Jennifer Love Hewitt: My Husband ‘Should Be a Male Doula’

09/30/2014 at 02:00 PM ET

Jennifer Love Hewitt Jimmy Kimmel Live
Steve Granitz/WireImage

Jennifer Love Hewitt knows the secret to a successful labor: keeping her husband happy!

During a Monday night appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the new mom joked that she had a great support system when she delivered her daughter Autumn James — all thanks to her stash of snacks.

“This is the thing, too, if you are in labor, feed your husband and they are wonderful. He can’t be hungry — you need them!” the Criminal Minds star, 35, explains.

But there was a silver lining to taking care of Brian Hallisay.

“If he passed out or something bad happened out of being hangry, then I don’t get what I need, which is my rock,” she says. “I had pudding for him and snack bars … it was great!”

Hewitt’s tasty treats worked: Hallisay was so “solid” during the delivery that Hewitt is convinced he has found a new career. “He should be a male doula,” she says.

“I was really worried that I was going to get that face — ‘Mmm, what’s happening here?’ — and I’m not good at the faces so I would’ve been like, ‘What does that mean? What does that mean!’ But he was just like, ‘This is great. I am so proud of you right now. This is awesome, you look beautiful.’ ”

Hewitt adds, “I was really proud of him. He’s that guy anyway, so he’s impressive in that way, but he was great.”

The couple chose to keep the baby’s sex a surprise and while Hewitt was ecstatic to welcome a daughter, she admits her decision to wait until the delivery didn’t sit well with others.

“People are mean to you. And you’re like, ‘I’m a pregnant lady. You can’t be mean to me! ” she says.

“And then they guess, which is insulting for the woman because they’re like, ‘Oh, well, you’re really carrying in the backside.’ I’m like, ‘I have been carrying in the backside since I was 15 … this is not pregnancy!’ ”

Says Hewitt, “I just avoided people most of my pregnancy and after … and I was happy!”

Now her baby girl is 10-months-old and the actress is spending her days trying to corral her wobbly walker — a “terrifying” task that comes with its fair share of war wounds.

“I have bruises everywhere from falling over [the gates],” she shares. “You’re holding the baby and you have to lift up and then swing it … it’s impossible!”

With Jimmy Kimmel noting that Autumn has hit the milestone early, the proud mama jokes, “She’s an over achiever, which is awesome. Just like me!”

Criminal Minds premieres Wednesday at 9 p.m. on CBS.

– Anya Leon

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Showing 59 comments

Christa on

She should take care of herself. She is and has always been a beautiful woman.

Katie on

Not a flattering picture of her.

D on

Wow! She looks TERRIBLE!!

Diane on

If your husband’s not grown up enough to get his own food to avoid being “hangry” while you’re delivering a freaking child, then he doesn’t deserve the responsibilities that come with being a father. Women shouldn’t have to worry about feeding their husbands while they’re IN LABOR. It’s not the 1800’s any more.

Mommytoane on

I donno, when I deliveed 12years ago, the nurses in the maternity ward where I had my tour suggested snacks for dad as well as mom, since they don’t recommend much eating by mom and also because dads rarely leave mom’s side and labor can be long. I had nuts, chips, granola bars, and some mini candy bars for my husband. Since my labor lasted 29 hours, it was a nice relief to both of us to have the snacks. So what Jennifer did isn’t new and revolutionary, just smart.

heather on

Is she attending a casting call for a zombie movie in that photo? Damn!

liza on

I don’t see how that top photo could have looked worse; she should be allowed to banish it from existence forever. I mean, really.

Trish on

Sounds like she has two children now, her daughter and her husband!

Leah on

Not a great picture of her, but I think she is lovely. The lights just wash her out there.

I agree with her – people say the rudest things when you’re pregnant. I don’t think they mean to, but telling any women how she carries her weight is NOT a great idea

lemon on

How telling. She says “I had pudding for him.” She “had pudding”? Why didn’t he have his OWN pudding???? His wife (not even sure they were married yet) had to get his pudding? He could have stocked his own “labor snacks.” She didnd’t even say “WE had pudding…” He could have put some cookies in his jeans pockets or carried a sack of gorp. jeez.

Gigi on

She needs her long hair back. Maybe dress a little more covered until the baby weight comes off.

Izzie on

And I’m like and then he was like and then they were like. My gosh, JLH, you’re 35, not 15.

Why oh why on

Yeah I agree terrible picture, she obviously still has a lot of baby weight on her. Let’s cut her some slack she looks so happy I’m sure in a few months she will shed more weight.

Alex on

I adore this chic. She seems so sweet and never seem to take herself too seriously.

AJ on

Oh my God, there are really no words. I have never heard anything so stupid in my life. He can probably worry about finding his own pudding cups while you’re birthing, or another member of his “support system” can find him some sustenance.

Dawn on

Holy moly there are some catty women on here! She’s a beautiful woman who’s sharing funny, personal anecdotes about her experience. What’s wrong with you picking her apart? Sad😦

Rosie on

I saw her on The Talk……she doesn’t look good and I’m not sure what it is. Maybe the hair? Just looked so frumpy.

KW on


laura on

Horrible picture…. Yikes!

Victoria on

My husband passed out and had to be given orange juice during my delivery. He isnt less of a man and I am certainly no less a mom. She pisses me off every time she opens her mouth.

Kay on

Really?? She thinks this is a good thing? She will emotionally exhaust herself very quickly if she has to worry about her husband during labor! Can you imagine how “smothering” she is when she’s not in labor? She is acting like a “mother” instead of a wife of a grown man! This marriage won’t last if she keep it up.

SHT on

Wow. Some of these comments are horrible. I wish I had thought of the snack thing. I was in labor for 22 hours. I’m sure my husband would have loved having something to munch on considering he did not leave my side for hours. I do not see anything wrong with taking care of your partner’s needs. Maybe that is not such a good picture. Maybe she does need to lose some more baby weight, but at least she is not like some other celebrities who starve themselves to be thin after they deliver a baby.

MissD on

I think many women here are overreacting. I think what she did was smart, since you never know how labor will go with your first one. You hear of women giving birth in 2-3 hours (which if a husband leaves for a snack at that time he’ll never hear the end of it) and many are supportive or nervous and just want to by their woman’s side (which if you’re human, you will get hungry). So it doesn’t seem like an outrageous idea at all. Some women just will not cut anyone any slack.
Also, I think this article does no justice to her explanation. The video makes a lot more sense.

Liam's momma on

It’s the hair. She needs bangs to cover that forehead.

ImALadyToo on

Women should be supporting each other, not bashing each other! So what if she is not stick thin within a year of having her baby. Hopefully, her baby is her priority, and she will take the weight off as is comfortable. Personally, I admire women more like this than those who can wear a bikini 6 weeks after giving birth. Obviously, they are making THEMSELVES the priority, not the baby.

my goodness on

Critical people on here!I would love to see a picture of every single rude person that has the nerve to say how terrible she looks. Let’s tear you apart for every so called flaw you have… people are discusting. She is a real person, not photoshopped or airbrushed. It’s something we don’t see very often anymore when we see a photo. She’s real!!!

Jenb64 on

Give her a break. Her husband was going to be looking after her while she was in labor, why is it so awful that she looked after him by packing him some snacks? There are these vows that you take when you get married that say “love, honor and cherish” and I try to take them seriously. For me, part of “cherish” is taking good care of the other person and trying to see that their needs are met, whether it is having their favorite foods around or reminding them when it is time for an eye appointment. He does the same for me.

CherylS on

I’m pretty sure most of these comments just prove her point: people are just mean. If they’re not picking apart a new mom’s weight (while also criticizing those who look too amazing after giving birth and claim lipo is responsible), they pick apart any quote from a celebrity. Take for face value; it was a cute story about her delivery experience and she obviously adores her husband. Now, go be happier in your lives!

SarahJane77 on

Why are we mommy bashing?! I packed snacks in my hospital bag for my husband. I knew I’d be on the ice chip diet while in labor, but my husband was my rock and my support during the 25 hours I labored, and I was glad he didn’t need to leave for too long to find sustenance. He quickly went to the cafeteria for meals, but for a quick sugar boost I put some snacks in my bag…that I (& most women) packed long before I was ever admitted to the hospital. It was actually quite selfish of me. I didn’t want him to leave my side so I, (gasp!) brought stuff with me!

nc on

You people amaze me, here is a wonderful mom and wife discussing how her husband was so loving during her pregnancy so she made sure he had some snacks during labor so he wouldn’t leave her side, which every wife would like, and you are calling her all these mean things but go on the article about Mila and Ashton’s baby and everyone is all nice. You can’t have both you should be nice for both of these families who have brought another life into this world.

Jay on

She is adorable and honest and real. How can you say anything bad about JLH!! Love her.

just-me-again on

Personally, I don’t see why a guy can’t at least make a sandwich or even cook more of the meals. Be sensitive to your partners needs and put those needs ahead of your own. When you’re married, don’t ever forget you’re a team and what matters is what you make together. You carry each other.

Kat on

I see I’m not the only one who noticed; this woman is not aging well…. Didn’t recognize her at first I had to do a double take. Not only this photo, I saw her on The Talk yesterday, she looked very different!

tanya on

gosh you ppl are f****ing mean she looks fine still beautiful there is nothing wrong with these photos my goodness can’t believe how nasty ppl can be just be nice how hard is that so disappointed with society today disgusting!!!

wow..... on

wow. 99.9% of the people on this board are just hateful! she talked about how labor worked for HER AND HER HUSBAND. she did not say that you all had to follow suit. grow up, guys, and give her a break.

Brooke on

Wow look at all the nasty comments! The woman just had a baby! It takes time to get back the pre-pregnancy body! I’m guessing you people are all size zeros – NOT! Especially you, Liza. Wipe the cheetos film off your fingers before typing comments.

Brooke on

The hateful, catty comments posted here are a perfect example of why I do not trust other women or have any close female friends. You people are evil!

Kass on

“I had pudding for him and snack bars … it was great!”….. Is her husband 12?

Morgan on

Um…from what I know Love has never been a rail, she’s always been shapely(which I’d say is just fine). I think she looks fine in the top pic. She’s no “Glamazon” Giselle Bundchen or anything, but she’s not a train wreck. The obsession with losing “baby weight” and remaining the same from 18-80 disgusts and confuses me. Bodies change. I’m not saying,”everybody hop about the obesity express,” no. I’m saying not bouncing right back to how you looked pre baby is okay as far as I’m concerned. Your pre baby body is SO not the same as your post baby body. SO, so, SOOO not.

Anonymous on

Wow….so many cruel remarks. Makes me sad. Did it occur to anyone that she may have been trying to be considerate of her husband during a time when all attention is focused on the woman who is laboring? I was my daughter’s birthing partner, and I can tell you it is not easy being the support giver. You have to be “on point” at all times, ready to comfort, soothe, do whatever is necessary to make mom’s time easier. What she did is what couples do for one another out of RESPECT. And yes, I have birthed children, so I’ve been on both sides of this issue. Lighten up.

Morgan on

Oh, and to all you “empowered women” bashing her for packing snacks for your husband, I pity you, and your husbands. It isn’t outlandish to put a little care and effort into taking care of the one person who you rely on completely.

Jessica on

Well being a mother takes a lot out of you ppl. Yeesh. We’ve all looked “horrible” after caring for a baby all night and not getting any sleep or something like that. But it does irk me tht she comments about making her husband “happy” while she’s in labor! C’mon. the guy should suck it up and get his own snacks. lol Sounds like she has two children.

Laurie on

SO glad so many had the same thoughts I did. I was thinking…eh? I don’t want a man I have to take care of while I’M in labor!

Mendy on

She looks SCARY wretched in that photo!

Marcia on

Oh, dear. Get a different hairstyle, cover up your arms, get better makeup.

Laura on

I always liked JLH but that is NOT a good picture of her.

guest on

I like her & think she is a good actress, however not for criminal minds.. I had to turn it off last night b/c I just could not watch her on that show. sorry Criminal minds you made a bad choice.

Mary on

My husband went out and shopped for all of his own snacks for our kids’ deliveries. He’s a big boy!

Why would people be mean about the expecting parents wanting the gender to be a surprise? That’s their choice! We didn’t want to know but I don’t think anyone was mad at us.

lynnie on

I agree, not a nice photo of her at all. But then again, I never found her to be very attractive.

Jay on

My husband was treated like a king by the nurses while I was in labor. Offering him coffee, sandwiches, a chair that turned into a bed and I wasn’t in labor for that long!! Meanwhile I got chastized for sucking on a Jolly Rancher!! JLK handled her situation right. Last thing you want when you are in a labor is a cranky, hungry husband. LOL

jane on

Good lord. If your husband can’t figure out a way to feed himself, you have bigger fish to fry. Get a life. This article sends women back about 100 years.

Reason This on

Yikes, she is off the hotty list

Lindsey on

I think she looks great for just having a baby 10 months ago…..(not the best style choices though)…..and I think it’s sweet she packed snacks for her hubby to eat at the hospital. She is a very thoughtful wife. Maybe some of you people should think about others not just yourself all the time.

Mike on

This makes it sound like she spoonfed him while she was inbetween contractions. lol. I certainly doubt this is the case.

paulbyr on

I was so glad not to be assailed with 500 sleazy photos of women who apparently had gotten enormous boobs from a doctors implant factory.
I think many people (male and female ) appreciate Jennifer Love Hewitt because she is a lovely person AND a beautiful woman.

dick daddy on

No fat chicks you piggy hoe

Anonymous on

Her hair is little messy in this photo, she needs to have a hair stylist.

Anonymous on

Jennifer H looks happy. She’s put on some lbs though. Must not have time to work out. She should lose those lbs and get back in shape. I

Kathy on

Happy for Jennifer on having a new addition.

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