Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Welcome Daughter Wyatt Isabelle

10/01/2014 at 08:30 PM ET

Ashton Kutcher Mila Kunis Welcome Daughter Wyatt Isabelle Splash News

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are parents!

The couple welcomed their daughter at 1:23 a.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 1, and Kutcher revealed her name on his website Thursday.

“Mila and I would like to welcome Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher to the world. May your life be filled with wonder, love, laughter, health, happiness, curiosity, and privacy,” he wrote.

Speaking of privacy, the actor’s post included photos of several different babies. “Can you guess which one is ours, or does it really matter?” he wrote. “All babies are cute.”

“She’s here and healthy,” a source said shortly after Wyatt’s arrival. As for her name, only Kutcher’s mother knew it ahead of time, a source close to the actor tells PEOPLE. The couple really liked unisex names, adds the Kutcher source, and the other names they considered were unisex as well.

Kunis, 31, and Kutcher, 36, have had an eventful year.

In February, their engagement was confirmed, followed by their baby news in March.

Soon after, Kunis told Ellen DeGeneres that she was planning on an epidural-free birth. “The hospital that I’m going to be laboring in does a midwife, you know, doula type of thing,” she said.

“I’m going to do it as all natural as I possibly can unless there’s an emergency or something that should go wrong. I did this to myself, I might as well just do it right. I wanted this!”

The former That ’70s Show costars, who were first rumored to be dating in April 2012, have been happily preparing for their baby girl’s arrival, with Kunis attending prenatal Pilates and yoga throughout her pregnancy and Kutcher doting on her.

“Ashton is super excited,” his Two and a Half Men costar, Jon Cryer, recently told PEOPLE. “Ashton has even been excited every time we had a child actor on set. He loves kids and could not be more stoked to have a child.”

As for Kunis, she told W magazine in July that she was eager to scale back her work commitments after becoming a mom.

“I have never wanted to be the person who only has business on her mind,” she said. “To me, this job has always been a hobby that turned into a great profession, but I don’t eat and breathe acting. I’m sure Meryl Streep has a very different point of view. But I’m excited about being a full-time mom.” was first to report the happy news.

— Michelle Tauber with reporting by Aili Nahas and Julie Jordan

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Showing 283 comments

mama to 3 on

Wow, that seemed like the longest pregnancy ever! Glad she’s here and healthy. Let’s see, Ukrainian names……my bets are on Ksenia or Zoya!

Farrah on

At the rate it felt this pregnancy was going, I wouldn’t be surprised if that little girl walked out of Mila’s uterus on her own, lol. I think she surpassed Jessica Simpson’s record for longest celebrity pregancy of the decade.

Carole on

Yay! I bet she’s gorgeous little girl! Congratulations to Mila and Ashton.

MJ on

Wonderful news! Congratulations to the happy family. I am sure their baby girl is beautiful.

Guest on

yay!! I’ll be able to sleep tonight! They had a baby!!!

autumn on

Going to be a BEAUTIFUL baby and so happy she is putting her family first (for awhile). CONGRATS TO THEM! SHOW BABY PICS!

marie on

So happy for them ♥️

Mary on

Can’t wait to hear the name. I gave birth naturally, 3 times. Congrats, bet she is gorgeous.

Callie on

YAY!!! Can’t wait to hear what they named her and to see a picture as I’m sure she is gorgeous. It did seem like a long pregnancy though but glad she and the baby are healthy.

D on

Eeeeekkk!! How exciting!! 🙂 congrats!!! Can’t wait to see pics!

Caligirl on

I wonder if she was able to make it without an epidural. As a woman who has given birth twice I’m always in awe with women who can do it without drugs. Congratulations to them!

Mira on

Ksenia is the Russian version of Oksana, so I’m betting on the latter. Sonya would be nice too

lynnie on

It did seem like a long pregnancy! Congrats and pictures please!

Lilyflower on

Congrats! I’m sure she is beautiful.

Unknown on

Great, and now who cares about these 2!

Gg on

Another unwed mother.

Mellie on

Congratulations to the happy couple! Many joys to you both!

Anonymous on

Mazel Tov !!

Jazz on

Yeah it seemed like she was pregnant forever!! Like if she was pregnant for more than a year! I wonder if they had a home birth like she said she wanted.

Jazz on

Caligirl, I gave birth to my daughter without edipidural, without any drugs, no medication!! The hospital where I gave birth doesnt give meds to women who give birth naturally, only for women who have c-section but it was worth it and I would do it over again!

mommyindebt on

My guess is Finn!

Avia on

Aww, so happy for them! I bet the baby is just gorgeous!

Susan on

I’ll bet that baby is beautiful!!! Congrats Mila & Ashton!

CC on

So… she says she was planning a natural birth to “do it right”. Is she saying moms who have an epidural do it wrong?! And, I love how she throws Meryl Streep under the bus. How in the world does she know what Meryl Streep thinks about working mothers?

Tamarin on

Cue the butthurt people taking the “do it right” line and blowing it WAY out of proportion in 3, 2, 1……

Ale on

Longest pregnancy ever.

lm on

Wow….what an odd comment to make about Meryl Streep…where the hell did that come from??!! FYI Mila, Meryl has four children whom I’m sure she loves and raised as brilliantly as she acts…WOW, Mila, what a silly thing to say….OMG……

rothiam on

Why would she just declare to the world that she does not want a career anymore because she has a child? In 5 years when the kid is in school all day she will regret that she gave up her agent and spoke about not loving the job that made her wealthy. How unappreciative she sounds about her success!

Kathy on

Congratulations to them. They seem to me like they will be very very loving parents. I am sure she is beautiful.

Elsie on

Congrats to Ashton and Mila!! I usually don’t care about names but this time I really want to know.

Jay on

@rothiam, because some women realize that family is the most important thing and a career is just secondary for them. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Pamela on

I read somewhere that they were thinking of calling their daughter Finn.

Lilly on

FINALLY!! It took so long I’m not excited anymore, but congratulations anyway.

LM on

Awwww finally some good news. After all of the sad articles lately I’m glad these two have a baby they will love and care for. Congrats to the new family.

karysmommy on

That was the looongest 9 months of my life. I thought that she would Never have that darn baby!

Goodness Me on

I have to admit, she does say some pretty stupid things. I think she *thinks* she’s sounding cool, spunky, bada/s/s and like she doesn’t give a shoot, but she ends put sounding…nerdy. Mila, sweetheart, cupcake–stop trying to hard. Just relax and lighten up!

Debbie on

I LOVE THIS COUPLE! They were made for each other! I hope they really follow through and get married. I don’t understand why they couldn’t pull if off before the birth. I also hope the little girl has a cute name, not something weird. I LOVE TWO & A HALF MEN too!
I will miss it so much, I think I’ll have to go into therapy when it ends. : (

Margo on

About time she popped! Congrats to Ashton and Mila!

mia on

They both look dirty. I hope they hire a lot of maids and nannies for the house. If she walks out of the house looking the way she does, then Mila is a pig at home.

Lexi on

Congrats To the gorgeous couple ;))

Meagan on

Sooo. How did the delivery go ? She said was going natural. No reports on if she succeeded

Anna M on

Congratulations!!! I am sure the baby is beautiful!

DaphneH on

Congrats to Mila and Ashton! Can’t wait to see pics of their beautiful baby!

maryhelenc on

Congrats to them! I’m glad both mom & baby are healthy!

Jesse on

The fact is that Ashton has been a father for many years already. His daughters’ names are Rumer, Scout and Tallulah. Divorce does not negate the bonds of parent and child. This new baby is Ashton’s fourth daughter, albeit first biological daughter and with Mila Kunis. You cannot erase the past, especially when it includes children.

Kimber on

Such a weird article. 99% of it is OLD and was on People’s website before. The only NEW part is that their baby was born! Congratulations to them! Anxious to hear the name and see a picture. I bet she’s beautiful.

Kimber on

@Jesse; Rumer, Scout and Tallulah HAVE a father and his name is BRUCE, not Ashton. While Ashton was married to their mother, he was more like a big brother to the girls than a father.

Nikki on

WOW..people…other sites had the news hours ago!!!!!…..congrats to them..cant wait to see the lil one 🙂

Stacy Scabin on

Congratulations to all I’m glad everything went well. The reason it seemed like a forever pregnancy is because they announced it right away she wasn’t even 2 months along that’s why it dragged on and Jessica Simpson announced less than one month pregnant.

Ginger on

Having my baby, what a lovely way of saying how much you love me.

Nikki on

@Jesse ….those girls are Demis kids not his…he wasnt their father, and besides they are adults

Eileen on

Meryl Streep always put family first, living in CT and limiting her work commitments while her kids were young. Kunis should be careful who she dings.

Reba Rentz on

This is so awesome, I couldn’t be happier for the couple! Their daughter was born on my birthday!! Can’t wait to see pictures! Good luck to both of them!! 😊

aeromel78 on

I think you’re all misinterpreting the Meryl Streep comment. The way I understood it, she was saying taht acting is a job for her and not something she feels passionately about. For her it’s about earning a paycheck and not something she does for the sake of art or because she NEEDS to be an actress. The comparison is that someone like Meryl Streep who is more committed to acting and has a true passion for it might miss that aspect of her life it whereas Mila really won’t. It wasn’t a dig at Streep.

CherylS on

@Jesse Every situation is different. My Dad’s ex was in my life from ages 3-15 and I had no desire to continue a relationship with her or her son after they divorced. I’m on friendly terms when I occasionally run into her but everyone has moved on.

Dorothy on

Meryl Street works so much because she is so talented. Period… There are a lot of women who have children and continue to work. It has nothing to do with money sometimes, it has to do with fulfilling your dreams and that doesn’t make you a bad mother. Neither does having an epidural, I had 4 children and had them naturally, no drugs, no epidural, but I would not put down anyone for using anything. Seriously women for ages have had children naturally, why on God’s green earth do women that decide not to make such a big deal out of it?

Lisa on

Ewwww she is horrid! Hopefully the baby look exactly like the father he is kinda handsome

Sylvie on

She wanted to do it the “right way”? I’d like to know what the “wrong way is”. As long as baby comes out safely and mother is ok, I don’t see there being a wrong or right way to give birth. If she wants to go through the pain of childbirth without and epidural that’s fine, but don’t say it’s the “right way”.

Anonymous on

Congratulations Mr. and Ms. K! And welcome the new kid to our world!

dd on

she’s right…she’s no meryl streep
but meryl streep did manage to have 3 kids…and a full life and many oscars.

huntlynn on

To Gg, “Another unwed mother.”

Judgmental much, who cares it’s 2014! A ceremony and piece of paper doesn’t equal good parents!


michelle on

It’s funny reading someone who has never had a baby say they may as well do it “right”, as if there is one right way to have a baby. Ahhh the arrogance, and ignorance of, well, ignorance.

Brandi on

Good Lord…SO many people taking things out of context! Her comment about giving birth “the right way” wasn’t putting down moms that have had c-sections or were given epidurals or pain-reliving drugs while in labor, she was simply stating that a natural childbirth was the right way for HER. Pretty simple. And her comment about Meryl Streep wasn’t a dig. For Meryl, a long-established and renowned actress, what she does is obviously more than just a “gig” or paycheck and she is very vested and dedicated to her career as an actress. That said, it would probably be very difficult for her to step away from her career. Mila was just saying that she is not attached to acting or established as an actress the way that Meryl is so it would be easy for her to step away from it to focus on raising a family. People are SO quick to find something negative or offensive in these stories when there’s nothing to be mad about at ALL. Relax. Say congrats and move on!

Budding Fashionista on

love her!! can’t wait to see what they named her! mila is beautiful! should make a beautiful baby girl!

Guest on

If she wanted to do things “right”, shouldn’t she have gotten married first?

Ann C. on

“CONGRATS” to the couple on the birth of their bundle of joy Baby Girl. “GIRLS RULE”. In the last 30 days there has been many Celebrity Baby Girls born. Very happy for the couple becoming parents. Best wishes & Happiness to their future.

Tanja on

Congratulations to the both of them.This really is the year of celebrity baby girls.^^

Marcia on

Jesse, The girls are not biologically his children. They were his children by marriage only. and he came into their lives from 2003-2011, when the girls ranged in age from 15-25 (Runner), 12-22 and 9-19 (Scout). He was there throughout most of their teens, but thats it really. Are they close? From what I’ve read, yes. But Bruce is their father, not Ashton. I’m sure a line was clearly drawn both during the Demi marriage and afterwards on their relationship and it’s hardly father-daughter.

aning cuervo on


Marky on

aeromel78, Thank You! It was made clear at the time she made the statement about Meryl Streep, that her reference was that Meryl Streep is an artist in her acting and that few are as good as she is, whereas Mila Kunis just likes acting as a job, has enjoyed it, but looks forward to not working for awhile…. If you would stop just looking for something wrong with everyone, and actually listen the way you hopefully listen to those you know personally, maybe you would get that she was merely saying she was excited about having the baby the way SHE was choosing for HERSELF, and she’s excited about being a mother. Some of you have your claws out ahead of time. You never like anyone who’s featured her, and it sort of amazes me that you only come to this site to criticize. SMH

Susan on

Congrats !!!!!!!!!

Nannyto1 on


Jane on

CONGRATULATIONS and many blessings to this obviously Happy couple!!!

Guest on

The baby is going to be named Finn.
His mother’s maiden name is Finnegan.

Anonymous on

Congrats. I bet the baby is going to be beautiful.

rlb237 on

Long pregnancy how? She confirmed she was expecting in May, so that would mean she was probably at least three months along. May was just five months ago. Are people forgetting that it takes 9 months?!

Anonymous on

I am excited to see what name they picked. I read once upon a time that they had a name and it was a family name.

Guest on

Soooo, I don’ think Mila was throwing Meryl under the bus about being a working mother. I think she was saying that she looks at acting as more of a hobby, but that Meryl probably takes her career very seriously.

Everyone, lighten up.

Kathy on

“laboring in” ? What a strange way to word it. I gave birth in the hospital I went to.

Kathy on

Maybe it just seemed like the longest pregnancy ever because PEOPLE droned on about it forever.

valeskas on

Best wishes to all three, Mila, Ashton, and baby.

Renee on

Congrats to Mila and Ashton!! Hope everyone is doing well and I can’t wait to hear the name and see pics of the new little girl, I bet she is going to gorgeous.

Renee on

Congratulations to you both…I bet she is beautiful!

Anonymous on

I’m putting the over/under on this marriage at 5 years.

Anonymous on

Very happy for them. 🙂

charlotte on

Congratulations to them! Cannot wait to see pics and learn the name they chose!

Joyce on

I don’t understand why she felt the need to inject a comment regarding Meryl Streep. This was totally unnecessary and very thoughtless on her part. I hope a public apology will soon be posted.

Mandy on

Stop making so much about her wanting to do it right. I also wanted a natural child birth, but ended up begging for an epidural. It didn’t work at all so I did have her naturally. Most painful thing I’ve ever done & I realized why it’s called labor after that. Congrats to them.

Anonymous on

congrats to them!

angela on

Congrats to them!

donna on

love it, so happy for them!

marcy on

Finally!!! It seems like she was pregnant foe years. Congratulations!!

Guest on

Congrats! How great!

Gramma2three on

Congratulations!!! Can’t wait to hear the name!

Anonymous on

I have never seen the name Ksenia before. Could one tell me how it is pronounced?

7th Guest on

So Ho-Ho and Ding-Dong finally had their so called perfect Cupcake. Now can they please do us all a favor and go away?!?

Anonymous on

A daughter is such a blessing!!!! Congrats!!!!!

Moni on

A daughter is such a blessing!!!

Melissa on

Happy for them! I’m sure the baby is gorgeous, I’m dying to know her name!

ed on

Cool. I hope Ashton doesn’t punk his little girl when she grows up.

Amy on

Thank you aeromel78!! Finally someone else who is able to read and comprehend that she was NOT making a dig at Meryl Streep, but rather giving her a huge compliment saying that acting is a craft and a passion for her, rather than a hobby and job as Mila feels it is to her.

Storm on

Yay happy for them! I remember way back when Ashton was first doing Punk’d and he tried to Punk Mila but failed…there was a really good chemistry between them and I wondered why they weren’t together…and now they are! It’s often all about timing. And I know it is their business and all, but I really hope they don’t choose Finn for her name. Just seems to me such a boy’s name and I really can’t stand the trend of giving boy names to girls (Maxwell, Dylan, James etc). Too much to hope for a pretty and normal and classy girl’s name? Julia? Sophie? Katherine? Probably not. Not very Hollywood-like..

xyxxxxxx on

I have to admit, the comment about Meryl Streep bugged me a little. Meryl Streep has four children and I’m sure she’d have given up acting for any one of them at any point in her career. She just chose to work and that’s okay. The way she said it came off as a bit negative, which probably wasn’t her intention, but still…

Hea on

Jesse – Rumer, Scout and Tallulah have a father. His name is Bruce Willis and I have never read anything anywhere that states that they consider Ashton their father. He’s been an adult prominent in their lives but that does not mean he’s been a parent to them.

liwildcat on

Congrats. I hope they keep her clean, cause they look like 2 dirt bags, always. Name her Zelda…The chick is jewish and he is a jew wanna be, the Kabala type right??? Name her Madona, Demi….whatever

In actuality, who cares????Had nothing better to do, so I’ve joined in

lucasmom on

I love these two! I hope they follow through with the wedding and extend their family even further. Congrats!

Staycee on

“Another unwed mother.” -Gg

Hi, I’m 2014- have we met?
Hi, I’m marriage- a 50/50 shot of even lasting, have we met?

KingKing on

Congratulations! I bet this baby will be spoiled and super gorgeous.

Fiona on

@ aning cuervo, why are you shouting? And, people need to stop putting time limits on other peoples lives. Weather they are together 5 years or 50 years, what does it matter. As long as they raise their child well, showing her love and happiness, that is all that matters. You appear a bit negative.

Sherquetta on


D on

Woooohooooo!!! Congrats!!!!!!!

Heidi Quayle on

Welcome to Baby Finn 🙂
Sweet name, too

Heidi Quayle on

Welcome to sweet baby Finn ! 🙂

KL on

YAY!!! I’ve been waiting for this new for forever!!!! lol… What is her name?!?!?!?!?!

seila on

the baby’s name is wyatt isabelle

MayBaby on

Am I missing something? Doesn’t the article say they named her Wyatt Isabelle?

Margo on

Never heard of Wyatt for a girl…
To each their own.
Congrats to Mila and Ashton!

maryhelenc on

I like it! Very unique!

E on

They do know they had a girl right?

Andi on

Awww congrats Ashton and Mila!! Awww, she was born on my birthday!

Sunny on

I think what she meant is Meryl loves acting and sees it as a profession and mila likes acting but it’s not her profession is just a hobby that she can live without it she needs to

DaisyMoon on

maybaby…PEOPLE typically updates new baby posts to include the name…
The people asking about her name aren’t crazy, they just posted BEFORE the name was added to this article.

Brooke on

Wyatt?? Why would you do that to an innocent little girl??
Hollyweird strikes again.

April on

Someone actually thought those girls were his? Wow

yikes on

I’m not sure Mila actually said that quote regarding Meryl Streep but if she did that was very petty and presumptuous. Maybe Ms. Streep thinks of it also as a hobby but just happens to excel at it without really trying. Foot in mouth Mila. Congrats on the baby.

Lia on


Guest on

Wyatt?? This is what you come up with in 9 months? Dear Lord

Debbie on

Yuck!! A boy’s name? Bella would have been beautiful.
Wyatt Earp ring a bell?

Anonymous on

Not a fan of Wyatt for a girl but glad they gave her a very feminine middle name. Congrats to the couple!

Ashley on

I’m confused as to why so many comments are wondering and “can’t wait” to hear the baby’s name… Did y’all not read the very first sentence? They named her WYATT!

Edie on

Well Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have a son named Wyatt and it was good enough for Wyatt Earp..I guess its good enough for the Kutcher’s I like the middle name of Isabelle. I wish the best for all of them.

guest on

Wyatt for a girl? Really. I hope they call her Isabelle.

scalliwag on

Wyatt, one of the most masculine names they could have chosen. A real cowboy name. Odd choice.

MC on

Wyatt Isabelle, what a perfectly beautiful name for a child! Love it so much

guest on

Another awful name for a girl. Let me guess, they will actually refer to her as Belle or Bella!

kr123 on

Wow, that was kind of rude of her, to say that giving birth without meds is doing it “right”. There are all sorts of ways to bring a child into the world, what is right and healthy depends on the person. And yes, that was pretty rude to say about Meryl Streep. Meryl Streep has a reputation as a great mom, who did limit her acting roles because of her family. If the point Kunis was trying to make was that she doesn’t care as much about her profession, and so that makes it so much more important for her to be a mom–that’s just strange. Why would she make it sound like a good thing that she isn’t as good as others at what she does for a living? That really doesn’t make anyone a better or worse parent. I doubt very much Meryl Streep “eats and breathes” acting, relative to parenting, or that Streep has “only business” on her mind.

Bee on

Wyatt for a girl?? Not cute. I don’t understand using names like Wyatt, Maxwell, or Jagger for a girl. There are so many beautiful names out there, and I don’t even like frilly names.

Debbie on

Congrats to them on their baby girl!! I think Wyatt is a beautiful name!!.

Anonymous on

The judgemental sofa witches strike again. Who xares if you dont like the babys name? If you dont have to change or buy a diaper or prepare a diaper, your opinion of hatred means nada.

You just sound stupid.

Lena, dont you feel proud over your fake relationship with the couple and the wrong name you predicted? Well half predicted…

What random invisible poster tries to get attention by being coy? Gurl bye!

Lydia on

Umm WYATT is a boy’s name, it’s NOT a unisex name. Clearly that baby girl will grow up and use her normal female middle name, Isabelle. Wyatt Russell, Wyatt Crow, all boys.

Anonymous on

congrats to them…. but sorry the name not a fan…… what is wrg with these celebrities and the names they pick out for there children. sorry but wyatt is not unisex it is male…… come on people get real

americanmannyc on

myamericanmovie dot us Make the effort and read about non-Hollywood sex in the city.

Hmmm on

Umm….I don’t think Wyatt is a unisex name. Also, why does People keep recycling two-thirds of the article over and over again? I must have read that text in at least 3 or 4 articles already.


Poor kid. Two loser parents.

Claudine on

Ashley: this article was updated with the name. When they first wrote it in the morning they hadn’t released the name yet.

Kat on

Wyatt is not unisex, it is a male name. Not criticizing, though NMS, but it is not unisex. Unisex is Sam, Alex, Joey…..

Taylor on

Lol, we all thought they’d give their daughter a classic Ukrainian name and they went with “Wyatt.” We shall be seeing girls named Christopher and Alexander soon.

Isabel on

Considering I was expecting to hear a beautiful Russian name, this is interesting.

Anonymous on

good god. She should have just named her John

Audra on

Good God. Shhould’ve just named her John.

jenni on

Hopefully she apologized to Meryl Streep — a mother of 4 –who clearly has her priorities in order as both a good mother and an amazing actor.

Deanna on

Wyatt as a girl’s name. That is different.

Carolyn on

What a ridiculous name for a girl.

guest on

I don’t even really like Wyatt for a boy…really don’t like it for a girl. There was already a famous girl with a name Christopher so that ship has sailed and Michael. I really don’t mind some odd names, Apple never bothered me I thought it was cute. Hazel is a name that grew on me but Wyatt? Well maybe it will grow on me too but I’m not a huge fan.

Anonymous on

The most important news to Ashton is that his bedroom fasting is now over.

Rachael on

That poor girl.. she’s be referred to as a boy the rest of her life. Don’t like the name for a boy, they need to burn the book that told them Wyatt is a unisex name.. Let’s hope she goes by her middle name..

Ava on

Wyatt? Seriously? That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of for a GIRL.

karen on

Wyatt for your daughter’s name???? Really? I guess its better than calling her Saturn or Pluto.

Peyton Paisley on


Ginger on

Isabelle would make a nice first name. Wyatt is a boys name. I guess Ashton wanted a boy.

Unknown on

WOW what idiots these 2 are LoL

I mean really naming your daughter Wyatt, good luck, that child will need consoling LoL

GG on

They’re cute together. The name is sweet. I bet she’s adorable.

P Guest on

Just a typical comment from a mom-to-be before giving birth, we’ve heard it a million times before. Congrats to the new parents, not so nice trashing Meryl Streep though-very immature!!!

AreKay on

While Ashton was married to their mother, the Willis sisters called their step-father MOD (My Other Dad) but I’d love to hear what Bruce’s reaction would be to the comment that Ashton is Rumer, Scout and Tallulah’s father. “Yippie-ki-yay, M—–F—–!”

Kit on

Thought Wyatt was a boy’s name

Anonymous on

I’m partial to the name Isabelle as it’s my 6 year old daughter’s middle name, not sure about Wyatt though!!

Kata on

I like their style. Personally, I would not want money if it came with fame. I like my privacy and personal freedoms. So I get it if they want some privacy.

polkadotdog on

I’m sure the baby is gorgeous, but the name is ridiculous. Do not like it at all.

guest on

Guess they wanted a boy! Congrats ! Beautiful child, looks like mommy

Ainsley on

Wyatt…. hmm… could be better and could be worse!

Pixy14 on

not a unisex name……

Ana on

Okay I’m not one to usually judge the baby name choice of a celebrity (or anyone for that matter–famous or not) and I prefer unique and rare names to traditional ones, but Wyatt is just awful. Wyatt is an ugly name to begin with; for boys too. It rhymes with riot and it doesn’t even really sound like a name. I don’t mind male names on girls but only when they sound more gender neutral. Wyatt sounds very harsh and masculine.

lena horne on

she cant hold a candle to meryl streep and looks like she need s a shower. wonder how long it will be before he cheats on her?

lola on

Why would you give your sweet baby girl such a terrible and obviously male name?! It is NOT a “unisex” name and everyone knows that! Poor kid. Dumb parents.

notmyname on

Wy Wy Wy Wy…..att. her initials are WIK.

well, better than the names Demi and Bruce gave their daughters! Actually, Rumer isn’t bad; it was chosen to honor the name an author used (though it was not her “birth certificate first name”).

When she burps it will be a Wyatt Urp…..

klockster on

actually dude, not all babies are cute. In fact, i think almost all babies are darned frightening looking! And many of them remain unattractive all through year one, and forever.

Some babies, though, well, WOW. North West … And both of Jessica Simpson’s. And none of Kourtney Kardashian’s…..

dd on

they want privacy, but they announce her name & birthdate…???

that name is horrible…as bad as maxwell

lola on

Mila Kunis is beautiful in the movies, but I have to agree that in everyday life she does look like she needs a shower!! Her hair is always a tangled mess and the last 2 months of pregnancy she dressed like a hobo with half of her belly hanging out!!

Brooklyn on

Yeesh. Personally, I wouldn’t call Wyatt a unisex name. Isabelle is pretty.

Georgia on

Wyatt is NOT a unisex name! It is historically masculine. So sad…another celebrity daughter with a non-feminine, horrid name. Add that moniker to the list of other bad celebrity baby girl names such as Lincoln and North and Vale. Money and fame cannot buy class…or common sense apparently. Hopefully this little one will choose to go by Isabelle.

Melissa on

They named their baby girl Wyatt? They are beyond stupid.

MrsJAZ on

Like the name, but I always thought Wyatt was a boys name,

RCA on

Wyatt is not an unisex name, it’s a surname and male name. Mila is such a beautiful, ethnic female name. Would have been wonderful to pass such a name onto their baby daughter. I suspect Ashton, not his real name, took over the naming process.

Rachel on

Not only do celebrities name there children directions from a compass but they also confuse them further by giving a female a males name. Celebrities are stupid.

Farrah on

Wyatt? Sounds like a very masculine name. I wonder what the origins were and why they decided to choose it when they could have easily picked “North West”, “Cricket”, “Apple”, “Bear”, “Rainbow”, “Summer Rain”, “Booker Jombe”, “Scout”, “Tallulah”. Or, if they preferred something a bit more common and simple, they could have gone with what Uma Thuram named her daughter, “Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Busson”. Why bother naming a child if it doesn’t have enough syllables? 😛

John on

Wyatt? (Covers mouth discretely.) Earp.

I like Mila and Ashton but that is not a good name.

Sarah on

Umm…Wyatt??? Since when is that a Unisex name?…Poor baby.

genibre2013 on

Sweet god yet another idiotic celeb couple trying to be cool with a gender-bending name. SMH.

whatdoyacallit on

… Girls will be boys and boys will be girls It’s a mixed up muddled up, shook up world Except for Lola, L-L-Lola … hey living in Hollywood, where girls are boys and boys are girls … the name is a perfect combo for the freaks in Californica!

loveilluminates on

In my opinion Wyatt is not a unisex name. It is so very male. I like Isabelle though. There is nothing feminine sounding about Wyatt.

Jessica on

So they posted a bunch of pictures of other peoples babies but they want their kid to get privacy….smh

Aimea on

Unfortunately it’s a stupid name. There is NOTHING “unisex” about the name Wyatt! Why can’t they just name their freakin children normal names? There are a million gorgeous girl names as well as boys and this name sucks for a girl.

Aussie cathie on

Wyatt? Odd but cute xxxx

Storm on

Oh, ugh, awful first name!!! Hope it’s just a family name they decided to include and she will instead by go by Isabelle. Never liked boy names for girls and wondered why it never goes the other way? Ie why do we never get boys named Amelia, Hannah, Katie etc? Because THAT is ridiculous?But giving your baby girl a Western-inspired very macho dude’s name is cool and trendy…I will never get these celebrities…it’s like they don’t engage their brains before making such poor decisions. Maybe Wyatt will hang out with Maxwell and Lincoln and thus will blend right in.

Shirley on

Wyatt????? Oh god.

WHYatt on

Wow…With names like Mila and Ashton, you’d think they could come up with something unique…this is not unique…this is a BOY’S name??!! If they wanted to name something “Wyatt, what they should’ve done is gotten another dog. Maybe if they did something with the spelling?? Like Wyette? ugh…poor hollywood kid…she’ll be best friends with “Maxwell” I bet and they’ll wonder why everyone is mocking them and making fun of them at school when they’re older.

Sarbear on

Pretty sure Ashton is punking everyone with that name…

Daisy on

Yucky. I was looking forward to a beautiful name.

Lila on

I do not think Wyatt is a “unisex” name. I

Lila on

I do not think Wyatt is a “unisex” name.

Kim on

Um, Wyatt’s not a unisex name. I’ve never, ever, ever heard of a female Wyatt. That’s a very masculine name. Hopefully they’ll go by Isabelle.. . .which again, isn’t unisex, and is completely feminine. Do they know what unisex means?

Anonymous on

I’m sorry, I just don’t like Ashton Kutcher or anything that he says or represents. I find him really annoying–especially when he wishes his daughter privacy, but he lives his live willfully in the limelight and seeks all this attention, but desires privacy for his daughter–

Ruth Tenney on

I don’t like Ashton Kutcher or anything about him. Wishing his daughter a life of privacy when he earns his living leeching off the public and acting like an idiot–also what is unisex about his daughter’s name. He picked a male name for a first name and a female name for the middle name–heaven forbid if he did anything traditional.

Kaitlynn on

Wyatt really? I Think of that that name as more as a boys name.. I like the name Isabelle though.

lg on

I didn’t know Wyatt was a unisex name, thought it was a boys name, but whatever. As long as she’s healthy and happy it doesn’t matter.

Tammytwo on

The most important part of the story is that Ashton finally found a girl with working ovaries!

lynnie on

Oh come on….Wyatt? For a girl? These celebrities are nuts! Hope she goes by her middle name.

Star on

To the people who say about the people not knowing their names. If you look at the date it was written, you would see why. People mash all the articles about this subject together, so there are comments from September 30 and October 1.

About the name. It’s their daughter, so your opinion means nothing to them.

Many names you probably associate as female started out as masculine. Taylor, Jordan, Morgan, Alexis, Cameron, Lindsey, Aubrey, Robin are just a few that come to mind.

Colleen on

They must have wanted a boy really bad……………naming a sweet baby girl Wyatt????

CJ on

Don’t like the name Wyatt for a girl’s name.Sadly the child has to live with it..

Beth on

ugh…I HATE the trend of naming girls names that are traditionally meant for boys. Wyatt?? Come on!!

julia on

Wy not…

Liv on

Wyatt isn’t a unisex name. It’s just a boys name that they gave to a girl. That’s not the same thing.

NMR on

Why do people make statements like “this is the longest pregnancy on record or ever”? A pregnancy is normally nine months (unless they are early) and given she didn’t announce her pregnancy until late February or March (most don’t until they are safely through their first trimester), you do the math – 9 months from January is September! WOW – not the longest pregnancy on record, just a normal pregnancy! Guess a lot of you have never had kids huh?

Kathy on

Like the Isabelle. But Wyatt? Covering their bases if she turns out to be a he/she. Terrible name.

Jay on

Love that name!! I thought they were going to go with a Ukranian sounding naming or Mila’s family but I love Wyatt Isabelle! Congrats to them! They seem like a really nice couple.

Kat on

Well at least Meryl Streep gave her 4 daughters feminine names!

Tess on

Sarbear, you may be right. Maybe Ashton is punking everyone with the name. It is clearly a male name, hard to believe parents would do this to their child as she’s the one saddled with it for her life. When Kimye had their baby wasn’t there speculation that North isn’t her real name, just a name they threw out there for media purposes?

Kairy Salazar on

I don’t care for the first name since it is more of a boys name but love her second name, hopefully she will be going by that!

Skiiy on

They have a girl and of all the beautiful female names out there, they chose Wyatt? Good grief… Why not reverse it and make her Isabelle Wyatt. I could understand if Wyatt is a family name and using it for a middle name. She’ll have trouble her whole life. Not my choice, not my baby.. I’m sure she’ll be loved and have a wonderful life. Don’t understand that logic. It is not unisex, but very male. But then I am living in a world outside LA LA land. Congrats though.

Storm on

North is definitely (unfortunately) her real name. A birth certificate was filed with that name on it and obtained by someone in the media. The same rumor went around about Chris Martin and Gwenyth Paltrow’s daughter Apple – that they made up the name for the media as a joke and to protect their privacy – which I believed for a long time thinking no one would name their child Apple unless they were on LSD but it was later confirmed to me by some family friends who know Chris’s family socially and informed us that Apple is indeed her name. Celebrities really do give their kids these extraordinary names, crazy as it may seem to us. So unfortunately I think Wyatt it is. A terrible choice but there you go. These name choices inevitably get them more attention and isn’t that what celebrity is all about?


Again, Ashton and Mila didn’t ask or need your approval for their child’s name. I know a woman, her first name is Walter, I know a man who’s first name is Kim. Congratulations to the family!!

Hmm on

On the other hand, Brandi, Is it necessary for some moms to crow about how they did it naturally and then give “that look” to moms who say they had drugs? It works both ways…

Anna on

Love Isabelle, but Wyatt? Great name for a little boy.. To each their own..

mandy on

Wyatt is a very cute name but it is not unisex!

MerylFan on

Wow. Such a weird comment to make about Meryl, who has always put her children first. (Moved from LA to Connecticut to raise them, took breaks from acting, has been very protective of their privacy,…) Anyway, congratulations to Mila and Ashton!

Nannyto1 on

Love the name Wyatt – sweet! And my first granddaughter’s name is Isabelle 🙂

Debs626 on

I was hopping they would give the baby a nice little girl’s name but NOOO they gave that precious little one a boy’s name. How stupid!

Nannyto1 on

Wow. Just reading all the negative comments on the name. What are ya’ll – the baby naming police?? Good grief, people. Get over it – she’s their baby and I happen to think the name is super cute.

Debs626 on

They gave the sweet little baby a boy’s name…poor little child.

HunGuest on

Welcome little baby girl! 🙂
Dear Mila and Ashton, enjoy the most beautiful time of your life! 🙂

Anonymous on

I’m sure the baby is beautiful – very happy for them! Not sure I would have picked Wyatt for a girl, but I still like it more than North!!

Berri on

This article is titled “Ashton and Mila name their baby so why is everyone saying they can’t wait to hear the babies name, it’s in the article????

bkable on

I think it’s adorable – but then I love boys names for girls!

Deanie on

We’re being punk’d. I bet that they either had a boy or twins of each sex and they’re just trying to throw everyone off. Let’s hope Wyatt for a girl doesn’t catch on.

Lyanna on

Um, yeah, way to show that girl what you really wanted was a BOY. Seven hells, just call her Isabelle, please! What is wrong with these Hollywood people and their naming children, ugh.

Fiona on

I like the name they chose.

Kari B on

Wyatt, really???? You had a precious little girl, not an a unisex thing. Please call her Isabelle instead of the absurd and ridiculously strong masculine name Wyatt. She is a little girl, what is wrong with a female name? Get over yourselves and quit making it about the both of you and your immature desire to sound “cool”. So typical of young Hollywood; so full of themselves and out of touch with reality. Grow up!

charlotte on

Never heard the name Wyatt used for a girl. It’s definitely different. I know that this kid is gonna be gorgeous!!

Kari B on

Hate the name!!!!’

Teknosbeka on

They should have named her Jackie!

Anonymous on

Wyatt? Eh. That’s a pretty stupid name for a girl.

Wednesday on

Is he trying to be ironic by wishing his new daughter “…and privacy” and then possibly posting her photo online? He seems like a pretentious moron. Mila could have done better.

peppy on

How sweet they named her after Goldie and Kurt’s son! or after Sheryl Crow’s son….or after the Hugh O’Brien TV character, LOL. and when she cries they can singing “Quiet Wyatt Quiet Wyatt…”

freespeech92009 on

Yet another girl with a boy’s name. How sad.

Buffettgirl on

It’s not a name I would have thought of for a girl, but I like it, a lot!

M on

I HATE when actors complain about people’s fascination with their personal life. Why post six baby pictures and some asshole comment about it?? You don’t want the attention… STOP being on TV and MOVE OUT of LA and it’s surrounding areas. Dickhead.

guest on

“Wyatt” means strong, brave, hardy.. which is wonderful– but it’s traditionally a male name ?!

Anonymous on

Wyatt is a wonderful name…for a boy! We named our son Wyatt since my husband (who has a name that really is unisex) wanted a definitively masculine name for our little guy. I don’t understand how this couple could possibly believe that Wyatt is a unisex name. Mila is a great name; so, I just think they should’ve gone with a beautiful ethnic name for their sweet baby girl, instead of one that is obviously very, very masculine.

Shannon on

Another celebrity baby, so what. People have babies everyday and Ashton and Mila’s baby is no more special than anyone else’s. Unfortunately, not all babies are cute, and maybe their’s isn’t. I don’t think any of the pictures are of their actual baby. At least they are not selling the pictures to the highest bidder (yet) considering that is what all celebrities do. It is still early though they may pimp those pictures in the future, and then complain that they have no privacy. You chose celebrity which mean your children will be part of that lifestyle now. Or, you could quit show business and be devoted parents who put their children, who they chose to have, above their careers. Otherwise, get over the helicopter and photographers hovering to get pics of the baby. You guys knew this was going to happen. The guess which photo is our baby is a little cheesy and immature. This also spurns the press to get the actual baby photos. Also, Wyatt is not a unisex name, it’s a boys name so hopefully you guys choose to call her by her middle name. I am glad that the baby is healthy but Ashton should not be using her as one of his Punked skits. Lastly, I wanted to say that if Demi Moore offered her help with baby I would make her the godparent just to mess with people, and then Wyatt can milk her for help for the rest of her life. Most children of celebrities either make it big, or crash hard. She if she crashes she could go to Demi when her parents refuse to help her. It’s always good to have a backup celebrity parent for these self serving people with a sense of entitlement. Good luck, and quit complaining.

Juli on

I like her name. Isabelle and its variations (especially Isabella) are my favored choices for a baby girl when or if I ever have one. And Ashton is right: all babies are precious!

Katia on

Wyatt? We’re they expecting a boy?

Kay on

I like the name, originally I heard it was going to be Finn after his mother’s maiden name, but I guess she just looked like a Wyatt.

Personally I’m not a huge fan of unisex names and would never use one for my child, but I also think they’re kinda awesome when used properly. Wyatt Isabelle is pretty badass. It reminds me of other celebrity babies, one reality star has a daughter named Wyatt Lily and there’s another woman who has a daughter Owen Isabelle.

Heidi Quayle on

Cute name – I heard first that it was Finn (which is also cute) 🙂

They seem like a real and happy couple who are joyfully in the parenting club; I wish her a long and blessed life 🙂

Juanita on

I truly hope we’ve been punked!

mpinky310 on

Oh, come on guys! Wyatt?
Mila has a beautiful feminine name, and she wants to punish her kid with THAT?!

J.C. on

I’m sure she’ll be cute, but …”Wyatt”??? Sorry, but that is just a dud of name. There are way better boy names for a girl. Like Ronin, Hunter, etc. I’m guessing Ashton’s country music influence had something to do with this. Uggh. A Ukrainian name would have been way prettier.

Guest on

MIght as well name her Bruno, Steve or John. Poor Wyatt, I feel your pain.

Whatever on

They should have named her “Anti A-Hole Kutcher”

J on

Wyatt? (d)earp!

Laura18 on

Woohoo! Super news. Can’t wait to see their baby girl, was tired of seeing her baby bump on Starkiddo. I am sure she will look just like Mila! Hope so anyway!

Aboz on

Wowsa Ashton is only 10 years older than Rumer Willis this does not a father make. Demi’s girls have a father I’m sure Ashton’s relationship with them was more like a brother or uncle kind of relationship. And Mila is not digging at Meryl. She’s saying Meryl is a great actor and she’s not so it won’t be hard to give up acting. Der brains

robinepowell on

Watt isn’t exactly a “neutral name”. It’s a boy’s name and shouldn’t be given to a girl.

Ru on

Bummer, not loving the first name, middle name is adorable. I am sure this baby is beautiful!

Zoie on

What the H*** Who does she think she is stating Meryl Streep thinks more of her acting then she does her children? Meryl did her movies around her children. She quit the stage for her children. She has done a lot of odd things like audio books so she could be at home for her children. If I am not mistaken she also had a home birth. Mila needs to get her info straight before speaking out. Meryl and Don have always put their children first.

brooke on

I prefer isabelle as the first name !

cara on

Hate that name for a baby girl!

Adwysp on

My second son is named Wyatt. If you look up the meaning of Wyatt, it means “son of Guy”. NOT unisex or female. Just blurred lines. Awful girls name.

Hazel on

Congratulations to the beautiful couple!!

mer on

I for one love this male names to girls trend. Maxwell, Lincoln, Jack are just awesome for girls. (in my view)

SarahJane77 on

They seem like such a great couple and will likely make amazing parents. I wish them a lifetime of happiness.

Now onto the snark. Wyatt is not a unisex name. My personal opinion is that it’s not very pretty for a girl. Thankfully, it’s not my baby & not my decision.

nikki on

Wow so many people are going on about wyatt being a boys name. What about actresses darryl hannah, cameron diaz, blake lively, leighton meester, hayden Panettiere they all have boys names and look at where they are. Jessica simpson called her daughter maxwell, kristen bell called her daughter lincoln. Atleast they picked an actual name and not a fruit, animal or direction

Ana on

With her Ukrainian heritage, she had soooo many beautiful and FEMININE slavic names to choose from.

Alena Mariya Kutcher would’ve been cute.

Lyn on

Boy aren’t we all very judgmental…it’s really none of anyone’s business WHAT they named their beautiful baby girl…Im seeing A LOT of who cares and enough already’s but you obviously took the time to read the article and state your opinion so its clear that you were interested you wouldn’t have commented if you weren’t…right…so with that said good luck to the new parents…a new baby is a stressful learning time to begin with so lets cut them so slack they love THEIR baby just as much as any of us love our own children…and as for natural child birth most pregnant women say they that I know I did and I did not go that route cause child birth HURTS…LOL…as long as the end result is a healthy baby and mom…who cares how the baby got here.

about Meryl Streep on

Meryl Streep actually moved to Connecticut and raised four children. She too was “just a mom”, as Mila put it. But everyone knows the power of a Mom, whether they can stay at home or HAVE to work or WANT to work.

Molly on

The first name sounds more like a boy’s name than a girls name, but happy for them on the new addition!

Bridget on

Wyatt? I thought of “Father of the Bride 2” when Annie and Brian announced they would name their new baby Wyatt and Brian’s father said, “Wyatt? Like Wyatt Earp?” I think Isabelle Wyatt would have been better! It is better as a boy’s name than as a girl’s name!

Leah on

Honestly, they could’ve made Wyatt her middle name and Isabelle her first name. I don’t know, in my head it makes more sense and that way no one has to make fun of her.

Then again,not my kid just my option so yea

Renee on

All 3 of my daughters have names that were once considered male names- Paige, Kamryn (didn’t like Cameron spelling for a girl) and Sydney. Wyatt looks cute written but when said out loud…Why It?

guest on

Wyatt Isabelle??? OMG


is it just me or does anyone think that Mila looks like a younger version of DEMI…..

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