Inside Ellen Pompeo’s Colorful Rooms for Daughters Stella and Sienna

10/03/2014 at 01:00 PM ET

After keeping the birth of her second daughter a secret for two months, Ellen Pompeo is ready to reveal all the latest updates in her life.

The Grey’s Anatomy star, 44, opened the doors to her Los Angeles home for Architectural Digestgiving readers a glimpse into her 16,000 square-foot abode, located in Los Feliz.

Although the home was originally built in the 1930s, when Pompeo and her husband Chris Ivery purchased the property in 2009, updates throughout the decades had left much to be desired.

But Pompeo was up for the challenge.

“Everything has been done before, so the question becomes, ‘How do you take something classic and make it fresh for a new generation?’ ” she tells the magazine.

Ellen Pompeo Architectural Digest
Roger Davies, Architectural Digest

The couple worked with L.A. decorator Martyn Lawrence-Bullard and the actress focused her efforts on “giving the house the attention it desperately needed.” In addition to brightening the rooms with plenty of natural light, rebuilding the rustic kitchen and creating an outdoor oasis, the mom-of-two also designed two extra special places in the family home.

For Sienna May‘s nursery, Pompeo — who welcomed her baby girl via surrogate two months ago — brightened the white walls with colorful headdresses from Nickey Kehoe, which complemented the fuchsia crib.

Offsetting the white and yolk-colored dresser is a child-sized chair from Pierre Jeanneret and a cozy carpet from the Rug Company.

Ellen Pompeo Architectural Digest
Roger Davies, Architectural Digest

Not only did Pompeo share Sienna’s nursery, she also revealed daughter Stella Luna‘s colorful sleep space.

Centered around mix-and-match patterns, the 5-year-old’s room features bean bags, an ottoman and matching bedding all from Missoni Home. Adding to the comfy setting are oversized pillows with fabric from Stark, a few plush pals and a chevron-print lantern hanging from the ceiling.

“When something is so respected, you can turn it into something else, so that you are looking at it anew,” Pompeo says. “Reinvention is invention.”

Ellen Pompeo Architectural Digest
Roger Davies, Architectural Digest

— Anya Leon

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Showing 28 comments

Palm on

I’m sorry but that is the tackiest and ugliest babies room I have ever since! Awful just awful!! There’s no cohesion at all, sorry Elle you need to fire your decorator.

Carol on

Wow – that is an horrific baby girl room!

Kismetkitty on

Plaids, stripes and flowers? Ugly! And unsafe. The bean bag chairs and that type of baby swing certainly aren’t safe for infants.

beansolong on

Love it! Original.

Anonymous on

Too much going on in there. Looks like they knocked off a Vegas casino lounge area. The older girl’s room bedding is hideous and the curtains look like a 60s dive motel. No thanks this just doesn’t appeal!

guest on

love the rooms! I would take those for myself. Love the absence of all cheesiness and gender-BS

Christy on

Who would put a white carpet in either a child’s or baby’s room?

Tina on

Whew, gotta keep all that dust-free (shag carpets, lambs).

B on

Stella’s room looks like Target threw up all over it. And does that 5 year old really have what looks like a queen sized bed.

After Ellen’s punk’d episode, she just comes across as prissy and stuck up. The architecture doesn’t really help that opinion.

lester on

Her husband was one of the rudest and most unkind people I had ever met. Good thing she makes big money — he definitely does not.

Sara K on

Love the colors in Stella’s room! So vibrant and pretty.

jim on

what a dump! she could have done a better job blindfolded.

J.C. on

Beautiful! Especially love the floral bean bag! 🙂

Mdorene on

Not only are these rooms incredibly ugly but not very safe for young children, bean bags can smother children, gaps in hanging chair could entrap mall heads, electrical cord and light in reach of crib, open shelves can be climbed (hopefully it is secured to the wall) and cause falls, and on and on…

tay on

haaaaate the baby room, but the other room is ok

Anonymous on


Mollie on

Hideous! I haven’t seen uglier rooms yet. Wow. I thought it would be nice or not my taste but nice…I never saw a celeb house and thought hideous but wow!

guest on

.. taste is so personal. both rooms are way too ‘loud’ for me.. and just the idea of snow-white, fluffy rugs in KIDS’ rooms is beyond my comprehension! ha! but hey. for their famly– it may be the loudness that means playfulness– as long as they’re happy– !

Anonymous on

Both rooms are so colorful and fun. I suppose most people posting negative comments think an oversized crib in walnut and Walmart decor is the height of style. A nursery doesn’t have to be “girl” pink with dust ruffles and beige carpeting. The bright colors are stimulating and cheerful.

klynn on

Most likely the nursery was set up for the photo, not likely she’s stupid to put a lamp directly in the crib on the baby, some people are stupid to think Ellen can be that dumb. The other room I thought looked nice. And I don’t see anything wrong with white carpet or furniture. I work as a nanny for a wealthy family, and the kids rooms are white but they sleep I’m these rooms and that’s about it, no food or drinks on the room, you take your shoes off when you enter the house, and a playroom is whee the kids enjoy there time and have fun, and to make a mess.

Tanya on

The decoration is good, kudo to her designing team.

Eyeroll on

I think they are great! Not the typical “cutesy theme” and something they can grow with. Well done!

Anonymous on

Gorgeous nursery room, happy for the family!

Ashlynn on

Some of you have to take a serious chill pill. We get you don’t like it, but does it really affect your life?

j on

i like the bright colors…but there’s WAY too much going on in these rooms.

Pal on

Nice design of the room and color, like it.

Anonymous on

kismetkitty- The beanbags and swing are in the older daughter’s room, not the baby’s. 🙂

klynn- Exactly! For some reason, people always seem to forget that about these nursery pictures (that they were almost certainly set up for the photo and are arranged in a safe way when actually in use!). It’s also worth noting that some of these nurseries are mostly for show and the baby doesn’t actually spend much (if any) time in them (for example, there were pictures of Kourtney Kardashian’s daughter Penelope’s nursery on here earlier this year, and people got up in arms over the fact that there was a chandelier over the crib. However, Kourtney has been very open about the fact that she co-sleeps, so obviously Penelope doesn’t actually spend much time in that crib!).

Anonymous on

BTW, the nursery is a bit much for my taste, but I actually really like Stella’s room (and as a purple-lover, I wouldn’t mind having that bed for myself! ;))!