvin Klein — great two pieces.

miss annji on

she looks great, and carolyn its the same kind of name your parents picked carolyn; you ppl need to stop it with the jealously and the second photo is pre baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

miss annji on

future is his dads stage name ppl damn stop being judgmental, jealous is so very ugly

charlotte on

why do all of these celebrities insist on showing the world their “post baby bodies”? VAIN MUCH?!?!?!?!

SarahJane77 on

I’m a SAHM of 2, also with a 4 month old. I find time at least 3 days a week to go to the gym for an hour. I love my children more than anything, but in order to do that properly, I have to love myself first. I’m not quite as fit as Ciara, but an hour away doing something to benefit my overall mental and physical health does winders.

Guest on

She looks that fit only 4 months after delivering a baby, hard to believe it.

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